Tensions simmer at DA march

2012-05-15 12:31

Johannesburg - The DA's march against Cosatu in the Johannesburg city centre has reportedly become tense, with Cosatu members storming the march and rocks being thrown.

According to eNews, a DA supporter was badly injured when he was struck in the face by a rock.

City Press reporter Carien du Plessis earlier tweeted that thousands of Cosatu supporters had stormed the march before retreating.

The DA march was then diverted.

DA leaders, including Helen Zille, youth leader Makashule Gana, parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko and national spokesperson Mmusi Maimane are leading the protest.

- Are you there? Send us your photos.

  • Piet - 2012-05-15 12:34

    Jip you cannot trust ANC affiliated people... They only know Violence and the race card!

      lownabester - 2012-05-15 12:39

      and stones, branches, How they love to destroy trees with every march

      Ruan - 2012-05-15 12:40

      It personally doesnt bother me if its faction or political affilliated people. What bothers me is the total disrespect for other people, and the total savagery of those people, but i guess if you make education a joke how can you expect a Civilized Nation/response?

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:47

      I am ashamed to be a South African.

      patrickflynn73 - 2012-05-15 12:51

      they should change the name of the suburb around Cosatu house to SAVAGE GARDENS!

      Buzz - 2012-05-15 12:54

      DA, when will you learn? You cannot apply 1st world logic in Africa... Fair play by DA standards does not equal fair play by ANC / Cosatu standards.

      Rupesh - 2012-05-15 12:56

      FOC - I would be ashamed to be white based on your comments. Just as a FYI, I am a DA supporter and many of those who marched for the DA are blacks. However, you class all blacks should be ashamed due to ANC's action as if all blacks are ANC supporters. You are an ingrate who doesn't understand that blacks have diverse political views even if a large proportion does support the ANC. I guess if blacks become ashamed of who they are, they'd only be joining the whites because based on your arguments, all whites are savage racists. (sorry white people, i am just using her/his argument to show how stupid it is).

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:56

      Whaaahaa - good one Patrick!

      NrGx - 2012-05-15 12:59

      DA response after the protest: Dear young unemployed citizens, we, the DA, had every intention of protesting for your rights as a citizen of SA, and to highlight the difficulties you face seeking employment. However, we were greeted with violence on your part, and some of our members, with your best interest at heart, were injured by rocks thrown by immature individuals, under the guise of COSATU. Following this atrocious behavior, we formally retract any assistance in finding you employment. In future, we recommend that you ask your union, COSATO, or the governing party for employment. Also, following this behavior, we have recommended to business that it would be deplorable, and unsustainable, to hire any individual that is affiliated to COSATU, as you are clearly not suitable to progress in the "PROFESSIONAL" working arena. Sincerely, Injured Citizens

      Foc - 2012-05-15 13:05

      Rupesh ... my sincere apologies I wrote that without thinking ... please replace 'blacks' with 'anc; ancyl; cosatu; sacp supporters' I wish there were more people like you in this country! I salute you...

      Alan - 2012-05-15 13:06

      @Tsotsi Baby aka Vanish Naidoo - you know of course a WC is a oilet! whaahaa @ you

      Christopher - 2012-05-15 13:29

      Ag,you know what... To be perfectly honest most white South Africans are doing a whole lot better than the poorer black population, so I am going to keep doing as I do, being succesful, and just watch cosatu, the anc and their friends screw over their own kind. We have tried to help, they dont want our help, so carry on...

      brionyl.french - 2012-05-15 13:31

      Piet Sad but true!!! its only their marchs that trash the city

      monkinsane - 2012-05-15 13:38

      You know, they want all of us to not be racist, yet they make it so damn hard not to be. Throwing rocks and branches - they are behaving like animals!

      Piet - 2012-05-15 13:44

      MonkInsane, where do you think they got the rocks from? Last I checked their ain't a lot of rocks in the streets of JHB....

      Phuti - 2012-05-15 13:45

      With the kind of insults I witness here everyday,it wud b difficult to recruit black people.

