'Shoot the boer' is hate speech - judge

2011-09-12 11:48

Johannesburg - ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema's singing of the words "shoot the boer" amounted to hate speech, Judge Collin Lamont ruled in the South Gauteng High Court on Monday.

"The singing of the song by Malema constituted hate speech," said Lamont.

The words undermined the dignity of people and were discriminatory and harmful.

"No justification exist allowing the words to be sung... the words were in any event not sung on a justifiable occasion."

Lamont said it was not relevant whether the words were not exposed to some people of society.

"If it is exposed to a portion of society then it is relevant."

  • Ace - 2011-09-12 11:50

    I love it!!!!

      cliffarc - 2011-09-12 11:56

      - Bad start to the week for Malema. Two observations ; he will appeal on the basis of the judges skin colour ; If he does'nt appeal knowing his militancy ,he will go right ahead and ignore this ruling.

      George - 2011-09-12 11:58

      SA has an independent working judiciary despite the complaints from some few racists.

      Welleducated - 2011-09-12 12:10


      MaanDonkie - 2011-09-12 12:26

      Q: What do you say to Julius upon hearing the news that he's got HIV? A: Stay Positive!

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-09-12 13:01

      BOOM Headshot!!!

      Vullis - 2011-09-12 14:05

      moving on to Darren Scott

      Cogito - 2011-09-12 18:13

      I will not for one second defend or sympathise with some of the foul & discriminatory language from Africans & African political leaders in particular. But what i will acknowledge based on the indisputable tendecies from the White community of is that the majority are genuinely racist & have a superiority complex towards Africans. Bear in mind that what Mugabe & Zanu did in Zim, the ANC under whoever can accomplish here as well & you will be sore victims. None of you want that to happen but the kind of attitude displayed here, & the 'denial' that generations of White settlers up to now & beyond did not assume their financial&social standing due to oppression of the Africans, makes me wish those kind of consequences upon you as well. Stop hiding under dubious pseudonyms & hurling 'insults' via isolated comments in various articles. Setup a dedicated website where you can all have a co-ordinated platform to express your views in a specific medium so that black South Africans & the world at large can see & read for themselves how you truly feel about black people. On my part I have for the last four years been gathering your comments to certain black-white inclined articles(on this website&most others). Most of my white collegues are quite astonished when they've been exposed to the thinking of their brothers&sisters. Give yourself a period of just 3 months where you merely read an article & go over the comments. You will see how disimilar you are to Malema & Tere Blanch!

      Oldbuck - 2011-09-12 18:22

      @cogito - an excellent truthful article,and i find myself in agreement with you,i however take exception on one point and that is if the govt trys to pull a mugabe on us then ----------------- and we will all suffer

      MTOW - 2011-09-12 18:43

      @Cogito - I see your point, but consider this: In South Africa, racial intolerance goes both ways. "Shoot the boer" is as offensive for white people as being called the "k-word" is for black people. There are websites at this moment for black & white groups where both give their respective views and you will be astonished if you read either one, of how deep the intolerance goes.

      BOER - 2011-09-13 00:40

      This ape Malema sings shoot the Boer. Seems to me his most likely to be shot by a Boer.

      JS - 2011-09-13 09:39

      @Cogito, as an experiment, let's get a group of whites to start singing "Shoot the K" and monitor the public response. I'm certain you'll find overwhelming negative response to that on

  • riaan van jaarsveldt - 2011-09-12 11:51

    hahaha ja dit is wat ons wil hoor!

  • John - 2011-09-12 11:51

    1st part done ,good

  • Dr. No - 2011-09-12 11:51

    And so the demise of JuJu begins.

      jordmavis - 2011-09-12 11:55

      let's hope ur right!!

      cliffarc - 2011-09-12 11:58

      - That might be a little premature.

      johan - 2011-09-12 12:57


      Buffalo - 2011-09-12 13:22

      What planet are you from? He will be the next president of South Africa, regardless of all the white voices aligned against him. Get the black voices to stand up to his stupidity and he might go away. Maybe . . .

