SABC bosses defend Metro FM Mangaung talkshow gag

2012-12-05 16:15

Johannesburg - Acting SABC operations chief Hlaudi Motsoeneng and radio group executive Lesley Ntloko have admitted that they were responsible for stopping a live Metro FM talkshow debate on the ANC’s upcoming national conference.

Both said the show lacked balance and fairness without an ANC representative and contravened the SABC’s editorial policy.

Ntloko blamed the last-minute cancellation on the late arrival of show briefings, which he said were usually sent earlier in the day to the station’s bosses.

Political journalists S’thembiso Msomi, Sam Mkokeli and Andrew England were scheduled to discuss reporting on the ruling party's elective congress on the show when SABC bosses called one of the show's producers to cancel the discussion.

"We felt there was no balance and fairness," Ntloko said.

Motsoeneng said they took the decision after analysis and checking.

"People didn’t follow proper procedures," he said.

He said the debate would continue if the panel is balanced.

"We mean business at the SABC, this is leadership at its best," Motsoeneng said.

Sakina Kamwendo, the talkshow's host, will meet her bosses and a decision on what action she will face will be taken thereafter, according to Motsoeneng.

Motsoeneng warned there could be consequences for Kamwendo if it is found she did not follow the
SABC’s editorial policy.

He denied politics had played a role in the decision.

"People try their luck but we can’t allow people to influence our decisions," Motsoeneng said.

  • samaz173 - 2012-12-05 15:36

    “We mean business at the SABC, this is leadership at its best,” Motsoeneng said. SABC (aka ANC) bosses lying through their teeth. Very shameful indeed! Zimbabwe, teach us more.

      charlesdumbwin.dumbwin - 2012-12-05 16:25

      ANC regime censorship!!! Viva Communism!!!

      kalabafazi - 2012-12-05 16:30

      "We mean business at the SABC, this is leadership at its best," Motsoeneng said. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahah. My sides are hurting!!!!!

      p.borchard - 2012-12-05 16:36

      Now I have heard EVERYTHING!!! LEADERSHIP would have meant getting the ducks in a row BEFORE

      piet.motsoeneng - 2012-12-05 16:54

      Ofcourse they mean business at Sabc, it just that that business is not the business of SA citizens, its Anc business. So, Motsoeneng is right. I am sure Sakina Kamwendo is going to be canned like Shabba advert, thats just how they roll.

      philemon.ndlovu.5 - 2012-12-05 16:54

      Why does N24 keep removing my comment about the "clever boys club" from Midrand. N24 is also being gagged??? Are these journos part of the club or not? Is that not the reason why they did not go on with the interview? Zuma and Mathashe see this club as a high risk and threat because the members are educated.

      piet.motsoeneng - 2012-12-05 17:07

      Themba, I am sure the organisations you are reffering to are not Public Broadcasters, there's a huge difference there. Public's money, publics right to hear anything they want to hear on Sabc.

      morne.demeillon - 2012-12-05 17:13

      The get anyway with everything, how many time have we heard this! "not following the right procedures" FFS!

      kortbroek.duplessis - 2012-12-05 17:47

      More like denial at it's best.

      piet.motsoeneng - 2012-12-05 18:06

      Ssmonareng, id you think its not good for your consumption you can simply switch off your radio. Anc is the ruling party, so anything that affects its stability its every citizen's concern. What amazes me is that you dont even know what the guests were going to say but you think what they were going to say is not good for public consumption. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

      Michael - 2012-12-05 18:56

      SABC is probably the worst run broadcaster in the world, with terrible programming, terrible management and dictatorship agenda! What a waste of airwaves! Did I mention the unfriendliness staff in the world as well!

      TheAppsMan - 2012-12-05 19:11

      @ssmonareng - how on earth can the future presidential election not be our concern!!!

      piccky.wockky - 2012-12-05 19:39

      @ Themba. Yes I agree with you. I definitely trust a guy who lied about his matric qualifications way more than a subversive antirevolutionary journalist who did not invite some ANC toady to give a show about journalists, some balance.

