Second transition not my idea, says Zuma

2012-06-26 20:00

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma has denied that he is behind the idea of a "second transition" that will be discussed at the ruling party’s policy conference.

The idea of a second transition is about a radical shift in economic policies to address poverty, inequality and unemployment. But it has also been linked with Zuma’s attempt to secure a second term at the helm of the ANC by mobilising popular support through a radical rhetoric.

Addressing the media in Midrand, Zuma said he had not authored the document that discusses the "second transition". It had been the work of a committee.

He said he had merely raised the debate in meetings of the ANC, "not because it emerged from me; I was merely taking an issue that is in the documents".

He said he had flagged the issue because of the poor quality of life many people still experience.

"I raised within ANC meetings to prepare comrades as they discussed to appreciate what it is that is in the documents that they need to discuss and be ready when they get to the conference,” he said.

He said the media had missed the point by linking the document to him.

"There is nothing wrong that one has done. As the president of the ANC I sharpened the debate on the matter to discuss the matter to come up with what we can do about it.

"Otherwise you could be faced with the anger of the people who think you do nothing about them. I've paid visits to a number of areas in this country where you can’t believe that it’s still in South Africa," he said.

Zuma said he couldn't sleep peacefully as a leader when there people who still live in squalid conditions.

He said if the party failed to take a decision about its own idea, saying this would not be bad reflection on one individual.

"There has been a hype in the media to make it a Zuma issue and I’m sure the media will be very keen to say Zuma has been defeated. Not at all," he said.

ANC deputy secretary general Thandi Modise said there were no winners and losers in debates.

The leadership could not pre-empt discussion on the second transition, she added.

  • charnelle.bester - 2012-06-26 20:10

    Wasnt me...

      Press - 2012-06-26 20:13

      Seems no-one knows who is behind the idea - only thing so far with a worse consultation record than the e-tolls . . . . .

      Tsotsi-Baby - 2012-06-26 20:18

      Hi Charnelle

      jack.oosthuysen - 2012-06-26 20:37

      Just wonder who the author is on the "white males control the economy",

      glyn.morgan.96 - 2012-06-26 20:55

      "White males control the economy" We are best! Ha! Ha! 4% of the people control the rest! Ha! Ha! What do the 95% do?? F-all! Heck! Just Vote DA and be done with it.

      thandiwe.ngema.71 - 2012-06-27 02:44

      Zuma's "2nd transition" is just a ploy to capture some of the extremist votes the ANCYL hang onto. The government know that they cannot nationalize anything as this would send investors running and thus mines would stop working. It would destroy GDP and tax revenue and create masses of unemployment... Similarly the government cannot expropriate land without compensation as productive farms would no longer be operating (you need more than just land to farm - you need technology, business experience, farming experience etc), food prices would rocket (as SA would import more), unemployment would shoot up, and tax income would drop. South Africa CANNOT afford the number of tax-payers to fall as the government would be unable to provide housing for millions, unable to give out grants, unable to fund health and education, unable to fund infrastructure etc The implementation of aggressive policies like nationalization and land grabs will lead to an increase in unemployment, a decrease in productivity, and increase in poverty, an increase in food prices, poorer infrastructure, an increase in government debt (look at the effects of this in Greece) etc. The government does not have a big enough budget to buy the mines outright. If it took the mines illegally, countless international treaties with ALL our trading partners would be broken and we would lose most of our trading capability. Health & education must be a priority for any significant reduction of poverty longterm.

  • mc.tyandre - 2012-06-26 20:11

    Two headed shark ........

      Christelle - 2012-06-26 20:20

      Forked tongue

      oomkrummel.krummel - 2012-06-27 11:59

      I am disappointed that the ANC failed to tell us that we have been going thru the first phase.!!! Now that the second phase is about to start, I would expect that old VERKRAMPTE policies like BEE and AFFIRMITIVE action would be dropped by now. Why should it be my fault (whites) if the ANC have failed dismally on their first stage balls-up plan..??