  • The Goose - 2011-09-12 11:51


      BRONZE - 2011-09-12 11:53

      It may be DUH to the rest of us but to Juju it takes a judge to point it out to him. I wonder if it will filter through his brains.........

      maydayza - 2011-09-12 11:56

      What brains Bronze?

      saabnut - 2011-09-12 12:03

      @ BRONZE: Through his what?

      Taurus 11 - 2011-09-12 12:07

      Bronze What brains and as for brainwashing his supporters I did not know that they had any

  • Dave - 2011-09-12 11:52

    Great verdict, well done!!

      genet - 2011-09-12 13:49

      I agree. Sanity prevails at last.

  • Awol - 2011-09-12 11:52

    Justice prevailed: Like the judge said: Minorities do not have legislative power to protect them, thus they use courts to do so. Lets give this judge a hand op applause for upholding the constitution for which Malema’s forefathers fought for. Not for him to break it down or disrespect it. Malema’s time has come and he is like a frightened mouse, cornered!! Bring the broom and wipe him off the face of this beautiful country!!!

      Moonshine - 2011-09-12 13:12

      Strange, when the mouse squeak everybody runs for cover!!!

  • crackerr - 2011-09-12 11:52

    The judgment makes so much sense. You do not need legal training to appreciate the power of the judgment will have. It will form part of international jurisprudence. The judgment draws the boundaries. Those who overstep must know that they will have only their particular support base to rely on, if they are even that lucky. Not to ignore the Hague’s potential role one day. The norms have been strengthened. On whose side the law is where it comes to anti-white sentiment has now been clarified. Hopefully people will take note of the judge’s view that words have meanings. If you express yourself by using words you are understood to mean what the words say you mean. The attempts during the actual trial to hide the real meaning of the chant/song now seem puerile. If you do not wish words to mean what they say or imply, you might as well replace the chant or any other form of expression with something like hub, hubhubhub, hub….hub, hubhub….blurr..blurr…. . It will not matter what you put in the expression. Who would care if words are not intended to mean what they mean or imply to mean. Another interesting observation by the judge is that times have changed. We need to get a clear understanding if it is being demanded that whites must slow down their economic activities or even abandon it altogether. And for how long? Will they be allowed to catch up again and perhaps surpass the other groups one day? The judge seemed absolutely sober, learned and lucid.

      Benny66 - 2011-09-12 12:34

      Now that judgement has been made on this, it would be interesting to see if Zuma will risk singing his "machine gun" song which is typically sung to black audiences, arguably designed to get them worked up against the (white) enemy. I've never heard him sing this song when adressing let's say a business forum or a gathering of farmers - have you? I've never been able to understand the need for these songs in a new democracy where so much still has to be done to heal the wounds caused by our past. You'd think that if, deep down, Zuma wasn't a racist he'd be singing songs aimed at uniting the various ethnic groups in our country.

      DW - 2011-09-12 12:38

      I read yesterday that there are so many other songs calling for killing Boers which also form part of the struggle songs. He will stop singing this one and pull another one from the hat.

  • PinkAndProud - 2011-09-12 11:52

    Thank you Afriforum. Thank you Judge Colin Lamont. POP! Goes my champagne bottle.

      The_Realist - 2011-09-12 11:57

      wait & see if there is an appeal first...

      crackerr - 2011-09-12 11:59

      As the judgement reached it final 10 minutes I poured my first one. A certain well-known Lager. Not a habit so early or even every day but the relief that we can still rely on our courts for common sense and fairness. Cheers!

      Phaedioux - 2011-09-12 12:08

      You and me and Crackerr makes three very happy celebrators!

      arthur.amgen - 2011-09-12 12:13

      Sanity prevails. For the moment. Reason to celebrate. Now let us see what the ANC will do to Malema.

      crackerr - 2011-09-12 12:14

      @ Phaedioux Cheers Phaedioux. Thank god for small and big mercies and even miracles.

