SA at a crossroads - Chikane

2012-06-21 08:02

Pretoria - South Africa is at a crossroads, the former director general in the presidency Frank Chikane said in Pretoria on Wednesday.

"Either we take the route of turning the ship, or we slide into a pit of no return," he said at a public lecture.

He said something was not right in the African National Congress, and it needed to be corrected.

Organisational renewal

"The policy document on organisational renewal shows that the ruling party has seen that something is wrong and must be fixed."

He said members of the ANC and non-members should wait for the outcome of the ruling party's policy conference next week with bated breath, because what transpired there would affect the running of the country.

The ANC thought it was prepared to take over the government, but once it came into power in 1994 it realised it was not well prepared to do so.

"In the first five years a political intervention was needed to correct the system. You got the old system and the new system. And you need to run a country."

He said the intervention was that advisers were put in place to avoid having apartheid-era heads of department run the country.

"The system [the intervention] stuck with us and led to a [lack of] experience in the public service."

In future the country needed people with skills to avoid sliding into a crisis.

"We need good managers who could manage when political principals move."

Collapse of the public service

In an attempt to transform the public service post 1994, experienced workers were given voluntary retrenchment, and this left the country with a system in which when the political head moved, next to follow was the head of department.

"The system led to the collapse of the public service."

He said the people needed to be put ahead of politicians' self-interest.

"The brutality of apartheid produced leaders who were prepared to die for the nation."

He mentioned former president Nelson Mandela and struggle veteran Govan Mbeki as examples. People, especially the poor, had to speak out against corruption and refuse to be corrupted, he said.

  • Sandra - 2012-06-21 08:06

    well said

      curry.paradox - 2012-06-21 08:11

      We just need all South Africans to realise that a diffent ruling party is needed. The ANC has had over 18 years to prove what needs proving without results. Time for a new regime to step up and make life better for all. The ANC has made life better for no one except its own internal top brass.

      Andrew Shongwe - 2012-06-21 08:27

      it is time for politicians to be appointed according to qualifications

      Revelgen - 2012-06-21 08:59

      Too true. The only hope for South Africa is that a growing middle class of educated Black people begin to realise that the ANC's policies simply cannot continue. For 18 years the ANC has clearly demonstrated its utter inability to run a country. Where Germany and Japan were thriving 18 years after having been flattened in the 2nd World War, the ANC have done the exact opposite. Today hospitals are far worse, education is horrendous, Transnet is worse, crime is worse, most ANC municipalities do not get a clean audit and the poor are being robbed blind by corrupt ANC officials. Add in communistic-inspired thinking that has been proven to fail wherever it has been, and we have a right mess on our hands. The only solution: to put decent people (of all races) into power. Time for change.

      Konstabel - 2012-06-21 09:03

      So true what Frank is saying. ANC and SA are close to breaking point and if measures are not taken soon it will be too late.

      Andrew - 2012-06-21 09:07

      Frank, don't only be the prophet!! Become the one that acts within the ANC.Challenge the greed and selfish ambitions of the likes of Zuma and Sexwale.

      mlucejko - 2012-06-21 09:39

      "Madonsela" for President.. Now there is a person with a 'proven' track record of doing the 'right thing' for the people of this country.. She has clearly shown that she can be trusted and respected with the decisions she makes !!

      Oom - 2012-06-22 15:17

      This man has a valid point. They did chase all the good white people out of their posts and replace them with unskilled people of colour. This may have looked like a good idea at the time, but as he has said, was not such a smart move. PLEASE reconsider the stupid racist BEE and affirmative action policy, let’s all join in and help put the country back together. We are all one colour now...!!!

  • themba.thwala.98 - 2012-06-21 08:12

    With the former goatherder in charge of leaders whose preoccupation is taxing the taxpayer to death and jostling their way into the public money feeding trough, we are definitely sliding into a pit of no return. SA needs prayer.

