'Tackle foundations of domestic violence'

2012-05-17 19:08

Cape Town - Tackle domestic violence at its foundations, Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor said on Thursday.

"For us to be able to deliver a fatal blow to domestic violence, we need to destroy the foundations of domestic violence," she said in notes prepared for delivery in Cape Town.

Pandor was speaking at the 1 000 Women United Against Domestic Violence and Abuse luncheon.

"And the best way to do that is to consolidate solidarity among women. Domestic violence cannot be trivialised," she said.

"It goes deeper than that. It is a sign of societal decay, which is why it is a human rights issue. It is also an issue of responsibility."

Communities should work together to build a new culture that affirmed equality and human dignity. Governmental bodies should aid in their fight.

"Our Parliament, legislatures, municipalities, our courts must protect and empower women. Much more needs to be done to ensure that the socialisation of males and females inculcates respect for the human dignity of all."

  • Matthew - 2012-05-18 08:53

    And yet with all this vava about making abuse stop as soon as we get to the magistrate to apply for a restraining order what should be as simple as "asking for help,and asking to be safe/protected" and should take no more than 2 months at the most, HAS now taking 6 months of mine and my girlfriends life 6 months of looking over our shoulders,living in fear. Because even though you tell us to stand up,and not become a statistic,but then we have to beg and plead to receive helP?!?! and you cant even do that right =/

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