  • kobus.hattingh.5 - 2012-06-26 20:12

    Hahahahaha and he expect us to believe that?!

      Ronald - 2012-06-27 12:39

      He saw that the same tactic implemented by ZANU and Mugabe has kept the sheep voting although none or very few of the promises made have been met. If it worked for Bob why not for him as it seems that the same type of sheep seems to be voting for a "dark"(no pun intended) future. People with short attention deficit disorder with a racist cherry on top seem to be quite common when it comes voting time, ignoring gross lack of delivery, fraud and corruption in lieu of voting for an accepted "black" political party instead of one that will change their lives for the better in the short and long term. And then they dare complain about being seen as an ATM machine for exclusive use by the ANC.

  • tumisang.kolobe - 2012-06-26 20:14

    We all know its not his idea, he doesnt have any idea this one.

  • Sharon - 2012-06-26 20:25

    Maybe he didn't come up with it, but he certainly is promoting it. Note to voting public: The ANC has never had, and never will have your best interests at heart. They are self-serving and greedy, and they will say ANYTHING to remain in power.

      glyn.morgan.96 - 2012-06-26 21:03

      Vote DA. Boycott the anc. If not, just vote COPE. Just do not support that twit Zuma.

  • msaka.lekhosi - 2012-06-26 20:39

    Let Gaddafi fool fools and let them give him 2nd term.

  • hudayfah.newman - 2012-06-26 20:42

    Hey shower head, I'm tired of reading about you all day. Where's the one they call \used condom\? I haven't heard anything from him in a while. I need a good laugh. I would like to hear what he has to say about this conference.

  • jwarha.balakisa - 2012-06-26 20:49

    It don't matter Mr President. As long as the idea came from the ANC member or a South african who's interested in the well being of our people. The Second Transition will happen if the ANC don't approve of it people will see to it that it does, like in Zim.

      fanie.dutoit2 - 2012-06-27 08:06

      And where are ZIM now? Pleas wake up

      nigel.burgess.52 - 2012-06-27 09:51

      Why do these clown always refer to Zim as if it's some kind of success story. Zim is an absolute disaster you idiot. What's wrong with you besides just being thick?

      Ronald - 2012-06-27 12:51

      And where will South Africans (black or white) go when we reach the same present levels of poverty, unemployment and despair that drive Zimbabweans to SA to survive? If you keep on bumping your head against a brick wall the result will always be the same. There are no countries north of us that have the capacity that SA presently has to bail out the impoverished as can be seen by the number of legal and illegal workers from Africa. South of us is only Robben Island and Antarctica, and I think the jobs there are all taken.

  • anneck.cranke - 2012-06-26 20:50

    I call on everyone in my country - those of you with any sense, black and white. Do not allow one dictatorship to replace another. Do not let Zimbabwe style greed and corruption take over our beautiful country. As a white male, regardless of where I may live in the world, I was born and raised in South Africa. And I am just as African as any black person.

      raymond.abrahamse - 2012-06-26 21:33

      Absolutely,I agree with you.This country is too beautiful to mess up.There MUST be an educated,clever and honest black man with integrity and leadership qualities to take this country forward and offer us ALL a \place in the Sun\.

      anneck.cranke - 2012-06-26 21:43

      That man was Nelson Mandela.

      merven.halo - 2012-06-27 10:00

      There is no such man/woman in the ANC except maybe Trevor Manual, but he is not black enough I guess.

  • glyn.morgan.96 - 2012-06-26 20:50

    This "Second Transition" sounds like a committee discussion! Nothing original comes from Zuma.

  • Robin - 2012-06-26 20:51

    Has the ANC done anything to CREATE wealth in the past 18 years. Yes you are right - neither will they be able to do so in future !! They can only re-distribute what is there - and once that is depleted - level with the gravel !!!!

      merven.halo - 2012-06-27 10:01

      They did a marvelous job in creating wealth dude! For themselves!!

  • glyn.morgan.96 - 2012-06-26 20:56

    Was not me!

