The ANC 'is not happy'

2012-06-17 10:29

Polokwane - Simmering tension between senior ANC leaders exploded this week, with Tony Yengeni telling SA Communist Party (SACP) leader Blade Nzimande: “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

The bust-up came after a heated national executive committee (NEC) meeting on Monday at which the governing party’s fault lines were brutally exposed.

This week saw numerous senior party leaders taking a public stand in the ANC’s election race.

- President Jacob Zuma unofficially launched his “second term” campaign at the party’s centenary lecture in Johannesburg on Friday.

- Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe showed his hand during a speech at Liliesleaf in Johannesburg on Thursday by questioning the “second transition”, a policy proposal being pushed by Zuma and his supporters.

- On Friday, expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said Zuma’s presidency was a “terrible mistake” and he should be voted out at the ANC’s Mangaung conference in December.

- At Monday’s NEC meeting, Zuma faced a “rebellion”, with party leaders accusing him of being “dictatorial”.

- Zuma reshuffled his Cabinet on Tuesday, apparently emboldened by the NEC’s decision not to review Malema’s expulsion.


The scuffle between Yengeni and Nzimande, SACP general secretary and Zuma’s closest lieutenant, was confirmed by at least two NEC members who witnessed the incident.

Yengeni couldn’t be reached for comment and Nzimande refused to comment “on matters that are internal to the NEC”.

Eyewitnesses said the men were seen arguing while seated in the back row of the St George’s Hotel hall while a debate about Malema’s expulsion from the party was taking place.

Zuma’s parliamentary counsellor, Siphiwe Nyanda, told the meeting people couldn’t speak freely because “there’s a feeling that we are under a dictatorship”.

Nzimande objected to this.

Yengeni then took issue with Nzimande, saying the SACP leader wanted to shut people down when they disagreed with him. Yengeni told Nzimande that he “doesn’t know the ANC and its traditions because he’s originally from the IFP”.

Nzimande previously denied having been active in the IFP.

“He [Yengeni] said he [Nzimande] is wet behind the ears because he joined the ANC very late,” said an anti-Zuma NEC member who overheard the conversation.

The two warring men sat in the same row at the meeting, a few chairs away from each other as the argument took place.

Close to rebellion

“It was a spur of the moment thing. I saw them, I was watching them as they were talking,” the eyewitness said.

Another anti-Zuma NEC member said: “We are close to rebellion. Perhaps that’s too strong a word ... No, it’s not. The organisation is not happy.”

The source said the situation was worse than before the party’s 2007 Polokwane conference, when Zuma contested former president Thabo Mbeki in a fierce battle.

“I think Mangaung will be worse than Polokwane,” the source said, adding that Mbeki never “shut down” Zuma, who had opposed him.

Zuma was originally scheduled to speak at a Youth Day event in Port Elizabeth on Saturday, but instead sent minister in the presidency Collins Chabane, who was greeted with pro-Malema songs.

Chabane was booed and heckled during his speech.

Zuma left on Saturday for the G20 summit, which starts in Mexico on Monday.

Meanwhile, Malema voiced his opposition to Zuma at a public meeting in Thohoyandou on Friday.

He said it was a “terrible mistake” to elect Zuma.

“It’s a mistake that we will never forgive ourselves for. He is not the one we told you he was,” Malema said.

He urged Zuma “to do himself justice” and not make himself available for re-election in December.

Zuma seemingly launched his second-term campaign on Friday by laying into leaders who oppose him and who criticise the Zuma lobby’s proposal for a “second transition”.

Zuma’s opponents are set to shoot down the proposal at the party’s policy conference next week in Midrand.

Motlanthe, who is seen as Zuma’s strongest contender, has criticised the second transition.

On Thursday he asked: “From where to where? What constituted the first transition? Have all of those tasks been accomplished or not?”

Zuma defended the policy by likening those opposed to it to opposition politicians.

“They will never agree with us because we don’t come from the same place, from the same town, from the same street. In fact, if they were not worried, we should be worried that we are doing something wrong,” he said.


