SA backs Palestinian statehood bid

2011-10-26 11:17

Johannesburg - South Africa on Tuesday threw its weight behind Palestine's bid to become a full member of the UN and called on the international body to settle the bid quickly.

"South Africa looks forward, sooner (rather) than later, to welcoming Palestine as the 194th member of the United Nations," the government said in a statement.

"South Africa wishes to reaffirm its conviction: that Palestine is a state, that Palestine is a peace-loving state, and that Palestine is willing and able to carry out its obligations under the Charter of the UN."

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas made the historic application to a standing ovation in the UN General Assembly in September.

The 15-member Security Council pushed back the bid to a special membership committee to give its verdict.

The United States and Israel, strongly opposing the bid, say only direct Israeli-Palestinian talks can create a Palestinian state.

South Africa, a non-permanent member of the Security Council, accused the Council of being "paralyzed by inaction" in resolving conflict in the Middle East while it acted speedily in dealing with the Arab Spring.

South Africa welcomed a proposal for new peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine brokered by the Mideast Quartet - a group comprising the US, the UN, the European Union and Russia - and called for an agreement before the proposed deadline of end 2012.

At the same time, it condemned Israel's plan to build 1 100 houses in occupied territories.

"The single major obstacle to the negotiations is clearly the incessant building of illegal settlements by Israel," the statement read.

Palestine's bid needs the approval of nine members of the Security Council, but the US has said it will veto the decision.

India, also a non-permanent member of the council, earlier also expressed support for Palestine.

  • Kevin - 2011-10-26 11:33

    How on earth could the UN allow a country that hosts terrorists?

      Nosiphom - 2011-10-26 11:39

      How come Israel terrorises people in the West Bank and Gaza and yet they are allowed to be a state? We like a South Africa with balls!

      Silver - 2011-10-26 11:45

      “South Africa with balls” true Nosiphom but unfortunately when you put it like that most South Africans won’t think of the UN, they will think of “where Zuma spend last night”.

      Faizel - 2011-10-26 12:05


      frans.visserdsb - 2011-10-26 14:22

      Nosiphon, if we support a palistinian state, we should also support a Tibetan and Mongol state... What is good for one, is good for another.

  • Silver - 2011-10-26 11:37

    "paralyzed by inaction". Well coming form SA government, they are masters of inaction so they should know. As a South African I'm behind Israel. The terrorist state of Palestine reminds me a lot off a certain political party and the ways of their people. Terrorists I say.

  • Sean - 2011-10-26 11:39

    Settle the matter quickly? In the same way we settled the Dalai Lama's visa application? Ha Ha. I love the way politicians fail to see the irony in their actions.

  • Gary - 2011-10-26 11:45

    God said. He will bless nations who bless ISrael and curse who curses ISrael. THe land is biblically ISraels and GOd has covenent with this land. i feel sorry for nations that back this. JEsus is coming soon and prophecy is fulfilling as we speak.

      TheWally - 2011-10-31 10:04

      Jesus was a Palestinian, go do your historical research and get your facts straight before commenting

      Dmitri - 2011-11-03 14:29

      The wally, what have you been smoking. Where did you get your research from; a left wing wiki page??? Shees, your name says it all!!!

  • Tiaan - 2011-10-26 11:45

    I hope these people know what they are doing.

  • Adam - 2011-10-26 11:55

    "South Africa wishes to reaffirm its conviction: that Palestine is a state, that Palestine is a peace-loving state,.." how much more uneducated could you possibly get!!!!! they mas aswell be saying what a rational and empathetic man mugabe is.... ITS CALLED LIEING!!! Nice to see which countries south africa likes to align them selves with, real scum bags of the world. i suppose our own government is known for its corruption, lies and pathetic dealing with problems, so it would make sense to align them selves with those who can only be described undesirable. here are some problem i have.... 1)once "palestine" is recognized and all the jews are expelled from their home, will the south african goverment condemn the expulsion of people based on their religion, as well as the desecration of all jewish historical sites which date back MUCH older then islam? 2)once their state is recognized and they continue to attack israeli civilians, will the south african goverment condemn these attacks as recognise the palestinians as terrorists, what will our goverments opinion be when israel defends her borders from attack of another country? 3)as the palestinians will be expelling all jews are their new land, will it be bad for israel to expell all israeli arabs? who have enjoyed democracy, equall first world education, womans and homosexual rights. once they go to their new homeland, they will be wishing they had never left. welcome to islamic rule. sad sad day for south africa

      Zakariya - 2011-10-26 12:08

      Shame!its sad to see how little you actually know.Have you ever been to Palestine? Well done to South Africa for having the balls to stand up to oppression!!!

