SA in trouble, Vavi warns

2011-10-26 22:30

Johannesburg - South Africa was "in trouble" on many levels, Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi warned on Wednesday.

"There can be no denial that we are fighting ourselves at the moment... and there is an attempt by the powerful elite to shut up everybody: including shutting them up permanently.

"Comrades are beefing up security, including me. It's not the AWB [Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging] and it's not all the right-wing white extremists. It's one another."

He said some senior government officials were too preoccupied with power games to care about the poor and unemployed.

"We are in trouble politically... in 2014 we [will not be able to] offer answers when our people ask what have we done [to eradicate unemployment and poverty]," the Congress of SA Trade Unions boss told a National Union of Metalworkers of SA job summit in Johannesburg.

Many people were living in fear of their reputations being destroyed, their political standing being jeopardised, and in fear for their own safety.

Vavi said many of those who had fought to bring change at the ANC's elective conference in Polokwane in 2007, which saw President Jacob Zuma elected party leader, no longer saw eye to eye.

Referring to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's medium-term budget policy statement on Tuesday, Vavi said it was no surprise the country was facing tough times.

He warned that frustration among the poor was growing, especially in informal settlements.

"Where is the leadership?" asked Vavi.

  • Oneant - 2011-10-26 22:42

    people brought up fighting will always need an enemy.

      Dirk - 2011-10-27 04:57

      For someone inside the ruling alliance to say that SA is in serious trouble, is quite significant, because many outsiders do not even see it.When the problems or challenges are presented , one is accused of being negative.Hopefully, this statement will wake a few people up and get their heads from beneath the sand.The reality is that SA has about 5-6 yrs, when things will begin to collapse and implode.It is very,very serious!

      Zebedi - 2011-10-27 07:57

      Too many chiefs, not enough indians.

      Zifnab - 2011-10-27 08:13

      I think Vavi means "ANC is in trouble". Because the more trouble the ANC is in, the better the rest of SA is doing. The ANC's fortunes are inversely proportional to South Africa's fortunes.

      Robert - 2011-10-27 11:08

      R 30 Billion wasteful spending - Goes a long way in this country and I wonder which party did that - Lets start there and then corruption. I am not sure which is the first problem but I think they interlinked so we can probably double that if not more. I wish we can show the masses physically how many hundred rand notes its is (Truck Loads) so that they can

      Joanne - 2011-10-27 11:55

      Bit late, really, Mr Vavi. Cosatu has mobilised it's support base to back up every one of the combatants damaging the country at one time or another, but it has never mobilised it's support base to back up working, tax-paying and law-abiding South Africans of all colours. Not sure that there is anything you can really do about this now - it would take immense courage, focus and a very very hard look at your ideology - not sure that there are enough leaders in govt or civil society with the objectivity and discernment to do that now.

      allcoveredinNinjas - 2011-10-27 11:58

      "I don't know how we got here, i was just driving".

      Jango - 2011-10-27 12:49

      @Joanne. Fully agree with you! The wrong people pay the price for political loud mouths, and as a business owner, we are also the ones expected to rebuild the country as a "New South Africa" pledge. Tired of seeing my efforts and taxes simply reducing me to a 2nd rate citizen with an ongoing price to pay for combatants, as well as towards a culture of idleness persuing non-accountability on any matter that inflicts economic stress.

  • Donder - 2011-10-26 22:51

    why dont vavi shut the hell up! i'm speaking under correction here but the only thing i can think of that vavi pulls off successfully is creating dirty streets and traffic disruptions annually.

      charl.fourie2 - 2011-10-26 23:57

      @Donder: Vavi is raising a very valid point - the gap between Rich and Poor is not sustainable in various ways. We better find solutions based on empathy with all socio economic groups. The "rich-poor" gap is threatening our national security - yours for that matter - we need to wake up and fairly quickly!

      Donder - 2011-10-27 00:27

      vavi talks to much but gets nothing done! thats my beef with the guy, he just makes noises.