      Steve - 2012-06-21 08:55

      Agreed Themba. What is needed is for the ANC to be voted out and voters of this country to be educated to use their heads and not their hearts when they vote. Uncle Frank is quite correct. All experienced people were got rid of and today we are reaping the rewards of a rotting counrty without the skills to maintain essential services such as health, education, roads, electricity , etc. The ANC has failed dismally as politicians and leaders with very few skilled people. The transfer of power probably would have been better to have taken place over a longer period so that the incoming ruling party could have become educated in the ways of governance. However, the power lies in the hands of the voters and let us all pray that the ANC never achieves it's dream of a majority vote, or we can all kiss our butts goodbye. Time for a meaningful and constructive change.

      mark.singh.9889 - 2012-06-21 09:02

      Agree with Themba. But you overlooked Zumas preoccupation with sex and having many wives.

      joe.bat.52 - 2012-06-21 09:10

      @themba I definitely concur with your sentiments but the best of all I fully afgree with Steve.ritchie.739 because is how I also feel happened to south africa with the skills transfer and experienced goernance has let down south africa and I bet the anc knows about silently without professing it publicly...I pray for south africa!

  • bob.small.7547 - 2012-06-21 08:22

    SA is not at a cross road. It is on a level crossing with it’s engine stalled and there is a great big freight train bearing down on it at high speed.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-06-21 08:43

      Do that light at the end of the tunnel is a train after all

  • fanie.dutoit2 - 2012-06-21 08:29

    Unfortunately the poor successor, who ever it might be, need to try and save this country from the lowest moral standards known. All about money and greed! Those who have wants more and more and more, those who do not have wants more and more and more. Therich ones gain through fraudulent processes and bribing, and the poor ones through criminal activities - no difference. Agree with themba we can just pray, and Frank Chikane as a reverent should also do the same and evaluate what he did in the past to help the country sliding down to this low morality.

  • gavin.lott.9 - 2012-06-21 08:30

    The honorable thing for the ANC to do is step down eat some humble pie & get this country on track! The majority of SA citizens seem to forget the government work for us!

      Bless Boswell - 2012-06-21 08:42

      You have to be kidding!! Step Down? Lose all that lovely lolly? Ha!

      gavin.lott.9 - 2012-06-21 08:47

      I did say the honorable thing....

  • colin.dovey - 2012-06-21 08:30

    South Africa may well already be akin to a leaking submarine with a broken periscope.

      koos.vandermerwe.338 - 2012-06-21 10:44

      Meer soos 'n duikboot met 'n sifdeur.

  • victor.windsor - 2012-06-21 08:33

    Is that running the country or ruining the country !!!!!!!

  • andrew.mackie.90 - 2012-06-21 08:36

    Many people have said this in the past, The Government lacks the skills to run the country. With a President who travels the world polishing his marbles,doing nothing to solve the crises looming at home. We must expect this country to slide backwards. Until such time as the electorate is better educated and can see past the skin colour and racist attitudes the country will never be a Rainbow nation.

  • rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-21 08:39

    Reduce political appointments to an absoluye minimum Wstablish appointment vased on qualification and experience...AND NOTHING ELSE Simple really!

  • Keith - 2012-06-21 08:40

    I fear its too little too late the slide began ages ago and has too much momentum. IF we had a different ruling party tomorrow it would take 10 years to recover the damage the anc has done.

  • Mzakes - 2012-06-21 08:42

    Frank's got a point there but I don’t think SA will fall over like Zim did. At the same time it's amazing how many South Africans hope we go the Zim route just to say i told you it will happen, will you still hope SA fails when your family and kids are killed?

      Sharon - 2012-06-21 08:53

      the thing that worries me with the anc is they have stolen so much and commited so many crimes that even if the voters vote them out they wont relinquish power for fear of being prosecuted for their crimes,so i geuss we are pretty much screwed

      Mzakes - 2012-06-21 09:38

      If they are voted out by the people than i am sure they will relinquish power, i don’t think they have hardcore dictator tendencies. But that won’t be happening anytime soon as the people still feel lots of pain from the past

