Strike violence 'counterproductive'

2011-07-12 16:47

Johannesburg - Violence during strikes is "counterproductive" and must be dealt with, ANC chair Baleka Mbete said on Tuesday.

"When violence erupts it's us who suffer, so its just very counterproductive and I think its a matter that needs all of us to talk about," she said at a media briefing at Luthuli House.

"How are we going to deal with this thing, continue to protect the right to strike but ensure that it doesn't have to be violent?"

Mbete was responding to questions about the strikes underway in various sectors. She was speaking as engineering, metal and chemical workers were marching in various parts of the country over better wages and working conditions.

Last week, the strike in the engineering and metals sector turned violent, with reports of intimidation and one reported death so far.

Each year, strike season in South Africa is littered by reports of intimidation, violence, the trashing of streets and destruction of property.

"I consistently see members of trade unions express the fact that it's not the members of the various unions that cause the violence.

"I think we've got to find the solution.

"I mean we fought for the right to strike for workers, you know, we made sure that it is in the Constitution but the last thing we thought was that the strikes would come with violence."

A worker died, six were injured, and nine arrested during country-wide strikes last week. They were allegedly burning tyres and throwing stones at passing motorists.

  • ingwe - 2011-07-12 16:55

    "Violence during strikes is "counterproductive" and must be dealt with, ANC chair Baleka Mbete said on Tuesday"............So don't talk about it and make empty noises. Get some balls and do something about it!!

      Azizi - 2011-07-12 17:05

      Thats the general idea.

      tryanything - 2011-07-12 18:17

      Where do all these tyres come from?? must be worth something are they difficult to recycle?

  • Uthando - 2011-07-12 16:59

    Maybe it's time to have another look at the Constitution governing strikes. Just a thought.

      The_Lil_Wizard - 2011-07-12 17:37

      Because they will "protest" that too, and it will give them another reason not to go to work!

      Uthando - 2011-07-12 17:48

      Oh yeah...why didn't I think of that!

      Proffie - 2011-07-12 18:39

      You mess with one part of the constitution, who's stopping them from messing with the entire thing? Thats all we need, a constitution not worth the paper its printed on, alla Zim.

  • saabnut - 2011-07-12 16:59

    The ANC started all this, and now it's blame, blame, blame, and usually apartheid. They should take responsibility and deal with the monster they have created.

  • Neil - 2011-07-12 17:02

    Hear,Hear.. All the ANC can do is make statements.

  • onetickie - 2011-07-12 17:04

    The violence is abhorrent. However these strikers and those participating in violent acts particularly are clearly the product created by the ruling party and the ANCYL's gormless president. If the government led by example, meaning in a exemplanory way by dealing with corruption, governing the country in line with their promises, the need to strike and be violent would not exist. The government has bred this problem. With jARS rantings and government's continued practice of corruption and greed, what else can they expect from the masses who have nothing? When a country has an honest government that is sincerely ruling to uplift the people, a government who deals swiftly with corruption, the country would flourish as would its citizens. The fact is the ANC ruling party has people suspended ON FULL REMUNERATION despite blatant acts of corruption. They still reap the benefits of their deceitful greedy acts as do those in top government positions. How can a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT/POLICE FORCE preach non-violence and appeal to strikers to abide by the law when they themselves do not? Right now I am in Europe as I type this and SA is never mentioned in news/press. Other countries in Africa are given place in the press but SA appears to have become a worthless country to bother with. The West is tired of SA's ineffective and appalling leadership to the point it doesn't even bother to consider what goes on in SA as news worthy any more.

      USSA - 2011-07-12 17:47

      @Azizi if you were actually truthful and realistic, you would at least admit onetickie is 100% correct, but you don't have the guts to stand out from the drone masses and face up to the facts. I won't insult you simply because you already insult yourself.

      Left Screwed - 2011-07-12 18:05

      @ Azizi....Africa's oil? . Onetickie is writing about SA.

  • jock - 2011-07-12 17:05

    Since th ANC became the Govt.there has been violence during strikes and they have never done anything about it as its the same people that vote for them who commit the violence

      Azizi - 2011-07-12 18:41

      And Greece you jock.