      Tc - 2011-10-27 07:04

      Donder is in denial. In denial. In denial, like the masses that still support the cANCerous destruction being brought on this country by the ANC. "let the looting continue"

  • ratchanee31 - 2011-10-26 22:54

    Ruling government put us in trouble.

  • Cracker - 2011-10-26 23:00

    Almost every day some elite blames the other elites. An indication that a madness has taken control of the country?

  • Nikki Bodenstein - 2011-10-26 23:38

    Jeez it's taken how long to figure out the ANC is absolutely useless and constantly making empty promises to their followers to get votes. Wake up people! Time to let someone else give it a go. It certainly can't get any worse than these morons.

  • Craig Botha - 2011-10-26 23:43

    Now, how long can he continue to tell the truth and survive.

  • Robs - 2011-10-26 23:48

    Do you want a house or a job. Then change the government. Put your vote for another party and let them give it a go. It's now almost 18 years and who got the jobs and the money. The ANC leadership and their close relatives. They are so corrupt now that they don't even trust each other anymore.

  • Levett - 2011-10-26 23:48

    "when our people ask what have we done [to eradicate unemployment and poverty]" ... don't worry Vavi, our whites will create the jobs for your people. Go relax and drink a zamalek on the whites.

      Juan - 2011-10-27 01:19

      vavi musn't worry it will be the same bollocks with the next elections just like before. "sorry we didn't do anything for you, but vote for us and we will fix it". And then their foolish voters will fall for the same crap again, and the ANC get's 70% of the vote.

      Trudy - 2011-10-27 11:13

      @ Levett. This white supremacist attitude will only do MORE harm. Plse stop it.

      pretoriawebdesigner - 2011-10-27 11:25

      Levett the dwosification of whites is incomplete till we all think like you. You get dropped on the head by the nanny?

      Hans - 2011-10-27 12:42

      @Levett - Herein lies the problem.In the past the Whites cared very little for the Blacks.That is why they vote for the ANC so blindly.They rather be supressed by their own that fall victims to White rule again.It is sad that they continue to think like that, but that is the fear that they are living with.

  • Hilda - 2011-10-27 00:12

    Thank you for bringing this ti light Vavi!

  • Kevin - 2011-10-27 06:04

    If the anc disintegrates the people of South Africa will finally have a future.Corruption ,fraud ,theft, greed and gross stupidity are the real problems.

  • Breinlekkasie - 2011-10-27 06:38

    Unfortunately Zwelinzima Vavi don't release that he and COSATU are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

  • Victor - 2011-10-27 06:51

    It's the first time since 94 that a politician speak 100% sense. With such a view, I think the ANC needs a leader like Vavi.

  • Graham.Cooper2 - 2011-10-27 06:55

    I love it when a plan comes together.

  • Heinrich - 2011-10-27 06:57

    Vavi is quite correct, but the situation won't change as long as we have a political party system. The total management system must be overhauled so that government at all levels is made subservient to the populace. Also the electoral system should change and be driven by expertise and geographically based representation-not race or party ideology. Only when we have made the necessary structural changes can we start talking of freedom and democracy. Then we can start growing as a Nation. - 2011-10-27 08:40

      Couldn't agree more. The current party political system, which puts the political power of the people in the hands of small, unaccountable powerful elites, must go. "Only when we have made the necessary structural changes can we start talking of freedom and democracy." - Yebo, yes.

      stevie0064 - 2011-10-27 09:53

      Agreed. In a nutshell I believe two things above all need to be implemented in SA: 1. Federalisation (decentralisation of decision-making). 2. A qualified vote (education level and criminal record).

      johann.schalkwyk - 2011-10-27 10:01

      Absolutely! SA's poltical system is as far from democracy as communist USSR was. It is in fact proper African style "demockracy".

      Penny - 2011-10-27 11:00

      Oh, so true Heinrich. Saw it when I worked for local government. Politics entered our daily lives and service went downhill from then. So sad.