      Phuti - 2012-05-15 13:47

      I here tht only less than a thousand showed up.eish the madam shud do something.change the name to something African .

      Gestoffle - 2012-05-15 13:55

      @MonkInsane - Well said, although only thing you got wrong is they ARE animals.

      Allan - 2012-05-15 15:41

      Piet, you are 100% correct! It makes you wonder why the DA even try. This is a typical "African" response. Please don't threaten their corrupt affiliates , YOU WILL BE STONED! disgusting, I am also ashamed to be called a South African

      eric.vanvuuren - 2012-05-15 16:53

      Just proves that cusato is a Racist organisation. I hope this makes the world media. Not long now and we can all go mad.

  • The-third - 2012-05-15 12:35

    Do the math. If you want a job at 5k per month but can only find employment at R3500 you surely take the R3,500 (as opposed to R0) and then prove your worth to the company with an eye on long term growth. Why is Cosatu so very stupid?

      Kala - 2012-05-15 12:39

      The answer is their poorly educated leaders who have no sympathy for the working class and consider it their right to steal from the workers, destroy jobs and make life hell for employers.

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-15 12:47

      Eish someone grabbed my Red shirt off my back. It was ripped and thrown into the crowd of Blue. Luckily a Police officer grabbed me arm and secured my valuables. Very scary some of the DA supporters. Is this Democracy ????

      Piet - 2012-05-15 12:50

      Tamaranui, even if you try you cannot justify the behaviour from your fellow brothers...

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:50

      @Tamaranui - sorry boet - but you will never see the valuables again! whaahaa

      Pienaar - 2012-05-15 12:52

      Tamaranui - thanks to this government and associates, proberly the only shirt you have as well. Thats how the tax payers in this country feel too; the shirts being taxed of their backs!! Boring parasite

      Buzz - 2012-05-15 12:56

      If the Police officer grabbed you on your "valuables", I would lay a charge against him...

      Peter - 2012-05-15 12:56

      @Tamaranui stop stirring troll

      Piet - 2012-05-15 13:00

      "Come on now ONE EYED PEOPLE" This from a blind sheep!

      The-third - 2012-05-15 13:03

      short term compromise for long term success. AFRICA can do well to learn that lesson.

      Peter - 2012-05-15 13:14

      @Tamaranui - Your a liar and a troll now! You said in a previous article in reply to "Tamaranui - May 15, 2012 at 12:37 Report comment Good for you Salee' however if I am not physically at the scene , It is all hearsay, They said it and I heard it. This does not make it fact." STFU and GTFO TROLL!

      Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:20

      Tamaranui, like usual you waste space.

      Gary - 2012-05-15 13:21

      Haha Tamaranui. The only people dumb enough are to believe you were actually at the march and those things happened are you relatives and people of you ilk.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:22

      Tamaranui, no wonder you failed in New Zealand, there you are suppose to work and all you want to do is sit and write crap.

      Kala - 2012-05-15 13:24

      Again, Heres a post by a fellow commentator @Jessica and Gestoffle. Tsotsi-baby, is non other than Vanish Naidoo a disgrace to the Indian population, alias Bluezulu, Blondezulu, Tamaranui Victor and Tamaranui. On a forum in NZ he calls himself plain Sheepshagger but they got wise to him and deported his sorry ass back here to pester and insult our intelligence.

      Peter - 2012-05-15 13:30

      @Tamaranui - Why u so quite all of a sudden? Thought you had plenty of little troll comments ready to go to stir trouble on the forum

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-15 13:36

      Kala, really make me laugh. Where can I deposit the funds for this entertainment ????

      Peter - 2012-05-15 13:41

      @Tamaranui hahahahahahahahahahah typical troll behavior ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Your a moron ahahahahahahahahahahaha

      Kala - 2012-05-15 13:42

      @ Tamaranui - "Tamaranui - May 15, 2012 at 12:57 Report comment Come on now ONE EYED PEOPLE, I was at the march and several stones were thrown from the sea of Blue." But you told me you lived in Zululand. Vanish Naidoo stop trolling!

