SA forks out R12m on guests at ANC bash

2012-03-22 15:50

Cape Town - South Africa spent R12m on hosting foreign guests at the ANC's recent 100-year celebrations, International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane said on Thursday.

The state picked up an R11 014 000 tab to house 50 heads of states and governments and nine dignitaries with their delegations at the ANC bash in January, Nkoana-Mashabane said in a parliamentary reply.

Another sum of just over R1m was spent on logistics, including meals, at the three-day event in Bloemfontein.

The celebrations included a golf tournament, animal sacrifice, concerts and a mass rally and were attended by countries that supported the ANC's anti-apartheid fighters.

The event was also used for meetings on South Africa's foreign policy, and to lobby its nomination of a former international relations minister as the next African Union chairperson, Nkoana-Mashabane said.

The lavish celebrations drew criticism for the ANC, accused of failing to focus on ongoing problems like poverty, inequality and unemployment.

  • Eric - 2012-03-22 15:54

    Eish! These fat black cats really know how to spend other people's money, eh?

      Refugee - 2012-03-22 15:56

      we should have spend more

      Simnikiwe - 2012-03-22 15:58

      You'll find a lot of white fat cats in ANC's payroll too, don't be ignorant. I bet they 're the ones who come up with all these ideas on how to rape tax payers money.

      Ismaeel - 2012-03-22 15:58

      Yes, i won't say black but i will say ANC.....

      Francois - 2012-03-22 16:00

      That is the salary of approximately 50 teachers for a year and the expenditure did not get us very far at the AU. How much did the showers and the taxis cost for these dignataries and there wives for the night?

      Max - 2012-03-22 16:00

      There are still more parties to come this year.So don't pack away your calculators just yet.The fund I mean fun has just started.

      Marion - 2012-03-22 16:00

      @Simnikiwe - Ignore Eric. I think he's just an intellectually challenged troll.

      lovenergy - 2012-03-22 16:01

      @refugee...I dare you to make that statement to the people still waiting for a house and running water after 18 years that are still starving in the townships

      Piet - 2012-03-22 16:02

      All in the name of freedom, Jackson gice us your spin on this one!

      Jono - 2012-03-22 16:04 they spent R186 677.97 per person! Flight - R15 000.00 Accomodation - R40 000.00 Food and drinks - R20 000.00 WTF did you spend the other R100 000.00 on per person???

      Peter-Peter - 2012-03-22 16:06

      Simnikiwe, is that your way of saying that you guys arnt clever enough to come up with your own ideas? Clever enough for corruption, but not a legal way to rape, pillage and steal?

      Refugee - 2012-03-22 16:11

      Previous Gov did it why shouldn't we,its only bad because black people are doing it ,name one apartheid minister who isn't a millioner ?even a mere police officer like Eugene Alexander de Kock owns huge chunks of land worth millions

      RealNikka - 2012-03-22 16:17

      Intellectual people , can you for once not bring race into it?? Heebana

      Simnikiwe - 2012-03-22 16:19

      Lol Mr white and Peter, Im not defending the ANC's poor management of funds. The ANC consist of black and white members, they all have a say on how money is spent. White ANC members should also be blamed for mismanagement of funds. Greed knows no race. A government is not established to have parties, they are established to provide public services using public money, and all those who abuse their power should be criticised, even if they are white.

      samantha.lister.09 - 2012-03-22 16:22

      @Refugee "Previous Gov did it why shouldn't we" So, do you condone everything else the previous government did? Should we just follow directly in their footsteps? That is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard! An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

      Peter-Peter - 2012-03-22 16:29

      good reply :)

      Skuiter - 2012-03-22 16:42

      yes, simnikiwe - the common factor here is ANC you inbred moron

      Nkulekweni - 2012-03-22 16:42

      Nice one Simnikiwe. You will find that most of these racist trolls do not allow facts to stand in the way of racist drivel. That is why I think a study of white South African racists should be interesting. There is a lot of psychological damage there. In most societies it is the rare individual who will spend most of his/her day spewing racist insults. In South Africa it is the majority. Every one knows that the ANC has members of all races. But of course that fact cannot be allowed to stand in the way of much needed daily sublimation of racist hatred.

