Striking teachers will face consequences

2012-01-19 22:42

Johannesburg - Striking teachers in the Eastern Cape were violating children's rights to education and there would be consequences, the province's education superintendent general said on Thursday.

"Principals are reminded of their responsibilities in the event of any form of industrial action, and will be required to provide the relevant information," Modidima Mannya said.

"Should they fail to provide such information, they will be held accountable in terms of Section 45 of the Public Finance Management Act and will face charges of misconduct."

Teachers in at least five centres in the province were protesting against long hours and a heavy workload caused by the dismissal of temporary teachers.

Provincial education department spokesperson Loyiso Pulumani said schools in Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, Queenstown, Matatiele and Mthatha were known to be have been affected, but said it could be more widespread.

"This is a geographically vast province with 5 600 schools," he said.

The SA Democratic Teachers' Union said the protest was over issues that had been unresolved for several years. It was not for larger salaries, but for working conditions which would enable them to provide the best education possible for Eastern Cape pupils and improve pass rates.

  • Mlulameli Sigidi - 2012-01-20 05:16

    Manya has lost touch with the Eastern Cape Education. He administers EC Education like his private company.

  • Monica - 2012-01-20 06:57

    gonerment must do something becouse our children are gona suffer,

  • procold2 - 2012-01-20 08:16

    havent we heard this before,great idea to disipline but no one has the guts to see it through,this statement is only to keep joe public quiet.

  • swavka - 2012-01-20 08:30

    No bonuses to be paid to any teacher until the results are in at the end of the year - it's called performance bonus - if your school under performs you will get no increase in salary and definitely no bonus, if you strike you will be called in to pay a fine or you will be fired. There are plenty of teachers out there who would be grateful for a job, there are even those who are absolutely passionate about teaching, but unless you are an ANC card member or a member of the Unions then your chance of getting a job are non existent. And you wonder why the EC does so badly in education - no don't blame the buildings - the blame lies with you as an individual and as a collective. Now buck up your ideas and teach those little ones who so deserve to learn.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-01-20 10:03

    Firstly, I don't believe the teachers have any reason to moan unless they can prove they are working more than 55 hours a week (45 regulated as a normal work week and 10 hours overtime) which can be demanded of an employee if they work any less they are under performing. On the other hand they have a right to strike if their concerns are not addressed and the idea that it is wrong because it effects school kids is nothing more than than the aromatic brown stuff that flows from most peoples mouths on a regular basis. No one under any circumstances can be expected of required to work in poor conditions without the necessary support. Those yelling "oooh but the children" would be the first to walk out of a job where they were being treated in a similar fashion. the plain truth is nothing will change for these teachers as the government is already bankrupt for all intents and purposes the only thing keeping it afloat being the money it has borrowed. The blame if any does not lay with the teachers it lays squarely in the lap of the ANC government which after 18 years still couldn't calm a storm in a teacup. If you want to improve education and the standards of living in this country get rid of the ANC everything else will automatically follow.

  • Clive - 2012-01-24 20:34

    With apologies to those teachers who work the required hours and do their jobs diligently, there are just too many reports coming out of the E Cape about teachers arriving late, leaving early (esp on Fridays) and not pitching up at all on pay days, for there not to be some truth. To complain about long work hours and heavy work loads seem laughable to me.

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