Sexwale denies supporting Malema

2011-11-25 07:21

Cape Town - Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale says he did not appear before the ANC's disciplinary committee to support youth league leader Julius Malema, but to defend the principles that underpin the party's constitution, the Cape Times newspaper reported on Friday.

Sexwale told the Foreign Correspondents Association in Johannesburg that headlines claiming that “Tokyo supports Malema” were misleading.

“People have been saying, ‘Tokyo, you have destroyed all your chances of becoming president’,” he said, referring to his testimony to the ANC's disciplinary committee.

“I didn’t know so many people expect me to be president...Perhaps I look like presidential material.”

He did not need to be president to serve the people. He could do so in any position, Sexwale said.

While refusing to give details of his evidence before the disciplinary committee, he said he strongly believed the ANC constitution had not been properly observed in the manner the disciplinary charges were brought against the ANC Youth League leaders.

All he wanted to see was even-handedness in the ANC’S disciplinary processes.

Asked whether he would stand against President Jacob Zuma or any other candidate if nominated, Sexwale said he would give careful thought and consideration to any such nomination and the motives for it.

“Things fall apart when principles flounder,” he said.

  • Marius Koen - 2011-11-25 07:24

    This man is the boogieman

      Siyanda - 2011-11-25 08:17

      Another day in the ANC circus.

      Jack - 2011-11-25 08:40

      What a coward...look at him crawling back under his rock. Hmm where's that picture of Sexwale and Juju holding hands.

      tbooze - 2011-11-25 08:43

      true kolobe ,whether we like it or not , Sexwale is trying to kiss everyones a$$ so that what ever the Mangaung outcome is he will still be safe

      Foc - 2011-11-25 08:51

      Tokyo oh Tokyo ... I can hear the 'beep beep' of that reverse gear .... you are back pedalling BIG time now as your forecast of how the DC was going to treat Malema was totally wrong!! Thats the gamble you take my friend .... keep digging and if you need more shovels just ask!!

      Willie - 2011-11-25 09:42

      It seems it's norm,many people tend not to read especially in goverment e.g resolution 1973, Safa debacle about qualifying for Afcon.Unfortunately it is the way it is hidden agends

      rowen.loretz - 2011-11-25 09:43

      jeepers but these politicians can lie. goodness gracious me... what a joke. Sexwale is in full support of Malema, now he changes his tune , cause he doesnt want to be associated with Malema anymore cause he got suspended. If julius was not suspended he would be all the way behind malema. Jeepers

      rowen.loretz - 2011-11-25 09:45

      This ANC government think we are stupid...well the masses certainly fall for all this crap cause they cant reason or think, whilst the educated sit back and laugh at this looney banana government

      Rudi - 2011-11-25 09:56

      Would it be such a bad thing if this man runs the country? I mean, look at the alternatives.

      Sheda - 2011-11-25 11:11

      FROM HERO TO ZERO. You painted your colours to the mast Tokyo......NOW LIVE WITH IT.

      Spyker - 2011-11-25 11:12

      @Rudi.., You have stumbled upon the crux of the ‘argument’ (no pun intended). The ANC’s best and brightest is as cognitively dim as a stuffed donkey in a cheap Chinese toy-shop and morally worse than a Mexican drug-lord wearing the Pectoral Cross. Ex-British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher said: “...anybody who thinks the ANC can govern a country is living in cloud-cuckoo-land...” Could anybody ever have imagined (at the time) how prophetic those words were..? The inconvenient reality is: the ANC will not go away under its own steam – it will have to be removed by exactly the same means it employed itself.

      ronald.stilianou - 2011-11-25 12:32

      I wonder what he would have said if it went the other way?...(heaven forbid). You're a LIAR tokyo!!!

      coert.welman - 2011-11-25 12:38

      Wel Kolobe, if old man Thabo didn't sideline Cyril way back in the 90's we would have already had two terms of Cyril as president and a completely different and much better country. Under Cyril, things would actually work. I welcome the day that Cyril Ramaphosa becomes our president.

      boby.mafi - 2011-11-25 19:20

      He's been listening to Malema's childlike stories too much!

      frangelico - 2011-11-27 14:00

      Me thinks the man Tokyo & Winnie speak with forked tongue.

  • Marion - 2011-11-25 07:27

    ... they also fall apart when principals flounder...

      Xavier7034 - 2011-11-25 08:33

      You are correct @Marion - especially since their "principles" are floundering already!

      Freddie - 2011-11-25 08:47

      Do any of our principals have principles? Or even know the meaning of the term?

