Sisulu defends Yengeni's appointment

2011-08-30 17:25

Cape Town - Defence and Military Veterans Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has defended a decision to select convicted fraudster Tony Yengeni onto a committee dealing with a review of the defence force.

Sisulu told journalists in Cape Town on Tuesday that Yengeni, a former Umkhonto we Sizwe commander, was "the best man for the job.

"Mr Yengeni was a commander in MK; he served as a chief whip in Parliament and he is one of the ablest we could find to deal with this matter of policy," Sisulu said.

"I chose him to be a member of the committee because of the role he played in the first review. He was absolutely essential in the first review we had.

Yengeni, she said, "was found guilty" and served a sentence.

He had since become a free citizen, "free to engage in shaping the views of this country.

"The matter he was accused of has nothing to do with the review," Sisulu said.

"What we are determining now is the policy and the views of the defence force.

"If anyone can find a person with experience of the defence force and MK and the views of the party that governs us...I am willing to apply my mind. At the moment with all those qualifications, he is the best person for the job."

Sisulu said Yengeni did not need a special security clearance to take part in the review.

"It is an open committee. Its job is to solicit the views of society about what kind of defence force we would like to see. No security clearance is required for this."


DA MP David Maynier last week called on Sisulu to fire Yengeni from the committee.

"The fact is that Tony Yengeni is politically toxic and risks contaminating the entire defence review process." he said.

"The fact is that Tony Yengeni should never have been appointed to this committee because he was convicted of fraud relating to the arms deal and sentenced to four years imprisonment.

"He is currently being investigated by the police for illegal directorships in contravention of Section 218 of the Companies Act (1973), which states that anybody convicted of theft, fraud, forgery or perjury is to be disqualified from being a director of a company.

"His values clearly contrast with the core values of the Defence Force, which include integrity and honesty."

The last defence review which aims to develop a long-term plan for the defence force, was conducted 13 years ago.

The Interim National Defence Force Service Commission recommended that the department of defence and military veterans undertake an extensive review.

The committee's chairperson, Roelf Meyer, also defended Yengeni's appointment.

"I find Tony Yengeni an extremely valuable contributor to the team," Meyer said.

"I would like to play for him as I am sure he is playing for all of us."

Meyer said the review would pronounce on the long term defence policy of South Africa up to 2030; provide guidelines for the objectives and functions of the defence force and its "strategic posture", defence capabilities and defence alliances.

"Our primary deliverables will be to provide the policy context for defence, including the policy philosophy and rationalise for the future force.

The committee has visited SANDF operations on the Lesotho border and will visit deployments in the Musina area later this week.

It will visit deployments in the DR Congo and Sudan in September.

It will also meet representatives of the African Union to obtain an understanding of expectations of the SANDF in Africa.

  • Unskinny Bob - 2011-08-30 17:30

    Employ more criminals yes. Clearly BEE/AA has failed to produce law abiding competent candidates.

      Risen Ape - 2011-08-30 17:47

      As I said in a previous comment, the ANC regime is run by criminal thugs and my conscience will not allow me to pledge my allegiance to this country. Lindiwe Nonceba Sisulu, you are one of these criminals.

      daaidoos - 2011-08-30 18:18

      Yip a criminal record does wonders for a career within the ANC. Lol

      cruise_fly - 2011-08-30 18:49

      Don't you know you have to be a criminal to serve with the anc or the anc government.

      Tooth Fairy - 2011-08-30 22:44

      "...he is one of the ablest we could find to deal with this matter of policy" ery true statement: It fits the immoral, corrupt ANC thugs like a glove

      Netherlander - 2011-08-30 23:03

      ANC ELITE.... ROTTEN TO THE CORE!!!! And DON'T forget... H.R.H. Sisulu, has her OWN PERSONAL ARMY.... Daddy did promise her....

      Netherlander - 2011-08-31 06:23

      MORE PROOF that South Africa is being run like a FAMILY BUSINESS!!!!!

      Kevin - 2011-08-31 07:13

      Family business Sisulu got to her position based solely on hardwork, years of loyal service and is also the best person for her job. If you do not believe me ,ask anyone in her family. Fire the lot

      Nkalakatha - 2011-08-31 07:50

      @ Netherlander: Lindiwe is nothing but a drama queen, she looks more in the mirror than any-thing else !!!

  • MacTheBoer - 2011-08-30 17:32

    Once a comrade always a comrade. Julius will be next to come and assist. He claims to have carried a loaded pistol at Chris Hani's funeral when he was 13.....Obviously qualified.

      umhlopo - 2011-08-30 18:47

      yeah the prick is now fully trained,he carries a gun and can roll left and right

      malput - 2011-08-31 01:46

      i think what he was meaning was he was desperate for a sherman tank !!!