      Adam - 2011-10-26 12:52

      been there twice a year since i was 10 years old, have you ever been there? would you like me to upload pictures of arab and jewish woman sitting in parks together? or having arab and jewish children going on slides at water parks together? or tel aviv beach when the muslim call to prayer is blasted across israel because arabs share equall rights. get your facts straight, and stop acting like youve been there or actually know anything other then what was pumped into your head at your local mosque

      Zakariya - 2011-10-26 13:49

      See you just proved my point!i asked Have you been to Palestine not Israel.Maybe you should pay more attention.

      Zakariya - 2011-10-26 14:06

      Please don't drag Islam into the issue as there are just as many Christians and orthodox Jews suffering under Israeli occupation as there are Muslims. But you've been there twice a year since you were 10years old so who am i to tell you otherwise.

      Adam - 2011-10-26 15:34

      you idiot, ive been to west bank on several occasions. gaza i have not been to because why would any one want to go to a place under sharia law. your propoganda is pathetic. christians and orthadox jews also suffer under the israeli occupation. - you are a disgusting liar. all over the world arab lies are fed to people, like the one u just told all the way up to denying 9/11. youve actually made me angry with your dillusional comments, please give me and example of israeli citizens suffering under the israeli goverment? please. if you are going to give the example of 200 000 israelis marching on parliment to complain about growing inflation then be my guest, that was 200 000 jews, arabs, christians, scientologists, athiests, men, woman, straight people and gay people all standing together. something which has never and will never be seen any any arab state. dont you see every where your culture goes there is violence and death? and you still have the cheek to point fingers at the other nation. people forget things like israelis are banned from accessing parts of their own country as israel gives the muslim council authority to act as it wishes, jews may not enter the dome of the rock even tho it lies in the centre of jerusalem. its just a sad fact how you and your people spread lies in order further your propaganda war of lies

      Barry - 2011-10-30 19:04

      Then if Adam has been Israel, he will also know it is ruled by apartheid. South Africa was able to go through a transition from apartheid to democracy. How come Israel cannot ?

      TheWally - 2011-10-31 10:10

      my aunt was there 2 months ago actually and held by Isreali airport security for 3 hours at Ben Gurion airport and told that she cannot be a South African since she is not black, and was told that all South Africans are black

      Adam - 2011-10-31 16:12

      more arab propoganda - the average israeli knows south africa well enough to know this is a rainbow nation. there is a large south african jewish community living in south africa and even 1 o2 south african stores where ouma rusks and other good can be purchased. as for israel being an apartheid state all i can say is this - this is an attempt to tell a lie enough times until it becomes truth. im not retying what i have already posted, simply go to an israeli university website and see the arab muslim names registered, or the name of member of parliaments... plenty muslims. not to mention the chief judge of their constitutional court is an arab muslim. in fact the israeli contestant for the euro-vision singing contest was a muslim lady so please enough with arab propaganda. if you would like to discuss apartheid states then consider discussing all the arab states, where jews may not live and were kicked out of years ago, being forced to leave their houses, businesses and worldly possessions... no one had a problem with that. if the palestinians want a home land its in their best interests to stop firing rockets into israel and teaching their children to kill israelis, or at least stop complaining when israel strikes back. either way, both of you lie to make arabs seem like the victims when in fact they are the ones responsible for the bloodshed - as usal

      Barry - 2011-10-31 18:05

      @Adam. Then why rule by apartheid? I have been there. It is worse than South Africa at its lowest time in history. Yet you condone it.

      Barry - 2011-10-31 18:10

      The Palestinians have a claim to that land also. NO DOUBT !

