Sanral faces challenge to tolls tarriffs

2012-04-16 16:29

Johannesburg - The FF Plus is planning to take Sanral to the Consumer Commission over the punitive rate that motorists who do not get e-tags will have to pay, the party said on Monday.

"This difference in tariffs establishes unjustifiable discrimination and illegally forces road users to register for e-tags," Freedom Front Plus spokesperson Anton Alberts said in a statement.

Earlier on Monday, the SA National Roads Agency Ltd said motorists who did not register for the tags would pay a three times higher punitive rate for using Gauteng's toll roads.

This meant that motorists would be charged R1.75/km, compared to the standard tariff of 30c/km for registered users.

Consumer Protection Act

Alberts said the party would ask Commissioner Mamodupi Mohlala to intervene and prevent the tariffs, since, according to him, it was "prohibited by the Consumer Protection Act".

"It is also clear that the minister [of transport Sibusiso Ndebele] and Sanral waited until the last minute before the system is supposed to be activated and just within the 14-day period as prescribed by [the] Sanral Act," he said.

"It underscores once again the dishonesty of the government. On the one hand they are making concessions and on the other hand they are taking back."

The FF Plus's complaint was based on section 48 of the Consumer Protection Act. This prohibits unreasonable and unfair prices. Section 40 makes it illegal for a provider to use force to render a service, and section eight prevents unjustifiable discrimination.

Sanral said the punitive rate was due to the need to recover costs, including invoicing and debt collection.

‘Don’t be intimidated by bullies’

Sanral's statement followed criticism from the Democratic Alliance on Sunday that the new rate was introduced without consulting the public.

The Justice Project SA on Sunday criticised Sanral and Ndebele for "intimidating" motorists to buy e-tags.

"Just when we thought [they] could not get any more devious, they have surprised us all...Now, more than ever is the time for Gauteng motorists to stand firm and refuse to be intimidated by the bullies," it said.

According to Sanral, 300 000 road users had bought e-tags at the beginning of this month. Tolling was scheduled to start on April 30.

  • Gareth - 2012-04-16 16:35

    F%$@# Sanral and all their partners.....

      brett.macdonald1 - 2012-04-16 16:49

      I agree Gareth! Surely this cannot be allowed by the Competition Commission either? This is creating a classic monopoly for SANRAL, it's simply unconstitutional!

      rynhardt.ferreira - 2012-04-16 16:50

      You can take your e-tag and toll gate, lube it up and shove it up your @ss!! I will not pay a cent for this crap. We need to get rid of these gantries!!

      Irene - 2012-04-16 16:50

      Fully agree and especially their partners ie. the anCancer. WE WILL NOT PAY! What part of that don't they understand. They can threaten all they like, WE WILL NOT PAY!

      Irene - 2012-04-16 16:52

      I am still waiting to hear what is so special about taxis. Why don't they have to pay? Are the bully boys scared of them? I WILL NOT PAY SO LONG AS TAXIS DRIVE FOR FREE. Unfair. Wrong. And screw you SANRAL.

      Tuco - 2012-04-16 16:57

      I don't care if they are charging R7.50 this is one robbery I'm not paying for . Cicil disobedience is in effect right now. I am going to be the last person in SA to buy this crap.

      Gerald - 2012-04-16 16:59

      Irene The DA spokesman sain on Radio 702 this morning that he has read the Government Gazette and there is some good news. TAXIS and Busses were not in the section for being exempt from tolls and it now too late to put them in the section. it had to be gazzetted at least 14 days before 30 April Nou kom k?k GROOT K/K

      rynhardt.ferreira - 2012-04-16 17:02

      @makesuthink - That is exactly what we need. The taxis and bus industry will tear those gantries apart!! I hope we can win this fight, we should all just stand together for once and fight against this crime!!

      Irene - 2012-04-16 17:13

      makesuthink ~ Just love it! But do the taxis know yet? Can't wait for this bunfight to happen.

      Assegai - 2012-04-16 17:29

      I would love to see this war! May the taxis F#ck them up! Joy Oh Joy! We should bomb those gantries! 14 more days and my numberplates come off! They cam lock me up, do what they want, but I WILL NOT BE PAYING THESE TOLLS!

      Squeegee - 2012-04-16 17:32

      Talk about economic enslavement. These guys are pirates. Hang them.

