Sheriff confronts Gauteng govt again

2012-01-29 19:16

Johannesburg - The sheriff of the court has visited the Gauteng government for the second time in three days, following another failure to adhere to a court order, the DA said on Sunday.

The sheriff arrived at Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane's office on Friday to attach furniture after the health department failed to settle a R6.3m claim for medical negligence, spokesman Jack Bloom said in a statement.

The claim, granted on September 5 last year by the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, was instituted against the department by Shabbier Nagel. He had gone to the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria for heart surgery, but had his leg amputated instead.

According to Bloom the sheriff arrived at the office on Friday and spent most of the morning in talks with the premier's legal advisers. An agreement was reached that they would pay the full amount by Friday, February 3.

"The delay in payment at 15.5% interest has added an extra R320 000 to be paid by the Gauteng provincial government. This could have been saved with prompt payment."

On Wednesday South Gauteng High Court deputy sheriff Diana Chivelli arrived at Mokonyane's office to attach furniture, after the provincial government failed to pay R9.25m in compensation to a boy who was left brain-damaged because of negligence at a public hospital.

"On 18 January her officials scrambled to pay the R1m that her office furniture is valued at before it was removed to pay court ordered medical damages of R9.25m to 12-year-old Prince Sibusiso Khanyi who became brain-damaged when he was born at the Pholosong Hospital [in Ekurhuleni]," he said.

The premier's spokesperson, Xoli Mngambi, said the R9.25m  claim was being handled by the health department and had been referred to it. He confirmed the sheriff had visited the premier's office on January 18. He said he was not aware of Friday's visit for Nagel's claim and referred further inquiries to the health department.

Department spokesperson Simon Zwane said Nagel's claim was being processed with the aim of having it settled by Friday, February 3.

The department had been granted leave to appeal Khanyi's claim.

  • Craig - 2012-01-29 20:13

    How can you negotiate with the sheriff? what about the court order that is being ignored? Why is she not in jail?

  • sefeddt - 2012-01-29 20:48

    "The delay in payment at 15.5% interest has added an extra R320 000 to be paid by the Gauteng provincial government. This could have been saved with prompt payment." So we as tax payer must now pay extra for their dithering. I would like to see penalties come directly from their salaries.

  • lindz.kok - 2012-01-29 21:02

    yhank you anc and your b.e.e and a.a. policy's just look at how well it is working... i would atempt sergary on myself before going to a goverment hospital!

      Francois - 2012-01-29 22:01

      It may be a good choice - if you land up in a government hospital, make sure that you ask for surgery, otherwise you might end up in the army, Sergeary or,bearing the light of the article in mind, maybe they will remove something else, there is a small difference in having your patella removed and your paelle - the one will leave you a bit limp and the other without a stomach - or else how about consulting the Oxford English Dictionary before you go?

  • Pawel - 2012-01-29 22:01

    Warning, do not goto a gov hospital.. you might end up loosing a leg..

  • Juan - 2012-01-30 00:27

    I am no fan of the ANC but is the North Gauteng court not barking up the wrong tree here? I mean it seems somehow wrong to hold her accountable for failures in the Department of Health. Should the person in charge of this department not be held accountable??

      Burton - 2012-01-30 08:03

      Juan, she is the head of the department! She is premier of Gauteng, all the departments report to her. Blue Monday for you I think.

  • Wes - 2012-01-30 05:12

    On 18 January her officials scrambled to pay the R1m that her office furniture is valued at. What!!! hospitals are falling apart because of lack of money, accounts are not paid etc etc and here she sits in her office while millions of people are battling to get proper health care.

  • Andrew - 2012-01-30 06:28

    How come she is still in office? If this was someone else they would have been summoned before the court for contempt. She is also the Premier who spent a huge sum of money refurbishing her government home for which she pays a pittance. She and her Finance MEC should be removed as they have now made a mockery of our judicial system.

  • Johan - 2012-01-30 06:41

    This man went in for heart surgery and some docter amputated his leg instead. Shocking!

  • christian.helberg - 2012-01-30 06:56

    What a disgrace, we are the laughing stock of the world. She should get fired

  • Paulo - 2012-01-30 08:15

    well they obviously didn't employee Nomvula for her looks but heck it's becoming obvious that it's not for her ability either. viva Comrade deployment viva (what you gonna do when the funds dry up-bad girl bad girl whatcha gonna doo).

  • Stephen - 2012-01-30 08:33

    This Mokonyane bitch is the Queen of Arrogance and Deceit.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-01-30 09:05

    Government once again living according to two rules, why is it that the only thing the ANC can do with any success is continually prove that it considers itself to be outside and above the law. Removed everything and sell it at auction, if anyone in the ANC tries to stop you charge them with contempt of court and interfering with a court official in the professional performance of his duties, this also includes police officers who can also be charged with obstruction, unlawful detention etc if they attempt to intervene.

      Colourless - 2012-01-30 09:24

      I think we should all step-up and instead of protesting and running riot, take the ANC to court on a mass-action basis for abuse of human rights (among many other claims), this is totally unacceptable, the government is only as strong as its people allow them to be. We live in an apparent democracy, if we don't like the institution leading the country, let's change it in a peaceful way...

      Monique - 2012-01-30 13:11

      Agree, let's walk like Egyptians...

  • Chris - 2012-01-30 09:48

    Once again I must irritarate!!!! These are the type of things that are to be expected....

  • Hugh - 2012-01-31 13:54

    Another incredible bungle. What about the poor family of the boy injured by the blue light brigade. They too are waiting for money promised by the premier. Sadly they will have a long wait and the legal route will be the only one Spencer

  • Michael - 2012-07-24 16:00

    Dumb the way whens lunch.

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