  • sipholess - 2011-08-30 17:36

    And people still believe South Africa has a future ? At what point do you listen to your head and not your heart ?

      cliffarc - 2011-08-30 20:29

      - It's clear cut - there simply is no future, especially for a white skin. While we all hoped for the best and planned for the worst, the writing was on the wall back in 1994. Nobody with a morsel of self preservation concerns can see any future.

      Gazza69 - 2011-08-31 08:55

      ...and the criminals shall inherit SA!! Would the ANC bigwig without a criminal record please stand up??? (delayed silence) Thought so......!

  • Harvey - 2011-08-30 17:40

    What about Shabir Shaik? Experience in Defense spending? Check Can keep a secret? Check Convicted fraudster? Check

      croix - 2011-08-30 17:48

      Why don't you solicit the views of the Yoof Leeg about "what type of a defence force" they would like to see? Bwaaahahahaha!!! Roelfie Meyer must take extreme care in exactly how he phrases the 'playing with' or rather 'for' one another ........?

      Risen Ape - 2011-08-30 18:25

      @ croix I know exactly what games that Roelf Meyer character wants to play. He used his influence to try to have sex with my sister when she was a student at RAU. He's a slime ball.

      umhlopo - 2011-08-30 18:48

      his curry wasnt hot enough for zoomer

      Met - 2011-08-30 18:58

      Someone referred to a photo of Roelf Meyer and Pik Botha on camels in Egypt. Another responded by saying that he was not on the camel but in the sand under its tail.What a walking violation of humanity- worse than Kortbroek. THeir day is coming- guarenteed!

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2011-08-31 05:51

      What? Risen Ape - why are the same slime balls always in charge? I am reminded of that silly joke about being 'legless at the ocean'...

  • Dal68 - 2011-08-30 17:41

    Man, this country's leaders are the biggest lot of clowns ever. "Vote for a non-future" should be the anc's motto.....Clowns!

      Mundu - 2011-08-30 19:13

      I think it's a great idea to give this ahole the job. He will screw up the army even more and make taking back SA a whole lot easier.

  • RobinHood - 2011-08-30 17:41

    A convicted fraudster, liar and cheat Extremely valuable member of the team... Roelf you wooz

      Netherlander - 2011-08-31 06:25

      Roelf P*SS!!!

  • Met - 2011-08-30 17:41

    Why not- to convert it into an AIDS infested bandit army. Integrity and honesty in this army? I am now sure that the opposition is there to build a pension only.

      umhlopo - 2011-08-30 18:49

      MK holds that title

  • morecats - 2011-08-30 17:44

    Roadkill Sisulu, aptly named for that poor hairy creature she wears on her head, and that Michelin Man Yengeni is part of the problem in SA being a freak show viewed by the world in morbid fascination. What an embarrassment this once glorious country has become with total morons like these two in leadership positions!

  • gcr - 2011-08-30 17:46

    Viva Yengeni - as they say a fox always smells it's own hole. What's it going to be this time round - another Merc?

      Met - 2011-08-30 19:02

      They have now nick named those Mercs "Yengenis"- very popular amongst the corrupt as kick backs

  • POLLENYS - 2011-08-30 17:48

    Does anyone need more proof that under the ANC the corrupt gets promoted?

  • John - 2011-08-30 17:51

    Obviously morality and ethics are not a requirement for government appointments.

      Nkalakatha - 2011-08-31 08:01

      @ John, that is for political-party appointments yes and senior positions in government departments, but then you must have connections and belong to the ANC's cigar/chivas/sushi CLUB !!!

      John - 2011-08-31 17:47

      @Nkalakatha . . LOL, you've got that right!

  • Andrew Ampers Taylor - 2011-08-30 17:53

    Relax everybody - it just means he is the best out of what's left of the ANC ;-)

      umhlopo - 2011-08-30 18:51

      yeah they made their other choice - div the speingbok coach

  • Lucky Strike - 2011-08-30 17:54

    A really sad reflection on the quality of people available if Tony is "the best man for the job". I don't care if he had served his sentence. He is a fraudster so how can you trust what he does - he will taint everything that is done in this group.

  • Craigr - 2011-08-30 17:55

    Gee... getting a second bite of the cherry. Obviously spent the last lot and now needs more funds.

  • Daveza - 2011-08-30 17:56

    Same old story - they have no clue about the difference between being able to do something and whether it is morally acceptable to do so.

      umhlopo - 2011-08-30 18:51

      they know,they just dont care

      Kevin - 2011-08-31 07:15

      Eish morals and standinding in the community.What is this theeng?

  • So What If.. - 2011-08-30 17:58

    What difference would one more criminal make?

  • george60 - 2011-08-30 18:11

    They are all of the same breed, make me rich? Lindiwe as long as your cadres do not connect AC to DC, you will defintely see sparks again? David stop worry our defence consist out of a few truck drivers. Watch the open spaces once they have visisted places in africa?