      King Cheetah - 2011-09-12 12:28

      @ the Realist....He did NOT allow an appeal or I,m deaf,LOL since when does the equality court allow appeals?? Thats why a day court case as the Judge said went on foreverrrrrrrr!!!

      Phaedioux - 2011-09-12 12:37

      @Crackerr - cheers to you too! These small victories are very satisfying! Now for some bigger and more important reasons to celebrate!

      carjan - 2011-09-12 17:31

      PinkandProud - you cannot thank a judge for only doing his work - it's like thanking a torch shining when you press the button. He knows no different. He is only a tool of justice that speaks justice. But become worried when he does not shine when you press the button, when he rapes the rule of law and justice. That is what Zuma/Mantashe are trying to do now - telling the Courts to further the ends of the ANC (instead of justice) If they rape the legal system - then it's finish and klaar

      Picasso - 2011-09-13 11:11

      a Guy from the ANC already indicated last night that the ANC is going to appeal the verdict.

  • Moi1980 - 2011-09-12 11:53

    Well done Judge Lamont!!! Finally, someone has seen the light!!!!

      flummoxed - 2011-09-12 12:39

      Here here and courageouly so too.

      slg - 2011-09-14 07:29

      We need a black judge to confirm it.

  • Tassenberg - 2011-09-12 11:53

    Well that was what I was figuring from the start, due to the fact that the constitution is above any persons right to freedom of speech or expression. Strike 1, I'm waiting in anticipation for strike 2 and 3 that will probably be in the weeks to follow.

  • Koos Poggenpoel - 2011-09-12 11:53

    hehehehehehehe - seems like fat @SS JUJU's world is starting to crumble around him. Next out of the ANC and them SARS, Hawks et al will have their turn. This monday has just improved quite a bit!

  • AntiRacist - 2011-09-12 11:53

    Right where are all the racists?? who support this dog!

      Jaco - 2011-09-12 12:24

      Palesa, why are you any different that the racists who think Darren is cool?

      AntiRacist - 2011-09-12 12:26

      Yes you are right, you are not weakened, you have met your demise, or is a Judges ruling not final in your books, he will still be charged for many more things, Brand Malema will never recover, I just love it, I told you so is something you will still hear lots of, You my friend are a minority, Your support of a racist will not take the power out of the hands of the rich, all it will do is frustrate you even further, Anyone who supports racist ideals is a racist and you will loose, remember this day when i told you that because i will again someday say, see i told you, you were wrong again, you cant back a loosing horse, that's just stupid

      SimplyTumi - 2011-09-12 12:30

      @Jaco: I'm sure Palesa would have loved to answer you but, boy, the way that you chose to construct your sentence did not make is easy for her...

      Kenno - 2011-09-12 12:34

      Palesa. What a sad pathetic individual you are!! Insultging somone and threatening people with death are 2 different things! or are you also too stupid to understand. You are a RACIST yourself! ( and a fool)

      Observer - 2011-09-12 12:44

      @Sganja: The definition of racism is (Oxford Dictionary): "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races...prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior". Where in the judge's ruling does he express racist views? On the other hand, a song containing the words "shoot the Boer", no doubt is HIGHLY antagonistic, hence racist to the core. Don't you think? Can you...?

      AntiRacist - 2011-09-12 12:45

      Anyone who supports Malema is a Racist Maggot! Die injas die

      Jaco - 2011-09-12 12:56

      SimplyTumi - sorry spelling error - should have read "why are you any different than the racists who think Darren is cool?" - you think she will be able to answer now?

      AntiRacist - 2011-09-12 13:18

      I doubt it, not enough confidence in the cause anymore, their leader just took a beating for something they are all holding their heads about now, all in total disbelief, They have become what they hate most, Nothing but pure little maggot infested racists!No matter how much sugar you put on it, it will still be a very bitter pill to swallow, ha ha ha the racists shouting racist lol

      Angie Mansa - 2011-09-12 13:41

      Shame Palesa - fancy getting it in the neck for a comment like that lol. But hey everyone - white, black, Indian, Coloured - its not only white people who have the ability to be racist - anyone who discriminates against a person of a nother race just because of the colour of their skin is a racist - just in case you all thought you were all so innocent. And Malema is the biggest racist of all - if he was a white man behaving in this manner someone would have killed him by now - he is no better than old Eugene

  • Born To Fish - 2011-09-12 11:54

    As if this is going to stop Fatboy!