      Foc - 2011-11-25 09:00

      If you dont like my principles ... I will change them UNTIL you like them ...

  • Dean - 2011-11-25 07:28

    Can you say "back peddle"...

      Albert - 2011-11-25 07:31


      John - 2011-11-25 07:31

      At a rate of knots.

      Albert - 2011-11-25 07:32

      Hulle noem dit "meng jou met die semels"

      Freddie - 2011-11-25 08:49

      Major damage repair...

  • Deeteem - 2011-11-25 07:34

    You did this thinking nothing would happen to juju BUT the herdboy upset your plans ne' !!!

  • swavka - 2011-11-25 07:43

    Backtracking nicely - typical ANC. Deny! Deny! Lie! Lie! It wasn't me! Taken out of context. Ah Sexwale you can fool some people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. Your name has been muddied and will never be the same again, of course your name was muddied along time ago too, but you came out of that smelling like a rose. Your true nature is starting to come through. You are power hungry. Is your patience wearing a bit thin lately?

      hvklein - 2011-11-25 07:53

      Tokyo Sexwale and his excuses. During his testimony he showed a frightening ignoprance of the ANC constitution. Here is a bit of advice: Tokyo, sit down, read the constitution - not only the ANC's, but also the clountry's - and then comment again about things falling apart ehrn principles flounder. Things also fall apart when almost an entire government is ignorant of the SA constitution and keep acting in contravention of this document they keep referring to all the time. I think whenever they mention the constitution they actually mean their bank account! Does the shoe fit, Mr. Sexwale and Mr. Jalema?

  • Sallie - 2011-11-25 07:45

    Tokyo, you thought you will have your bread buttered on both sides. As they say, you are a "draad sitter"

      Marion - 2011-11-25 07:50

      ... maybe that's why he couldn't make a final decision between the last two candidates in The Apprentice.

  • Carlo Hayes - 2011-11-25 07:51

    malema winnie sexwale and mugabe will one day look back and think................. No sorry nothing.

  • Larry - 2011-11-25 07:53

    A little back peddaling was called for, I assume?

  • Thabang - 2011-11-25 07:54

    I miss Chris Hani!!!Makes you think,doesn't?

      George - 2011-11-25 08:23

      Who was Haney ??

      Frik - 2011-11-25 08:50

      Think - why? Just follow the blind leader!

  • Thamsanqa - 2011-11-25 07:57

    You will be very sorry for your actions in the near future because of useless,headless and water-mouthed Malema.

      Frik - 2011-11-25 08:40

      Exactly! Sorry Boet Sexkwale, you played the wrong card!

  • Chris - 2011-11-25 07:58

    Mr Sexwale, no one came to you and said you've destroyed your chances of being a president because no one believes you have what it takes to be president. This is just you trying to position yourself for that post and let me tell you this - You are not doing a good job there. You've just exposed yourself as nothing but an opportunist at its best. Try another angle sir, may be you'll succeed this time. And yes, we do know that "you have no ambitions of becoming a president".

      Marion - 2011-11-25 08:15

      Don't you just love his observation that “I didn’t know so many people expect me to be president...Perhaps I look like presidential material.” Doesn't he know the difference between 'so many people' who expect him to be president and those who believe he has presidential aspirations? I certainly don't think he looks like presidential material but I can picture him in the mornings talking to his reflection in the mirror. "Tokyo, you look like presidential material. Yes you do."

  • Thamsanqa - 2011-11-25 07:59

    Mr Sexwale you will be very sorry for supporting the useless, headless and water-mouthered Malema.

  • Con - 2011-11-25 08:03

    "Perhaps I look like presidential material ". Perhaps you look like a prime idiot Tokyo, and no, its only in your imagination that " so many people expect (you) to be president."

  • Nigel - 2011-11-25 08:17

    hahaha, a laugh a minute, he pretends that he was there to defend the ANC's constitution, but apparently he showed a complete lack of understanding of the very constitution that he claims to have defended. Just admit it Sexwale, you have wanted to be pres. for sometime now, last time round you tried to get in on the running, but immediately withdrew when you saw that you were on a hiding to nowhere, with Cosatu backing Zuma.

  • Julie - 2011-11-25 08:17

    Sexwale and Winnie supported Malema all along; why now this statement? Speaking with two tongues............

      Xavier7034 - 2011-11-25 08:35

      At least Winnie the Pooh admitted it, claiming he was her "son"

      Albert - 2011-11-25 10:15

      Winnie was disapointed that her bloodsugar went skyhigh.foeitog

      Carol - 2011-11-25 14:02

      Forked - like snakes !!!