      Refugee - 2012-03-22 16:47

      truly don't know why all these white people are complaining for because all that money goes back to them, i mean they own all those companies hired by the ANC ,they just changed the name to a South African name and put a black person as a front

      Bibi - 2012-03-22 16:53

      @Simnikiwe: this is not about race, but about wasting tax payers money on a party. They could have educated and feed some poor voters - re article on poverty being the worst human rights violation. @refugee: Is the idea of a new government not to improve on the old. The current one have stolen 100x in the last 17 years of freedom than what the old one did. It is wrong, whether it is NP or ANC, white or black. What about the poor people?

      Ben - 2012-03-22 16:54

      Agree with Simnikiwe. There is no colour in good and bad. Just attitude and greed.

      Oscar - 2012-03-22 17:23

      @Marion, what are you on about? Are you the self appointed protector of black commentators on this website? In other words, the white anti-white conscience?

      Henry - 2012-03-22 17:32

      Eric Alan, is this you?

      Ben - 2012-03-22 17:45

      Bloodbane, is that why Eric referred to colour in his comment?

      Simnikiwe - 2012-03-22 17:56

      Most people on this forum need to take anger management classes. Why resort to insults when you have nothing constructive to add to the debate. Yes we live in a f*ucked up society but that doesn't mean our judgement and reason should be f*ucked up too. We'll never see change if we continue with this childish behaviour. Stop behaving like 5 year olds and actually bring something constructive to the table. Before you tell me Im a moron, take a step back and think how such behaviour reflects on your personality and intelligence.

      Ben - 2012-03-22 18:40

      Bloodbane. If you refer to the A.N.C. I am not complaining. A few million people agree with you.

      Simnikiwe - 2012-03-22 19:30

      I wasn't offended bloodbane, just dissapointed. Thought we were all mature and want to exchange ideas on how we can build our country and get over racism.

      mundu.olewega - 2012-03-22 20:01

      Animal sacrifice...what ? are we in the freekin stoneage???

      Simnikiwe - 2012-03-22 20:11

      Bloodbane, how do you suggest we destroy the ANC? For DA to govern the country Black votes are needed. Now tell me, how will DA get black votes if blacks still believe that whites are racist and will bring back Apartheid as soon as DA is in power. How do you convince the masses to vote for the DA?...telling them the ANC is corrupt and only interested in enriching an elite few wont earn the DA black votes.

      RealNikka - 2012-03-22 20:55

      whenever someone in the ANC does something, u get most white people saying "These Black people"..Then when an Article is about Lindiwe Maziboko..Its no longer "These Black people"...Why do some people's actions lead to the whole race being labelled and others are treated as individuals independent of a race??..Any racist please explain

      valcooperRSA - 2012-03-22 23:44

      @eric.....easy money......won't see anything easier than it gets here...and we just merrily pay our taxes

      Michiel - 2012-03-23 09:35

      Simnikiwe, please explain how your first reply on Eric's post can be classified as "constructive". Before you shove your finger in someone else's nose, remove it from your own ass.

  • Seducect - 2012-03-22 15:55

    And then our poor president is "shocked" over a Helen Zille comment...I am "shocked" to read how much of my tax money is waisted on some primitive customs & "fat" African dictators!

  • WesKaap - 2012-03-22 15:56

    and they going on about Helen Zilles comments???

      Peter - 2012-03-23 10:36

      Refugee, nou waarom sal ons dit wil doen drol? Sy is beter as JZ, Malema en die hele kaboedel ANC varke. Die Wes Kaap werk. Die res van die land nie. Ons is slimmer as dit .... baie meer as wat ons van jou en jou soort kan se.