  • Yar - 2011-08-30 18:14

    The ANC has no conception of what constitutes morality. If the upper echelons, including the scary hairy one, don't understand right from wrong, then they are both dumb and dishonest.

      umhlopo - 2011-08-30 18:53

      they have been shagging goats for years,do you expect anything else from them

  • markings - 2011-08-30 18:17

    Wouldn't a good review require access to military and intelligence secrets? How come people who are dishonest are invited to serve on such a review body?

      Netherlander - 2011-08-31 06:28

      Yengeni will sell those SECRETS to the highest bidder... and GIVE A CUT TO SISULU...

      Kevin - 2011-08-31 07:19

      When the country was still properly run you had to go through a major process just to work on the design of even one part of a weapon. You were checked for police records and hundreds of pages filled in bu anyone who knew you. Your clearance took months. NOW WE LOOK FOR CRIMINALS TO WORK ON DEFENSE PROJECTS. REMIND YENGENI THAT WE DO NOT WANT A FLEET OF MERCEDES 4x4's AS OUR NEW ATTACK VEHICLES.

  • gatvol4corru - 2011-08-30 18:18

    Incompetent and corrupt! Both Sisulu and Yengeni! Jobs for comrades! Load the pockets comrades!

  • sefeddt - 2011-08-30 18:23

    If anyone can find a person with experience of the defence force and MK and the views of the party that governs us...I am willing to apply my mind. At the moment with all those qualifications, he is the best person for the job MK were the laughing stock when i was in the army, if anything being an MK member should count against you.

      gatvol4corru - 2011-08-30 18:38

      I somehow doubt,if you have a mind to apply if you make such a statement! Very limited and reflects a lack of iQ comrade!

  • Kosmonooit - 2011-08-30 18:38

    Defending the indefensible?

  • Boetman - 2011-08-30 18:45

    I am with Sisulu on far as the ANC's standards go Yengeni is pure-as-driven-snow. Only one fraud conviction and he served time for it. Zuma has hundreds of fraud allegations against him, and he is the president of the country! Tony is a minor fish in a minor role with a minor crime record. Let him be, he is probably of better moral standing than our very own president.

  • umhlopo - 2011-08-30 18:45

    comanders in mk couldnt even get jobs as garden boys due to a lack of skills and intelligence,these clowns wouldnt even have been classified as G3s in the old sadf

  • michael.e.bowery - 2011-08-30 18:50

    Whilst he served as chief whip he was part of the corruption which has become a recognised ANC failing. I might add, that the ANC fought no battles on South African soil so his experience is limited mainly to corrupt practices. However,I suppose `birds of a feather flock together and being part of the old ANC boys and girls club will see him to General or Deputy Minister.

  • edalsg - 2011-08-30 19:00

    THUGS !!!! What a bunch of Rubbish/trash the ANC have become ; My Tax payments have stopped : I will pay no more . Up Nkosi Sukklelekkers Fundamental orifice . GET YOPUR MONEY OUT NOW : REPEAT NOW : These Savages will take whatever is left.

  • Proffie - 2011-08-30 19:06

    Jesus wept!

  • letsee - 2011-08-30 19:55

    If he is excluded most will have to be excluded for the same reason.

  • Chibuli - 2011-08-30 20:08

    Yengeni is a convicted CRIMINAL, and should be blacklisted from all public service appointments. We CANNOT have criminals in government - our Constitution does NOT given the government a mandate to employ criminals. Time for regime change in SA. Viva DA, Viva Democracy!

  • Mistypogo - 2011-08-30 21:25

    My perception of Lindiwe Sisulu is that she got her job because her Mother was Albertina Sisulu. She like most of our cabinet minister do not have the qualifications for their portfolios but because they are cronies of Jacob Zuma. That is why this country is going the way of Zimbabwe.

  • Pragmatist - 2011-08-30 22:16

    A trumped up moron appointing a wanabee crook.... must be a political issue! MK was never any good at anything anyway, so Yengeni didnt do a good job then, what will have cahnged?

  • Kevin - 2011-08-30 22:37

    UNBELIEVABLE, only in Africa?

  • My country - 2011-08-30 22:42

    Sad day.

  • CozIB - 2011-08-30 22:52

    Unbelievable. No wonder the SANDF is in such a mess. The level of intelligence of leaders is incredibly low. yengeni will be a perfect fit!