      Dee - 2012-06-21 10:42

      Mzakes - I too am a person who has faith in the goodness of people, including leaders. However, it is necessary to monitor the factors that lead to a 1 party undemocratic state. These include 1) Independence of the judicial system. (Here the number of political appointments is worrying. Courts are for non-partisan protection of people, and not political figures or interests) 2) Independence & non-partisan operation of state security system. (The extent of apparent political interference in appointments and protection of the criminal and corrupt in e.g Intelligence and police services is worrying) In a Zanu-PF situation, the judiciary and all security forces are primarily employed to keep the leaders in power - and do not serve freely or fairly for the population. 3) Freedom of Press (Here, the hell-bent efforts to pass a contraversial Secrecy Bill is worrying) 4) Preservation of the hard won Constitution ... here we have "noise" about forthcomming adjustments. 5) Perpetuation of "Struggle", "Freedom Fighting" governance and mentality. Blaming of history & 'foreigners' rather than dealing with the present time, planning for the future. 6) And Mr Chicane's observation is correct about appointments of the unskilled or unsuitable for office. .... Connections & party affiliation is the only qualification. And the population suffers. I am not a pessimist - but there are TOO MANY court cases brought by Civil groups and opposition parties trying to contain this.

      Dee - 2012-06-21 11:08

      7) Govt tender process and awards - too many awarded to those who will give kickbacks (corruption), who are politically connected (nepotism), and are unqualified to deliver on the contract. So Mzakes - from the highest order of Judiciary and security, to efficient service delivery ..... I sincerely believe we are being failed by government - and the trend is VERY dangerous for the future of our beautiful country. And Sharon - yes. I would vote for an amnesty on e.g. Arms deal and other major corruption. There is too much at stake if these powerbrokers face prosecution. As to the voting pattern in SA - I'm fully sympathetic to the reason black people will keep voting for ANC - and wish there was a party that does not represent baggage of "Struggle Liberation" or "Racist Past". I would probably feel the same fear, loyalty etc if I walked in a black mans shoes. Perhaps the best compromise to go forward is that ANC retains overall majority, and DA takes over some failed provinces to get the practical operations working again. (With only ?16% of vote, DA works with alliances, and so there is not any real threat or reality of DA becomming ruling party).

      Chaapo - 2012-06-21 11:44

      We all said that in Zim too and see what happened. Follow the same path as we did of useless populism and politicization of important institutions, unbridled racism and imbecilic economic policies and the result is what you see - crumbled education and health systems; little food and reliance on international aid for food, in education and for medicines; collapse of production and capital and human resources flight and the unfettered corruption by the party that put us that situation. Look at yourselves- the party corruption and the musical chairs played by the prez not to toss out the corrupt but to reassign (because he is part of the rot); a failing education system (Eastern Cape and Limpopo and the compromising of standards to make sure the pass rate is lowered); skills flight and other issues and the adulation of the Malema's call for nationalization (which is getting support from the youth and those who will benefit from the corrupt tender procedures). So you have Madonsela doing all these investigations and exposing the practices, we also had Justice Sandura doing all that but the culprits are still warming chairs in Parliament. It is not about getting the information but what is done with the information. In your case they will be moved from the public and go back to the party where they will still have influence like the Tony Yengenis. So you say you will not go the Zim way; just wait another 12 years and let's compare notes.

      Mzakes - 2012-06-21 16:22

      @chaapo.sithole, you are not exactly comparing apples with apples SA vs Zim i think you are way off here, sure we have these issues Minus Bob and a Financial Systems that rivals the best in the world. So yes let’s talk in twelve years time.

      Chaapo - 2012-06-22 04:22

      It is apples and apples in the sense that if you hide your head in the sand when the ANC continues to dismantle those systems you are proud of, that will be the culmination. We too had some of the best systems until they started on that. The first for you is the repression of freedom of access- yes it happened to us too. Now it is the clamour for land grabs and nationalization, we too had that and see how wonderfully it turned out, and as for nationalization- we are in the process of compelling companies to cede more than half their shares. So, you think it is fairly rosy, but like I said, you aint seen nothing yet. Just because it is good does not mean it will still be good down the line if you continue along this pathway. Remember Zim was called the Jewel of Africa and it was because the very systems you are talking about worked until they were interfered with.

  • josta.shivuri - 2012-06-21 08:45

    We cannot wait for the ANC to "change" they had 18 years! We need change now.

  • hendriek.woede - 2012-06-21 08:46

    You were part of the government Chikane, what did you do when experienced skilled white workers were forced out? Are you playing cards?