  • Patrick - 2011-11-25 08:18


  • Jos - 2011-11-25 08:18

    Typical Tokyo. No Backbone. Bloody Draad sitter.

  • Craig - 2011-11-25 08:20

    Oh please Tokyo,........far to late for this one. You lay down with dogs you get up with fleas! You made you're bed dude,...enjoy the restless sleepin it! I used to think you were the hope of this country,..then you made the mistake of you're life,......what we're you thinking?

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 12:07

      @craig do not be fooled by the Likes of him Mr T, they are in bussiness of enriching themselves when the the majority suffer at their hands, he is in every money making bussiness in the country, lives like a flamboyant Hollywood star, when does he get time to appropriatly address issues of a principled governance

  • John - 2011-11-25 08:27

    I used to have the utmost respect for this man. Now his true colours have shown - sex-wale is a hypocrite !!!! he was holding hands with Juju, together with the witch Winnie. Now, it doesn't suit him to be aligned to somebody that has been suspended by his party. All he wanted Juju for previously was his supporters. He wanted to befriend Juju so that the ANCYL members would support him should he run for president. Damn hypocrite, you have no integrity sex-wale.

      Judith - 2011-11-25 17:49

      maybe you only respected himn because he had a white wife?

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 12:10

      he is even worse than the present one because he is a rattle snake

  • lionel.holder - 2011-11-25 08:28

    Mmmmm what has Mal-Ema got on you?? Your filthy hands also in the till?

  • Peter - 2011-11-25 08:28

    Right :-)

  • rory.short1 - 2011-11-25 08:32

    “Things fall apart when principles flounder,” he said. I agree completely with Tokyo. Is he trying to get the ANC back on track in this regard or perhaps they are acting on a different but hidden set of principles.

  • Kaizer - 2011-11-25 08:33

    3 words. RATS. SINKING SHIP.

      Carol - 2011-11-25 14:07

      Only problem is majority of Voters vote according to the card they carry [ANC supporter] not with their brains ! THAT will be the final downfall of SA.

  • Honest - 2011-11-25 08:34

    Nothing wrong with recalculating your move Sir !!

  • Xavier7034 - 2011-11-25 08:34

    Pull the other one Tokyo

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 12:14

      no chance the boat has sunk

  • Poen - 2011-11-25 08:34

    He has just proed his role as main actor in the ANC Circus

  • pws69 - 2011-11-25 08:54

    I thought flip flops were something you wore to the beach, Tokyo.

  • Veli - 2011-11-25 09:03

    Good lessons learnt from the Lekota & Shilowa act, Mr Sexwale....shy away from associating yourself with the wrong crowds, it could mean your ultimate political downfall...hahahaha, clever guy

  • Nicholas - 2011-11-25 09:04

    You are a real coward Sexwale! You thought he was on his way to the top and you wanted to ride on his coat tails. Now things have gone pair shaped you are trying to back peddle. Its called cheap politics, anyone with half a brain can see it, we witness it on a daily basis! Stick to making money off government tenders, you are better at that.

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 12:18

      as if it is not enough yet, does not need to make more he is stinking rich but the crooked way with dirty hands taking from the poor

  • J.D. - 2011-11-25 09:05

    things proceed quite nicely now with all these divisions double talking opportunism and back tracking in the anc. This can only led to a split. After mangaung we will have the anc standard and the anc lite. The DA will then hold the balance of power. WHooooHaaaa.

  • Veli - 2011-11-25 09:12

    Now I'm wondering whether this guy was crying for real when they murdered Chris Hani...???

  • christian.l.nair - 2011-11-25 09:15

    Nothing better describes this man than SNAKE!In one breath he says lets mould deliquincy into future leaders when racist rants are being perpetuated by that delinquint. Yet when Blatter makes remarks perceived to be racist(alebit utterly unacceptable) he states there is no place for such statements.Tokyo - YOU ARE FIRED!!!

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 12:20

      i couldn't agree more

  • Pumeza - 2011-11-25 09:30

    Oh Mr Sexwale keep denying it; testifying on the DC is one thing but throwing a tantrum when Malema is suspended is another, that did a lot of damage in my eyes for you as leader. To question that people were celebrating the suspension of Malema is absurd for a leader........I had assumed that everyone is equal in the ANC but clearly Malema is above other people and people must be upset just like you when he is suspended......remember many people see Malema for what he is. Clearly you do not.