  • Robert - 2011-10-27 06:59

    A philosophy lesson given by an professor - I can't remember verbatim - What is communism the question was. The answers where quite simple money for all. So the Prof then said the following. Today we are going to write a test. The ones that have not learned and the ones that have does not matter. We are going to average the score does not matter how smart you are or unprepared. They wrote the test. The ones that worked hard and normally get 90% where averaged down to 60%. The next day the Prof said we are going to write a test again and again we are going to apply communist practises. The ones that did not learn or worked where extremely happy for they have never reached a score of 60% due to the ones that have, so more the reason not to learn and work any harder. The next test revealed and average of 50% average and all the non hard workers where happy but the hard workers felt done in because only a few of them are carrying the lot. Once the 3rd test revealed a 40% average (Still in acceptance by the masses) the hard working few protested and rejected the plan of Communism. It did not favour the ones that work hard. It is a simple answer. To work hard and receive the reward is not bad.

      Tc - 2011-10-27 07:10

      Robert - this is one of the best comments I have ever seen on News24. Thanks. - 2011-10-27 08:52

      Hmnnn ... the implication here is that ordinary working people don't contribute to the creation of a nation's wealth in the same way that technocracts/'white collar' workers do, and that some work is more valuable than other work (because, let's face it, life isn't a classroom). The fact is that everything is interrelated. The information economy couldn't exist without workers laying telephone lines and fibre optic cables, for instance. Contemporary city life would be unsustainable without roads and truck drivers too. The list is endless (think waste removal, sewage management, water puritifcation, construction etc. etc.) This also doesn't take into account the fact that the capitalist system depends on inequality in order to create surplus value (profit) for some, while depriving others of the true value of their labour. All work goes towards creating national wealth, so just distibution is a valid socio-economic and political demand.

      frans.visserdsb - 2011-10-27 11:16

      @lee yes. That is correct. Some work is more important and more valuable than others. You would not want brain surgery by a street cleaner? it takes a lot of effort and training to become a doctor or an engineer, and there has to be some compensation for that. It is a matter of supply and demand. If you told me I would get the same salary cleaning streets as I would studying 4 years to become an engineer, and then taking design responsibility for designing structures, I would opt for cleaning streets. You have to be compensated for your effort, skill and knowledge.

      hadedah - 2011-12-04 08:26

      Good Morning Robert, Congratulations you have truly hit the nail on the head. hopefully some of our so called educated government may understand what you are saying. Well done as it is said in the Military "Bravo Zulu"

  • Tc - 2011-10-27 07:00

    Mr Vavi, you are so right! Absolutely right! This country is in serious trouble, but does anybody care beyond their own pocket and interset? Appears not! In the meantime the world giggles. Zim, here we come.. as predicted..

  • Cally Thupane - 2011-10-27 07:04

    Vavi is right...

      Tc - 2011-10-27 07:07

      So, Mr Vavai, why do you continue to pledge support to the ANC and the cANCer they are to this country? Start your own party.

      Joanne - 2011-10-27 11:57

      Bit late, really, Mr Vavi. Cosatu has mobilised it's support base to back up every one of the combatants damaging the country at one time or another, but it has never mobilised it's support base to back up working, tax-paying and law-abiding South Africans of all colours. Not sure that there is anything you can really do about this now - it would take immense courage, focus and a very very hard look at your ideology - not sure that there are enough leaders in govt or civil society with the objectivity and discernment to do that now.

  • Malcolm - 2011-10-27 07:20

    Ratchanee31, The majority of South Africans put us in trouble by voting for an incompetent goverment a few times, despite being the victims of the ANC lies & propoganda. Governments dont rule in a true democracy. The people do, which is a sad reflection of the competency & progressive mentality of the majority in this country to improve our future.