  • Ismaeel - 2012-03-22 15:57

    ANC!!! Won't find this happening in the DA.. keep on voting ANC and all our hard earned tax money will go for parties!!!

  • daashcroft - 2012-03-22 15:57

    This was an ANC bash, not a South African government function. Shouldn't the ANC have picked up the bill? If it was in the UK it would be like the Government paying for a Conservative party celebration. Seems wrong to me.

      Dennis - 2012-03-22 16:04

      Ja but the anc has made the government the anc !!

      nishaatf - 2012-03-22 16:04

      Either So , were does the money come from , becos it aint comming from there pockets , its comming from our tax money ,

      Jan - 2012-03-22 16:06

      Works out to about R200 000 per person or approximately R50 000 per day. Damn it must be fun playing with other people's money

      Marion - 2012-03-22 16:09

      They went on to try and justify the expenses by saying : "The event was also used for meetings on South Africa's foreign policy, and to lobby its nomination of a former international relations minister as the next African Union chairperson, Nkoana-Mashabane said." And this cost the taxpayer some R12 000 000??? For three days??? F**k my mangy dog!! Would like to see the minutes of those non-existent foreign policy meetings, and obviously no one was taking too much notice of the lobbying based on the results of the election.

      Art - 2012-03-22 17:45

      SA Govt is being run from Lootfreely House... and NOT the Union Buildings!

      Oscar - 2012-03-22 17:57

      Please Marion, spare us the detail of you and your dog's intimate relationship...not something you want to mention on a public forum old girl.

      Ben - 2012-03-22 20:05

      Nasty one Oscar.

  • Juan - 2012-03-22 15:59

    This was blatant abuse of taxpayer's money. And the ANC said prior to the event that this event would not be paid for by state coffers. Well apparently the ANC people are a bunch of liars.

  • vmeiring1 - 2012-03-22 15:59

    And the poorer of the poor still becomes poorer????? Priorities is unknown to the ANC circus. But when their voters want to know why things are so tough, the answer????? Because of apartheid!!!!! Their true colours are sufacing and their lies are drying up. Soon their voters will turn their backs on them, and then we'll have a great country.

  • Malcolm - 2012-03-22 15:59

    Spend,spend,spend typical they're not interested in the man on the street despite their promises !

  • Dave - 2012-03-22 15:59

    One thing, probably the only thing, the cANCer is good at is spending taxpayers money on their own parties.

  • Shirley - 2012-03-22 16:00

    Cant pay elcetricity bills,provide decent education,road users must fork out again for toll systems but these overfed fat cats can spend our money as they see fit on RUBBISH!!!! Sickening!

      Shirley - 2012-03-22 16:49

      Sorry -electricity

  • S - 2012-03-22 16:01

    Why did the state pick up the tab? This should have come from he ANC's pockets. This was NOT a state function - why should the taxpayers fork out for it?

      CarinWynbergen - 2012-03-22 16:06

      If a head of state from another country visits it becomes the States responsibility to secure security and accommodation.

      HiJack - 2012-03-22 16:11

      The ANC sees no difference between their pocket and the state's pocket. That was the reason for the "Struggle" my friend, to land in the pound seats, to get their paws on the bling bling. And the township folks, for some reason, still think the top dogs care about them. HAHAHA.

  • Kgomotso Radise - 2012-03-22 16:01

    12m is drop in a ocean but if it offloaded to e-toll it will reduce the motorist burden

  • Malcolm - 2012-03-22 16:01

    Seducet & Weskaap , problem is they do not understand the meaning of the word refuge r we surprised no not at all !!!!

  • makatika - 2012-03-22 16:01

    Nothing wrong in spending money especially if you have to treat yourself or your family once in a while. These must also serve as a good example to all of you, that after your hard work, it is acceptable to treat yourself together with your family, thus the reason you working right?

      HiJack - 2012-03-22 16:09

      To a burger and fries ja, not R12M worth of sh1t!!!