In an apparent dig at Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale, who has quietly started a campaign for a leadership position and who openly criticised Zuma at Monday’s NEC meeting, Zuma said: “Money leadership will not get you anywhere.

Delegates should be ashamed of electing somebody because they have money.”

Nzimande told City Press the second transition was also an effort to prevent the capture of the ANC.

“People are willing to sell the organisation to the highest bidder to get positions. This is not unrelated to the issue of the second transition.

"Often in a liberation movement, elements emerge that want to capture the movement for their own narrow interests. This leads to the revolution being defeated. Part of the second transition is to defeat attempts to steal the organisation.”

At Zuma’s lecture a few members in the audience sang songs in his favour while waving two fingers, signalling they wanted Zuma to be re-elected in Mangaung for a second term.

This came despite a party sanction on leadership discussions until October.

Mature delegates

Meanwhile, pro-Zuma organisers have been quietly lobbying provinces to take “mature” delegates to Mangaung.

“We’re going to advocate that the majority of delegates to Mangaung must be middle-aged to elderly people so that there can be dignity and to avoid the possible rebellion,” said a pro-Zuma provincial leader.

The party plans for stricter measures during the conference that will prevent delegates from “loading” commissions with disruptive delegates, a Cabinet minister told City Press.


  • jack.bleck - 2012-06-17 10:45

    there will be anarchy soon! Close the Western Cape's borders!!!

      balan.morgen - 2012-06-17 15:29

      Hey Zuma I remember you said anc will rule until Jesus comes, so better be prepared because Jesus is coming soon and that will be the demise of anc.

      Keith - 2012-06-18 08:28

      Wait for me and then I'll be all right, Jack!

      mihaip007 - 2012-06-18 14:00

      LOL - this article almost reads like a soccer commentary! It shows how HUNGRY these thieves are for each other's positions! But not ONE of them would put the work required to make this country better!

      arthur.hugh - 2012-06-19 00:06

      I for one, had a laugh.

      scebberish.umfazi - 2012-06-19 10:53

      Another black day in this country's history.

      Darryn - 2012-06-19 11:20

      The Zulus have always been a proud and courageous nation. Pity this nympho Zuma is a spineless corrupt git that is spoiling their reputation as well as the good reputation of Nelson Mandela and the South Africa we all voted for when the majority of the ("colonialist" and "imperialist") whites voted "yes" for a truly democratic South Africa.

  • tom.vorster - 2012-06-17 10:46

    In the right corner we have Convicted Criminal Anti Zuma lobbyist Toneeeeeey Yyyyyengeni! In the left corner we have Communist MinisterLuxury Car Lover and Pro Zuma Lobbyist Blllllllade Nziiiiimande. Are you ready to RUMBLE????

      John - 2012-06-18 05:53

      In the Jungle!

      merven.halo - 2012-06-18 08:07

      Don't forget the ever idiotic, Breitling wearing poor kid, corner boy for Toney Yengeni, Juliaaaaarssss Mal-emmer!

  • yar.wellnofine - 2012-06-17 10:52

    Their unhappiness is a source of joy for me. The struggle continues. Viva conflict Viva

  • londanintombel.eneosta - 2012-06-17 10:54


  • JohnDough - 2012-06-17 10:56

    It took this long for them to fall apart? Thanks Zuma, you have accomplished what the NP could not do. PS: Try and blame this on apartheid.

      Anthony - 2012-06-17 21:03

      hahaha give it time...

  • Gerhardus - 2012-06-17 10:56

    It's hard work to be a VIP on the gravy train.

  • amos.magezi - 2012-06-17 10:57

    Mr President(ZUMA) for the sake of UNITY and PEACE in our beloved party(ANC) don't stand for a SECOND TERM.

      donald - 2012-06-18 06:57

      and you think any other abc member is better. not in this lifetime, they are all corrupt

      donald - 2012-06-18 06:58

      abc because they behave like children

      merven.halo - 2012-06-18 08:25

      Lol Amos, you think there will be UNITY and PEACE when Malema returns? Things will just be worst than it is now.

      Oom - 2012-06-18 15:19

      I agree with Tony, YOU MUST VOTE...for any party but the rulling party... Make sure that EVERYBODY you know and/or work with votes too...Your family, friends...everybody.. If you have a business, encourage them (if they are not the ANC type, if you know what I mean..) to vote ...We must ALL vote. The ANC needs to feel the pressure of the thinking people, no more the idiots, masses of dumb followers, SHEEP..we just can’t afford the ANC to rule purely because of the past.

  • Sekwati - 2012-06-17 10:58

    what happened to ''the government does'nt hire criminals or the so called people with a criminal record''...was'nt yengeni in prison..I know some will argue that tony is not in government but the'nt government the anc?....they should lead by more tenders...let public works handle everything like in the past..get rid of ghost companies owned by government mp's because they get tenders..these guys are fighting because of money,nothing for pals...I fear more people are going to boycott the next elections...Zuma please step down after your term has ended...please

      Tony - 2012-06-17 16:41

      Don't boycott the elections, vote for another party, any other party.

  • donovan.hendricks.7 - 2012-06-17 11:02

    Its with mixed emotions that I watch these ANC palookas,like watching you're hated mother in law going over a cliff in your brand new car,should you laugh or should you cry? All good to get rid of showerhead,but Mothlanthe might bring foolius back.which devil do one support? Not even that old saying,better the devil you know,can be applied here.

      yar.wellnofine - 2012-06-17 11:16

      @ Donovan I paid for it, but it's not my car.

      Jacqui - 2012-06-17 13:31

      donovan apparently your mother -in-law was good enough to produce the woman you married.

      Denise - 2012-06-18 01:52

      How PREDICTABLE!....and how predictable the outcome of their actions will be once another Zuma-like character is in the driving seat. Zuma 'mysteriously' forgot about all the populist promises he made to the Great Unwashed who voted him into power.....and enriched himself and his select Zooma Zulu Circle of Kleptocrats shamelessly.....till another Zuma-like character comes walzing continue this time-honoured African tradition of Stone Age Depravity & Dispair. VIVA the African Renaissance! VIVA Mandelatopia!

      merven.halo - 2012-06-18 08:28

      @Jacqui: it still don't make her less of a biatch.

      Oom - 2012-06-18 15:49

      It’s all a bunch of faeces...!!!

  • Sakhiwo - 2012-06-17 11:09

    Pressure is on

  • kwaaito - 2012-06-17 11:09

    Mangaung is heating up

      Koos - 2012-06-17 11:51

      Burn them all!

  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-06-17 11:10

    It seems as all of them are happy with the money in their pockets, and they must just be aware of what is happening in the party because there many parties in SA and indeed 'money will get you nowhere' as Sexwale says. The president must just dream of the second term, that man is misleading our country and wasting our money.

  • mark.haupt.31 - 2012-06-17 11:14

    Bunch of clowns, petty thieves and incompetent fat heads who shouldn't be allowed out unaccompanied, and that's just the NEC. As for the fools who elected a fool to lead them, well they're getting what they deserve.

  • william.harris.90226 - 2012-06-17 11:22

    'Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.' - Chinua Achebe

  • Khayoh Mfiswah - 2012-06-17 11:23

    Mixed emotions. Iyiphi ezogoba uphondo?? Lets wait n see

  • lynn.syme.1 - 2012-06-17 11:27

    There is no honour amongst thieves. Here comes a moosa implosion. Sit back, get the popcorn out and watch it unfold.

      merven.halo - 2012-06-18 08:28

      No matter how it unfolds, we will still sit with idiots as leaders.

  • shimeAschendorf - 2012-06-17 11:29


  • Craig - 2012-06-17 11:29

    Thats what you get when you have criminals as party leaders.

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-06-17 11:30

    The ANC is not happy!!! Ag please, for crying out loud in a bucket. If these leaders of this country want to carry on like spoilt little brats, then they should go back to kindergarten. My five year old is more mature. Grow up you big baby's.

      Jacqui - 2012-06-17 13:43

      Jayson, Zuma is off again to Mexico to hang around the fringes of talks he doesn't understand and of meeting people he doesn't know. All the time believing he is of some importance. While those shaking his hand has already written him off as just another corrupt idiot.

  • shimeAschendorf - 2012-06-17 11:35

    The problem with Zuma is he doesn't like those who disagree with him, the man is power hungry, Gwede Mantashe is a big problem in the ANC and he is arrogant just like his master,Zuma

      Honest - 2012-06-18 08:57

      Pity you voted Zuma in Polokwane , what do you think of THabo Mbeki now?

  • gee.raaf - 2012-06-17 11:37

    Who cares if the anc is happy or not? Even if they are happy, they will stil be perfectly incapable to govern anything

  • kobus.hattingh.5 - 2012-06-17 11:39

    Hehehe I just love good news :)

  • shimeAschendorf - 2012-06-17 11:39

    He sent Collins Chabane,the man can not even draw the masses , what a joke,the ANC must change it's leadership,period!we cannot afford support Zuma and his large family,

  • william.letsong.5 - 2012-06-17 11:40

    We must close our provincial borders and start building refugee camps in the Western Cape.

      Koos - 2012-06-17 11:54

      You can't fit Africa into the Western Cape. It’s not a taxi and the only province the wheels are not coming off of. Just don’t do it!

      Manie - 2012-06-17 15:15

      I agree to closing off the western cape. Those who want to leave can doe but nobody comes in. Unless you have a skill or assets. We can be autonomous and productive. We have always been peaceful and tolerant. Close the gates. Lets start a sovereign country! Zille is a good leader and gets things done. She doesnt steal or corrupt. Potholes gets fixed within hours. We work together.

  • shimeAschendorf - 2012-06-17 11:50

    Remember this president gets instructions from the ANC,this means that they ANC is the one failing us, when opposition disagrees with them, they are racist, ANc is purporting racism and sexist in SA,the problem is ppl who vote for them,I mean the so called the poor, can't even read the news let alone owning a television set,they only see this leaders when they give them groceries to lure them for votes

      Koos - 2012-06-17 11:55

      You forget the ANC’s class system.

      Ta.Lepzen - 2012-06-17 13:50

      He gets instructions from the Guptas family

  • Marco Gajane - 2012-06-17 11:54

    malema he once said he will come after zuma if he doesnt perfom ,he told the truth abt ANC they expeled him he then said he will be a leader of anc now every1 is fight even mothlanthe who we thought he will support zuma but im not suprised bcs he dd the same when mbheki ws a president. problems ahead watch out

  • Lindelwa - 2012-06-17 11:57

    Good! Zuma will reap what he sowed! Mangaung wil b worse that Polokwane. The ANC is in a mess and our country is in a mess because of a stupid president. For the first time in the history of our democratic country we have a president that has disregard for our youth that he will not attend the June 16 commemoration. A president who is now running scared of his own youth. It is also the first time that we have service delivery protest at the venue where the national youth celebrations are being held. This is the rot that Zuma has brought to our country. He must continue running as our citizens take back their power from greedy and corrupt politicians!!

      balan.morgen - 2012-06-17 15:31

      Zuma is 'n DOMKOP.

      merven.halo - 2012-06-18 08:43

      Lol, I'm not a Zuma fan but this country was a mess ever since the ANC took charge in 1994.

  • rodney.sambo - 2012-06-17 11:57

    The System is all wrong!!!

  • Don.Tandy - 2012-06-17 11:59

    Anarchy Nepotism Corruption I can't wait for the inevitable implosion, but I fear we are all going to get hurt in the process, while the frenzy at the feeding trough gets frantic.

      Oom - 2012-06-18 15:53

      And I fear that you may be correct, it's a very scary thought...We may all get hurt.!! It’s all a bunch of faeces at the end of the day...!!!

  • lownabester - 2012-06-17 12:10

    Donner mekaar.

      alansmartSnr - 2012-06-17 22:43

      ..@ lownabester.. A good L O L and giggle.. and a High Five. Moer mekaar!

  • Andre - 2012-06-17 12:13

    Let them have a big party then they will be happy again. They are never happy!

  • rocky.bell.927 - 2012-06-17 12:14

    I like!!!!!! Me very very hêppie.

  • rocky.bell.927 - 2012-06-17 12:19

    I just like the picture of Zumie. The two "wings" on the background makes him look like the devil.

      alansmartSnr - 2012-06-17 22:46

      Have a closer look and you'll see he is the re-incarnation of the devil

      scebberish.umfazi - 2012-06-19 11:06

      actually when I look all I see is a whole "Abominational Nest of Clones" of the Devil, not just one devil

  • - 2012-06-17 12:30

    South Africa is NOT a happy country because of the ANC. If they don't even like themselves, how are we expected to like them?

  • Phelamanga - 2012-06-17 12:33

    Sexwale is the best alternative. He is rich already, so he won't need to get a salary, and he has his own means of transport, so he won't need to use up scarce state money for that either. It looks like Nzimande and his group are running scared, because they have already stolen the heart and soul of the ANC. It's not Zuma's dictatorship we should worry about. It's the dictatorship of the SACP we should most be worried about. Their second transition is the banning of opposition and controlling the media. Is this what we want? Get rid of these parasites once and for all.

      jo.vankatwijk - 2012-06-17 13:34

      I would have said to Sexwale, but he's a friend and supporter of Julius, so that rules him out for me.

      Jacqui - 2012-06-17 13:48

      TrueBlue and just how did Sexwale get so rich?. You think he is playing minister of Housing without a salary?.

      nettie.potgieter.5 - 2012-06-17 14:05

      No no Sexwale has a lot of shears in the Mine industry. He wants to get rid of it by nasionalising the mines. Ever wonderd way he is big friends with Malema? He is Malemas Suger daddy!

      merven.halo - 2012-06-18 08:45

      Sexwale support Malema, thus supporting land grab. The scary thing is, there is not one ANC candidate that is leader material.

      scebberish.umfazi - 2012-06-19 11:10

      Sexwale now has a lot of shares in mining, but when he nationalises he will also have all the controlling shares in the mining too.

  • Victor Ramakoetsana - 2012-06-17 12:39

    I wish and Hope what they Did to Mbeki in Polokwane they Do to Him Zuma they have Now Created Tribalism sect in Governance as if Rsa Belongs to the Specific.If Zuma want 2nd term Can he tell Us Good reasons and Where does that come From.The problem is much are loyal to Certain Individuals not South Africa thats why we will Always have this kind of bust ups.Anc need change real change we have seen all his tactics and philosophies.

      merven.halo - 2012-06-18 08:46

      For me not having Malema back is good enough reason for Zuma to stay. No one has ever been so destructive to SA than Malema.

      merven.halo - 2012-06-19 07:19

      Thanks for the thumbs down, think about it: who ever stands against Zuma WILL bring Malema back for the youth support.

  • netswera.livhuwani - 2012-06-17 12:41

    Yes that’s what I am talking about, now all the guns go out blazing, the games are all over now, is time to rumble. We are tired of these people from IFP coming into the ANC with their dictatorship style of leadership. No is time for the real ANC leaders to stand up and be recognized. Running around avoiding the reality of how people fill is not going to secure a second term. Is now time to take all the dirt under the carpet and clean the house. this is not banana republic, here you jump.And point of correction for the president;it is a good idea to nominate a rich candidate with brains and vision becouse they will consetrate on serving the country than milkimg inrich their familys and kids.

  • Aubrey - 2012-06-17 12:45

    Please my Lord send those Criminals to HELL before they Kill each other and let Zille lead this Country ,i'm praying to you lord........ AMEN .

      Jacqui - 2012-06-17 13:50

      Oceanmaosh, so according to you a woman isn't good enough to lead this country?. Why don't you tell your mother she is worthless?. Twit.

      Pdevillet - 2012-06-17 19:32

      praying won't help ,voting will....

      alansmartSnr - 2012-06-17 22:57

      ..@ Aubrey.. And the Lord said: HUh! What the heck "there's no more hope for them" I'll give this round to Satan.

      makesuthink - 2012-06-18 09:23

      Aubrey do you know that before the criminals can be sent to HELL they have to DIE first.

      sibusiso.mkoko - 2012-06-18 21:32

      Tsek uya hlanya.

  • deshmook - 2012-06-17 12:49

    But same thing is the US and Europe as well. A typical tale worldwide.

      Jacqui - 2012-06-17 13:51

      deshmook, pray enlighten us. What is the same in Europe and America. You think that liers, cheats and idiots rule there too?.

  • netswera.livhuwani - 2012-06-17 13:02

    You are stupid Helmut,sure thats what youbusy teaching your kids.what a disgrace to Africa and South Africa.Go to Urope

  • ramohapelwa.berries - 2012-06-17 13:02

    Pirates From Polokwane- To Mangaung

  • malcolm.williams.144 - 2012-06-17 13:04

    And so the house of cards collapses...

      mantsho.tlali - 2012-06-17 13:28

      Yes, the sad thing is that only few of us are aware of this, but majority cannot see, so the chaos continues.

      merven.halo - 2012-06-18 08:49

      Only for another house of cards to takes its place.

  • Jacqui - 2012-06-17 13:19

    We've been asking who the f*ck do they think they are for ages.

      Deon Du Plessis - 2012-06-17 13:27

      Wwwwwwwhahhahahahahahahaha ROTF LMFAO'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whahahahahahaha

  • Cassandra Eileen Olivier - 2012-06-17 13:26

    With luck the ANC will collapse within itself

  • rezo.mosepele - 2012-06-17 13:29

    This is a direct insult to the likes chris hani, thambo, sisulu and other fallen ANC heros. The ANC is in tatters, meaning our country isn't in safe hands. For the sake of peace and protecting the image and history of organisation all members must smoke the peace pipe

      merven.halo - 2012-06-18 08:52

      The only difference is, Hani etc destroyed this country with bombs in shopping centers and churches where the current ANC is destroying the country economically. You call them heroes, I call them terrorists.

  • Magdaleen - 2012-06-17 13:32

    I am currently reading "The Africans" by David Lamb published in 1984. This is about Africa form the 1960-80'. So insightful as it> "When he(colonialist)left, the major tribal groups in each country had to confront one another for leadership...Arab moi called it a "cancer that threatens to eat out the very babric of our nation, yet almost every African politician practices it - most African Presidents are more tribal chif than national statemen".

      Deon Du Plessis - 2012-06-17 13:37

      The defense rests your honor!

      Fanie - 2012-06-17 14:54

      Own the book a must read

  • Jacqui - 2012-06-17 13:35

    Yengeni is head of the ANC's political school. Blade doesn't know what he is head of.

      Aubrey - 2012-06-17 14:40


  • DonaldMathrayPerumal - 2012-06-17 13:38

    @ Tony Yengeni You claim Zuma and others are tribalistic and your first utterances are; " You are from the IFP-what are you trying to say,that Blade is no more than a Zulu" Move away from this nonsense,try to say something intelligent so we could show you some respect.The fat boy isn't going to save your arse!

      balan.morgen - 2012-06-17 15:38

      DonaldMathrayPerumal, please shut up because you don't know what you are talking about.

      DonaldMathrayPerumal - 2012-06-17 16:43

      I am talking about Tony Yengeni playing the faction card.

  • kuvha.tshilamatanda - 2012-06-17 13:40

    In germany hitler killed and supressed all those who helped him to gain is south africa all those who helped zuma to becomes a president today they are supressed and dumped out in the cold,their views are undermined \r\nAll this indicate the new breeding of dictatorship.zumas government is the worst ever\r\nI don't even understand him when he always preach that youth should have better education where kids at limpopo and eastern cape still study under the trees.\r\nAt limpopo kids at school just received their text books after the department of education received court order to hand out books to learners.\r\nWhere does this country is heading under zumas leadership?\r\nWhy there is so much development at nkandla than at other provinces of the country?\r\nMandela and mbeki were president of the country but they didn't priotised eastern cape.\r\nWhy zuma is doing this now?

  • helmut.smrz - 2012-06-17 13:47

    Hi Koos I take the EX back