  • braamc - 2012-06-26 20:57

    Stop stealing, manage better and deliver. 50% of tax payers revenue down the drain, how would you ever turn this around? Disgrace for humankind!

  • braamc - 2012-06-26 20:58

    Useless thieving "ruling party and government"

  • Sean Wasserman - 2012-06-26 20:59

    The ANC is right. After 18 years of democracy it is time for a second transition. The ANC must transition out of government and a more competent party must transition into government. The ANC has outlived their usefulness.

      ratsaka.eugene - 2012-06-26 21:16

      The truth shall set you free, this party has outlived their usefulness. What do u have in mind? Help me choose, ACDP? Or Cope? Not DA please, they make my skin crawl, eix, allergy!!!!

      Dee - 2012-06-26 21:29

      the ANC is a pig

      Sean Wasserman - 2012-06-26 21:36

      Vote for the party who has competent leadership with a vision, plan and will to deliver. The second transition is an admission by the ANC that they have lost direction. They achieved democracy and maintained stability in South Africa (we could have been far worse off). It is time to move forward. I can't tell you who to vote for, that is your decision, your right.

  • Andrew - 2012-06-26 21:06

    I'm glad it's not your idea mr. zoom, because its a sht idea!

  • andrew.wheeler.98229 - 2012-06-26 21:09

    The problem in our land, is that the so called leaders are in fact doing very little other than to line their pockets. In order to address the lack of economic power of the people of the land, maybe Zuma and his cronies should stop pointing fingers at the working classes who provide for the country, and start focusing on the real issues of mis-managed funds, incompetence and lack of qualified people in high positions. If these were corrected, there would be much much more to go around. SO ZUMA, TRY SLEEP PEACEFULLY IN YOUR NICE LITTLE COMFORT ZONE!!!!

  • vumile.mjoli - 2012-06-26 21:14

    A very gud executed plan by J.Z jst anothr to fool poor citizens by raisin false hope jst to secure him a 2nd term. If he knws wats gud 4him,he shouldnt b even interested, othrwise wat goes around comes around. He wil b Recaled jst like T.Mbheki.

  • vumile.mjoli - 2012-06-26 21:15

    A very gud executed plan by J.Z jst anothr to fool poor citizens by raisin false hope jst to secure him a 2nd term. If he knws wats gud 4him,he shouldnt b even interested, othrwise wat goes around comes around. He wil b Recaled jst like T.Mbheki.

      merven.halo - 2012-06-27 10:03

      Lol, another Class of 2010 victim?

  • bongile.gelenja - 2012-06-26 21:15

    Common sense and flexibilty, JZ

  • jlushaba - 2012-06-26 21:17

    \in some places u cant believe its still SOUTH AFRICA\. F*ck me! Doesnt our President watch d news? U dnt nid to tour around, jus take a short left frm Luthuli House to Alexandra. . . . Owh my President, dnt thnk we r stupid. Does Inkandla look lyk a suburb or twnshp? NO!!!!

  • derrickjosephjohnson - 2012-06-26 21:23

    By saying he is not behind the idea he is simply confirming that the ANC works as a collective. What is then the problem?

  • brian.semake - 2012-06-26 21:32

    Out president says second transition is the only way then turns around by saying its not him who came up with the idea, when is going to talk straight for once. We are in deep trouble by the day, our lifes as people of south africa are in the hands or 3500 ANC members gathered @ midrand discussing serious matters affecting 50 million south africans, how as a country as people of south africa allow such to happen, we must take back our country from these corrupt selfish so called ruling party members.

  • raymond.abrahamse - 2012-06-26 21:44

    Do you have any idea of what's happening around you?

      carl.debeer.33 - 2012-06-26 22:22

      Raymond, all he responds to is "documents". He has no clue on how South Africans are living.Wake up Zuma, best you take some more of those "virtual tours" around your own country for a week or two and see the truth!

  • vincent.vinsaint - 2012-06-26 21:56

    If not his idea, then he's got no idea! Oh my God somebody bend this man and #*(@ him hard enuf to have an idea of wht's happening around him.

