The ANC used me like a condom - Malema

2012-05-03 22:26

Johannesburg - Expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has claimed the ANC used him for its own purposes before throwing him away, it was reported on Thursday.

eNews reported that Malema told a Friends of the Youth League gathering in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape that he had been mistreated by the ANC's leadership.

"Those of us who have remained loyal, [and] those of us who have entered treacherous places [by] defending the African National Congress... today we are not wanted," he said.

"We are used like toilet paper that is flushed in the toilet. We are used like condoms - those who use condoms will know how condoms work, they use them and they throw them [away] somewhere else."

Meanwhile the ANC Youth League has distanced itself from the newly formed Friends of the Youth League. The group was created to provide a platform for Malema after his expulsion from the ANC.

The youth league’s provincial spokesperson Nathi Nomatiti told the City Press on Wednesday that the Eastern Cape provincial executive committee distanced itself from the group because it knew nothing about it.

Malema was originally suspended for five years for sowing division in the party and for bringing it into disrepute. He was found to have done so by unfavourably comparing the leadership style of President Jacob Zuma to that of former president Thabo Mbeki, and for remarks on bringing about regime change in Botswana.

He unsuccessfully appealed, but was granted leave to present evidence in mitigation to the ANCs national disciplinary committee.

However, on February 29 it announced the sanction against him was being increased to expulsion.

He again appealed and it was this appeal that the ANC's national disciplinary committee of appeal dismissed on April 24.

  • Brett - 2012-05-03 22:34

    !!! Im lost for words! Cant wait to see the comments!

      Press - 2012-05-03 22:44

      Well - I dont like the comparison drawn - a condom is actually a useful item.

      Atholl - 2012-05-03 23:05

      George Orwell had a special name for this - 'Useful Idiot !' ---- he never had a name for ---- A 'useful idiot' who admits his 'usefulness' Would Orwell have called him a 'useful genius' ?

      seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-05-04 00:27

      @ Press - provided it is not used as water-bombs in the shower instead..... :-)

      Charles Dumbwin - 2012-05-04 07:34

      HAHA this is classic. Guess he's no longer the government's 'CHOICE'

  • reflection.moment - 2012-05-03 22:37


  • elmathapo - 2012-05-03 22:38

    Someone should make new c0ndoms brands named Julius Malema Condoms

      Marion - 2012-05-04 07:34

      I think I saw his face on a roll of toilet paper in a music video a while back...

      Merven - 2012-05-04 10:47

      Imagine, the new AmaJuJu condom for the Amasplatsplat.

      Arthur - 2012-05-04 10:59

      Good God no, please, I'll never have sex again. Toilet paper with his face on it yes, but condoms? Hell no!

  • elmathapo - 2012-05-03 22:40

    Someone should make new c0ndoms brands named Julius Malema Condoms

      George - 2012-05-03 22:58

      Yes, designed for the first time user; boys who want to be men!

      seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-05-04 00:34

      Yea then SARS can investigate that business as well - more evidence against him!

      Fussed - 2012-05-04 06:52

      Yes good idea, and call them "GO" insted of what they are used for

      Arthur - 2012-05-04 11:00

      Elm it would never work - the condoms would only fit over toothpicks.

  • Bheki - 2012-05-03 22:40

    If you misbehave the ANC will deal with you period

      Sean - 2012-05-04 02:56

      Just a pitty the ANC can`t run the country !!

      sean.redmond3 - 2012-05-04 08:26

      @Sean, they can run the country, just look around, we are in a hole bigger than the Kimberly Hole.They are steadily "running" us into the ground. And all Juju is worried about is a condom. Makes you think.

  • Crracker - 2012-05-03 22:41

    Please Julius, keep it up. We need you. We are tired of religion articles. We NEED you. With or without. LOL!

      Bless Boswell - 2012-05-03 23:07

      Don't encourage him, please. He might just believe you ...

  • porshe.vrebec - 2012-05-03 22:43

    wow, condom ja ne! karma is female dog uhh!!!

  • EricksonTL - 2012-05-03 22:44

    Probably while they were 'getting freaky' with the Chinese or Uncle Bob.

  • Eugene - 2012-05-03 22:45

    Does he even know how to use one? We all know Zuma does not.

  • morneoosthuizen - 2012-05-03 22:45

    well, he is a dick...

  • Ken - 2012-05-03 22:45

    Yeah Fat Boy!....but unlike a used condom, you where full of S#it!

      EricksonTL - 2012-05-03 22:47

      Must have been Uncle Bob then...

      Gladstone - 2012-05-03 22:57

      Oh come on! What does the Uncle has to do with this?

      Crracker - 2012-05-03 23:32

      @ Gladstone The Uncle also used him but it turned out the thing was full of holes and sh.t. Whose sh.t? Wonder if they will allow him to marry while in Orange?

  • George - 2012-05-03 22:46

    Julius just keeps on coming forward and spraying his invectives. They had to put a lid on it I suppose. Hee Hee

      Godfrey - 2012-05-04 00:19

      NO NO George...come Juliaaas, do tell how they used you, for starters by putting a condom over your head....ooops wrong head.