      Irene - 2012-04-16 18:05

      Assegai ~ That's exactly why they're exempt.

  • Kala - 2012-04-16 16:35

    One of the biggest flaws in the Consumer Protection Act is that all forms of Government Services are excluded from the act. I wonder if this includes SANRAL? And shame on all of those who don't think any sphere of government can get more devious. They have truck loads of deviousness just waiting to be dished out to us citizens.

      Stille - 2012-04-16 16:45

      Yes, and we have truckloads of gatvol to dump on them. Libya is a good starting point to show these rat bastards what can happen if they carry on.

      Gerald - 2012-04-16 16:46

      Kala Sanral is a private company and is subject to the CPA. Also are they going to charge in advance or in arrears ie, for the highway before the toll or after the toll.If Before thedistance betweenthe toll plaza at Van Buuren road and on NE 3 is not the same distance as between toll plaza on N12 esat at Vpprterkker Road in Alberton and Van Buuren Road. and if in advance the distance between Van Buuren Road and just after Modderfontein Road is not the same as Van Buuren Road and N12 east just after Jet park offramp therefore one of the charges will be higher than R1.75/km which totally illegal

  • Martin - 2012-04-16 16:37

    Let's stand together and stop this abuse of power.

  • Stille - 2012-04-16 16:38

    Time to show these bloody nazi's they cannot get away with it. Screw you Sanral. Screw you anc.

      Thoriso - 2012-04-16 17:26

      SCREW YOU TOO!!! stop complaining and start acting. Its the age of the ANC, get with the program already.

      Squeegee - 2012-04-16 17:34

      O Thoriso, you don't own a car, do you?

      Riaan - 2012-04-16 18:49

      Thoriso Go hang, you useless cretin.

      Keith - 2012-04-16 19:14

      Unfortunately Thoriso is right. Like it or lump it the ANC is bigger than South Africa, it can, and does, do what it likes. Who is going to stop it?

      Keith - 2012-04-16 19:16

      But see my comment, posted about an hour ago.

  • Refugee - 2012-04-16 16:38

    i wonder what will happen if the suddenly burn ?*thinking*..........not that i know who will burn them but anyhthing is possible ....

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-16 16:40

    People you all know what to do,stop complaining take action.

  • Piet - 2012-04-16 16:41

    Punitive tarrifs? What tarrifs? I am not paying! Simple. These roads was contructed in the 1970's.

      rynhardt.ferreira - 2012-04-16 16:55

      Yeah and the new "better" roads are already being repaired due to crap build quality. But no they blame the old "apartheid" roads for buckling underneath, what a load of crap!! These clowns are going too far now.

      jacky.wrighton - 2012-04-17 14:03

      And it is not right to toll an existing road - build a new one and toll that if you want, but it is my right to travel on what has been there for years without being ripped off for it. Blow the gantries up! We have enough miners and construction workers with explosives knowledge, just wish a couple of them would apply that knowledge to SANRAL!

  • Jozi - 2012-04-16 16:44 I've signed the petition against this sham, have you? Please could one of the faithfuls start something on Fb so we can see how many people dont intend on paying for this system. The petition can be signed by people all over South africa so wont be a viable source in providing accurate numbers of the affected who WONT pay. WELL DONE TO US ALL FOR STANDING TOGETHER!!

  • Elkieta - 2012-04-16 16:45

    I agree mike.Action means action.We cannot let them get away with it.

  • flysouth - 2012-04-16 16:45

    Love it - thanks FF! Let us all ensure that we are not intimidated any further by such pronouncements when we are so close to success brought about by our mass boycott of e-tags! We must never forget the millions of gun-owners who were similarly intimidated by authority and too many of them gave up the fight by handing in their valuable property for no good reason, only later to find that the requirement for re-licensing had been quashed by court action! The resistance is piling up rapidly as we approach D-Day - perhaps we should call that T-Day! All motorists, in fact all citizens should resist these tolls without reservation or accommodation of any suggested compromise - they must be removed,cancelled,dismantled! Even those outside of Gauteng and those who do not drive will feel the ill-effects of these additional taxes - if only indirectly via their purchases of goods processed and manufactured in SA's largest industrial hub. A little research on the 'net will show how the entire toll scheme is a massive money-transference and laundering operation in essence - just as the infamous Arms Deal was - we just do not yet know who are the enrichment beneficiaries but that info will come out in time! Meanwhile I would suggest that all persons involved must be identified and there must be action against them for no less than treason. It is treasonous to create any plan which has the result of SA citizens being impoverished en masse for the benefit of overseas interests.