  • john.c.mohale - 2012-12-05 15:38

    Thulas Nxesi was invited to the studio alone the day before. There was not representative of public that is outraged about the Nkandla saga, was that balanced? SMH

      Desilusionada - 2012-12-05 16:43

      So if the ANC does not like the topic they don't have to pitch and the discussion is cancelled? This is certified the finest, purest, best filtered, most undiluted, refined KUK I've ever heard!.......

      piet.motsoeneng - 2012-12-05 16:49

      As long as we have political deployees like Motsoeneng, we will never see balanced reporting for Sabc, it is becoming Anc structure.

      thabang.bonang.7 - 2012-12-05 18:42

      According to SABC the person that ran the interview was the member and representative of the public. Lol!

      Lyndatjie - 2012-12-06 04:52

      There is a big difference between a debate and an interview... please use your dictionary so that you can give your one brain cell a bit of a rest...

  • lulu.shezi - 2012-12-05 15:47

    bullish..we all know very well you're an ANC puppet and the strings were pulled very tight here..pls dont insult our intelligence

      charlesdumbwin.dumbwin - 2012-12-05 16:31

      This ANC regime is turning our country into a Banana Republic.

      kalabafazi - 2012-12-05 16:41

      E-TV should start a comedy show called SABC.

      earle.francis.9 - 2012-12-05 16:50

      Dumbwin, we are already a banana republic!!!

  • ARCHIEZ - 2012-12-05 15:51

    Mxxxxm I hate ANC...why do dey interfere everywer especially in da sabc?sakina please quit sabc...go nd join etv...wher der's no fear nd favour.....

  • china.phashe - 2012-12-05 15:56

    Bull(*&$%t at it's best.

      charlesdumbwin.dumbwin - 2012-12-05 16:31

      Do they really think we believe their propaganda anymore???

  • clarence.twala - 2012-12-05 16:07

    God save us from this evil "ZUMA ANC" before it is too late

  • Dennis - 2012-12-05 16:25

    The troll is speaking garbage. Its an insult that he thinks everyone is as stupid as he is to believe his drivel.

  • sean.noble1 - 2012-12-05 16:28

    It was a debate with journalists not journalists and ruling party officials.

  • brian.dixon.790 - 2012-12-05 16:31

    This man is a cretin!!

  • tony.vanniekerk.35 - 2012-12-05 16:32

    Who listens or watches anything from the SABC anyway? Cape Talk and Radio 702 is where you get objective talk shows. There has never been real objectivity there anyway. For them to talk about fairness and balance is hypocritical.

  • shaun.miekle - 2012-12-05 16:33

    Welcome to the deep dark hole called Africa.

  • philemon.ndlovu.5 - 2012-12-05 16:33

    Of course you would you lackey (Slapgat!!!)

  • Brian Dorning - 2012-12-05 16:34

    Media is soon to be worthless as well

  • musa.kamashobane - 2012-12-05 16:35

    What a load of elephant's pooh. Reporting and debating, those are two extreme happenings SABC. Some of us are not illiterates, we know what you are up to. Trying to defend the indefensible will not remove our impression that you are serving your political masters

  • musawakhe.ngubane - 2012-12-05 16:36

    How dare did they want to discuss ANC Mangaung Conference without the ANC? Good move, SABC. We won't allow these re-actionaries to get away with murder. They want to use the public broadcaster to serve their selfish, narrow-minded political interests.

      sisonkemti.seti - 2012-12-05 16:49

      U r so illinformed its nt funny..this is blatant censorship at its best...

      lawrence.sathekge - 2012-12-05 17:00

      @Musawakhe, you're such a Bone-Head, there was no Political representative there, only Political Analysts Capisce!!!, These Political Mumbo-Jumbo ANC is playing will end come 2014. They'll know who carries the Power, the ppl. I'm Black but I'm not impressed by the current ANC Leadership under this Double-Headed-Uneducated Jackass from Nkantla. He's just a man pleaser not a leader...n he's got no glue what's going on in the ground, the Power hungry idiots will wake up after elections!!!

      Onke.Dali - 2012-12-05 17:25

      You're obviously an moron that nobody should pay any attention to.

      colin.langley - 2012-12-05 19:01

      Oh bugger off you bloody agent! jisis...this is SOUTH AFRICA...not Zimbabwe!...we fight for what is right..not like you who is kissing so much ass i can smell the crap on your nose!

