SA 'good example for Africa'

2006-07-13 09:08

Pretoria - A number of good and successful governance practices could be found in South Africa, said the team leader of the SA Country Review Process on Wednesday.

Professor Adebayo Adedeji said: "Many of the things we go for in Europe are available in other African countries. In our final report, the panel will highlight examples of good and successful governance practices worthy of emulation by other countries.

"I'm quite sure we'll find many of them here in SA that other African countries can learn from."

Adedeji was speaking after receiving SA's African Peer Review Mechanism (ARPM) self-assessment report and programme of action at a function led by President Thabo Mbeki.

'Africa should look inwards'

He received the report ahead of the team's two-week mission to SA to meet with government, civil society and other interested parties as part of SA's country review.

He said there was still a tendency in Africa to "look north" to countries such as the US and Europe when it came to technical co-operation and assistance.

Adedeji said: "We hope that we will become the main source of inter-African technical co-operation. Through the process, countries should learn from successes and good policies of other countries."

Mbeki said he supported the view that Africa should look inwards.

Important opportunity to learn

He said: "It provides us with a very important opportunity to learn from one another as Africans, strengthen one another and develop a system of self reliance to develop confidence in ourselves."

The self-assessment report, along with the review team's findings on the visit to SA, would be made public after it had been discussed by African heads of government at the African Peer Review Forum to be held at the end of the year.

SA was one of only 24 countries who had submitted to the scrutiny and would be the fourth country to have completed the process.

The APRM was a voluntary self-monitoring tool agreed upon by the African Union as part of the New Partnership for Africa's Development. It promoted good governance through the development of laws, policies and practices that would lead to political and economic growth.