      Shirley - 2012-03-22 16:19

      You dont treat yourself on other peoples money[maybe you do] and where on earth do they work hard??? Only time they break a sweat is party time!

      makatika - 2012-03-22 16:28

      @Shirley Maybe you must start reading the history, I mean if you were born then. Remember the apartheid system, people paid with their dear life, f I defeat my enemy I will celebrate till Jesus come. If we beat Pirates, we celebrate until the result of our next meeting, maybe you have no idea how it feels to win, the jubilation is unbelievable.

      Nigel - 2012-03-22 16:37

      sheep believe anything, shame

      Shirley - 2012-03-22 16:54

      Makatika: Yeah right-nice to go ape on money you didnt work for. When a farm murderer is caught can I throw a party and make government to pay or claim it from tax-after all Im celebrating for my brother whos killer is caught??? Thats the anc way-freebies!

  • Alfred - 2012-03-22 16:02

    If these criminals were a little less eager to spend our money on cars, parties and hotels I don't think e-tolling would've ever been an issue.

  • Lambert - 2012-03-22 16:02

    Animal sacrifice!!!!!!!! It is barbaric to say the least.

  • Darryl - 2012-03-22 16:03

    AH HA BUSTED!! That why they can't pay the electrics for the Limpopo police stations. Probably budgeted for Gadaffi too, naturally forgetting he's, well not with us any more.

  • nishaatf - 2012-03-22 16:03

    Well once again Thank you for using our hard earned Money , on a party u dam Effin idiots ,

  • Shafiek - 2012-03-22 16:04

    R12 million in the face of Grabouw who has inadequate schooling its childrens education,serious shortages of housing in all provinces and poor service dlivery.And in many times have articles like this appeared already??Tommorrow its some other form of wastage or fraudulent tender story.Is there really no-one to watch/caution against this type of wastage.Have our polititions no shame??

      Shirley - 2012-03-22 16:21

      But when you mention this to them they are "shocked". As soon as their voters ask questions its apartheids fault! Spineless,lazy,inept.

      Patiwe - 2012-03-22 22:46

      @shafiek, Yes no shame at all.

  • HiJack - 2012-03-22 16:04

    How the fak do you spend R12m on guests over a few days??? It could have gone to build schools and other job creation drives. But alas, the sheeple are probably happy that their chiefs enjoyed Johny Blue Label while they carried water in a leaky bucket back to their shacks. SUFFER! Idiots.

      eradingoana - 2012-03-22 16:15

      I do not care on how many days it could be, I care that it was a taxpayer s money, members of different political parties. The ruling party is a complete criminal of its own.

      Shirley - 2012-03-22 16:22

      Each person was given a goody bag with vouchers to all bee stores!

  • ettienne.hattingh - 2012-03-22 16:07

    You and me working our back sides off. For what!!!!!! For this. I cant help but laugh. What a joke. SA is going down like the Titanic. Bet it's time to play the Banjo.

      Shirley - 2012-03-22 16:56

      If theres still enough light to find it in the dark. Check the strings havent been stolen first!

  • sharon.truebodyvice - 2012-03-22 16:08

    This is a disgrace why do we have to pay for ANC parties. They will all get what is owing to them, keep on taunting the people ...

  • billidp - 2012-03-22 16:10

    Why is the state (read SA taxpayers) paying for ANCpersonal business???? We want that money paid back.... State coffers are not the ANC purse!!! The state picked up an R11 014 000 tab to house 50 heads of states and governments and nine dignitaries with their delegations at the ANC bash in January, Nkoana-Mashabane said in a parliamentary reply.

  • jensuffhaus - 2012-03-22 16:11

    One thing I don't understand ... how does the ANC get the state to pay for it? State money is NOT ANC money. These celebrations are ANC only and should be paid for by the ANC not the state. Assuming N24 got all the facts straight here.

      Mduduzi - 2012-03-22 16:26

      thats actually a valid point.