  • phumi.ntlabati - 2012-06-21 08:47

    We are cleaning up a mess that started with you Chikane when you were the Minister in the Presedency and one of Thabo Mbeki's trusted lautenents! Rather focus on building your congregation as a man of cloth and retire quitely just like Arch. Tutu!

      themba.thwala.98 - 2012-06-21 11:35

      The only mess that needs clearing is in your head baby-girl. There's too much tik there. I will get an enema and put it through your ears so that I can sure sure no trace of tik is left. Then you can come back, delete your nonsensical comment and write one that makes more sense ... Lol

  • neserp - 2012-06-21 08:48

    Finally they start to see the light.............We need change and fast, e have beautiful country with a diverse amount of talented and gifted people. Under the right administration we can become a force in the world and have a better life for all our citizens. I honestly hope they put action to his words...............

  • johan.coetzer.52 - 2012-06-21 08:53

    It is time for a LEADER to step forward , unite RSA and stop bickering about unimportant issues . Lets work this land of ours together and root out unproductive politicians . One man one vote at ground level for a politician that we choose and can fire if he/she does not perform .

  • flysouth - 2012-06-21 08:58

    Chikane is halfway right - there is indeed a massive dearth of abilities in the civil service. However he fails to state the truth and sees things from the point of view of a loyal ANC cadre determined to find excuses and to rationalise failures. This shortage is a direct result of the continued politicisation of the civil service under the ANC post 1994 which followed - and augmented greatly - the pattern set by the Nats before them. However the politicisation by the ANC has been much more single-minded and rigorous than anything the Nats attempted! This was fully in line with Communist doctrine and methodologies, of which the ANC and it's partners Cosatu and the SACP, were then, and remain, adherents. No matter - the fact today is that we are no less than 18 years down the line and the ANC still does not know anything about governance and continues to appoint people who are beyond 'unsuitable' - this is what is inexcusable, that they have failed to educate themselves or to apply honest management principles. In fact I would go so far as to say that the ANC collective is a major example which proves the Dunning-Kruger effect conclusively! When you are really, really stupid, you actually think you are very clever!

      Gerasimos - 2012-06-21 22:53

      Well stated Flysouth -It is now a proven fact that the ANC don't know that they don't know. The ANC have reinforced the notion that black Africans cannot govern or manage a modern state. Did the world really think they would succeed? Probably not, but then again it is easier to steal a country's wealth from corrupt stupid politicians than it is to do real business with real businessmen and people with the right expertise. Stupid is as stupid does. What shame they have brought to all South Africans.

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-06-21 09:03

    Eighteen years on and they only now realize they made a f*ckup!! YOOHOO!! Anybody home??

      keith.f.murphy - 2012-06-21 10:44

      That come when a President wants to be a paly boy and shove his spear into places of spears den pen!!! hahahah

  • nigel.vanysendyk - 2012-06-21 09:03

    yup, when the ANC releases that it needs us whites to help build the country, it will turn the ship, instead of blaming us for their failures & dividing the nation it needs to stop inciting racial tension, chasing away foreign investment, & killing jobs just to please their alliance, blacks need to take responsibility, they need to put the past behind them & embrace building the future with ALL south africans, & sort out your corruption & ill discipline from out of control, ignorant, intolerant ANCYL. i.e. grow a pair balls & start leading the country (& no I don't mean ruling, I mean leading)

  • Lincoln - 2012-06-21 09:12

    Mr Chikane thanks for the lecture bt i think u too can play an important role in making sure that the country does nt get out of control be there make your u speak mouthful as one of the respected leaders. Let this nt depend on who's at helm of the highest of the land, at least we all know that the country needs rescue in leadership, do yr best by helping us to save the country frm being undersiedge.

  • ntombizodwa.letty - 2012-06-21 09:13

    Shame on u man if tha is the truth WHY u didnt make any different the time u were with them in top brass?. Dont try to make worse, u failed b4, what different u are going to make now? U a like ur frnd Lekota why dont u joined him once n 4all?. Publi services is worse n still going to b even if u came wt ur system, u were 2gether wt ur frnds so join other 2the corrupt world (politician)

      Darryn - 2012-06-21 09:19

      Not to mention the education system......