  • Chumscrubber1 - 2011-10-27 07:22

    Problem I find with especially black people, is an incredible amount of jealousy amongst one another, and towards anyone who has "more" than them. This jealousy thing is what is destroying our country, and an apathy to take responsibility for improving their own lives through effort. The majority of people in our country quite simply have developed a poor destructive self pitying attitude towards life. The actions of the ruling elite help nothing towards correcting this attitude.

      motlatsi.mabaso - 2011-10-27 16:14

      They (leaders) need people to feel this way. That way the poor keep voting for them to be their knights in shining armour. (sadly)

      Roland - 2011-12-04 02:11

      As a high school teacher I tell my learners as often as possible that we live in a society of entitlement. Too many South Africans simply feel that they are entitled to everything. I don't have to study hard, I am entitled to pass Grade 9, it is my right. My parents suffered under apartheid, so I am entitled to get all the good things... Everyday I try to teach them that you are only entitled to what you work for. But look at the examples they have to look up to (Gangsters and politicians, both doing it the same way...and getting it right) ????

  • Burtfred - 2011-10-27 07:23

    Zweli, the fact that the useless, corrupt ANC is falling apart does not constitute South Africa being "in trouble" On the contrary, it is the best democratic tonic the country can get. You, Zweli, are concerned about the imminent demise of the "tri-partite alliance", because without it, you personally will have zero political clout. In addition to this, your own constituency is diminishing, because unions rely on employed workers for membership.

  • Bill - 2011-10-27 07:27

    Well if nobody could see beforehand what Vavi has highlighted, then they are just plain stupid or living in deep denial. This country is imploding socially, politically and fiscally at a very fast rate of knots. Problem is, when it implodes it is going to burn and there will only be ashes left…!

  • frans.visserdsb - 2011-10-27 07:33

    Mr Vavi - the solutions are actually quite simple. 1 - get rid of 50% of our blated and inefficient Bureaucracy. We have too many government employees - they do not produce anything and do not contribute anything. 2 - Privatise education. Currently the governemnt is spending approximately R1430 per learner per month on very bad education - my kids are at a private school at R1900 per month getting a great education. government inneficieny is destrying these kids future, and we will end up with another lost generation. 3 - drop restrictive legislation such as BEE/AA and the current labour laws - nobody wants to invest in SA as our labour legislaton and rules are too complex and makes doing business in SA expensive. We cannot compete on the international markets unless we are productive, and currently huge percentages of management time is spent on issues which do not add to productivity. 4 - stop threatening nationalisation. instead privatise state and parastatal organisations such as Telkom, Eskom, SABC etc. which are running at losses. Let the government concentrate on delivering an environment in which business can thrive, and let the private sector run these businesses in the most efficient way.

      frans.visserdsb - 2011-10-27 09:14

      To continue: 5. Our hard-earned taxes are being wasted horribly on wastefull expenditure and corruption... act Decisively and quickly against corrupt officials and practices. One example is the land reform situation - where farmers are selling the farms for one amount, but government is paying a different amount... and then the recipient goes and sells the same farm to a (white) farmer, leaving him with a few million in his pocket.. 6. Spend money on empowering people - set up comunes where groups of young people are brought together to build a community, houses, farm some land, beneficiating the products, selling the products - this will train them to manage farms etc. and to build their own homes. the NYDA should be doing this instead of blowing millions on lavish parties.

      Daan - 2011-10-27 12:06

      @Frans.- You are oh so correct - especcially your point 3. BEE will be the cause of my company not growing because I do not want to grow. More turnover = more hassles & less profit.

      atleeyarrow - 2011-12-03 23:27

      We have a saying here, "If you want eternal life; become a governmental program." What we practice for the most part is a greater amount of social Darwinism; whereas, the weak or outdated are allowed to fail and die while the social progressive is always looking towards the future with bettering education or marketing bringing out more advanced and aggressive measures and jobs in economic growth.

  • Nigel - 2011-10-27 07:41

    yea where are the leaders, the ANC has been given a mandate to govern & they have failed & continue to fail, it s all about power & money now, from the ANCYL, to Cosatu...the blind leading the blind, black people in this country have the political & economical power to turn this country into an developing power, but what do they do, they squander this opportunity, they have ONLY themselves to blame.

  • Peter - 2011-10-27 07:50

    For a change - he said something sensible

      Peter - 2011-12-04 07:47


  • dplessis - 2011-10-27 07:50

    I agree with Mr Vavi he fails to mention our big problem of moral bankruptcy - the sentiments expressed on this page are indicative of that as well - South AFrica has aomehow lostr its moral compass as now it is the blame game with nobody taking responsibility adn everybody being more clever and righteous than the others. His sentiments also show our leaders' grand gift of the gab satifying the dreams of the millions, yet no action taken tao tackle what he says should be done.