      Nigel - 2012-03-22 16:36

      true, but I don't think the ANC have ever bothered about crossing this fine line.

  • Natascha - 2012-03-22 16:11

    The ANC is going to be the death of this country...we heading the way of zim

      eradingoana - 2012-03-22 16:16

      We are not heading to Zim, we are already in Zim just awaiting allocation of sites to stay.

      valcooperRSA - 2012-03-23 00:07

      @natasha...look around you....zim just got bigger.....stretched across the river....and lo and behold i got zim in my backyard....go look outside you will zim outside your back door too

  • Jacqueline - 2012-03-22 16:12

    how can they make the above statement. SA did not fork out this money, the anc government did. when they say SA they are including me and the rest of the SA population.

  • eradingoana - 2012-03-22 16:13

    This was the money which would have funded e-tolling. I expected this when I had the International Relations getting too much involved in every failure. ANC is hell, we are in a hot microwave and the person who can save us is a neighbour but its illiterates supporters do not think so.

  • pmartint - 2012-03-22 16:13

    When will the ANC realize tax payers" money is not THEIR money - I for one refuse to pay for the lavish entertainment of a party I don't support - ergo: no more taxes from me Sirs!

  • Marion - 2012-03-22 16:15

    Actually, all the criticism about Helen Zille today was probably to try and deflect attention away from this THEFT of taxpayers money.

  • Adam - 2012-03-22 16:15

    I really feel for the poor, poor and hungry blacks in shacks. This money should have been spent on them. Yet they still vote anc...WHY???

      Marion - 2012-03-22 16:39

      I think it's 'cos the majority of the poor don't get to see the headlines/read the reports that we do. I am sure if they did and understood all the implications the ANC would lose votes hand over fist.

      Shirley - 2012-03-22 16:59

      Because they are given food parcels,told if they dont aparheid will return within 24 hours and any party who has white members are going to steal everything!!!

      valcooperRSA - 2012-03-23 00:10

      It's gone beyond having feelings for anybody....they suckers who voted them in...the suckers who wanted cANCer are getting what they asked for...18 years on and they still stupidly vote and support to have more cANCer.....I feel for nobody

  • nishaatf - 2012-03-22 16:16

    This is why they would love for the BILL to go through , so they can mess with otha people hard earned money

  • Muneer23 - 2012-03-22 16:17

    When are we going to realize that we keep talking, but take no action.

      Nigel - 2012-03-22 16:34

      next election is the chance, I'm fed up with this bunch of useless people, not only are they living the high life while the country struggles, they are actually taking food of the very tables of their own supporters. It is disgraceful !!

  • Judith - 2012-03-22 16:18

    I don't care what colour the fat cats are, although I see more black fatties than white fatties generally, I just wish they (black or white) would put more money to better use like schools in the Eastern Cape and safe secure old age homes, and sports acadamies, and good health care, and no more potholes, and a good train system so we didn't have to travel by road and pay the etolls and the astronomical petrol price, and a really efficient rail service for goods carrying so that so many trucks didn't break down and cause accidents and a really good public transport service so that the taxi drivers could all retire to a house by the sea in the Eastern Cape far away from everybody where there are no roads worth travelling on! Can you add to this wish list? They (black or white) are disgusting creatures with no principles or ethics at all. I', all right Jack, screw the rest of you!

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-03-22 16:19

    Next time these dignitaries should join in the celebrations via video conferencing instead of being present and drilling holes through our pockets .

  • Itu Santino Cortez - 2012-03-22 16:19

    Can someone please hook me up with government forms i wan2 be in the government.

  • loueldon.beyersbergen - 2012-03-22 16:20

    +/-R200,000.00p/p not sharing. Damn!!!

      Marion - 2012-03-22 16:43

      They're trying to whitewash it by saying meetings were held etc., Question is, did those politicians come to SA for a 100 year birthday bash and then have 'meetings' (roflmfao) or did they come here for meetings and then attend a birthday bash.