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-04-16 16:49

    For the first time I am willing to go to a nearest liquor store to buy FF Plus a Bells.

  • Steve - 2012-04-16 16:50

    It won't take the cable thieves long to discover that those gantries are full of gold plated connectors ;)

      Riaan - 2012-04-16 18:50

      And all that scrap metal!

  • flysouth - 2012-04-16 16:51

    This phrase is important - "Sanral said the punitive rate was due to the need to recover costs, including invoicing and debt collection." This is the clearest indicator yet that SANRAL is in a massive flap as it finally comprehends the massive administrative burden and costs of sending millions of invoices every month and then having to chase defaulters all the way to court! it is obvious now that SANRAL had no idea of the resistance they would meet against this highway-robbery scheme - such arrogance before the fall! Those costs will be massive - and it those costs that we need to ensure, simply by NOT buying e-tags, will continue for SANRAL until bankruptcy forces them to close their doors, if need be Never retreat from this fight, never surrender, never believe we will not win!

      Nosiphom - 2012-04-16 17:04

      We will win only if we stand together and make the system unworkable. They will have to hire hundreds of admin people to chase us around.

      Irene - 2012-04-16 17:18

      flysouth ~ I noticed that sentence too. The anCancer obviously thought we'd all be like a bunch of sheep and weren't expecting our response. It'll be over my dead body that I'll pay 1c for travelling on the highway.

      Stirer - 2012-04-17 06:07

      Recovering their costs for invoicing, is a lie. They are already charging R12-50 per invoice for that - something they don't tell you about.

  • Stille - 2012-04-16 16:52

    Well, i hope the d*ckheads in government has bought a lot of tar, because i refuse to use ANY of these roads, and by law ( yeah right ) they have to give me an alternative road. Next thing, 1st person to make an accident on a alternative road due to bad maintenance better sue the sh*t out of them.

      SaintBruce - 2012-04-16 22:20

      Problem is the side roads are in Municipal hands and SANRAL has shafted them as well! The R21 is full of stuffed areas being re-tarred [retarded construction more like it ....wasn't that the bit done by a COSATU ally?] and really unpleasant to use. I watch the cars and have yet to see an e-Tag on a vehicle although a Blue Landrover Defender going North at 6 pm looked like it had something small and white by the mirror. Maybe a GPS device ? The mood in Gauteng is getting ugly. I have been waiting to see a Gazette entry DEFINING what is a bus or a mini-bus Taxi [ first bit of 'regulation' for them] but if the report that the new fee structure omitted exemptions, then I guess we have just gained a whole new 'third force' in our protest!

  • Irene - 2012-04-16 16:54

    Thanks FF+. Where is COSATU now? How much did Vavi shove into his back pocket to keep quiet?

      Nosiphom - 2012-04-16 16:59

      Rememeber, everyone has his price!

      Gerald - 2012-04-16 17:01

      He is getting the increase in the toll fees

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-16 17:02

      Cumon Irene, I never heard you admiring COSATU when it organized a succesful march to oppose e-tolling. You need to go for exorcism to cast out your obsession about ANC and its alliances. I'm sure you even dream about them.

      rynhardt.ferreira - 2012-04-16 17:09

      @siyadyosiba - "organized a succesful march to oppose e-tolling" - Uhhhhh ok, they were very successful, successful in getting the rates increased!!

      Irene - 2012-04-16 17:23

      siyadyosiba ~ Talk out your mouth not the other orifice. As for my 'ancancer' obsession as you put it, think about this. 1. I have a successful business. 2. I drive a luxurious German car. 3. I live in a luxurious home within an exclusive security estate. 4. You name the gadget, I have it .... So why would I be obsessed with the anCancer because I don't live in a shack, I don't receive a shyte education and I don't have to catch a taxi to work? Because you are too darn stupid to see how the wool is pulled over your eyes and continue to vote for the anCancer filth. Your heroes are robbing your blind and yet you support them? Are you starting to understand the picture now? PS. I work from home so I don't even go on the highway! That's the best of all, but I despise bullies, ignorance, corruption, entitlement ie. everything that is the anCancer.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-16 23:47

      @Irene, good for you. I'm trusting that you legitimately earned your "claimed good life". You now need to get yourself a love partner because your loneliness is making you very edgy thus swearing and insulting every person that happens to have a different view to yours. Google online dating, your High Blood Pressure will improve. PS: I love you too...