      Buffalo - 2011-09-12 13:25

      Agreed. Anyone who thinks that this will be effective is living in Michaels Jackson's oxygen tent on the Moon.

  • Slapper - 2011-09-12 11:54

    Good Call. Lets hope that this is the end of it.

      Bailey G - 2011-09-12 12:22

      Sganja... I will continue to call you all the names you think are racist.... Shoot the Boer is no better than using the "K" Word... Fair deal????

      ryan.frey1 - 2011-09-12 12:31

      @Sganja, you rascist pig.

      grod - 2011-09-12 12:33

      @ganja. Respect the law in the same context as use of the K word has to be respected.

      Moi1980 - 2011-09-12 12:34

      Good for you Sganja...then you can also have your day in court alongside your hero.

      Point Blank - 2011-09-12 12:41

      @Sganja, so you support a racist, sexist, hateful person who claims to be a champion of the poor while building a 16 Mil mansion?? Alll right then....

      AntiRacist - 2011-09-12 12:46

      Sganja inja, come sing it in my neighborhood, oh sorry what was that, coward!

      daaivark - 2011-09-12 12:51

      Sganja, stop being so insistently ridiculous. You give ganja a bad rep.

      Oldbuck - 2011-09-12 12:58

      sganja is a news 24 plant

      daaivark - 2011-09-12 13:26

      If so, Sganja, please send your colleagues for spelling lessons.

  • Trextoo - 2011-09-12 11:54

    Another nail in Malema's coffin!

  • kitchenboy3 - 2011-09-12 11:54

    in the immortal words of bruce Willis: yipeekayee m#$%^&*ucker

  • d2eguy - 2011-09-12 11:54

    well done judge .

  • JitteKerl - 2011-09-12 11:54

    now lets see if malema will really stop singing the song..

      AntiRacist - 2011-09-12 12:48

      Lets hope not, that will end for him behind bars!

      Jen - 2011-09-12 13:33

      As if he's ever cared about what any court says! he will most probably sing it in overdrive now, just to prove his point. Haha, I nearly fell off my chair now, the thought of him ever going to jail, I WISH!!!

      JS - 2011-09-13 09:43

      @Jen, remember: Real ANC members don't go to jail. They got to hospital and then become pro golfers.

  • iamasouthafr - 2011-09-12 11:54

    This is a status update. report on the full story once it is over dammit.

  • Awol - 2011-09-12 11:54

    Borrowed from Mark Schultz: Please, South Africans! Wake up! Familiarize yourselves with Hitler's 25 Point Plan mooted in 1920 when the Nazi Party was just a few hundred members strong. Julius' struggle is beginning to look like Mein Kampf: Africa Edition. I quote from the Nazi's version of the Freedom Charter: 13/25. We demand the nationalization of all trusts. 14/25. We demand profit-sharing in large industries. 17/25 . We demand an agrarian reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to expropriate the owners without compensation of any land needed for the common purpose. 23/25. We demand that there be a legal campaign against those who propagate deliberate political lies and disseminate them through the press. In order to make possible the creation of a German press, we demand: .. Newspapers transgressing against the common welfare shall be suppressed. We demand legal action against those tendencies in art and literature that have a disruptive influence upon the life of our folk, and that any organizations that offend against the foregoing demands shall be dissolved.