  • Thando - 2012-05-03 22:46

    Nawe u hv same properties........very thick!!

  • Loyiso - 2012-05-03 22:46

    The ANC used me like a condom! The show is not over yet, the main character in this sopie is still around!!!!

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-05-04 08:43

      I agree. That was my thought all the time. I watch his interview/documentary on tv and in the begin he was like a little Hitler and the last 15 min he made some remarks/statements that partly made sense. My conclusion was that he is or a Hitler with different personalities(we know how dangerous that was) or he spoke his mind and than repeat parrot style some-one else words/ideas. Loyiso, I think you can be spot on.

  • Loyiso - 2012-05-03 22:47

    The ANC used me like a condom! The show is not over yet, the main character in this sopie is still around!!!!

      Fussed - 2012-05-04 06:56

      So now, whats it like to be screwed

      Marion - 2012-05-04 08:19

      Personally think this man is testing his power base when he addresses meetings by 'the friends of Julius Malema'. Good to hear that the ANCYL in Eastern Cape distanced itself from the gathering. On tv footage seemed like most who attended were girls, who didn't know how to toyi-toyi, and who were carrying on like groupies at a rock concert. Seems they may be more impressed by Breitling watches, mansions, fast cars etc. Oh yes, and the fact that he seems to have enough cows to pay lobola.

  • Loyiso - 2012-05-03 22:47

    The ANC used me like a condom! The show is not over yet, the main character in this sopie is still around!!!!

      boiky.masilela - 2012-05-03 22:57

      Ja set!!!

  • Thando - 2012-05-03 22:49

    Its cold out of th ANC my boy........

      vusimuzi.malinga - 2012-05-03 23:18

      True dat Thando jah neah juju

      Press - 2012-05-04 00:36

      Naaaahhh - hell discover intelligent life on the outside . . .

  • James - 2012-05-03 22:49

    Shame :( His target audience doesn't use condoms so they would no know what a used condom look like or what he is talking about.

      Olusunne - 2012-05-03 23:11

      At least you contributed 1 or 2 tins 2 d growth of ANC.Elders are 2 be obey cuz politics is in their hands.

      Olusunne - 2012-05-03 23:11

      At least you contributed 1 or 2 tins 2 d growth of ANC.Elders are 2 be obey cuz politics is in their hands.

      Olusunne - 2012-05-03 23:12

      At least you contributed 1 or 2 tins 2 d growth of ANC.Elders are 2 be obey cuz politics is in their hands.

      Smile - 2012-05-04 07:39

      @ Olusunne - The only things Malema contributed to was his own pockets... and now he will be contributing to SARS, his builders, his gardener, his attorneys... Don't be lied to by the ANC... free yourself!

      Nhlanhla - 2012-05-04 09:42

      Please rescue us from the used condom.

  • Ronald - 2012-05-03 22:50

    Finally he realises that he was the sucker that was used to screw the people of SA. I simply refuse to comment on the toilet paper part as it hurts when I laugh.

  • Lacrimose - 2012-05-03 22:51

    Welcome to the world of real politics. Read up on history, ZA and world-wide. Sorry for you, they made you feel special and omnipotent. But the same people who make you can and will break you if you no longer serve their ends. You played with the grown-ups and you lost.

  • tshivhombelaf - 2012-05-03 22:51

    How about I used ANC to enrich myself?

      Michael - 2012-05-04 00:06

      great idea. But, my friend, you will have to get in line. Behind SANRAL, SHAIK bros, Gupta Bros, Zuma, Mdluli. U can take Shiceka's place, he's gone to the devil to face his wrongdoings.

      Charles Dumbwin - 2012-05-04 07:36

      Exactly right !!! Malema is such a hypocrite. He even 'hates' the media, but he has used that same media to spread his stupid opinions for years.

  • mogale.tshidi - 2012-05-03 22:55

    Stop fooling ppl. U were nt used, nobody told u to go around swearing at ppl n calling them names. Nobody told u to go

  • Sheik - 2012-05-03 22:57

    Did the prick not see that!

  • Crracker - 2012-05-03 22:57

    So true that Malema was used as the Idiot. He has only himself to blame. Malema was given the illusion of power and importance. One could just look on in disbelief how he fell for all the BS. To be told that and given excuses such as that the YL and Malema are supposed to be radical and that as a "youth" he is is still subject to instruction and guidance by the elders. Even that arch rubbish Winnie Mandela threw her little bit in. And the fool that Malema is, he fell for it all. NOBODY in the ANC will want Malema to have a say over their futures. He showed himself up to be an inconsiderate, emotional, unpredictable fool. We at least know that the SACP and Cosatu will not support him. He is finished. Now for the finale. It is coming in Orange.

  • solvashirindza - 2012-05-03 23:02

    malema was just foolish he should have knwn what say, where and when to say things he said. He bought the jacket he must wear it.