      Tsotsi-Baby - 2012-05-15 13:48

      @kala hes not trolling...hes just being comrade about this matter

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-15 13:51

      Yes Kala, I reside in Zululand however I have made this journey of truth and self exploration in my colours to the Gauteng.

      Christopher - 2012-05-15 14:04

      @tamaranui,,,you are the saddest person I have seen on news 24, your reputation has just been demolished.You a liar antogonist and self proclaimed teleporter, teleport yourself to the landfills. I will never remark on a comment of yours ever...there ar epeople like you...I feel sorry for the anc that they have a supporter like you...good luck anc...DA forever

      Gestoffle - 2012-05-15 14:08

      Folks, you have to ignore this Tamaranui/bluzulu/cocothenut/Tsotsi ahole. He told me he comments here just to wind up the whites. The thing is I know who he really is, I have got all that info now. Could I know his boss?........amazing what an IP address can tell you.....

      Carla - 2012-05-15 14:21

      @Tamaranui - "In fact in the age old tradition of espionage, the DA had planted some of their members in the Cosatu peace lovers" I don't know which bit is more amusing, the "espionage" or the "Cosatu peace lovers" Thanks for the laugh!

      elize.vankerckhoven - 2012-05-15 14:21

      @TheThirdWors, yes but you see people don't think like that, I have seen it in our own company. One part says to hell with that we will rather sit at home all day long doing nothing and receive a grant from goverment, while the others after a couple of months starts questioning the salary of the MD, the vehicle he drives and then starts demanding an increase in wages of 20%. We have seen this happen last year during the NUMSA strike, and you try and lay-off any of those people and see what your chances are!!

      Peter - 2012-05-15 14:29

      @Tsotsi-Baby your also a troll so stop wasting your and everyone elses time

      Matthew - 2012-05-15 14:36

      How people can even acknowledge this "Tamaranui"/"Tsotsi-Baby" and encourage Him by responding... Dude you're sad and quite pathetic any Arse##le can rev people up and push their buttons Is this the best you can do? Your goal in life is to rev up DA supporters on a newspaper website?'re officialy the most pathetic person online in south africa go find yourself a REAL hobby. And be a little bit more careful as far as hiding your IP address goes Moron

      Kala - 2012-05-15 16:23

      Matthew - You just responded:(

  • Dewald - 2012-05-15 12:35


      Genet - 2012-05-15 12:50

      Cosatu Bully Boys

  • stefaans.blaauw - 2012-05-15 12:36

    So much for democracy, Violence against any oposition.

  • Henri - 2012-05-15 12:36

    Well done Cosatu, show your ignorence and idiotic way of defending yourself

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:41

      ust when Vavi was making some inroads into getting support - he lets his members do the Juju thing! Viva Africa, the desolate wasteland.

  • CharlesDumbwin - 2012-05-15 12:36

    Typical violent ANC-buddies. Everyone connected with the ANC are extremely violent and completely intolerant of other people's views. ANC, Cosatu, SACP & ANCYL - they fester with violence and ill discipline. typical africa

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:42

      And the joke is that the ANC/ANCYL/COSATU/SACP are all at war with each other too. Good to know that Cosatu feels threatened by the DA though!

      Gerald - 2012-05-15 13:35

      everyone...connected to the ANC...extremely violent, how befitting your nick is

  • Rhyno - 2012-05-15 12:36

    Same old tactics, different party. Would be interesting to see if it works for the DA. I think it could...

  • Peter-Peter - 2012-05-15 12:37

    expected from some of the most uneducated hateful and disrespectful people that SA can produce? is this the same mentality coming out of the woodwork, that if you dont like something, the DESTROY IT nature? the followers of cosatu really need a FAT CLUP!!! bunch of freeking idiots!

