Sisulu didn't cry, spokesperson says

2012-06-14 16:21

Johannesburg - An online article claiming Lindiwe Sisulu cried upon learning she would no longer be defence minister was a "fabrication", her spokesperson said on Thursday.

In an open letter to Mail&Guardian editor Nic Dawes, Ndivhuwo Mabaya said the incident "only happened in your journalist's imagination".

Dawes said the newspaper stood by the story.

The story, which appeared on the Mail&Guardian website, was based on information from an unnamed senior ANC and government official.

The source claimed Sisulu saw her new portfolio as public service minister as less prestigious and therefore as an effective demotion.

The official is quoted as saying: "What angered her even more was that she was told about the decision to remove her only this morning [Tuesday], hours before the announcement."

Mabaya said the story was "fiction, fabrication, untrue, written to be sensational, and malicious".

He said Sisulu welcomed the challenge of a new portfolio and saw it as an opportunity to improve the lives of South Africans.

Furthermore, Sisulu had "known for some time" about President Jacob Zuma's plans to move her to a new portfolio and was alone in her office when she was informed of it.

"It is sad and says a lot about the level of journalism when a senior journalist like Matuma Letsoalo can stoop so low [as] to believe this kind of fiction and fabrication."

In Zuma's Cabinet reshuffle on Tuesday, Sisulu was deployed to take over the portfolio of Roy Padayachie, who died last month.

Sisulu was succeeded by the previous Correctional Services Minister, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula.

  • Michele - 2012-06-14 16:31

    I would cry if my boss demoted me and then took away my " company helicopter and jet " to zoot around in.Jokes aside though, when she was in housing she did a fairly good job but when she was moved to defence it has been one temper tantrum after another by her. Perhaps she should leave politics alone now ? but then what else can she do ?

      lownabester - 2012-06-14 17:16

      Wonder if she will be able to afford more hairpieces, This woman was the pits.

      hayden.cajee - 2012-06-14 17:24

      No she wasnt crying, Her eyes were watering.

      lessy.lester - 2012-06-14 17:50

      Hell, she can be glad she was not FIRED! Its the last name that does it for her. Yet ANOTHER example of an INCOMPETENT and CORRUPT ANC member!

      Kevin - 2012-06-14 21:25

      The sooner this arrogant woman is fired from the Cabinet the better for democracy and accountable government. On top of which she abused and wasted the taxpayers money. People like her give politicians a bad name, if that is possible.

  • lynn.syme.1 - 2012-06-14 16:34

    Frankly, I dont care if she threw her body to the ground, wailed and tore strips off her clothing. She is an arrogant prima donna who needs to be brought down a peg or three. How the mighty have fallen - she may have to make her own tea! Let's see if she refuses parliament questions about service delivery now. Ta ta to all those overseas trips, special helicopter fights.... back to four wheels and petrol now. Shampies.

      johnnie.vercuil - 2012-06-14 19:08

      She should have been fired. At least she will not have a chance now to be so arrogant any more.She will definitely miss the uniform and the helicopter.

      Kevin - 2012-06-14 21:28

      Why do you think Zuma put her in this position becae the Governments failure to deliver on its promises will not be exposed. $ wheels and petrol will mean another "blue light gang of lawbreakers".

  • joe.farmer.92775 - 2012-06-14 16:36

    i for one believe him. never seen a gargoyle cry before

  • Stirrer - 2012-06-14 16:37

    Here's a fact: the people of SA didn't cry about it.

      Matthew Patrick - 2012-06-14 17:00

      Well said! She didn't exactly leave the Department of Defence in a healthy state.

  • Bryan - 2012-06-14 16:39

    Boo frikken hoo...

  • Randomhero6661 - 2012-06-14 16:41

    and the fat frog (use imagination here) leaps forward, screw sisulu, worry bout the train jumper!

  • jerry.medina.756 - 2012-06-14 16:51

    'Unnamed source'

  • dries.reyneke - 2012-06-14 16:57

    Drama Queen.

  • marc.schnehage - 2012-06-14 16:58

    No more secret security slush fund and no more hiding behind so-called classified information when you have to answer parliamentary questions, hey, Lindiwe? Hence the tears? Because you'll have to start earning you keep from now on.

  • derk.woldendorp - 2012-06-14 17:02

    I think she should either buy a brush and comb her wig or invest in a new wig

  • Ryno - 2012-06-14 17:03

    why does everybody have to write an "open letter" now-a-days to make a statement???

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-06-14 19:12

    When do these politicians ever WORK? Now a SPOKESPERSON has to engage with the MEDIA about to cry or not to cry??? What does this mean to our impoverished nation??? This is utter nonsense! Give us back our money! Useless are soles.

  • Avesh Athmanand - 2012-06-14 19:49

    Whether she cried or not South Africa needs more female politicians to turn around this country to a positive one PS She is sexy tho !!!

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