      Awol - 2011-09-12 11:54

      This is just a part of how the ANCYL is becoming more fascist, their own racist diatribes against whites and non-blacks in general coupled with these quotes should start alarm bells ringing. You can bet the Youth League has it's own plan to shove into the vacuum that has supposedly been left by the planning ministry. Is anyone chilled by the striking similarity in the vocabulary used? WE DEMAND and TENDENCIES. It is well known that Julius' idol Mugabe has gone on record expressing his desire to "be a Hitler ten fold."

      bytejuggler - 2011-09-12 12:46

      We all know what the outcome of Hitler and Nazism was -- some of the worst attrocities the world has ever seen and a world war. The crazy thing to me is that people are deluded enough to believe that trying this again will produce different results this time -- I think it was Einstein tat alledgedly once said "The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over, and then expecting different results." or something like it People, especially those tempted to follow these types of ideologies, please, think for yourself! Don't be sheeple! Don't do the same thing over and expect different results this time!

  • guytom - 2011-09-12 11:54

    Time for Juju to get his fat ass out of here.

  • Rain-Man3 - 2011-09-12 11:55

    There we for out legal system much respect (it's not a war between white and black, it's a war against racism) I know here is allot of people in SA that wants to make a diffrence - time will come when the 'race card' no longer will work!

  • boetman123 - 2011-09-12 11:55

    Stating the obvious, like "It's Monday" or "The 'Boks played poorly".

  • CHIPPER_CHAP - 2011-09-12 11:55

    HOEKA TOEKA JA JA. how's the song go again? Suddenly have this urge to sing LOL

      2WhiteStars - 2011-09-12 15:20

      What about "Byeboer, byeboer, byerboer wa"?

  • Amos Rakgots - 2011-09-12 11:55

    Very good news indeed, racism was meant to have stopped in 1994....Have and will never support him....

  • realvictim - 2011-09-12 11:55

    Now, his grandmother must explain to us all if Juju is a South African or it's true that he was adopted from Zimbabwe!

  • SuBla - 2011-09-12 11:56

    Bye Bye Jauli_ass

  • EuropeanAfrican - 2011-09-12 11:56


  • int1m1d4t0r - 2011-09-12 11:56


  • Neil - 2011-09-12 11:57

    @Bongani-Moletsi: Just gave you a thumbs down for the hell of it.

  • BusyB - 2011-09-12 11:58

    I Hope Lamont is black otherwise it will be a "racist" judgement

  • TheDon - 2011-09-12 11:59

    Justice is served. Glad to see the courts apply the same standards to all, irrespective of race or politics.

  • scipio - 2011-09-12 11:59


  • Jason - 2011-09-12 12:00

    Bongani - you will unite because of this, really - please tell me why?? Anon - Your just as thick as Bongani, and have no clue how your comrade is damaging this once so beautiful country, one day when we end up like Zim, you best shut your mouths, and accept what will be coming your way.. Muppets!!

      AntiRacist - 2011-09-12 12:04

      Unite in prison yes, Agriforum wants to lay charges of terrorism when this round is done, The man is marked

  • noremac - 2011-09-12 12:00

    Give that judge a bell's!!!!

      Vlooi2008 - 2011-09-12 12:13

      AMEN!!!! I was thinking the same thing ;o)

      Ulindi - 2011-09-12 12:51

      Think he deserves a bottle of Dom Pérignon!

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-09-12 13:08

      Or some of Malemas private Blue Label stock!

  • Dave - 2011-09-12 12:00

    don't you get the feeling that his world is starting to crumble around him? One final nail in the coffin will be him been expelled from the ANYL, now that would be a fairytale ending.

  • AntiRacist - 2011-09-12 12:00

    Next step for Agriforum, lay a charge of terrorism against him! Oh you gotta love it when so many racists are saying eish i cant believe! Told you so!

  • Olvy - 2011-09-12 12:01

    Did not need to go to court to know this. It's obvias.Ha!

  • Eugene - 2011-09-12 12:01

    This guy just fuels racial hatred. As a Boertjie I just want to say that blacks and whites can organise their own lives and live in harmony without his tenderpreneurship, hatred and bigotry. This was a righteous victory and one for everybody!

  • Thandi Nkomo - 2011-09-12 12:01

    These people who support this man and his rhetoric..are they for real or are they trolling?