  • Gavin - 2012-06-21 09:15

    the ANC want the ship steered towards the iceberg, as it keeps peoples minds off the fact that they are busy stealing every cent in sight. this tactic has resulted in a lot of leaders on this continent becoming super rich, like that idiot that runs swaziland and that germ that runs zimbabwe. people need to vote with their brains, and not their pride and prejudice.

  • Vuyo - 2012-06-21 09:21

    The slide started during the 80's , when they decided to make the country ungovernable and then try and liberate it with boxes of matches .It's been on fire ever since . The only option left is to retire all the veterans , that were the cause of the bad decisions of the 80's , and bring in new leaders .

  • Lindelwa - 2012-06-21 09:23

    It is time for South Africans both Black & White to take their power back from the greedy and corrupt politicians. We can do this by resisting evrything that is being done wrong; for example, let us show a united front in resisting the information bill, everyone has to do a little bit - it maybe a march to parliament, it maybe a contribution to the lawyers of OUTA that are fighting against e-tolls, it maybe providing any kind of support to Freedom Under Law (FUL)which is fighting for all the charges against mdluli to be re-instated. We can do this. It is good to discuss on these forums but we also have to take action that will make this government to start listening to its employers - the taxpayers of this country. It may take time to remove it because of the numbers of poor people who are dependent on them for social grants and child grants but we can at least make it govern responsibly while still in government.

      johan.marneweck.9 - 2012-06-21 14:08

      I'll Vote for you

  • joe.farmer.92775 - 2012-06-21 09:29

    not a cross roads but more like standing at the edge of a mine shaft! on the upside it will be a nationalised disused mine shaft viva the struggle to find a comrade who isn't a complete spear

      al.pal.106 - 2012-06-21 09:52

      Filled nearly to the top with Acid mine water

  • Albertus - 2012-06-21 09:33

    The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living

  • daniel.machet - 2012-06-21 09:38

    Did i read running the country or ruining the country... I need new glasses

  • GEZABABE - 2012-06-21 09:38

    It is not the ANC that is in the fault here, the system inherited from apartheid (yes even after 18 years)is still controlling the economy. South Africa is not in a crises. Many white people (mostly DA) and others like the Rev Chickane are so in it in painting a drastic future. In a people, if you really want to start a civil war, tell them their furture is in danger and they will stand up and fight. Well not this time, it will not happen because many people realise it is not the ANC which is causing unemployment and crime. Our people are very much aware of where we come from and what lies ahead of us. To really dismantle all of apartheid will take South Africans ten times the 18 years. Not when we still have oom beret still defending his policy actions during his time as an apartheid president. There are many of them whites who feels the same. It is a fact that a majority of skilled and experienced pool consist of old white males and many of them favoured apartheid because it did wonderful things for them like the corruption we have today. To some it is an ANC phenomen. To me, it takes an experienced corrupter or politician to know a new one and his ways. In all the things we do, are we saying them to build a country? Are we acting in a manner that gives hope to our future? For someone like Chikane to say in public something is wrong in ANC is only to seek attention from darkness. Is he talking from an ANC point of view or just merely missing the time he spent inside?

      Muffin_man_can - 2012-06-21 11:14

      You are living in denial, ten years from now you might wake up but it will be too late, the anc will be out of power then.

      Gerasimos - 2012-06-21 23:01

      Typical idiotic statements from someone who cannot account for their own failure and then determine it must be someone else's fault. Germany was decimated at the end of world war 2 (1945). Most of their manpower was wipeout during the war yet 20 years later they were a world economic power. Why? Hard work, education and accountability. The ANC have only appropriated,stolen and destroyed. You are a sad product of their ideology and with your pattern of thinking SA will join the league of failed nation states.

      morne.smuts.1 - 2012-07-04 13:33

      How long for them to fix the problem of apartheid?Ten times eighteen years? What are you smoking man?We work for our money, and most of it goes towards your ruling party, so please -instead of going on about how it is our problem that we caused, wake up and see what your own party is doing to you....them whites-----you smack of a racism yourself you cowardly idiot

  • dorovan - 2012-06-21 09:52

    We're moving into a new era of class struggle. The political elite kowtow to their "underclass" constituency which forms their power base. It suits them to issue false promises and draw the race card whilst keeping the poor uneducated & unskilled as this is what keeps them in power. As the black majority moves into mainstream middle class society the ANC will start to see their dominance slip from under their feet. The sooner the better. As Moeleketsi Mbeki sees the ANC lose their majority within 10 - 20 years it may be too late for most adults but hopefully our children will ALL be able to benefit from a better future