  • BOFFINBOB - 2011-07-12 17:05

    Mob mentality rules.....Every opportunity to cause trouble & be destructive is not to be missed. LOL....Remember..." we will make this country ungovernable. " Such " nice " people, members of the majority...Gotta love em....Sons of the soiled. Indeed.

      Neil - 2011-07-12 17:11

      Brilliant BOB..

  • Niekie - 2011-07-12 17:21

    There is absolutly nothing one can do about it! It is in their DNA! The bus or train is late, so lets burn it. Tomorrow lets burn something else because there are no busses or trains???!!! This is the thinking and the general brain capasity of the unruly mobs! Impossible to teach a dog new tricks!

      BigD - 2011-07-12 18:40

      Come now azizi. You are just a troll. The truth hrts does it not. Talking about bathing ..........

  • willieman - 2011-07-12 17:35

    Mbete tell Vavi this crap not us do not speak with forked tongue

  • BigMoose - 2011-07-12 17:52

    You "think" it's a matter to be talked about? Has some-one given you an illegal electricity connection, and turned on the light in your feeble skull? You "think" we've got to find a solution? For **** sake, enough thinking, your 18 watt brain cell is going to blow up. How about doing something, or is that too much to ask?

      Charlie - 2011-07-12 17:59

      That would take effort!

      tryanything - 2011-07-12 18:15

      low voltage connection

  • Ozymandios - 2011-07-12 17:56

    And what form of education did you get to come up with this amazing and earth-shattering deduction?! The ANC /ANCYL have only now realised how much the country loses with everyday there is a strike. Strange no one else has ever thought of that. Wow! are we being lead by a brilliant bunch of Brain-Surgeons!

  • Newsferret - 2011-07-12 18:04

    Mbete is surprised that violence is part of strikes. Prior to 1994 it was also part of strikes as part of the ANC's declared policy of making South Africa ungovernable. The culture of violence was part of the struggle. Now it is the legacy of the struggle and Mbete is surprised. My, my they do have short memories.

  • Gorilla - 2011-07-12 18:10

    When has a strike ever been devoid of violence? If the government want to protect law abiding citizens from these animals they need to grow a set of knaaters and ban them from acting like thugs. But will they? Never. Because it is their rrrrright.

  • coconuts - 2011-07-12 18:18

    I work for a small business that has been battling to survive for two years - it seems that the only ones benefiting are the very ones who are striking now - hopefully this strike is not the final nail and forces the company to close

  • tryanything - 2011-07-12 18:19

    Strikes are counter productive never mind the violence that goes with it...

  • Mad Dog - 2011-07-12 18:41

    Where is the President? What does he say? What has he done? We do NOT HAVE A pRESIDENT!! Vote DA!

  • Jeffery - 2011-07-12 18:45

    No work no pay No work no economic activities No economic activities No Investment No Investment no Jobs No Jobs no food

  • maseratifitt - 2011-07-12 19:03

    Strikes per se are counterproductive. Unions will mess up the economy on a regular basis to achieve a few % points increase from a low base for their members, while executives grant themselves massive increases year on year. The gap between executive pay and worker pay just keeps on growing. Unions should negotiate structures, not specific increases. This will put an end to the crippling strikes. What I mean by "structures" is that there should be an agreed relationship between top salary and bottom salary in a company. Eg: The top earner should not be allowed to be getting more than, say, 20 times the bottom earner. Ie the lowest paid must not be less than 5% of the highest paid. This kind of structure should first be implemented in government services and parastatals, and thereafter in all businesses. Tax incentives could be applied to those who comply and tax penalties to those who don't.

  • clinton.fleming1 - 2011-07-12 19:38

    government may be protecting our right to strike and while I sypathise with some of the salaries earned by hard working individuals, I have to ask myself, who is protecting my right to work ?

      Gambino - 2011-07-13 13:04


  • economyfree - 2011-07-13 10:09

    Tender Fraud, stealing Government resources and incompetence is also counterproductive, clean you house first!

  • edd - 2011-07-13 10:10

    Striking is counterproductive!!! Nothing more, nothing less

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