      Sammy - 2011-09-12 12:26

      They must be trolling, no other logical explanation!

      flummoxed - 2011-09-12 12:42

      Ah! The voice or reason. Must be a lady!!

      Point Blank - 2011-09-12 12:44

      I suspect trolling, and I suspect it's white guys in most cases pretending to be black people...

      fraidycat - 2011-09-12 13:11

      Trolling - but what is scary is the huge crowds of young people actually following him around. Any rationale there????

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-09-12 23:17

      @Cat: Free KFC and no need to work.

  • Shaun - 2011-09-12 12:02

    Nothing will happen to Malema as a result of this ruling - mark my words There will be appeal after appeal in this matter and I for one wont be holding my breath to see if any action is taking against him

      WCD - 2011-09-12 12:31

      Unfortunately I do have to agree with you, the bulk of South Africans do not understand the state of our country at the moment, they are to concerned in purchasing crappy music and getting pissed. Our economy hangs on a thread, we are a criminal police state, preaching equality and democracy to the world while the leaders get away with murder. But miss a payment or double park...

      King Cheetah - 2011-09-12 12:32

      hahah Shaun you dumb arse. The Judge made it clear NO one may sing the song anywhere or at anytime. This Judgement will be used on any other similar/same type cases as well. ^5s now go have a cuppa tea LOL

      JohnyBlue - 2011-09-12 15:23

      I don't mind if nothing happens to him, I just want them to stop singing the song!!

      tryanything - 2011-09-13 18:02

      So how do they enforce this law...Murder is also a crime...

  • TLR - 2011-09-12 12:02


  • Orosman - 2011-09-12 12:02

    This judgement will mean that any song that contains hate speech will not be able to be sung. That means any artist that has hate speech in his/her song will no longer be able to be played. That is so cool. By the way there are many people that have not passed woodwork and I do suggests that some of you go into Julius background and you will see that that his schooling is not what you aqre saying. \

  • aluwanirootz - 2011-09-12 12:03

    Seriously this is waste of time! do u honestly think the will be less farm killings because of this judgement? ya he is wrong so what?....who is gonna gain anything from this case/judgement? waste of tax payer money

      bytejuggler - 2011-09-12 12:56

      It's a matter of principle is it not? Or are you seriously trying to argue that it is not important to protect the rights of people, except if it will result in an actual reduction in farm killings? Then you could just as well argue that all types of law enforcement are useless and a waste of time *unless* it results in a reduction of farm killings. Do you see the non-sequitur?

      tryanything - 2011-09-13 18:06

      We need a good effing Rates boycott annd the farmers need to strike'''''Imagine my face when I walk into the local Spar and am told everything is feenished..

  • CaveatEmptor - 2011-09-12 12:04

    Possible international legal recourse against the ANC, ANCYL, its genocide architects and specifically Julius in the Hague, the international Criminal Court, should genocide ever be perpetrated against whites by black ANC, ANCYL, young lions supporters etc. within the NSA?

  • Thelma - 2011-09-12 12:04

    One down. How many to go?

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-09-12 23:18

      at last count, roundabout devide-by-zero

  • Quixote - 2011-09-12 12:04

    Brilliant outcome, its time for all races to respect each other!!

  • vangraan - 2011-09-12 12:05

    But racism can be justified here on judge lamont must come clear on this one

      King Cheetah - 2011-09-12 12:37

      a social forum is not the same, It is obvious on a social forum, people will rile each other up and stir the pot they also have a right to make a statement in the right vangraan, go study some law before u make such a dumb comment!!!

  • MJC - 2011-09-12 12:06

    Good news! It's a shame however that so much hatred still continues to show itself through people's postings. Let those who want to support him support him. They're free to associate. If this country has any justice, then they will put Malema (and anyone else acting in like manner - irrespective of race or culture) in his place...without us needing to resort to hate-speech against one another. We need to work towards unity...all of us!

      bytejuggler - 2011-09-12 12:57

      +1, well said.