      Peter - 2012-05-15 14:18

      @Tamaranui - you are a troll nothing you say matters

      Peter-Peter - 2012-05-15 14:35

      lol, this has nothing to do with 'regime'...its has to do with those guys not allowing the DA to voice their opinion, whereas the whole city must stand still for a Cosatu march? where the **** are your guys back bone and respect for another's human rights? are you guys exempt from the rest of us? Why throw rocks? why want to physically harm an innocent person just trying to voice their concern? why (unrelated to this story) rob people of their belongings at trade stores? do you guys just get blind rage? how can you possibly justify your doings? its just SICK that human beings act this way! its disgusting really! and with the way that you guys are stuffing this country up, im actually embarrassed for you guys. Its a PATHETIC way of handling things...where is the common sense that burning peoples property will get what you need? cavemen had more respect for each other than you thugs, your evolution has come to an abrupt end, and not moving on with the rest of that true? Im proudly South African to the international circuit, but SA...its a different story

  • pekajean.vandyk - 2012-05-15 12:38

    Dit is mos al waarvoor hulle goed is - klipgooi en afbreek.

  • Terry - 2012-05-15 12:38

    The most intellegent argument you are going to get from cosatu is for them to throw rocks. They don't have the IQ for anything more intellegent!

      Fussed - 2012-05-15 12:45

      We Have email they have stone mail. From the stone ages this lot

      shaun.cousins1 - 2012-05-15 13:06

      That explains why they got rocks for brains....

      pekajean.vandyk - 2012-05-15 13:18

      They do not have brains - how can you think they have IQ'S

      Peter-Peter - 2012-05-15 13:40 least they not throwing their own they have 'grown' a little

  • Djim - 2012-05-15 12:39

    Only cosatu and vavi showing there true colours.

  • Nell - 2012-05-15 12:39

    Next, COSATO will say that those who attacked DA are not affiliated with Cosato or!

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:43


      Nyiks11 - 2012-05-15 12:45

      of course they are marching to COSATU . . therefore COSATO has nothing to do with this

      Alfred - 2012-05-15 12:54

      Yes Mgayi, the rocks are throwing themselves.

      Nyiks11 - 2012-05-15 13:01

      COSATU not COSATO . . . .spot the difference ?

  • zolisa.dlokovu - 2012-05-15 12:40

    Although I am not supporting this DA March to Cosatu house I think these have like all South Afruicans have a right to march

      Leon - 2012-05-15 12:48

      why dont you support the creation of employment?

      Piet - 2012-05-15 12:53

      Zolisa, The DA played this hand extremely well. They knew that this would be the reaction. Suddenly we have won a little bit of Sympathy from the opposition. well done....

      indianajohn - 2012-05-15 14:26

      Thankyou Zolisa. Once you start behaving like a bully and destroying things, nobody cares what you think, whether you're right or wrong. They have got to realise this. We won't ever get anywhere like this.

  • Djim - 2012-05-15 12:40

    So COSATU, supposed representatives of the workers, throw stones at people marching for jobs. Kinda says it all about these morons!

  • Shirley - 2012-05-15 12:41

    Typical cosatu behaviour-its all they know!!! They all want more for doing less!

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:46

      Well - at least they have an ultimate goal - they want everything for nothing!!! And then 1 year later - eish!

  • Jack - 2012-05-15 12:41

    Hohum...the same apartheid appointed people still at the helm in our right wing media...the same right wing drivel...nothing has really changed...

      Deon - 2012-05-15 12:47

      Pictures don't lie, it will probably make the news tonight and not only in South Africa.

      Foc - 2012-05-15 12:48

      jackblack .... your drinking habits at work is going to get you fired one day .... i guess you are very proud of the behaviour of your comrades ... and people ask why is Africa not working .... read the article

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:52

      nah - the antics of the maaifoedies make international news. That's why the Investors are falling over themselves to invest in SA. Time for my pills now....

      Alfred - 2012-05-15 12:56

      Even when you're the ones throwing the rocks there's always room to blame the whites and apartheid. You're right though, nothing has really changed.

      Peter - 2012-05-15 12:57

      @jackblack your an idiot, really you are

      Jason - 2012-05-15 13:09

      SA will rue the day that it doesnt have their type anymore.

      martin.obrien1 - 2012-05-15 13:24

      Jackblack,,, the problem is, YOU ARE THAT TYPE! Please Change your Profile pick, you are embarrassing the Stormers

      Jack - 2012-05-15 16:28

      open your eyes chaps. I'm not saying it's not newsworthy, but is it really worth 3 headline stories on the website? Is there nothing else happening in the world? You boys are obviously still hankering back to the days of your voortrekker (aka nazi youth) camps. Still worrying about the "swart gevaar" or "rooi gevaar"? SA doesn't need your type anymore... I'm having to repost this as News24 actually deleted it earlier - shame - the truth hurts...

      Kevin - 2012-05-16 06:40

      Jackwhatever, you have completely and utterly missed the whole issue here. However it is presented in the media, the point is that the world has seen how Cosatu reacts to any sort of disagreement with their strategies, and it isn't exactly first-world standard. Any sensible Cosatu member will now know exactly how their 'union' handles disputes. Don't bother to tell me it was a group of non-members who threw the rocks, Patrick Craven has already agreed it was justified.......

  • Sonja - 2012-05-15 12:43

    Dear Helen Zille. If these IDIOTS dont want jobs....SCREW THEM!!

      Eva - 2012-05-15 13:21

      They don't want to work, they want more 'market related handouts'. And what else did we expect? They see their leaders living a high life without lifting a finger, so they want a piece of that too.

      Peter - 2012-05-15 14:19

      Couldnt have said it better Sonja. they are too busy playing the race card to get more votes so they can monopolize the country than to worry about creating jobs. It doesn't benefit them because they have jobs

  • kobus.hattingh.5 - 2012-05-15 12:43

    Any damage, injuries, loss of life must be blamed on Helen Zille. She must get over herself her pride and thank of the people first!

      Jean - 2012-05-15 12:53

      Geez you people are dumb!!!

      christian.helberg - 2012-05-15 13:04

      You serious?? Helen is "thinking" of the people, are you happy with the current state of affairs Kobus? The curruption, the murder, the crime, the way this country is slowly being driven into the ground?

      martin.obrien1 - 2012-05-15 13:26

      Ja nee Kobus, jy is 'n poephol! En dis jou ma se skuld...

      Rohann - 2012-05-15 13:26

      If the DA don't stand up for wat is right, who will? Will you kobus?

      kobus.hattingh.5 - 2012-05-15 13:42

      Hier strikes and marches doen niks nie. Jy slaat hulle met n hofsaak. Die DA moet n paar tips by Solidariteit en die Vryheidsfront gaan vang. Die eers die Cosatu marches het veel verander aan die tollgate sage nie. Die hofsaak het. Zille moet haar maar eerder hou by plakkate maak :)

      monkinsane - 2012-05-15 13:48

      Kobus - are you really that retarded? you probably have the IQ of a rock, oh wait - I'm insulting the rock.

      indianajohn - 2012-05-15 14:27

      Omg kobus. lol

      Matthew - 2012-05-15 14:57

      @kobus.hattingh.5 your logic is the same as a Coke-head going through detox. patheticly stupid. wake up dude. the same way the yanks got brainwashed into supporting bush to go to war for oil. all you okes with cosatu and ANC etc,have been brainwashed.utterly blind to what your leaders are really up to. DA isnt the best (no ones perfect,we know that) but in the long run boet,i would much rather the lesser of two evils. At least they try make jobs, where as ANC couldnt be bothered right alongside their drinking buddies in Cosatu. for what LOGICAL reason did cosatu oppose this march or what DA is trying to do...what reason can you give us on this news24 page? 420,000 jobs to be created to help the people manage and have a chance at a better life. and yet,you guys go on like DA is trying to take your lunch money. Wake up,smell the roses and realise that we (DA supporters) arnt just angry/upset with ANC cause they're slack,lazy and steal from taxpayers,its because of all that and the fact that they steal from EVERYONE.even you,they're supporters.which really shows how much they couldnt care less about the people they claim to so valiantly fight for. =/ money that should be allocated to make jobs,build house's,give neighbourhoods electricity and clean runing water. But no no,you're happy for them to rather use that money to pay for private jets,20 luxury sports cars and so they can all have at least four, million-rand houses/mansions.Wheres the logic???

  • Sheralee - 2012-05-15 12:44

    Why is it ok for Cosatu to March but not for DA? Cosatu wields too much power in this country and most of their marches have violent and delinquent factions involved. However, why would they take on the DA in such a manner - seems to me that the DA finally hit a nerve .... well done!!!

      ngcali.swartbooi - 2012-05-15 12:53

      its ok 4 d DA 2 march! Bt nt ok 4 them 2 march 2 da Cosatu house, m expect cosatu 2 sit back....

      Christopher - 2012-05-15 12:53

      da da da da da da da da ....Dumb!

      Jack - 2012-05-15 13:01

      Oh how I wish Cosatu would take power! Vavi for president!

      Nigel - 2012-05-15 13:24

      Yes jackblack, and then your people will have even less than what they have now. But of course, that doesn't concern you does it?

  • Pieter Mulder - 2012-05-15 12:44

    Throw rock at the ones that wants your kids to live in a respectful and safe country.

  • Hasani P - 2012-05-15 12:45

    I have always warned tht a poverty stricken person is dangerous as he/she has nothing to loose. It will take some time for our people to understand the true meaning of democracy. Anyone seen to be opposing the Ruling party or its affiliates is regarded as enemy. This is dangerous. Capitalists must do more to save the country from anarchy as the poor will rise against them shortly.Education should not be politicised. The more people get educated the more safe the society becomes. This is an example of ignorance perpetuated by lack of education resulting in intolerance.

      Nigel - 2012-05-15 13:26

      No I don't agree. What you're saying sounds right, but it's far from the truth. Democracy is not a difficult concept / principle to understand at all, and you do not need to be educated to understand it. The truth is they don't want Democracy. Never did.

  • Hudayfah - 2012-05-15 12:46

    There we have it folks . . . . Agree with us or we will become violent. Cosatu has lost all credibility.

  • Michael - 2012-05-15 12:47

    F-ucken savages......good lord.

  • Nico - 2012-05-15 12:48

    Typical BARBARIC ANC nature..............

  • Ad - 2012-05-15 12:48

    Why dont Vavi show himself on the frontline of this ANC protesters side?..Its simple..Want hy's n bang broek!!..ANC's supporters are being used to do their dirty work.

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:54

      Vavi is the ultimate chamelion

  • Hartmut - 2012-05-15 12:49

    I personally think the DA was a bit to provocative for the time being. But let's see what comes next. At least some people lost their masks and their faces too.

      Alan - 2012-05-15 12:53

      I salute the DA - the only people in SA who will stand up for what is right, irrespective of race or gender.

      Pienaar - 2012-05-15 12:55

      So they don't have the right to express themselves in exactly the way (only way) Cosatu does it? When DA does it, its provacative; when Cosatu or any of the ANC cronies do it, it is expressing their rights in a democracy? Come on!!!

      nettie.potgieter.5 - 2012-05-15 13:11

      So what are your stand on democracy. That only Cosatu can protest!

  • Michael - 2012-05-15 12:49

    wow wow people even know what they were toi-toing for in Apartheid?????just act like animals at every oppurtunity...sad...and distgusting

      zybt99 - 2012-05-15 12:52

      You are an idiot. Sorry i meant u use very few braincells.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:27

      Michael where can I see animals toy-toying?.

      Maltacular - 2012-05-15 14:06

      Micheal you definitely are an idiot

  • Nicky - 2012-05-15 12:49

    Yesterday on KFM news some ANC comrade was interviewed and it was said that the DA march was illegal as no permission had been granted... So how leagal is the Cosatu 'march' happening right now?

      roberta.keeling - 2012-05-15 13:25

      The DA march was the ONLY one authorised by the Joh'burg Metro Police! Of Costau is marching it is illegal, but they'll do it anyway and and threaten and attack anyone wanting to stop them.

  • Deon - 2012-05-15 12:50

    Anyone should have the right to march, even the comedian that liked the tolls. Mr Mandela would have never allowed these militant union to behave like this.

  • Fanie - 2012-05-15 12:51

    Could not expect less! True colors will always surface.

  • jan.henning.14 - 2012-05-15 12:52

    This march reminds me of the stupidity in Ireland where the 'Orangemen' purposely march in the face of their opposition to aggrivate them. It is equally stupid.

      Manu - 2012-05-15 12:55

      I was thinking the same thing. lol

      Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:30

      Jan,henning14. The Orangemen march their historic marches, as they have done for hundreds of years. They purposefully keep marching through Catholic neigborhoods to confront the citizens there. How is this the same as the DA's march?.

  • Alan - 2012-05-15 12:53

    Yep, totally primitive behaviour by Cosatu. And to think they have a say in governing SA when all they understand is violence. Very, very sad and a real blot on the international face of South Africa.

  • SaffaSeun - 2012-05-15 12:55

    I wonder if the tables were turned, and it was Cosatu that marched, and a white guy threw a rock against a black guys face... I wonder how it would have made headline news, frontpage stories, national apologies and bringing national race relations to its knees. I wonder... I wonder what a true racist then is...

      Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:31

      Saffa Seun, good on you.

  • TheyTookMyNickLaZynEko - 2012-05-15 12:56

    wtf cosatu????? throwing rocks???? GET A GRIP FOOLS!!!

  • Saleé - 2012-05-15 12:56

    Reporter hit by a rock:

  • rasthami.m1 - 2012-05-15 12:58

    It was requested that the march musnt proceed towards cosatu headquarters,fearing this tension would result but helen with her confrontational tendency went on with it ,yes we condemn the brawls which took place from this march

      Nick - 2012-05-15 13:10

      Why should they be afraid to voice their opinions in a legally accepted manner? This makes a mockery of the concept of democracy!

      Rohann - 2012-05-15 13:19

      @ nic, please don't waste your time explaining something to this idiot.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:32

      Rasthami.m1, so Cosatu fools can break and brawl but Helen is confrontational?. Geez, get a grip.

      rasthami.m1 - 2012-05-15 20:32

      @ nick the matter should have been discussed behind close doors no march should have been mobilised ,@ rohann I don't engage with individuals who offer nothing but senselessness in a conversation like yourself @jacqui never in your entire life label anyone a fool ,you sound like a smart guy address issues in a intelligent manner ,the advice was handed over before this could happen I'm not supportive of what happened it was totally wrong

  • Saleé - 2012-05-15 12:58

    “@ewnreporter: #DAMarch DA has called for peaceful retreat. I'm stuck in an alleyway trying to dodge more missiles. Police keeping an uneasy calm AvW”

  • Mfanafuthi - 2012-05-15 12:59

    With all the name calling from the racists, are all the black people who support the DA subhuman, unedcated, idiots etc.

      Hudayfah - 2012-05-15 13:04

      I think those comments were aimed at those who resorted to violence . . . .remove those black and white glasses you wearing.

      martin.obrien1 - 2012-05-15 13:12

      No, Casatu and the ANC is racist, read the last 2 weeks news and see how many time they have called the DA “RACIST WHITE MINORITY”, to each of the valid arguments that the DA have, they cannot debate and use very big words in all the wrong places. They are fighting to take the country backwards and that is why we oppose them and their supporters! We (the people that love SA) don't throw them with rocks and break everything and we are NOT the corrupt ones. The can act like animals and disrupt taxpaying citizens, but let the taxpaying citizens have a peaceful march trust them to F@#$ everything up...

      Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:34

      Mfanafuthi. You will see racist remarks here are not meant for the intelligent. Rock throwing is subhuman and there are just too many rock throwers.

      martin.obrien1 - 2012-05-15 13:41

      Here are some of those big words that they just sound stupid using... "Revolution" "we are FIGHTING for the Revolution", the revolution happened in 1994 dude, when you where still burning your own schools fool! And: "Comrade",What Are we in Russia? Come on!!!

      Frank - 2012-05-15 13:49

      martin.obrien1 - May 15, 2012 at 13:41 You didn't know??? Comrade is Russian for Dumb Black!

      eil33nn - 2012-05-15 13:57

      @Martin, COSATU's logo really reminds me of the old USSR's logo... VERY comunist indeed. "All animals are equal, but some animals are MORE equal" - Animal Farm by George Orwell

      vernsm - 2012-05-15 14:04

      You have just exposed your level of intelligence Mfana!!! Think twice before you comment on anything.

  • Leon - 2012-05-15 13:01

    I dont understand ... Why was there resistance from any COSATU members?? All the DA was doing is marching because they have a policy diffence not against COSATU as a union!! How stupid of COSATU members!!! Its for your own benefit... MORONS

      zybt99 - 2012-05-15 13:18

      Maybe some of you very educated and smart people need 2 read what the subsidy is about. Then look at what will happen to those who are emplyed through brokers that the DA is also fighting for. People will lose their jobs and the only benefiters are the employers. They save on brokerage fees while getting paid by the state to hire.

  • odupreez - 2012-05-15 13:02

    What a turn around, instead of a "normal" violent protest by ANC/Cosatu, we have a peacful protest attacked by violent ANC/Cosatu.

  • zybt99 - 2012-05-15 13:03

    As i stated before it was never a good idea to march against a union. As much as people have rights we also have to be aware of the responsibilities that go with them. In all human existance it has never happend that a party can march to demand others outside government change their political stance. Had the march been to the government offices then all would have been fair.

  • zybt99 - 2012-05-15 13:03

    As i stated before it was never a good idea to march against a union. As much as people have rights we also have to be aware of the responsibilities that go with them. In all human existance it has never happend that a party can march to demand others outside government change their political stance. Had the march been to the government offices then all would have been fair.

  • Martin - 2012-05-15 13:03

    savage like

  • Singatha - 2012-05-15 13:05


  • Pienaar - 2012-05-15 13:06

    Cosatu; let me explain it in simple terms you can understand. The DA wants more people to have jobs! The more people have jobs, the more members you can enrol. The more members you enrol the more income you generate from membership fees; the more income you have the better you can pay yourselves. Come get out there; get a blue shirt and start singing!

  • rasthami.m1 - 2012-05-15 13:06

    It was requested that the march musnt proceed towards cosatu headquarters,fearing this tension would result but helen with her confrontational tendency went on with it ,yes we condemn the brawls which is taking place from this march

  • Frans - 2012-05-15 13:06

    This is plain and simple wrong. The DA has the right to protest and march like any other organization. What will Cosatu's reaction be to this stone throwing incident? 'It was not a memba!! It was a tsotsi.'

  • Nick - 2012-05-15 13:07

    So in our democracy when one wants to voice an opinion it will only be accepted if it is in tune with that of the governing party??Surely this is a perversion of the word democracy. So come on members/leaders of COSATU - which is it then? Are we a democracy or a dictatorship? Stupidity and ignorance by the way, are not limited to a specific race group. The test now is to see how the 'independent' bodies of the state deal with this situation. If they side with the govt then my fellow citizens you are living in a dictatorship and then quite frankly make of that what you want.

  • bafana.skosana - 2012-05-15 13:08

    Well done Cosatu,

      Jason - 2012-05-15 13:10

      hahahaha what a fool.

      malcolm.molver - 2012-05-15 13:18

      Back into your cage you violent savage!

      francois.delange - 2012-05-15 13:52

      Bafana what has happened to freedom of speach and expression? Does any one else besides the ANC and Cosatu have the right to protest?

      vernsm - 2012-05-15 13:59

      Well done Cosatu in keeping us \black youth\ unemployed. You deserve an award for arrogance and stupidity. Anyone can see you have no solutions to the problems in this country. Violence is the weapon of ignorance and stupidity.

      eil33nn - 2012-05-15 13:59

      I hope my Spidey senses are correct in possibly detecting som sarcasm there?

  • Bob - 2012-05-15 13:10

    What a shame... The mobs rule the country..God bless Africa..die vuur brand nader..