      Zing - 2012-04-17 12:22

      wtf? Now we're fighting amongst each other? STOP! The enemy is out there, not in here. Siyadyosiba, we need to get Vavi on board. As much as I admire FF+ for this, we need someone with a bigger punch.

  • Christopher - 2012-04-16 17:00

    We don't want the government 2 regulate the E~TOLL.Plz Plz listen 2 the ppl by stoping it @ all.S 4 COSTU u misleading us cos u own 3% 4m the e~toll R21 pretoria 2 or r tambo

  • George - 2012-04-16 17:01


  • Diederik - 2012-04-16 17:06

    Another step in the wrong direction, someone please buy the anc a moral compass these idiots can't do anything right.

  • Ishmael - 2012-04-16 17:08

    Ooh wait! The president is getting married again this Saturday!!and the tolls are gonna be up and running end of this I see why the rush to activate this e tolls. More cash is needed to spoil and support the new wife..Not again..this time around I'm not gonna allow this thieves to put their hands in my pocket just like that..never! No to e tolling, not even with 5cents per 5km fee.

  • Terry - 2012-04-16 17:12

    What brought Maggie Thatcher's government down in UK? The POll Tax! Do we have the guts to bring this one down with this TOLL Tax???? I'm not paying and I'm not being bullied into submission. We had enough of that with the apartheid govt...this bunch of clowns even WORSE.

      George - 2012-04-16 17:21

      To quote Obama, Yes we can, OH YES WE CAN. Stick together, NO TOLL NEVER

  • Herman - 2012-04-16 17:20

    Middle finger up high in the air for SANRAL and this criminal government - BIG middle finger you scum!

      Zing - 2012-04-17 12:24

      Count me in. If I don't see my finger on the picture, I'm not paying. Wait! I'm not paying anyway! DON'T GET AN E-TAG!

  • Mark - 2012-04-16 17:27

    AS a matter of fackt i think everybody should not go to work for a week and stay away from the petrol pumps and not put in any fuel then well see who gets hit the hardest us or the government as we are paying for these road by means of pertol

  • Carry - 2012-04-16 17:41


      DeMan Rise - 2012-04-16 18:03

      We must burn all the tolls that they have put up in order to STOP this crime, because if we were told first before they built them that they would cost us this much we wouldn't have agreed. The CAPITALISTS have forgotten that we are a country of WARRIORS we fight for what we believe in ''LET THE TOLLS BURN'' to show that we don't agree with this HIGHWAY ROBBERY... BURN! BURN! BURN!

      Irene - 2012-04-16 18:11

      Carry ~ Sorry to burst your bubble, but Sbu Ndebele is not the only thief. Have you noticed what else the anCancer is doing and what they have done since they've been in power? Why are you only noticing their thievery now?

      kasper.mbayi2 - 2012-04-16 18:36

      There's no such number of motorist who bought e tags for tolls they just try impress the motorists to go to buy the e tags. None interested to buy.

      Carry - 2012-04-17 06:11


  • Themba Buthelezi - 2012-04-16 17:55

    Politicians sold us out! we are being told that “like it or not, you'll pay e-toll” this is the kind of dictatorship that Malema is talking about!

  • Mark - 2012-04-16 17:56

    Hey Vavi. Where is COSATU? Bunch of Turncoats! I see you and the GvT back-room-boys cooked up a face-saving excercise that saw you bleating about extension of time from SCAMRAL. Shame on you!

  • Robert E Meise Esq - 2012-04-16 18:16

    can we get some one to take these guys all the way to the con court im sure every Gauteng living person will be willing to make a small donation to successfully put a stop to this for once and for all

      Keith - 2012-04-16 19:05

      See my comment below.