  • Moira - 2011-10-27 07:56

    Well at least someone is waking up and seeing the country for what it is. Housing and service delivery is realy poor right now and I can understand the frustration of the people and the fact that promises made are not being kept. Many politicians come from disenfranchised background, but their memory seems to be very short. I applaud Mr Vavi for his stance and public statements - they are all true. This is supposed to be a government of the people, but seems to lean more to a government of pocket-lining, big homes, flashy cars and fat wallets. The people put you there - payback time.

  • Andrew - 2011-10-27 08:01

    Vavi is right. SA is in trouble in very many ways. Corruption and incompetence are cause.Nothing is happening to change this.

  • Harold - 2011-10-27 08:10

    I truly believe that Vavi is one individual with integrity. Whilst I don't always agree with this solutions to our problems I have a lot of respect for this man.

  • pws69 - 2011-10-27 08:18

    Like or hate Vavi, the fact that he has said this is very significant. Or maybe he is just lining up to turn COSATU into a political party for the next elections. Either way, he is worryingly right.

  • Tlou - 2011-10-27 08:38

    Comrade Vavi is correct.The ruling party is focusing solely on their party differences than service delivery and job creation.They are enriching themselves day in and day out with our money as taxpayers and whoever blows the whistle is in a life threatening situation.ANC is sporadically digging its own grave.All the ministers who used our money wrongly should bring it back.A dismissal is not good enough as they went away with millions and millions of rands.

  • Jaco - 2011-10-27 08:46

    Bring on the civil war!

      jaco.duplessis2 - 2011-10-27 11:06


      Peter - 2011-12-04 07:49

      Another braindead SOUTH AFRICAN

  • Maureen - 2011-10-27 09:07

    at last - someone with the guts to stand up and say it like it is!! Make this man president. yes SA is in trouble, but all is not lost yet - get the fat cats out of government, put more people of like minds like Vavi in charge and pray people of SA - that's our saving grace!

  • Johan - 2011-10-27 09:12

    What Vavi says is true... but like always he's stating the obvious. Unfortunately the rich is currently ANC elite. They're appointed in high posts because of the 'tow-the-ANC-line' policy. Whether they can do the job is irrelevant in this discussion, but what I see everyday is that the work is complete overload for a single person. Rather than appointing 3 people to do the job, they allow the one person, who's productivity is below par to rather claim overtime, which allow him to get paid double the already ridiculously high salary. Continuing with the 'tow-the-ANC-line', tenders are always given to ANC owned businesses. That's fine, but they overcharge to a point of madness! Just last week we've seen the purchase of 20 chairs for R500k! Point is, the ANC-bandwagon does not include anything more than a small number of elitist. Seems to me the past is well and truly repeating itself. This cycle will probably never end.

      johnkk - 2011-12-04 10:30

      Report this to the opposition parties!!!!!!!

  • Wim - 2011-10-27 09:21

    If this was a real democracy, Cosatu would have debated their views with the ANC in parlament, with voters deciding with their crosses what the outcome would be. Currently, due to the broad alliance (which would make you a traitor [or racist, depending on who you are) if you don't vote for them) policy is decided at conferences, and rubber stamped in parlament. This takes power away from the people. In a democracy voters show their views (in secret, if they choose) at the ballot boxes, not by fear inspiring marches and violent protest.Vavi clearly has other views than his alliance partners, yet which view gets implemented gets settled behind closed doors, shutting out the electorate.