  • Gavin - 2012-03-22 16:22

    100 years of sitting on their asses and waiting for things to happen then claiming responsibility for the successes and blaming the failures on apartheid. At the rate the ANtiChrist party spend money, we'll soon be broke and poor like the rest of Africa.

  • Nigel - 2012-03-22 16:23

    nice, so while the Eastern Cape education has collapsed the ANC elite party....fantastic!!!! Keep on spending, enjoy your time in Govt. hopefully it won't be too long, but then again the sheep just keep on voting them, shame!!

  • Mduduzi - 2012-03-22 16:23

    ok but what's new? sad that it has become a norm .

  • Koos - 2012-03-22 16:27

    ''The lavish celebrations drew criticism for the ANC, accused of failing to focus on ongoing problems like poverty, inequality and unemployment.'' the people are still accusing.... this was not needed!

  • Deon - 2012-03-22 16:29

    A few schools could rather have been built.

  • Rinnewien - 2012-03-22 16:33

    One of the reasons why E-tolling is forced on us

  • Nkulekweni - 2012-03-22 16:35

    Beggars belief. Something must be done!!!!!!

  • Maliganpa - 2012-03-22 16:37

    I know the money was well spent on accomodation owned by our white compatriots. no blacks benefitted. All these people accused of corruption spend the money on whites who own these busnesses, hahaha!

      valcooperRSA - 2012-03-23 00:17

      Like hell it does....whites aren't allowed to own anything anymore ....remember its allllll........BEE ....

      Juan - 2012-03-23 01:51

      Do you know who are the owners? Black people also own businesses, not only white people

  • Mart - 2012-03-22 16:40

    Quite frankly R12 mill is a drop in the ocean compared to what is being filtrered off the fiscus by those in power. I wonder how much kickback is being paid to individuals within the ruling party for the R1,4 billion 'we've' paid out so far for the e-tolling system, bearing in mind that a large % of those funds come from the state pension funds investment in e-tolling. I want to see ANC cadres explaining why they 'earned' their commissions, and then ultimately explaining the loss of their pensions to the civil servants. 'Burnt at the stake' springs to mind....and rightly so.

      Linda - 2012-03-22 17:03

      I am not sure if the figure of R1.4 billion paid for the e-tolling system is correct - but I AM SURE that the Austrian company responsible for the e-tolling received R1.2 billion in income in the last 12 months - before the system has even been implemented. So, it looks like R200 million was spent on building the roads - and R1200 million was profit! The e-tolling will NEVER be stopped - because the Public Investment Corporation has bought R18 billion worth of bonds in the Austrian Company for the Government Pension Fund!

      valcooperRSA - 2012-03-23 00:17

      I pray for that day....but satan looks after his own

  • Skuiter - 2012-03-22 16:41

    maaifoedie greedy pigs

  • Refugee - 2012-03-22 16:43

    i truly don't know why all these white people are complaining for because all that money goes back to them, i mean they own all those companies hired by the ANC ,they just changed the name to a South African name and put a black person as a front

      Tyrone - 2012-03-22 21:12

      That's not a smart comment! Wake up!

  • Ivan - 2012-03-22 16:47

    ANC Catch a wake-up call if that is possible!!! You suck BIG TIME!!!!! I am now in Australia because of your total incompetance to sensibly govern a once flourishing country - sadly your gravy boat riding, tender self enrichment projects and so many others see the previously disatvantiched stufed for your own BLOODY and GREEDY pockets!! Living and travelling South Africa's name SUCKS!!! WTF - WAKE UP morons!!!

  • mparkins2 - 2012-03-22 16:56

    What is there to say, they say human rights how long are we talking about ppl that suffer and they do nothing but to steal and POP up money for functions they very quick. I would welcome the old regime.

  • John - 2012-03-22 16:57

    Another 110 RDP houses that cannot be build. keep on voting for the ANC, soon everybody will be homeless.