Stand up to bullies - Mazibuko

2011-11-01 22:48

Cape Town - Some South Africans believe they are above the law and that might is right, Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko said on Tuesday.

"They enrich themselves at the expense of the poor and use race to divide South Africa's citizens," she told a joint sitting of the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces.

The special sitting was called to bid farewell to former chief justice Sandile Ngcobo and welcome Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng.

"They wish to destroy our Constitution. They are the bullies of our time," Mazibuko said in her maiden speech as leader of the opposition.

The drafters of the Constitution understood that limiting power abuse was the key to preventing a recurrence of tyranny.

They sought to ensure that the law would never again be used by the strong to oppress the weak.

There were many, on both sides of the House, who cherished the constitutional values.

"After all, our Constitution transcends party politics. It was a product of negotiation and compromise. It is our founding compact, the very bedrock upon which our rainbow nation was built. But not everybody sees it that way," she said.

These were those who believed they were above the law, that might was right.

Mazibuko paid tribute to Ngcobo for "his quiet humility and love of the law; for his steadfastness in defending and upholding the Constitution of this land".

It was said that a Constitution was only as strong as the character of those charged with upholding it.

That South Africa's Constitution was thriving today - despite pressure on it from some quarters - was a testament to the characters of former chief justices Arthur Chaskalson, Pius Langa, and Ngcobo.

That tradition had now been passed on to Chief Justice Mogoeng.

"In his hands rest the hopes and dreams of millions of South Africans. It is no exaggeration, Justice Mogoeng, to say that our success as a nation depends on your success as a chief justice.

"It is an awesome responsibility. We believe that you will adjudicate the cases before you with wisdom and fairness.

"We trust that you will build on the foundations laid by your predecessors. And above all, we wish you the strength to stand up to bullies," Mazibuko said.

  • Mantsho - 2011-11-02 00:01

    Thats what l am talking about, tell them girl

      Sganja - 2011-11-02 07:22

      What is that you are talking about Mr/Mrs Mantsho?

      Melanie - 2011-11-02 10:33

      @Sganja. Please stop replying on News24. Your opinions are rubbish.

  • Aggrey - 2011-11-02 00:38

    We love you Ma (TG) Tea Girl. Name the abusers. Dont be fearful. You won the vote from both blacks and white colLeagues in your Party. Too all votes from the ANC represented by the full indorsement by the Big boss himself, the honourable, His Excellency the President, Rev Dr Jacob G. Zuma, Thats a rare achievement. Now that Juju is just about to disapear from the face of this countries watchers, you will carry out your duties in blissful peace. When he is out of Polokwane maximum Prison in 2026, you will be President of this Country. Help him then with a Job as your Garden Boy or Chaufer for your Children. He will only be 45 years old and will have been displined by Prison hardship. You may even consider to adopt him in DA as the Party he was raised in will not allow convicts at that time. With Love always. From ANC Branch Leadership, Polokwane East.

      Bill - 2011-11-02 00:44

      LOl.... if only!

      Burtfred - 2011-11-02 06:54

      Lindiwe, well said. Please be wary of JZ. With him, praise of a woman is often followed by a proposal. He is always on the lookout for good wives.

  • TaniaSandraSteyn - 2011-11-02 00:39

    Well said, Mz Mazibuko. On three levels - a message to the following: to those in ignorance, those willingly ignorant, and the constantly negative amongst our people. Let's move forward now. We are depressing our future generations.

  • clivegoss - 2011-11-02 05:23

    "SO N BEK MOET "JAM" KRY "! ! That is why she got elected she calls it like it is and she is is not slow in coming forward. This all lady party is going to kick some awesome butt ! ! Way to go.

  • Erica - 2011-11-02 06:23

    Phuti, bottomline - get over yourself. You're your own worst enemy. Sitting on your cactus seat is not going to get you anywhere. At some point (hard as it is) you have to forgive and move on. You're wasting your life by sticking to the same mentality and woe is me. It is almost 20 years on. You telling me you still stuck pre 1994?! The only one suffering is YOU. If I had to carry on harbouring a grudge against those who suppressed me - I'd either be in prison or dying of cancer. Nee man!!!

  • Malcolm - 2011-11-02 07:30

    Yes Lindiwe, "The constitution is only as strong as the character of those charged with upholding it". We probably have the best constitution in the world. Sadly it is ignored by many of the ANC cadres who are suppossed to be steadfast in upholding it, and its values. Very sad indeed. I can only hope that people like yourself, can somehow market this concept to the masses. The masses are without the privledge of any media facilities with which to hear the word of logic. Television, newspapers etc. Many of them are only aware of the propoganda spewed to them via the very biased, free newspaper, Ivuku-zenzela that the ANC distributes far and wide. The newspaper deliberately only markets the positive attributes of the ANC. It talks about matters such as the ANC promise for a better life for all, job creation etc. It never mentions how the ANC have failed dismally in all of its promises. The masses, who cannot afford a newspaper, only read this rubbish. Oppossition parties need to also distribute free newspapers to the masses in impoverished, and remote areas, where the masses do not have access to everyday media. Opposition parties need to make the majority aware of the truth.

  • Saksak - 2011-11-02 08:13

    Leaders of the opposition always speak well but they are only good at exciting their own supporters, just like the ANC knows how to excite its own supporters

  • Thulebona - 2011-11-02 11:26


  • Lauden Kirk - 2011-11-03 10:41

    I love SA politics it's like a movie. Wonderful 5 **stars**

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