  • Alf - 2012-06-21 09:56

    The ANC's goal was to take over the country without having a plan in place. They carried on in that vain for 18 years, and are still playing catch-up! Unfortunately Zuma and his co-delinquents came into power with their plan to fail! All they want is fill their pockets, buy up farms, and loot whatever and wherever possible until the country is totally bankrupt! Then it is time for them to leave and let somebody else clean up the mess. Get Zuma and his cronies out and let them stand trial for all the crimes committed against the people of SA!

  • TdJ01 - 2012-06-21 10:24

    Will ANYBODY in the ANC listen to this - I doubt it! All I know is that Frankie will be out of a job soon due to his point of view.

      themba.thwala.98 - 2012-06-21 10:42

      Frank Chikane is already jobless. Remember he resigned when Mbeki was fired by the power drunk Polokwane mob that installed the clueless JZ. During his book launch, he mentioned amongst other things that he was unable to get employment, not even as an advisor. That's probably on the instructions of the man at the top, as they did with Vusi Pikoli recently. But I know he is still a member of the ANC and at least he has not been cowered into silence. So there is hope. What with the creche also wanting JZ out. A good start will be getting him out at Mangaung

      abby.salemane - 2012-06-22 05:33

      I suspect the Reverend is sharing too much whiskey with Thabo Mbeki...

  • keith.f.murphy - 2012-06-21 10:41

    But why dont they remove Zuma and turn the ship in the right direction ????? Dont let the ship hit the rocks then you will never be able to get that ship off the rocks as it will break up into pieces.Read between the lines as I write in parabels

      thabo.mokoena.3760 - 2012-06-21 12:13

      indeed zuma is a true dictator let him before removed and a new leader must be appointed, mangaung will prove what we want as south africans.

  • keith.f.murphy - 2012-06-21 10:45

    I hope south africa is not heading for a revolution or some sort of spring???? it will be disasterous but short lived.

  • raymond.sebeela - 2012-06-21 10:45

    Mr Motlanthe please stand up.

  • Joubs1957 - 2012-06-21 12:39

    The "STRUGGLE" continues - lol

      cirrus11 - 2012-07-04 21:18

      the Struggle is getting more and worse.

  • Nathaniel - 2012-06-21 14:03

    Dear Reverend Chikane, the good and honest, tax paying people of SA have been shouting from the top of any mountain they can climb, trying to tell the government about the crossroads you are talking about. Radio shows, print media, and while we are at it throw in social clubs. Did they (government) listen? No!Just wanted to let you know that May day calls have always been there. Thanks for adding yours and shout May day with us.

  • joseph.mohale.3 - 2012-06-21 14:06

    Soo true..Pastor.

  • ramohapelwa.berries - 2012-06-21 14:19

    In fact, these are tough

  • ramohapelwa.berries - 2012-06-21 14:29

    Corrupt big bellied power-mongers will be pushed off de ship. They must start swimming lessons.

      cirrus11 - 2012-07-04 21:19

      Dream-on, only the voters will descide and so far they like what they see.

  • Michael - 2012-06-21 16:44

    Why is he wearng a suit and driving a car has nobody told him these are white tendaaannccciesss!!!!

      Mzakes - 2012-06-21 16:56

      @Micheal, how do you came to that conclusion that those things are white tendencies?

      Mzakes - 2012-06-21 16:59

      Apologies if you are trying to be sarcastic , just asking

  • muruti.malungana - 2012-06-21 19:36

    It makes lot of sense

  • mondli.botha.7 - 2012-06-21 21:18

    They might have been experienced head of departments but their experience is n was irrelevant then it is still irrelevant now. Their experience ws purely to render servives to caucasians only not to all da people of south africa. It wud b illogical to leave those things in charge. The only problem wit da current crops of HODs is that they pressured by politicians to do wrong n others don't even need politicians they r jst factory defaults. 18 years is nuttin bcos problems we r faced wit r developmental challenges which the so called developed countries experienced during their development erstwhile. The only error committed by the democratic south africa is equate themselves n subject themselves to developed countries standards. Some mistakes purely developed. Those who r fantsizing abt developed issued mst go t da developed countries there so many n stop irritating. The land issue must be resolved since the willing buyer n seller failed period, plan b please. People must accept that they stole the n benefited now its tym to return the land. Decision made in codesa were not casting stone, if need mst be changed witout being blackmailed bby this thieves.

