SA has Bantu Education - ACDP

2009-02-15 21:42

Johannesburg - South Africa still runs a Bantu Education system, said African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) deputy president Jo-Ann Downs on Sunday.

"The massive shortfalls in education funding and management had caused the system to deteriorate to a point where the quality of education delivered to black pupils is still not of an equal standard to that received by other population groups," Downs said in a statement.

"This brings the situation to the same status as the former Bantu Education system."

Arms deal

Downs blamed corruption in the upper echelons of government as the factor that jeopardised the advancement of poor people.

"The amount of kickback involved in the arms deal alone could fund thirty well equipped modern schools."

She said if the ACDP were to win the election, it would work towards establishing a high standard of education that was free right up to tertiary level for pupils who were willing to work hard and perform.

Downs said there was no shortage of intelligent students in the country. The problem was when they are taught by ill disciplined teachers in a system that was designed to politicise them rather than educate them.

"We need to harness the talent available in South Africa's youth in order to be the shining light that will lead the rest of Africa toward the prosperity that they so well deserve."