Root out factionalism - Zuma

2012-12-20 20:31

Bloemfontein - The ANC must root out factionalism in the ruling party, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.

"We will be rooting out all the tendencies... these include factionalism, sowing of disunity and… the use of money to buy members and to buy positions…or even worse, the attack on members of the ANC," he said in his closing speech at the national elective conference in Mangaung in the Free State.

He warned that the party would deal with members who disrupted ANC meetings.

  • sharmay.thuynsma - 2012-12-20 20:34

    Start with yourself?

  • marilyn.docherty.9 - 2012-12-20 20:39

    Mr Zuma - You are the reason there is disunity, so I suggest you begin with yourself!! You are a dictator - Do as I do and say or you lose you ticket on the Gravy train!

  • nic.nomicos.3 - 2012-12-20 20:41

    What a tonsil....

  • prince.ramalia - 2012-12-20 20:45

    Zuma must stop Zulufying ANC,he is not a king but a president n must just step down 4 de sack of our country

      dingiswayo.nyambose.1 - 2012-12-20 21:55

      On his and Ramaphosa's election the rand strengthened and markets sharpened yet you say he must step down. Are you OK?

      sandra.j.rennie - 2012-12-20 22:53

      A second Bob Mugabe ? Dictator ?

      mfaniseni.thusi - 2012-12-20 23:42

      Neither Mantashe nor Ramamphosa are Zulus I score your comment 0 out 10...

      Ubabamkhulu - 2012-12-21 07:34

      From Bondage to Struggle From Struggle to Freedom From Freedom to Power From Power to Abuse From Abuse to Corruption From Corruption back to Bondage Believe it or not, the white man has gone the full circle (if you know the history) Now the Black man has made the full circle – history in writing When is our suffering in this beautiful land going to end?

  • ramosa61 - 2012-12-20 20:49

    Sic (at non vere). Zuma pecuniam capere complevit, igitur non necessitatem progredere habet. Nunc alios, quos agant sicut ipsum, impedet. Corruptas in nomine Zumae vivet!

  • masta.pilusa - 2012-12-20 20:50

    Mr president said it all lyk it or not nothing can change...

  • lee.brand.73 - 2012-12-20 20:56

    Ha yes root them out and then you can jail them? Sounding a bit like Putin?

  • francoisjacques.malan - 2012-12-20 21:15

    Does he mean, kick out everyone that disagrees with corruption? Then there is only one corrupt faction and no critisizing, just crime.

  • dlayani.tivani - 2012-12-20 21:24

    Yes ! Root out factionalism en Tribalism starting from you , Blade , Sdumo Ndlamini en Jackson Mthembu you own ANC guys ! ANC belongs now to you ! Masses r watching u !

  • Mzamane Samuel Khobane - 2012-12-20 21:50

    ZumANC bunch of corrupt-tribalist dictators.

      mfaniseni.thusi - 2012-12-20 23:39

      You need to go for a brain check up. If you are not a foreigner please immigrate..

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-12-21 11:29

      Mfanesi.thusi. You need to get your head out the sand.

  • mfaniseni.thusi - 2012-12-20 23:46

    To Prince Ramalia and your lost Bandidos, Neither Mantashe nor Ramamphosa are Zulus I score your comment 0 out 10... 10 | Delete

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-12-21 09:26

    In a leadership one is required to have people with integrity and common sense so that they are a perfect example to the citizens of their country and the world, All too often these people who believe they are so powerful dont attend meetings, the arrive late, they dont tolerate indifferent opinions so ends in a Beer Hall Brawl. What does that tell you about the leadership, overpaid hooligans. Zuma only READS what he is given by the mafia and is clueless as to what he is actually promising but he utters the right things, sings the merry songs and sits down and shows us his famous middle finger. Zuma has just put the ANC on the road to ruination by the time his 2nd term is over people will have moved to another political party and the ANC will have no clout.

  • mzondistanley - 2012-12-21 10:17

    Yes their is need for Safety, Trust and predictability in activities and procedures of the Ruling Party. This perception has a calming effect!! Root out the the force of fear anc secret third Force operating parrel and in darkness!!

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-12-21 11:27

    Sunstroke Zuma?.

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