  • Bala - 2012-05-03 23:02

    How many people you have disrespect? Did your father Zuma sent you to do that? Go and join COPE

  • Bala - 2012-05-03 23:02

    How many people you have disrespect? Did your father Zuma sent you to do that? Go and join COPE

  • lsgmoraka - 2012-05-03 23:04

    Did they send you to swear at grown-up no,time to reap ur vegs.

  • Gladstone - 2012-05-03 23:06

    Hello, can anybody say \shame Juju\? Ja fat-boy this is not today's congress.

  • mpho.pink1 - 2012-05-03 23:07

    I couldn't help but laugh my butt off when I heard Malema say this on tv, lol I think it's time that Malema just kept quiet coz everything he says comes out wrong nje.lmao!!!

      Sharon - 2012-05-03 23:41

      Maybe he is practicing - He can be Trevor Noah's sidekick

  • Just_my_opinion - 2012-05-03 23:07

    He's got it wrong actually he was the DA's secret weapon!

      Ngaka - 2012-05-03 23:15

      Stop overrating your DA.Malema's too big for a party as small as the DA.

      Gladstone - 2012-05-03 23:16

      Now we fired him cause time for elections is near. The HAWKS will send him to jail, and we will WIN! Viva ANC VIVA!

      EricksonTL - 2012-05-03 23:27

      True Ngaka. He'd need to go on a MAJOR diet to fit in there. The DA aren't scoffing at the trough afterall... He'd also have to gain about 50 IQ points.

      Press - 2012-05-04 00:40

      @Ngaka - well now - if they measure his brain the paradigm changes . .

      Dee - 2012-05-04 01:48

      Ngaka - ever thought of the good job Malema does for the DA?

      Charles Dumbwin - 2012-05-04 07:43

      Ngaka - Malema is too big to fit into Luthuli House.

      Jacques - 2012-05-04 09:37

      mmmm Ngaka if your are an ANYL member you would know your membership is far smaller than that of the DA. Yes it is part of the ANC but remember you fat leader argued it was atonomas

  • wikus.schalkwyk - 2012-05-03 23:19

    remember the beets...

  • Rob - 2012-05-03 23:23

    Sorry, cannot resist it....maybe it is to do with being a dic*he*d

  • xolile.hanse - 2012-05-03 23:23


  • mary.kircher - 2012-05-03 23:24

    tut tut ..... without even buying you breakfast or paying for your taxi fare ....

      William - 2012-05-04 02:29

      Wahahahahahah... backhand!

  • hazelmsomi - 2012-05-03 23:32


  • Marc - 2012-05-03 23:33

    Priceless. There should be a song, "Jizz in my Malema".

  • donald.rohland - 2012-05-03 23:33


  • morneoosthuizen - 2012-05-03 23:37

    Who else can't wait for Nando's to get a a hold of this?

      Michael - 2012-05-04 00:09

      Me! I Also can't wait

  • pws69 - 2012-05-03 23:37

    Is it just me, or have all the Malema supporters from as little as two weeks ago disappeared like a mist in the morning sunlight? Or should that be like a turd in a flushed toilet?

      Crracker - 2012-05-03 23:44

      It is noticeable. Those so-called supporters were probably the "official" squad with the benefit of resources they no longer have. One has to suspect that the fashion brigade leaders that included a one Flyod Something were principally involved in the support base here and on other forums.

  • Freddy - 2012-05-03 23:43


  • David - 2012-05-03 23:43

    This thing no matter how dof, will not give up. sad for the tiny hope of SA

  • Nolubabalo - 2012-05-03 23:56

    How about \I used ANC for my benefits\!

  • Michael - 2012-05-03 23:59

    "those who use condoms will know how they work" Thanks captain obvious. Let's vote: who's thicker, Mal-enema or George W Bush?

  • Drikus - 2012-05-04 00:05

    mr. Malema you got used dont fool yourself you got millions because of the anc. Be greatful!! Now that the bucks is not streaming in you got all sorts of stories. Just STOP MAN

  • Mario Bisogno - 2012-05-04 00:08

    You had a real chance to motivate the youth constructively like education but instead filling there heads with ideas like things will come free. If u were a condom then you would have holes.what a waste of a person and a bad role Model .u used the youth so u could buy your self nice house and car and even R100000 watch why not set up training centres for the youth with that money!!!!! U blady crook

  • Johan - 2012-05-04 00:14

    No man, now I'm gonna look for a fat turd with a baret before I flush

      Malizba Liz Mhlanga - 2012-05-04 01:08

      hehehehe Lol

  • Dumisani Mpanza - 2012-05-04 00:15

    May b it's about time for Mr Malema to move on with your life,Because everyone in ANC start by feeding himself before thinking abt us. So just get a Hike and leave your life,The ANC doesn't need you anymore.

  • seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-05-04 00:23

    Yea what a total abortion you - mal-lema turned out to be! Good luck in your afterlife - perhasps you will re-appear as Shrek...... :-) Even that would be an improvement! Now the world can continue it's normal course without a little frog with a barret jumping up and down begging for mercy not to be skinned alive and be eaten by your own people!

  • KCorsar - 2012-05-04 00:27

    I'm sure Durex will be in line to sponsor you for free