  • catdarling - 2012-12-05 16:36

    So much for press freedom. And this is why we should fight this stupid information bill because the ANC and government wants to hide their corrupt ways!

  • dienaakte.waarheid.7 - 2012-12-05 16:37

    So the editorial policy is to promote the anc and if they cannot do so, they will place a gag on reporting. THATS why i do not even bother with thatt apre driven station. CNN, BBC for news.

  • gary.desousa.5 - 2012-12-05 16:40

    None of the panel members were from a party, why does the anc have to be there? Pls lets see this editorial policy? Here comes state intervention zim style.

  • rob.graf.18 - 2012-12-05 16:43

    There its is, that statement proves to me the the ANC thinks the people of this country are stupid and backward...Challenge me and i will rise to the occasion...

  • annelise.vanderschyff - 2012-12-05 16:44

    Listen to 702!!!!!!get all news without interferenc!!!!

      themba.maseko.568 - 2012-12-05 17:11

      But they can be biased and one sided... I listen to it everyday

      dragonfire47 - 2012-12-05 17:29

      How long do you think that will last, the fm dial is run by the sabc which is a anc lappie, if 702 will want to broadcast without censorship or interference in the near future they will have to move back to the am dial and broadcast from hell knows where

      mzwa.mthombeni - 2012-12-05 17:46

      Annelise those people at 702 are like a choir,think in uniformity. No diverse views from presenters,they tow an editorial line.

      gary.desousa.5 - 2012-12-05 17:48

      As a matter of interest 702 is owned by the mineworkers union so its safe to say that their policy will become more biased. They all so busy trying to be fair and balanced,remember robbie 15 yrs back? Jenny is a fairlady mag programme now and maybe eusebius will be good.

  • sipho.mbuyazi.9 - 2012-12-05 16:45

    for once they do the right thing

      colin.langley - 2012-12-05 19:03

      for once you must do the right thing to and throw yourself from the top of the Carlton are wasting precious oxygen!

  • litha.luzipo - 2012-12-05 16:45

    If you want to see more of these funny things vote ANC come 2014. Now we have ANCSABC and that means no more reporting of corruption. Cry beloved country. This is so sad and shameful.

  • wynandfdup - 2012-12-05 16:49

    What if a panel wants to discuss the DA without a representative from the DA. Would that be allowed? ..... Yes, I thought so too!

  • khathutshelo.muafrica - 2012-12-05 16:50

    Pfutzek hlaudi

  • may.bee.988 - 2012-12-05 16:54

    Cry the beloved country ..... on a fast slippery slope towards Zimbawe!!! Sorry Mr Nelson Mandela , all that you stood for as a GREAT man the present ANC are screwing up!!!

  • jempeter - 2012-12-05 16:55

    What a joke! Leadership at it's best??? Bunch of useless morons!!!

  • bryan.culross - 2012-12-05 17:02

    How cud he know that there would not be fairness ... they had invited political analysts / commentators to the show, not opposition political parties.

  • Jacques - 2012-12-05 17:03

    Lies, filthy, filthy, LIES!

      david.thulani.98 - 2012-12-05 17:17

      sabc is a failed broadcaster ,like anc gov .,also there failed we do not have hope at all.

  • gregory.jurgens - 2012-12-05 17:11

    ANCBC not the SABC

  • qhama.bona - 2012-12-05 17:14

    This has got to be one of the flimsiest excuses ever given out by a public broadcaster. Surely the SABC don't believe what they saying. Since when do you need to have ANC members present when discussing a vital conference that will affect every South African? I mean what were those editors going to say that we haven't heard before? Because it's quite clear to see that the ANC is at war with itself. It is not only at war but it's also impeding the country's growth with their petty squabbles. Even their DP Kgalema Motlanthe has condemned the new tendencies that have engulfed the party. Corruption, cronyism, nepotism, factionalism and intolerance have all become hallmarks of this new ANC. Then you get Gwede Mantashe telling journalists that there is no crisis in the ANC even though their members are killing each other and others are made to nominate candidates they not in favour of. All these events have made the ANC increasingly paranoid and intolerant of any views opposed to theirs. Now this paranoia has crept into the SABC. One thing they forgetting is that the SABC is not broadcast station for the ANC. All South Africans have a right to hear the many different views of other analysts. Just a couple of weeks back the SABC decided to censure an advert just because they reckon it undermines Zuma's dignity. How about you let the people decide what they want? All these actions point towards our country becoming a secret state and that's a great pity.