  • Mamaile - 2011-10-27 09:27

    Vavi, u letting me down comrade GS, u like '''Phiri ya mekoka mebedi''' this days

  • Marlyn - 2011-10-27 09:35

    Dear Mr vavi. I must agree with your statement. There are some ANC goverment menebr who want total power and one of them is Ju Ju melema. he wants to get rid of Zuma and take over his resigns. GOd help all of us both black, white coloured and other race groups if JU ju gets more power and possibly becomes S.A next leader. Ju Ju will be killed soon after he becomes our leader. Be warned Mt Zuma and other ANC memebrs, the time will come where by you meet your demise. Its wont be at the hands of the AWB or the DA or the the white British settlers, it we be at the hands of the big, fat black ANC members that are in power. As we speak, your people are killing each other for power..thats a good thing, let them all kill each other out of power and make way for the DA........

  • braamc - 2011-10-27 09:54

    Absolutely true Mr Vavi, what you doing for somebody in your position to change this?

  • Mark - 2011-10-27 10:06

    It is a covert strategy of the ANC to keep 40 million South Africans uneducated, poor, and without access to proper medical facilities. Why? Simply because (1) people who have no jobs and whose stomachs are empty, have priorities other than politics and (2) it will keep 40 million uneducated people (white and black) believing the lies of the ANC and therefore voting for the ANC. Mr Vavi has now woken up to this fact. The question is how long will the vast majority of poor, uneducated South Africans be prepared to accept the ANCs lies? 2014 will produce an answer when SA votes.

      motlatsi.mabaso - 2011-10-27 16:29

      Thing is though, many of those people don't see a credible alternative to the ANC. Bringing a country into independence and leading them into the future are 2 different things and they need to change their thinking. But still, many people would not even consider voting for anyone other than the ANC at this point. I think it all starts with a [seemingly] credible opposition with the same racial makeup as the ANC. SA voting is still greatly influenced by race unfortunately, so DA for e.g. is not an option for many people. A strong showing by an opposition will dilute the ruling party's power and wake them up a bit. Many people thought COPE was the answer to that but ... they were like a winger in rugby who had the ball in his hands, and dropped the ball just in front of the try-line. Back to square one. But i think that day will come.

  • John - 2011-10-27 10:21

    after 20 years of black rule apartheid is to blame for everything. i believe foreign companies should simply close down and pull out. non blacks should leave the country or migrate to the cape and set up an independent country. some local blacks perform well but most are parasites

  • mxolisi.nyuswa - 2011-10-27 10:24


  • Marion - 2011-10-27 10:59

    If anyone who comments on these news items has proactive ideas on how SA can be improved for all her citizens, you are invited to join Masakheni uMzansi Afrika on facebook. Only positive ideas for improving SA will be entertained. Destructive comments and complaining about the status quo as we do on these pages is a no-no. But we all have the occasional lightbulb moment where we have an idea that could be for the betterment of SA if the powers-that-be could implement them. This is our endeavour to try and get our ideas from our pc keyboards and living room couches to politicians, who are also invited to join. It is a non partisan, multi racial and proactive attempt to move forward in SA. Trolls will be dis-membered (lol) the instant they make a destructive, racist, sexist comment. Let's Build South Africa !!!

      Penny - 2011-10-27 11:11

      Went looking for Masakheni uMzansi Afrika on Facebook but nothing showing Marion, can you give the web address please.

  • Robert - 2011-10-27 11:07

    R 30 Billion wasteful spending - Goes a long way in this country and I wonder which party did that - Lets start there and then corruption. I am not sure which is the first problem but I think they interlinked so we can probably double that if not more. I wish we can show the masses physically how many hundred rand notes its is (Truck Loads) so that they can

  • Jason - 2011-10-27 11:20

    Vavi - you have come to realise this now Comrade!! Well give that man a Bells, on the rocks.. 10 f*cking points!!

  • sbs.mnguni - 2011-10-27 11:30

    appears master Vavis preoccupied by the idea of him bing the chief among the indians and ruling the country going forward,he seems to be ever changing his tune & subsequentlty confused on his mandate. recently he caused a lot of confusion re.labour brokers strike and their eradication but it was within a few hours when he did a somersault to the demise and confusion of some workers who sat out just becos they neva heard the call to stop the strike. Did he apologise to those employees who his call cost them the days wages? he is not giving a word on labour brokers way forward. Master Vavi stick to ur role stop instilling unnecessary fear in peoples minds. U r part of the alliance u should be giving the solution to the status quo not adding oil in2 the fire!! JZ is now left by his own comrades in the lurch for his soft stand when they should have been jailed a long tym ago.