  • Louis - 2012-04-16 18:19

    Just one look at the clown running the show and one can see what kind of people they are. They need to be reminded that the roads in SA roads belong to all and not just the anc clowns. I strongly suspect there is some underhand dealing going on, either promises made that cannot be fulfilled or some foreign bank accounts that cannot be investigated from these shores. There is no other reason why these clowns are trying to force the tariffs on the motorist. Who the heck do they think there are? I bet the anc bosses are desperate for their cut as they know how much can be made.

  • Greg - 2012-04-16 18:22

    Check out why these etolls are corrupt

  • Robert E Meise Esq - 2012-04-16 18:39

    love the comment HIGHWAY ROBBERY ....

  • Rob - 2012-04-16 18:49

    What would happen if on the day of 'implementation' hundreds of vehicles suddenly 'broke down' just before reaching all of the 'toll gates'. The country would 'grind to a halt' -Serious problems for genuine businessmen regrettably. Can you imagine the confusion and 'mayhem' that would ensue. There are however people out there, sick and tired of being 'ripped off' who would be prepared to do just this... Something is bound to happen. It will not be a smooth transition. RT

  • Alan - 2012-04-16 18:55


  • henry.jordaan - 2012-04-16 18:59

    When leaders act contrary to conscience, we must act contrary to leaders.

  • Keith - 2012-04-16 19:03

    I have suggested elsewhere that Anti-E-tollers should all subscribe to a fund to assist the first few people who are summonsed for non-payment of the toll. Court costs are VERY high, especially if the case has to go on appeal. No ordinary person can afford to fight a court case to its conclusion at, perhaps, the Constitutional Court. But that may be what is necessary to stop the E-tolls. The suggestions that the post office will be swamped, or that Sanral must produce photos, or that motorists must use side roads are non-starters. Only a ruling by a superior court can stop this. Perhaps FF+ can gain a few voters by supporting a fund of this nature. I see, from some comments, that the AA is selling Anti-Toll stickers for R10. Rather put the R10 to a good cause.

      Robert E Meise Esq - 2012-04-16 19:27

      is there such a fund ? if so please provide details ill deposit to help fight this i can picture the headlines : Citizens of Gauteng vs Sanral vs the Republic of South Africa

  • Rob - 2012-04-16 19:03

    What happens to the 'blue light brigade' speeding excessively between Pretoria and Johannesburg. Have their vehicles got 'E' Tags or are they exempt? A speeding BMW having to get to KFC with their 'entourage' before closing time. How are they monitored? There are thousands of Government cars on the road - how will they be monitored if ever? The majority of Government vehicles on the road to-day are being used for 'private business' or are State sponsored vehicles used for private use... TAX PAYER.... RT

  • melody.spicer - 2012-04-16 19:21

    All it takes for EVIL to prevail is for good men to do nothing...... so please everyone join in and boycott this evil toll system ....for once lets stand together against pure evil corruption.

  • Deon - 2012-04-16 19:37

    The government thought it would be wise to use state pension fund money for the new tollgates and are now in the process in loosing millions. That is why they want to use and abuse its power to make it work. How many of those money ended back in the ANC coffers one may ask. I would say billions.

  • rapitsi - 2012-04-16 19:43

    This is manipulation at its best. FF Plus now barking at the wrong tree. Little too late. No need to fight the punitive tarrif but the entire e-tolling.

  • Johnnie - 2012-04-16 19:56

    It looks as if SANRAL is going to loose the Presidency for Mr. Zuma. This E-toll is going to be the end of Mr. Zuma's presidency.

  • Sam - 2012-04-16 19:57

    Dear government, lose the tolls or lose Johannesburg. This needs to be a campaign for people of all classes, races and political associations, ANC supporters as well. If we stand back on this issue we'll never be listened to again. If the ANC goes ahead with the tolls then we need to vote them out in Johannesburg. It doesn't matter who you vote for at the next local election as long as it's not the party that blackmailed you into paying for the roads you already paid for.

  • johan.erlank - 2012-04-16 20:08

    Someone cannot do maths. How is R1.75 only 3 times more than 30c? I will not fall for this eToll/eDompas scheme. It is an impediment on my freedom of movement, as they are forcing me to use roads I do not want to use, and forcing me off roads I, as a citizen, am allowed to use.

