Start succession debate - ANC Gauteng

2011-06-26 22:19

Pretoria - The ANC in Gauteng on Sunday agreed to develop a discussion document detailing the calibre of cadres who must lead the movement.

Signalling the start of the leadership succession debate within the party's structures, ANC provincial secretary David Makhura said: "The PGC (Provincial General Council) mandated the PEC (Provincial Executive Committee) to develop a discussion document on the type of ANC and calibre of cadres who must lead the movement as we move from the Centenary Conference.

"This will ensure that ANC members have a disciplined debate on the future of their organisation," he said while reading the declaration adopted at the two-day meeting in Centurion.

Provincial chair Paul Mashatile spoke on the matter earlier, backing the youth league who were the drivers behind the call for the succession debate.

"It's already happening outside our discourse. It’s unfair that ANC members became onlookers while the debate continued.

"Our call to our PGC is, we need, as we prepare to go Mangaung [for the ANC's elective conference in 2012], to begin a disciplined discussion on these issues," he said.

ANC Youth League had been very vocal about this issue.

The league was pushing for Arts and Culture Minister Fikile Mbalula to replace Gwede Mantashe as ANC secretary general in 2012.

The meeting agreed that ANC members should be free to discuss the leadership issue in a disciplined way within party structures, so that the debate did not take place in the media.

Mashatile said: "They must start by discussing what kind of organisation we want to build as we get to the second centenary. Having done that we can say what kind of leadership we want to consider, to be able to lead the organisation to the future.” 


Meanwhile, the PGC noted progress made in transforming the economy but said it was not enough.

"Much more needs to be done. We must transform the economy because the economy is still in the hands of the few in particular white monopoly capital,” said Makhura.

This includes the commanding heights of the economy and the ownership of the productive forces.

Makhura, who spoke after a lot of singing and dancing by delegates, said their goal remains that of building an economy that was inclusive of all South Africans  - more particularly, one in which black people participate in the mainstream economy.

"With regards to the debate on need to realise economic freedom in our life time, we call upon a more rational and substantive debate on this important goal and put in place practical steps to realise it in our lifetime."

Speaking on the matter, Mashatile downplayed the danger of touching the nerves of the investors, like in the case with nationalisation of mines.

He said investors should be happy instead, adding that the economy must benefit the majority of the people.

"They must be happy that we are focusing on the economy. We want more investments in our country but we cannot continue into 18 years of democracy and the economy in South Africa remains in the hands of a select few.

"We must multiracialise the economy. We must ensure that there's empowerment of previously disadvantaged, women and the youth."

Asked if he supported the call for nationalisation, Mashatile answered: "I support strong state intervention in all sectors of the economy."

The ruling party was debating the issue of nationalisation within its structures and was doing further research on it, he said. He however made an example with Brazil, explaining that one major conglomerate in the mining sector are state owned entities.

"There are examples were state-owned entities are a success in addressing the economy, but in other sectors you can use various other models," said Mashatile, adding that the debate was continuing towards 2012.

Government was also urged to fast-track land redistribution, but like Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, Mashatile cautioned that it should be done within the constitutional framework.

  • ???? - 2011-06-26 22:40

    Once you start tampering with a country's food supply,then the country normally starts circling the drain,but of course,they dont realise this

      Other Justin - 2011-06-27 09:48

      I think they realise, I just don't think they care.....

      DoublySalmon - 2011-06-27 11:36

      What does "white monopoly capital" actually mean? Do they think they sound smart using such senseless terms? It is really worrying when people with no skills or qualifications want to determine economic policy. Do they understand basic economic concepts like demand and supply? Tax is nationalisation without the risk or the cost of capital. Tax is a form of nationalisation! Nationalisation with government ownership transfers the cost of capital and the risk to the government - the cost of capital will be very high after nationalisation as no clear thinking man will lend the the South African government money without demanding a high interest rate for the associated risk. The rehabilitation funds will also be lost, transferring that liability to the government. There is no additional profit to be made by the people of South Africa through nationalisation which taxation doesn't already give to the people. Private industries are efficient and the tax levied is more than what can be made by government ownership. Nationalisation of farms, mines and banks is a sure way to attain famine, economic collapse and war. These African governments think they are safe, but the world can't afford such wastage anymore. The world needs resources and if a few corrupt "leaders" allows most of it to go to waste due to inefficient corruption the world will take it back by force. See Libya.