  • Johnnie - 2011-10-27 11:39

    Mr. Vavi asks 'where is the leadership'. What leadership Mr. Vavi? How can there be leadership in the country if a person like Malema is ruling it. As President Zuma himself said 'Malema is good Presidential material.We see at the moment how good he is w3ith marches, everything just comes to a halt amd nothing gets done about it.

      Joanne - 2011-10-27 12:00

      Bit late, really, Mr Vavi. Cosatu has mobilised it's support base to back up every one of the combatants damaging the country at one time or another, but it has never mobilised it's support base to back up working, tax-paying and law-abiding South Africans of all colours. Not sure that there is anything you can really do about this now - it would take immense courage, focus and a very very hard look at your ideology - not sure that there are enough leaders in govt or civil society with the objectivity and discernment to do that now.

  • ricky.leakalala - 2011-10-27 11:47

    Please Watch your words, Dont speak ignorently or Foolishly. Fights come from ignorant speaking..... all YOU people who are racists don't continue with what you speak here..... Weather Black Racist or Indian racists or White racists... Please Keep Your Hate for Freedom to Your self.... I am 21 and i reason better than most of you. I love all that love the flow of peace and those that fight peace. Cause Jesus Gave me that. so please Hate on your self, its better that you should keep it than spread it.... PLEASE STOP FOOLISH TALK. My mentor always says, don't complain about what you cant change.... Politics functions on secrets and heartless forks, YOU cant change it! Give Your life to Jesus Christ and live the things of this world. You care about them cause you too attached to them. If you Read the bible you'l know that they are Fulling what's written about them in the Bible.... Read The Bible....

  • Soetdoring - 2011-10-27 13:14

    Time for the poor to use their only weapon, their vote, to give Helen Zille a chance to repair the country and give them their dignity back.

  • Sithando - 2011-10-27 15:08

    And what ate Gaddaffi needs to feed more,who are his friends? I think you need to rephrase Vavi, the trias-politica is in deep sh*t

      Stolla - 2011-10-27 16:31

      AL Lots This is a very, very serious matter. Stop your winedrinking ----- Rome is on Fire !!! The present marches is not to be ignored --- not even Vavi and the demonstrators realise the gravity of the unemployment disaster on the approach ---- S.A. is in for a fatal crash to join the Zimbawean Ruines !! It is imminent--- BEWARE !!!!

  • atleeyarrow - 2011-12-03 23:14

    Let us take a long look at an example, SA has a space program. Who are the workers in this technology? I bet that most of these workers are from other counties. This is the future of jobs on the grand scale and the leadership is not investing in education, nor are they creating an atmosphere where the people are safe within their person or property. Who wants to do business within SA when each day the country becomes more and more less safe? I see corruption, crime, cronyism rapes, and murders. The best thing SA could do is let a new Boer State emerge and for the rest to follow their lead without interference from outside forces. or there will never be peace in the land.

  • Mboneli - 2011-12-04 07:39

    Patting oneself on the back is not somethinng that should be done.For egostic reason perhaps,on this occasion i'm going to make an exception from the past few months minister Pravin Gordhan has reported that the SA revenue service collected R674,2bn ($100bn,$297m higher than the revenue target set in the february budget,more than was collectad in the previous financial year now there is a lot of unhappiness within the government itself.Mr Vavi has indicated a valid point indeed there is trouble while other side taxpayers are in pain by the way government allocate it's budget because those who are on portfolio position they are misusing the money into their own needs wants.South Africa is going to suffer mostly by the current tension - filled political situation,their interest is not on rendering the servive is about who is the next president because they are thirsty for position that is the problem we face.also government call for green economy proposal,it disrtub our mindset i would agree if governmet could say this is a proposal that we are going to scrutinize on the long run not in present moment.Other side economists are having a fear in gross domestic product[GDP]there is stil a lot to be done in all sectors.