  • leaproach.thekeeper - 2012-06-26 22:03

    Voting for the ANC is like a chicken voting for KFC. Not good for any voter's wellbeing.

      merven.halo - 2012-06-27 10:04

      Yes, but just as chickens the ANC supportas don't have the brain power to see what is going on.

  • vincent.vinsaint - 2012-06-26 22:07

    No no no! It wasn't me! Blame it on the guy next door...blame Yengeni. I was busy shuffling when suddenly I stepped on this document on my dancing said before, I was busy shuffling, shuffling, I'm sexy and I know it...wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...

  • rooikat - 2012-06-26 22:19

    Can I suggest that this second transition has always been been a well guarded secret from the media for a couple of years now, the youth league knew about it, passed it off as their own idea and now the ANC has to reveal its hand. No condemnation for Lamolas statement because hes said exactly what Zuma will be saying in the next couple of days. The name for this second transition ? Uhuru . Come lets call it what this really is . A transfer of white assets into the hands of the majority by thinly veiled threats of give us your property and you and your family will be safe. ?

  • jazzmatt69 - 2012-06-26 23:29

    What a f*cking JOKE! Once I have my degree, I am out of here! SA can kiss my @ss and say goodbye to another skilled citizen that its government has managed to chase away! I will go back to my "evil white tendencies" continent where I belong. Africans can HAVE this beautiful piece of land and rape and pillage it to their hearts content while I sit in my own house, watching the news on my own television through my own digital channel service, and surf my own the high speed internet... all of which I will have worked hard for and earned myself (and all these technologies are made by the 'savage', 'barbaric' and 'imbecile' white man!) ANC.... F*ck you very much!

      aphiwe.mayola - 2012-06-27 11:36

      No not all, the east contributes to technologies aswell so maybe will team up with them. Bet you you're gonna miss the outdoors and the beaty that is this continent while you do all that though, but ey man, Cheers...

  • patrick.m.vianello - 2012-06-26 23:38

    And the s&^t is finally about to hit the fan! Get the weapons out people! They renage on their promises of 1994, we renage on ours!!

  • patrick.m.vianello - 2012-06-26 23:43

    Maar ek sal nie a verraaier wees nie! I won't run away! My ancestors never crossed the Drakensberg in wagons and those innocent 27000 women and children who died in the camps during the war at the hands for nothing! I will never betray their memory! I will stay here and if needs be my blood will flow over this beautiful land! If we leave, they win - maybe they will live in even more poverty but they would still have gotten their objective of making us leave! Leaving just isn't as option! De Klerk must be found now and locked up in a farmhouse somewhere in the burning sun in the Karoo!

  • piet.boerie - 2012-06-27 05:11

    Thats obvious JZ you could not create... This sounds so like a campaign and slogan created in a capitalist marketing boardroom and the basis for his next campaign, the second transition...I can see the adverts and the cheesy populist 1 liners. Hey maybe even Second Transition toys, a movie or how about a rap song video. From a party with its upper echelon’s love for things Bourgeoisie, Beemers, D&G and Armani, trying to sleep in the same bed with the failed Marxists will not lead to a productive relationship.

  • swavka - 2012-06-27 07:36

    Yeah right - you are trying so hard to hold onto power that your true colours are showing, you sir are a racist pig. ANC litany - deny!deny!lie!lie! it wasn't me.

  • godesha - 2012-06-27 07:47

    Sorry JZ, not our idea either.

  • godesha - 2012-06-27 07:49

    Just what I expected, he will be saying all the things that people want to hear just to get the votes, but when it comes down to delivering on what he promised, nothing will come of it. What exactly has he or the ANC done for this country and its people other than drag it down into the gutters?