      Lucky - 2012-12-05 17:43

      like their masters they think we are all as utterly stoopid as they are, hence they believe we will believe the tripe they convince themselves to believe!! insulting!!

  • peter.jordaan.5 - 2012-12-05 17:15

    It must be years now since I last watched a Scandulous African Broadcast Corruption. The biasness, ignorance of and shear unbalancedness and propaganda that spews out of this organisation is to be avoided at all cost to remain sane. Clearly I have not missed anything

      Thebigguyjim - 2012-12-05 17:37


  • eric.f.moloi - 2012-12-05 17:17

    Everthing is censored in SABC ncluding weather news,if there is tranparency,thy should fear none,Hlauli n his entourage r slowly driving the SABC to unknown hell,nw thy have resorted to snail tactics ahead of Mangaung

  • ben.nel2 - 2012-12-05 17:21

    Fairness and representation. Hah hah hah ha hah Hah hah hah ha hah Hah hah hah ha hah Hah hah hah ha hah

  • more.pido - 2012-12-05 17:22

    go 2 hell motsoeneng ur f!!!k!!!ng lie

  • ben.nel2 - 2012-12-05 17:22


      oliver.lankes.3 - 2012-12-05 17:44


  • cjhellyar - 2012-12-05 17:24

    The problem is the management did not know what was happening!

      tersia.louw.12 - 2012-12-05 17:48

      Then they're not doing their job, are they?

  • raymond.kok3 - 2012-12-05 17:25

    His masters voice has spoken ,if you dare to do you will be redeployed

  • customdesign - 2012-12-05 17:34

    I wonder who they vote for? Would they have done the same if it were about the DA election and a DA member were not there?

  • DikgosiThokoane - 2012-12-05 17:35

    It quacks like a duck, walks like a duck n smells like a..... Wait it is the ANC bullies that are deployed everywhere to bully people into submission.......

  • thethird.wors - 2012-12-05 17:38

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH... SABC could not organise a braai without forgetting something obvious. . . like meat. Ruining the national broadcaster one dof person at a time.

  • Lucky - 2012-12-05 17:41

    blah blah blah bull#$%T, bunch of spineless, psycophantic wankers, serve their master well.

  • Hasani P - 2012-12-05 17:41

    Viva SA post apartheid

  • Bra Tebzaah Sibilanga - 2012-12-05 17:41

    Arrogant bastards.They can lie hoping we'd buy their lame excuses.We are not stupids after all.

  • Pallie Sithole Pallie Sithole - 2012-12-05 17:48

    that a valid excuse,am sure every1 knows that but everybody likes debating hee!!!!

  • paulrgonsalves - 2012-12-05 17:50

    Be ashamed SABC, be very ashamed!!! So disappointing.

  • magomarele - 2012-12-05 18:08

    These SABC boys are retards, seriously. Hlaudi and Ntloko need brain transplants.

  • italo.talocchino - 2012-12-05 18:23

    Do they really think we that fing stupid, we can all read between the lines do as we say or else, viva democracy

  • lawrance.mashigo.7 - 2012-12-05 18:26

    Either these SABC bosses think that the public of SA is made of stupid people only, or they themselves are so stupid. They cant repeat what they said or they will simply be stupid repeated liers. Hope they have no kids who are matured enough to follow this. they simply disgust me!

  • alican.francem - 2012-12-05 18:27

    He thinks we have forgotten that he forged metric certificate, maybe zuma promised him a degree in corruption.

  • lawrance.mashigo.7 - 2012-12-05 18:28

    Either these SABC bosses think that the public of SA is made of stupid people only, or they themselves are so stupid. They cant repeat what they said or they will simply be stupid repeated liers. Hope they have no kids who are matured enough to follow this. they simply disgust me!