      Marion - 2011-11-25 10:20

      @Pumeza... in the ANC (based on how the ANC constitution appears to be interpreted by some people) democracy does not reign. No ANC member may rejoice when Julius gets his comeuppance and no ANC member may vote against anything based on conscience once 'the majority' has taken a decision and when anyone dares to disagree their 'unit' is disbanded to stop the rebellion. Selective democracy.

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 12:23

      thank you Pumeza it does not take a genius to workout that

  • Dix - 2011-11-25 09:35

    If Sexwale becomes President, my advice is: leave this country!!! He was/is backing Malema because his mines are in trouble and he stands to get in excess of R4 billion if nationalisation happens. He only cares about himself and feels nothing for the future of our country. And this is just the tip of the Ugly Iceberg that Tokyo Sexwale is and represents. Be afraid, be very afraid!!

      Marion - 2011-11-25 10:23

      There is no logical reason to nationalize mines that have in many instances outlived their usefulness unless your sole purpose is to cash in your shares in said mines and sacrifice the country in doing so. Wonder if Aurora will be kept on ice until nationalization happens?

  • Siya - 2011-11-25 09:53

    "Tokyo has tremendous leadership ability, but often has difficulty in translating good ideas into action. He can see what needs to be done, but does not always trust those around him to carry out his plans."

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 12:52

      talk about a mafia style and enrichment

  • Malope - 2011-11-25 10:17

    why does people support malema even dou malema is destroying our party guys lets stop supporting malema to save this country for our beautiful kids to grow in a country of opportunities and freedom because malema trully speaking he is not deciplined that guy and he is gonner chase investors away in our country please lets try intelligent youth who will uplift us by giving ways to better life unlike this guy who is demolishing our time by always attending courts and we dont need tha guy

      Daaivark - 2011-11-26 20:32

      He"s already chased investors away in big numbers. They won't just come back. One cannot easily undo this foolish damage.

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 12:55

      i could n't agree more 2012 we need prosperity and it is going to come from our influence and actions

  • Ryan - 2011-11-25 10:25

    Please don't speak of "principles" you know nothing about, Mr. Sexwale. You have clearly demonstrated this.

  • Ditantane - 2011-11-25 10:25

    nothing new, he said this before he went there so what's the story here.

  • Cristina - 2011-11-25 10:39

    Liar Liar pants on FIRE!!!!

  • Shirley - 2011-11-25 10:48

    When you have the wealth he has its easy to be nonchelant. Malema and Tokyo have the same greed. Could be father and son.

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-25 13:00

      like house on fire

  • Oceanh - 2011-11-25 11:07

    "he said he strongly believed the ANC constitution had not been properly observed" What about our Country's constitution that you and your friends are not being properly observing Mr. Sexwale????

  • Sheda - 2011-11-25 11:10

    FROM HERO TO ZERO. You painted your colours to the mast Tokyo......NOW LIVE WITH IT.

  • Trevor - 2011-11-25 11:26

    LMWAO....NOW all of a sudden, the SAME man who said he would NEVER and has NEVER considered running for President is all of a sudden...showing interest...Tokyo, the man who made his millions from government contracts in the 90's while in government then left to make more off government, now back to be President.....rotten to the core

  • Bokfan - 2011-11-25 11:48

    Sexwale I have 4 words for you words "YOU ARE FAAAAI ERD"

  • debbie.van.niekerk - 2011-11-25 12:01

    Can anyone spell snake?? Hmmm I see him and dear Winnie backtracked pretty darn fast once Juju was on his way out....tsk tsk

  • Mphotent - 2011-11-25 12:07

    It doesnt take a degreed reader to pick up from the written lines wuoting Cde Tokyo, that he is not ready to become head of state. The is a desired behaviour for any leader in such high ranks. His language usage, could actually tell that somehow he was responding to the rulling party doubts abt him instead of adressing the ANC through proper channels. It makes me worry if a matured man of his caliber is still awaiting supervision to stand in public. Cde I worry about you.

  • Andre - 2011-11-25 12:16

    Hahahahaha! What a joke. Tokio, we are not all as stupid as you think. It says a lot about yourself! Be a man and say what you stand for. Why are you so silent on corruption of your despotic colleagues and the info bill?

  • Faizie - 2011-11-25 13:14

    The Chicken Licken man has some serious Chicken to Lick

  • Leonard - 2011-11-25 14:02

    This man is a chop! Just another ANC clown.

  • Charles - 2011-11-25 14:14

    Sixwale should come out clear about the principles he claim to be defending because his utterance is confusing and it brings suspecions that he is campaigning for a position.I doubt that there is any ANC priciple that allows its members to decide to send troops to enforce democracy to another sovereign country.