  • Marcus - 2012-04-16 20:17

    This totally discrimination. What about the taxi's. They don't pay tax at all but they get to use the road free of charge. The hell with you the so called government. Let the taxi's pay all the toll fees, that should cover that what they don't pay in taxes. We as normal tax paying citizens of this country are sick of paying for your lack of brains. Get a life start to claiming your money from the taxi companies so that they can start to contribute for something in our new country.

  • Robert - 2012-04-16 20:36

    The government have been building roads for years now why now all of a sudden must we pay extra? Government is rotten with corruption to it's very CORE!!!!!

  • derrick.vanniekerk - 2012-04-16 21:01

    I just don't see the democracy in this? I mean the people has said no, the goverment says "we don't give a sh*t", that is not very democratic now is it?

      SaintBruce - 2012-04-16 22:30

      You have now discovered the "Liberation Theology" definition of democracy. It's democratic when you agree and when you exercise your right to disagree, that is undemocratic! The pot is coming to the boil!

  • Marcel - 2012-04-16 22:41

    SANRAL and all their cronies can go to hell! It's disgusting beyond belief how SANRAL and the government are dictating to the people how and where they should travel. I'd swear if I didn't know better this was the next step in creating a communist state. Remove the freedom of movement of the people. Communism 101.

  • Carry - 2012-04-17 06:07


  • regan.mackie - 2012-04-17 06:18

    Sanral, with it's bulling tactics, should take note of the amount of weapons freely available in our country. It is only a matter of time before the e-toll hardware becomes target practice, who will pay for all these repairs?

  • Rob - 2012-04-17 06:55

    Have you seen the highways on the East Rand, still 2 narrow lanes with all the huge concrete blocks on each side but the gantries are operational. They have been working on these highways since the soccer world cup and will take another 3 yrs to complete. They actually want us to pay toll fees for roads that are worse than before the world cup. Its a disgrace!!!

  • Warwick - 2012-04-17 07:23

    I'm going to make this short & clear: to Nazi Ali, sanral and the anc clowns, you can all kiss me where I k*k. I will never pay for your corruption. I'm now more than ever convinced that I'm doing the right thing by not regestering. Drop dead sanral.

  • SARealist - 2012-04-17 08:01

    Who is exempt from eTolling? - Company car drivers with company petrol credit card & benefits - State car drivers with a state petrol credit card & benefits - Business cars & trucks as it is a deductable running expense - Busses - Taxi's So who actually pays? You and Me the average Joe Soap! So what happened to the USER MUST PAY - We do pay via the Petrol Taxes, PAYE, Vehicle VAT, & now we must pay even more Tax? This whole Sanral/eTolling really requires a full forensic audit by an outside overseas company as the ANC Gov can't be allowed to investigate itself! Where's the AA, Road Transport sectors, all opposition parties, all the unions etc going to start placing pressure on this regime to amend its ways?

      Zing - 2012-04-17 12:42

      Unfortunately, "deductable" doesn't mean exempt. It's still an expense for a company, just as it is for you. Even if it is tax-deductable, it still means you make less profit. I think companies will be hardest hit, especially couriers and other companies with lots of vehicles e.g. car-rental companies.

  • Anakin - 2012-04-17 21:09

    SANRAL painted themselves into a corner by assuming that we (the motorists) were just going to meekly accept the e-tolls. If a high enough percentage of users do NOT register, then they are confronted with a billing nightmare from which they won't be able to escape as the system was not designed for such high volumes for "alternate users" and will immediately be overloaded with invoicing alone. It's NOT our fault that the Public Investment Corporation - an investment manager for state institutions bought R17 billion in SANRAL bonds with the civil servants' pension funds.So not ONLY will they have to send out huge volumes of invoices but they will have to set up a dedicated CALL-CENTER for all the "alternate" invoicing queries.And what happens if no-one pays the invoices? Does it become a "traffic offense"? There is no legal ground by which they can do this.So they will have to send their e-toll invoices by REGISTERED MAIL with colour photos on the e-toll invoice of where and when the user's vehicle passed under a gantry.And if users then still don't pay? The govt.gazette is snugly silent about HOW TO INVOICE all the "alternate users".WHY did SANRAL go down this road in the FIRST place and WHO benefits by having gantries and e-tags? A fuel-levy is infinitely easier to manage, but then all these buddy-buddy admin contract agreements become null and void.E-Toll vs. Petrol Levy: