Shilowa is being 'childish'

2011-01-23 13:29

Johannesburg - Cope co-founder Mbazima Shilowa and his followers were "being childish" by not accepting their suspensions, a spokesperson in the party's opposing faction said on Sunday.

"What Mr Shilowa and those around him are doing is childish," said Phillip Dexter, spokesperson for Cope's apparent leader Mosiuoa Lekota.

He was responding to comments made by the Shilowa camp that the decision taken at a meeting on Saturday to suspend members was not officially sanctioned.

"Yesterday's gathering of people are supporters of Mosiuoa Lekota and that meeting was not an official meeting of the party," Shilowa's spokesperson Sipho Ngwema told Sapa earlier.

"So their pronouncements have got nothing to do with Cope. Those people are the very same people who claimed to have suspended Mbhazima last year."

Several suspensions

Dexter claimed the gathering in Kempton Park was a sitting Cope's national committee (CNC).

"The only people who can sanction a CNC is the CNC itself."

He warned that if Shilowa and his faction ignored the suspension they would have to face the consequences.

"If he ignores the suspension he will not have an opportunity to give his side of the story (at the party's disciplinary hearing)," said Dexter.

He said several party members were suspended and faced charges relating to impersonating leadership, sabotage of its National Elective Congress (NEC), undermining the constitution of the party, and abusing positions of leadership.

Others suspended at the meeting included Mluleki George, Nikiwe Num, Zale Madonsela, Ebrahim Sawant, Archie Ralo, Malusi Booi, Sam Kwelitha, Mbulelo Ncedane, Moegamet Majiet, Sam Kwelitha, Lolo Mashiane, Nozipho Didiza Ndlela and Ngwema.

Power struggle

The ANC-breakaway party has been plagued by a power struggle between Lekota and Shilowa.

Dexter could not confirm reports that Cope deputy president Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka quit the party on Saturday.

"We have not received a resignation letter from her."

He said the party had phoned her and other CNC members on Saturday to check if they were still members of the decision making body and that they would attend the meeting held in Kempton Park.

Mlambo-Ngcuka did not send a "confirmation" whether she was still a member of the CNC.

The ANC-breakaway party has been plagued by a power struggle between Lekota and Shilowa with both of them claiming to be the legitimate party president.

According to the Lekota faction, Cope's chaotic NEC was abandoned due to violence and disruptions.

The Shilowa camp however claims the conference held a legitimate election and that it was appointed as the new leadership of the party.

  • coolwaynie - 2011-01-23 13:57

    It's the South African way. The new elite do not have to abide by silly rules or laws.

  • grantabbott - 2011-01-23 14:44

    This circus of a politcal party has been a shameful disgrace. I almost feel it would best if they were shut down permanently.

  • GhengisKhan - 2011-01-23 14:59

    They are definately not serving the best interest of their voters...............

  • COPEexpress - 2011-01-23 15:26

    if Shilowa is being childish, Lekota is being stupid, I have never seen a man who has no regard for democracy. Congress which is the highest decision making body resolved that Mbhazima must be the president and if Lekota doesn't accept that, then that is his business. Why is he not going to court this time?hahaha guess he knows the outcome. Lekota let me put it to you Smuts played you old man.No terror, No COPe what nonsense is that, I don't except cnc's members who have the best interest of COPE to say things like that. Mbhazima lead us!!!!

      Mnumzane - 2011-01-24 07:11

      YOu sound like a Cope member. If true, then tell me how true is that Shilowa was appointed under the tree? Just asking.

      African'shtr - 2011-02-09 08:47

      you just an asshole wena, shilowa is going back to the ANC Lekota is our leader, the COPE doesn't want hypocrites like Shilowa and his people, if you guys want to be all leaders then open your new party like what Zanele Magwaza did or join Her and leave us in peace

  • sbuhmz - 2011-01-23 15:42

    The party was formed by power hungry people...let them redicule themselves. They left the ANC becuase they wanted positions and they don't care about the interest of the voters.

  • summerskye6 - 2011-01-23 16:19

    Shilowa must be expelled from Cope and also face the music about all his transgressions.

  • - 2011-01-23 17:53

    The power struggle between Lekota and Shilowa has already caused irrepairable damage to the party. Would SA politics not be better off if either one just walkaway alternatively the party should take a decision to close shop. Maybe the results ofthe upcoming local government elections will guide the party bigshots in their decision.

  • Kaapie - 2011-01-23 20:22

    Frankly, Phillip, You ,Mosoiu and Sam are a bunch of pr#*cks, What I thought would be an alternative to the ANC has turned into a comedy sideshow that is not worthy of a review.

  • leonretief - 2011-01-23 21:12

    Cope will now split into Co and Pe

  • varioustopix - 2011-01-23 23:34

    Cope: What a waste. Only Idiots & Clowns voted for cope.

      Mnumzane - 2011-01-24 07:12

      And also only fools are still with Cope

      African'shtr - 2011-02-09 08:49

      thats your mother's nickname "idiots" which party should I vote for ANC or DA?

  • Will99 - 2011-01-24 07:10

    How stupid!

  • chris.nong - 2011-01-24 09:26

    This ppl are wasting their time!!!

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