  • justice4all - 2011-08-30 23:01

    Yengeni is a thief, corrupt, liar and scumbag. The ANC are once again showing us they cadre deployment. There must be at least 1 person in the ANC that is actually an honest hard working individual with some experience that can serve this commitee for the good of this country and not themselves. Bunch of fargin corksuckers and iceholes

      Mart - 2011-08-31 08:42

      I am now more convinced than ever that the ANC's agenda has nothing to do with what is good for this country. Next we will have a 'special unit' forming in the SANDF made up of die hard ANC supporters who will be tasked with the 'genocide' of opposition parties and tribal groups, the elimination of 'corrupt' ANC members who got caught, and the suppression of any insurrection by disgruntled citizens. It is unfolding slowly but surely.

  • Beam me up - 2011-08-30 23:13

    There you go folks, teach your children that crime does pay

  • justice4all - 2011-08-31 00:16

    Yengeni is a thief, corrupt, liar and scumbag. The ANC are once again showing us they cadre deployment. There must be at least 1 person in the ANC that is actually an honest hard working individual with some experience that can serve this commitee for the good of this country and not themselves. Bunch of fargin corksuckers and iceholes

  • Blinkpens - 2011-08-31 00:36

    Ja Rolf n Lands verraaier soos jy sal ook enige iets doen om aansien te kry. Moet net nie weer agterna saam met FW sit en tjank nie asb. Julle het baie mense se bloed aan julle hande. Die Land se weermag is in elkegeval n groot grap in die oe van die publiek wat n paar brein selle het en die res van die wereld. Maak hom sommer die nuwe weermagshoof? Het jou ouers nie jou die BYBEL laat lees nie? Staan daar nie dat jy jou nie met die SEMELS mag meng nie want die VARKE sal jou opvreet nie? Jou ou Party se nalatingskap is verfoeilik nes jy!!! Julle het die publiek mislei met julle CHECKS en BALANCES? Hier is rowers en moordenaars in beheer geplaas van ons hele bevolking. Jou vriend YENGENI hoort in n tronksel!!!! Nie in n weermag komitee nie!!!! DOOS

  • tanjera - 2011-08-31 01:01

    What a surprise - Roelf Meyer will "play" for anybody or anything that holds some financial gain for himself - only difference between him and Yengeni is that the latter has served "time".

  • Marcell - 2011-08-31 01:15

    Roelf Meyer sal so iets kwyt raak. Anders is hy nou nou nie meer op die gravy trein nie!

  • tanjera - 2011-08-31 01:23

    I can still remember the time we invited Roelfie (he was "playing with" Bantu at that stage) to give a talk at a private think-tank dinner. When we caught him out lying to us he threw his toys out of the cot and with a "Ek kan nie met sulke f*kk*n mense praat nie" stormed out of the meeting.

  • malput - 2011-08-31 01:38

    tony's bung cash must be running low,afterall you can't run on an empty tank !!!

  • Nnete-ke-Nnete - 2011-08-31 02:24

    Its stands to reason that if i become a criminal, i will get tenders and get appointed to the highest positions, gone are the days where working hard and doing right mattered, this as a black man is what the ANC has taught me. I'm utterely disgusted.

  • awwgee - 2011-08-31 05:21

    Of course he is the best for the jb!!! Who else knows how to defraud SA when the next arms deal is decided on? GUess that we will also need some new buildings to "store" the equipment that we will buy after this review, Well - we can't use it as we do not have enough funds, so we need to store it somewhere. Sad that this is such a joke and SA bears the brunt of it.

  • avoomu - 2011-08-31 05:24

    Onse Roelfie is so deeply crawled up the fundamental oriface of his beloved ANC that it is surprising that he can still breath. With a bit of luck, he may just be sucked in, boots and all!

  • Kevin - 2011-08-31 07:11

    What does she not understand about convicted criminals. They do not take on politicaly correct jobs as they are NEVER ever politicaly correct in their lives again. Society gave them there chance. They blew it. We are entitled to a government free of criminals.

  • Nkalakatha - 2011-08-31 07:46

    Roelf Meyer must crawl back to his cage, a former NP turned ANC just for the money ne!!Strange how the labour law change for politicians...ordinary state employees who committed fraud and served a sentence CANNOT be re-employed in any government department...double standards indeed !!!

      tkotze - 2011-08-31 09:17

      Imagine a world where the current government had the guts to push a law through parliament that would prevent people with any criminal records, or at least a criminal record for which time was served, to be employed by any government institution with a pay above R5k per month. Would that not be nice, and be a clear picture from government that they do not accept corruption of any form, and only accept people that are above reproach in the public sector?

  • AndV - 2011-08-31 08:01

    They are both birds of the same kind - useless and corrupt as can be.

  • TDK1 - 2011-08-31 08:21

    Surely convicted ordinary citizens should also seek employment in govt. The 'criminal record' rule should no longer be applicable.

  • TDK1 - 2011-08-31 08:22

    I wonder if they got permit for gathering. This must stop. In NCape the same happens when John Block attends his court proceedings. We always struggle to even enter the court premises.