      Sharon - 2012-06-22 16:12

      piss off

  • Florence - 2012-06-21 23:30

    'Captain' ANC is heading this ship straight to da iceberg!!! Yes apartheid was a one sided system, but the government shouldn't have thrown da 'dirty water with da baby'. Meaning some policies could have been adopted...

  • Florence - 2012-06-21 23:30

    'Captain' ANC is heading this ship straight to da iceberg!!! Yes apartheid was a one sided system, but the government shouldn't have thrown da 'dirty water with da baby'. Meaning some policies could have been adopted...

  • lotus.river.5 - 2012-06-22 07:09

    I'm in the public service,for the past three years,whenever a political head come to visit the premises, we, the ground workers are shifted aside and basically hidden away and prevented from interacting with these leaders.they meet up with incompetent managers who only tell them what they need to hear. So they sit up there,not knowing what ordinary south africans face everyday trying to apply for id,access health care,etc. Of course the country is going downhill. The only people who are interested on what the masses and workers have to say are opposition leaders, and who knows for how long!not the unions,not the leading political party.for as long as people are seen as votes,nothing will ever be the anc is concerned with factionalism!as a party yes they should deal with it,but what about all the other immediate eroding problems from amongst their ranks?the corruption?unreliability etc?will they even discuss those in their policy meeting?

      lotus.river.5 - 2012-06-22 07:14

      That's why I say say we must scrap all these party politics, let people campaign at district level,then province, then national.allow the people to get involved,the challenge the integrity of the man who wants to lead the country,let people analyse and tear into hi leadership abilities and plans for the nations. This way, maybe we will get a better president. More importantly he would have been chosen by the whole country not the few political elite.

  • bonganiemmanuel.makamu - 2012-06-22 15:33

    true dat, qualified leaders from now on please.

  • Sagin - 2012-06-22 15:34

    White people have been telling you this for 18 years, but all you have ever done is called us racists and sidelined us. you have been warned that this would be the outcome for close to two decades. 18 YEARS TO CATCH A WAKE UP!! Come on guys, throw away your racism and listen to what white people are saying!!!!!!! we are not trying to screw black people. the majority of whites only want whats best for all of south africa. Stop the racism. Open your ears to what we are saying.

      morne.smuts.1 - 2012-07-04 13:34

      I so agree, the best for SA or nothing at all!!!

  • dhani.nel - 2012-06-22 15:56

    Frank Chikane for President! Well said Mr Chikane. The majority of public service employees in this country, lack basic pride in what they do. I've been calling Home Affairs offices in Cape Town EVERY day, for the last 10 days. Nobody answers the phone. They pick up, and hang up on me without saying a word. Looks like I'm gonna have to make the 450km drive to Cape Town to fill out a document and submit it over the counter. Why should we, as tax paying citizens, accept this kind of thing? Because we live in Africa? Because of Apartheid? If so, then everything Mr Mandela fought for, is going down the drain. Because if this continues, we will need another Mandela to make things right. Only this time, it might be the leader of China!

      Irene - 2012-06-22 16:07

  • ec.van.niekerk - 2012-06-22 18:21

    Something is wrong? *looking around nervously* Really!!!! kan jy dit oorvertel ... stupid stupid ppls

  • frikkie.botes - 2012-07-04 15:04

    We said this will happen 20 years ago, why do people want to learn the hard way, why didnt they just believe what we told them. now we can say, but we told you so. We are still living a fairly good life, only you who thought you were clever are suffering today. You didnt want to learn from Africas mistakes, you wanted to learn from your own. TRhew only blacks that got rich in post Apartheid were the black struggle heroes, the rest just keep on struggling. It is time to stop struggling and put us back in charge, or should we wait a further 20 years to once again tell you that we told you so? For each white farmer murdered,5000 blacks starve. If you dont believe me go investigate it yourselves.