  • Marcell - 2011-06-27 05:17

    There are examples were state-owned entities are a success Please name them.

      biskit - 2011-06-27 07:31

      Home Affairs, Eskom and SABC

      Aj - 2011-06-27 07:40

      Transnet and SAA also 2 sparkling examples of losing 100's of millions rofl

      DJI - 2011-06-27 10:52

      News24 deleted my comment, I don't know why? it went a little something like this, Home affairs: huge backlog in ID's Eskom: can't do proper collection on money, look at Mpumalanga SABC: who still watch that s*&t channels, complete failure.

      Thor - 2011-06-27 10:55

      Biskit those are all examples of masive f ups. Surely you must be joking.

  • senkgisha - 2011-06-27 06:39

    I hope this is cleaar claarrication of what Julias Malema has been preaching!!!! We are dead nation if anc can't get rid of corrupt officials!!

      paulf - 2011-06-27 07:01

      I have a feeling they want to shorten Zuma's term. That will be awesome as he is a Corrupt official of the worst order and definately not a leaders backside.

      possum - 2011-06-27 07:44

      There will always be an endless supply of corrupt officials as long as the anc is in power!! Read yesterday's newspapers.

      tryanything - 2011-06-27 08:36

      Yes we have an oversupply of corrupt officials

      Smaal - 2011-06-27 09:05

      Please, the ANC has always been a corrupt criminal terrorist organization that is nothing but power hungry. One cannot stop the ANC or their ways thus one cannot stop the fall off South Africa. This all is just a ploy to hurry their thieving ways.

      Smaal - 2011-06-27 09:05

      Please, the ANC has always been a corrupt criminal terrorist organization that is nothing but power hungry. One cannot stop the ANC or their ways thus one cannot stop the fall off South Africa. This all is just a ploy to hurry their thieving ways.

      Matt - 2011-06-27 09:09

      @ paulf - yes, Zuma is useless and hellishly corrupt, seems he can do anything without repercussion like the rest of the ANC... question is, who would replace him?

      Matt - 2011-06-27 09:09

      ps. just tried to comment on Fin24... it gets moderated and then published? Is this a mistake or a sign of what lies ahead?

      paulf - 2011-06-27 09:44

      @Matt, Unfortunately there is nobody that I know of in the ANC that has the abilities to lead this great nation. The only ones that come to mind is Cyril Ramaphose or Trevor Manuel.

  • biskit - 2011-06-27 07:29

    The more Nationalization and Land Grabs are brought to the table the more food security gets pushed out the door. Investors are not going to support a sinking ship - Have a disciplined debate on Education and Job creation. It would proove to be much more worthwhile

  • qtpi84 - 2011-06-27 07:59

    Right.. let me get this straight.. you have just barely won the last elections.. and before starting to work to reward the people who voted you into power, you start the squabble about who will hold the power given to you by the people.. stop talking.. start doing!

  • Gary - 2011-06-27 08:24

    Well they may not realize they are heading this country down the drain but at least they can sing and dance

  • willieman - 2011-06-27 08:32

    Start debating and compromise service delivery.When the communities start to protest you gonna label them and call them all sorts of names,It is clear now that ANC is all about who runs the party not servve delivery

  • call a spade - 2011-06-27 08:58

    Last time I heard Mbalula was minister of sport and recreation. Getting fed up with this bad reporting and news 24 pushing EVERYTHING that happened in the anc and yuff leeg down our throats.

  • Sho Fukamachi - 2011-06-27 09:00

    "This will ensure that ANC members have a disciplined debate on the future of their organisation" Usually adults can conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, it seems we can't expect this from the bush babies dressed in suits.

  • keith.newsum - 2011-06-27 09:16

    @paulf you say that Zuma is not a leaders backside, I disagree-HE IS

  • DV84U - 2011-06-27 09:56

    If the ANC want more power in the business sector, then Black people should do what the successfull white buiness did: Start-up and with dedicated hard work,over time, develop a successful business. Black people have had the unfair advantage of BBBEE and where are the big successful business owned by Blacks? No, it is easier for the ANC Youth League to scream and stamp their feet to take successful business away from whites. Hard work, dedication and honesty does'nt feature in the Youth Leagues agenda. The state-owned enterprises in SA show a dismal lack of success - if they steal the business that are performing, then there will be ultimatly nothing left. There is an old addage which goes as follows: There is a rich man, and a poor man: The rich man gave all his wealth to the poor man, and now there are 2 poor men.

  • m2florida - 2011-06-27 10:06

    Only in South African could major economic and political issues be driven by the schoolboy antics of the ruling party's youth league (the 'bare bums brigade') headed up by the local bully boy. It's as if you had a school where the principal and all his/her staff are dictated to by thuggish pupils with no academic credentials to speak of. Vavi's 'banana republic' is soon to elect it's 'banana president' - well good luck to you boys - that's all I can say.

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