  • Hermann - 2011-10-26 12:04

    ".... direct Israeli-Palestinian talks ... There were no such talks when Israel was granted statehood. I am not deriding Israel, I support their right to exist as state, but the Yanks and Israel are absurd to insist on "direct Israeli-Palestinian talks" without recognising Palestine. Simply by talking to the Palestinians is Israel not recognising them? Where is the logic in this political game?

      Adam - 2011-10-26 15:37

      there were no talks in 1948 because 7 arab armies invaded israel and tried to wipe every jew off the map. with out any american help, israel won. check your history. this is the reason israel exists today, they won their right to exist.

      Hermann - 2011-10-26 18:00

      @ Adam. Did Eva feed you an apple? Of course I know the history of the creation of the State of Istrael. The Arabs tried the invading trick after Israel was founded and the British colonial/mandate holder withdrew.

      Adam - 2011-10-28 11:11

      you're forgetting 1 part, and that is both the arabs and the jews claimed the land as independent states, the jews how ever did not attack, ransack, or kill any arabs, they got invaded on all fronts.

      Adam - 2011-10-28 11:14

      and also the jews did not expell every arab from israel, forcing them to leave there homes, clothes, businesses and worldy possessions. the arabs on the other hand did this to every jew in egypt, libya, tunisia, algeria, syria, lebanon and to some extent iraq. lovely people but shame, they're always the victims

      TheWally - 2011-10-31 10:23

      Att. Adam, if what you saying is true (according to you without providing any INDEPENDANT stats), why is there an actual Isreali Soldier that was ACTUALLY there in 1948 CONTRADICTING you!?.. My Proof:

      Barry - 2011-10-31 18:15

      @Adam.. Lets stop talking about Jews and Arabs. They are not countries Lets start talking about Israel. There are people of different cultures and religions living there, yet Israel is ruled by apartheid. Why ?

      Adam - 2011-11-01 10:03

      @Barry, you're basing your whole argument on that israel is an apartheid state. this was conjured up recently by arab states to de-legitimize israel as a country, something every arab state has done since israels birth, and its something you are continuing to do now. your argument is flawed as israel is not an apartheid state 1)to be a citizen there is no restriction on religion or race -unlike arab countries where jews may not enter and christians are persicuted 2)all citizens share in equall rights, freedom to vote, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech - very much unlike iran and saudi where this is far from the case. recently in iran a priest was sentenced to death for not being a muslim. 3) apartheid state means separate state, there is no separation in israel, with neighborhoods being filled by all religions and race, israerl is also the home to the ba'ath faith, whose members have been executed in all arab states for not being muslim. i could go on and on - but it seems clear from these 3 points that israel is not an apatheid state, rather you are filling the world with arab propoganda again. it also seems clear that in fact many arab states are apartheid sates, not allowing freedom of religion or speech.... irony - can u taste it yet? i would also like to point out that while you try to de-legitimize israel in every way it still has a better human rights record to ANY arab state anywhere in the world. also please explain how sharia law is not aparthied

      Barry - 2011-11-01 20:20

      @Adam. You base your whole argument on religion and race. I get it you hate muslims. Your points: 1. Apartheid ruled South Africa also did not restrict religion or race to be a citizen of the country. 2. You specifically leave out FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT as a citizen. Why ? 3. Apartheid does NOT mean separate state. It means the "proper" Iraelis will live here whilst the Palestinians will live somewhere else. Please agree. Now you try to justify killing women and children because other countries are not doing what Israel should be doing. Bless...

  • Werner - 2011-10-26 12:15

    Please show me on a map where this alleged state of Palestine is? Bloody crooks.

  • zami.romm - 2011-10-26 12:28

    ""South Africa wishes to reaffirm its conviction: that Palestine is a state, that Palestine is a peace-loving state," peace loving..hmmmmmmm

      TheWally - 2011-10-31 10:56

      an Israeli Airforce Captain on BBC about Israels WAR CRIMES:

  • James - 2011-10-26 14:18

    Good stuff, i don't see the problem here. Israel and Palestine are at fault for the current conflict, in my opinion -more so Israel.

  • Ballito - 2011-11-03 14:18

    Poor Adam all lost my freind Adam relax ur soul u have just been beaten. you no longer ten years old lmao

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