  • lerato.kay.3 - 2012-06-27 08:15

    Please what's with the \these people don't know how to run things efficiently\. I think it’s naïve to portray black people as a bunch of idiots who can't run anything efficiently. Everytime there is debate on economic transformation some whites jump to the conclusion that if blacks are acquire ownership SA will become a basket case. Funny enough it takes an idiot to identify one, most of these whites who are bleating these arguments are not educated themselves. One thing for sure I have never heard an educated white guy with such stereotype; it’s only those who have nothing to offer besides their skin colour, who without white supremacy they are nothing and can’t offer anything to the competitive world. Transformation is coming; we can’t have a situation whereby the minority owns the majority of SA resources. Mandela said SA belongs to all South Africans and everyone who lives in it, this must reflect in the economic dynamics as well!

      godesha - 2012-06-27 08:28

      Do yourself a favour Lerato. Go to Youtube and search for a video called "Miss Ann" by Reverend Manning and watch and listen very closely.

      rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-27 09:40

      lerato: It comes down to a concept called 'utility'. Simply put that means getting the biggest return for the smallest effort. Utility has been a driving force in Western cultures for centuries, and by many it is unconsciously accepted as the natural way of development. It is not difficult to see that the concept of utility is difficult for many Africans to engage with...that often leads to the opinions that whites have about blacks capabilities. Now, before you criticise the lack of humanity in utility, consider that during the 19th and 20th centuries the West developed welfare support for poorer people.....BUT this sequence (utility followed by welfare) means that welfare is provided within fiscal constraints that preserve a certain quality of life for everyone. What I see in SA is welfare (hands out for freebies) comes first,particularly in the form of state jobs and make-work projects. In other words being good at utility will reduce ineffective work so that goes against the African mentality.

      lerato.kay.3 - 2012-06-27 09:52

      @ criticallyhonest you have to revisit your definition of utility, it’s just a measure of total satisfaction received from consuming a good or service and your application of the word here is inappropriate. The fact that you talk about freebies, SA is nowhere near the so called developed world when it comes to that. UK is developing a culture of benefits generation look at the % of budget allocation taken by social welfare!

      rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-27 12:04

      leratro: Broaden your understanding, look at As for the UKs welfare spend I will not argue with you but will add two points. 1. It has increased a lot since 2000 mainly because of poor management of immigration, but is now under considerable pressure by Cameron. 2. Despite the high spend most parts of the UK are clean, low crime and reasonable well preserved and managed (of course there are exceptions in some cities, again significantly driven by poor control of immigration). I have no problem with welfare as long as the general conditions are not negatively effected, what will happen in the next few years in the cities is going to be interesting. But why do you pick on the UK, it is not a great example of Western Civilisation?

      dhani.nel - 2012-06-27 12:34

      @ Lerato. Thanks for stating "some whites" and not "whites in general". Your argument is fair, we can't have a situation whereby the minority owns the majority of SA resources. But just remember that it's a MINORITY of the whites that own the MAJORITY of the resources. The majority of whites have loans to pay for a farm, or a house or a business. The majority of whites own nothing, they owe the banks. So really, if the ANC starts talking about Nationalizing land and invading farms like in Zimbabwe, it's affecting ALL of us. Except that minority group who owns everything, including the bank where you service your loan. In reality majority black AND WHITE in this country, have the same enemy. The minority that own and control everything.

  • rob.bayliss.94 - 2012-06-27 09:03

    What, did anyone believe that it was his far as I can see he is incapable of ideas beyond the location of his spear.

  • vusi.sithole.359 - 2012-06-27 09:26

    We really need the 2nd transition. The 1st transition is about political power as well as the recognition of our colour by the so called superior race. The 2nd transition is about economic freedom ,justice and the land

  • leslie.rabie - 2012-06-27 10:09

    president is playing the blame game! Thanks Zuma for giving me a reason to go DA!! Whooo Whoo Viva Zilla Viva! Its always somebody else.

  • aphiwe.mayola - 2012-06-27 11:30

    Second Term = Second Transition!!! lmao, just joking... let's see how it goes yeah. Gotta love politrix.

  • nkhangwe.madzivh - 2012-06-27 11:51

    we all know that is GUPTAS idea

  • sharon.truebodyvice - 2012-06-27 11:58


  • Singatha - 2012-06-27 14:31

    Flip Flop,Flip Flop,Flip Flop.

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