Thousands back Stop Malema campaign

2011-01-18 15:28

Johannesburg - A "Stop Malema" campaign has gained the support of 44 000 people ahead of the ANC Youth League leader's hate speech case on Wednesday, civil rights group AfriForum said.

"The campaign is aimed at raising as much public support as possible in the run-up to AfriForum's hate speech case against Julius Malema," the organisation's chief executive Kallie Kriel said in a statement on Tuesday.

It had garnered support from webpages, social networking site Facebook, and cellphone programs, he claimed.

"It confirms that the public are tired of Malema's polarising statements."

The case was expected to get underway in the Equality Court, in the South Gauteng High Court, on Wednesday. A high court judge was expected to preside over the matter.

AfriForum was seeking an interdict prohibiting Malema from making "inciting" statements that promoted hostility towards any ethnic group.

"We are determined to see to it that Malema is called to order," said Kriel.

The organisation said it would request the Equality Court to grant a judgment by default because Malema had failed to submit pleas in the case.

If the court granted the request, it may consider a ruling within a few days or weeks, he said.

The case relates to Malema's repeated use of the "shoot the boer" slogan.

The phrase was popularised by former ANCYL president Peter Mokaba at a memorial rally for slain anti-apartheid activist and SA Communist Party leader Chris Hani in Cape Town in 1993, months before South Africa held its first democratic elections in 1994.

The hearing about the singing of the words "dubul' ibhunu" was moved to the South Gauteng High Court following an agreement between both parties last year.

In a separate case, Malema was found guilty of hate speech and harassment by the Equality Court in March last year over comments he made about President Jacob Zuma's rape accuser.

  • Will99 - 2011-01-18 15:32

    (No comment/just head shaking)

      Vigorous - 2011-01-18 17:58

      natzach - let me guess you are a Malema supporter, shame guess who's the IDIOT now. There's no hope for your stupidity!!

      natzach - 2011-01-18 20:39

      Vigorous, you missed the stupid comment from sganja. He is the Malema supporter

      FatBoySlim - 2011-01-18 21:20

      bmud gow

      richard - 2011-01-18 22:39

      Do not worry,I am on the way!

      Zanu - 2011-01-19 08:09

      Very sad... that after so many years since Apartheid was killed; we are now starting to become more and more racist. 1970’s were the worst, 1995 was our best and now in 2011 we are fast becoming a very racist nation... again :( I blame our leadership. If they spoke out against Malema's raging racism maybe people would take note that racism is bad... but they don’t do anything to Malema, making the vast majority feel that our government is condoning racism rather then condemning... very sad the path that the ANC is turning. From Madiba to Malema... From an Angel to the Devil himself. - 2011-01-19 09:14

      I still fail to understand, why our 'great leader" has not condemed this racist statment from malema, this is what he fought for right. maybe these statments are being withheld from him. then why?

      ISHMIZA - 2011-01-19 09:25

      Only 44000?, this is NEWSWORTHY?It is about 0.09% of the population you know.

      Howzitekse - 2011-01-19 12:19

      Theyre all scared of Julius. What a joke. Good to see its only a few 1000. They are all spewing hatred here on this page. LOL.

      Totman - 2011-01-19 14:19

      ISHMIZA. You do multiply the actual figure with any thing from 10 to 50. In this case you can even use much bigger amounts to multiply it with to get the reflecting figure that would have agreed to the topic on the table. This is a system that all companies/groups use to estimate the feeling of customers. 44 000 is in other words a lot of people, seeing that it was not a full-house national advertised campaign. Not even companies, pushing big bucks into adds, get this type of response.

      Boikanyo - 2011-01-20 11:17

      If a person is a supporter what is wrong with that?any1 has a right to support whom ever they want to.That is democracy for you.You cant enforce ur so called intelligence or stupidity on another person.Gone are the days!I just hate when people who claim to be intelligent are actualy stupid!

  • BigMoose - 2011-01-18 15:34

    One Malema, one sock, maybe a pair of socks.

      duzigirl - 2011-01-18 16:05

      wha ha ha ha whaaaaaa ha ha!!!

      Itoldyouso - 2011-01-18 16:11

      one pair of sockses you mean

      johanndej - 2011-01-18 16:31


      lmduplessis - 2011-01-18 17:08

      3 week old dirty gymsock

      Apollo_GOW - 2011-01-19 11:24

      @JulUIsmalema, i actually almost believed that you might be Malema, but since you you could not spel you name even correctly i don't know. and that you think you could stop Twitter and Facebook, its called freedom of speech you dumb pig. Something that the real malema uses to spread his hate speech but actually want to take it away from people against him. Think you leader has some issues. But then again any one dumb enough to vote anc has some issues.

      PikeLee - 2011-01-19 14:38

      JuluisMalema. you such a chop!

  • Mike - 2011-01-18 15:47

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now the ANCYL will want to ban petitions...

      dools - 2011-01-18 16:03

      should they start a petition to have them banned?

      Melly30 - 2011-01-18 16:04

      Like Hell!! F F Sakes - really you followers are more stupid than I thought! His time WILL COME!!

      Mike - 2011-01-18 16:14

      Melly, apparently my satirical remark was lost on you... So I will elaborate: As this petition is gaining ground, the ANCYL will likely throw their toys out the cot and try and ban petitions in the same way they wanted to close down twitter. I was making light of their propensity for villifying anything that does not promulgate their narrow agenda. So relax!

      green_goblin - 2011-01-18 16:18

      LOL Dool , good one!!

      Melly30 - 2011-01-18 16:23

      Mike - lol:) Anything is possible with the ANC... I just get so worked up over this CRAP!!! Take care Mike!!!:)

      Mike - 2011-01-18 16:32

      No Worries! It rubs me up the wrong way too... Nothing irks me more than blatant stupidity! Take it easy ;)

  • rethan - 2011-01-18 15:50

    JM you bloody AGENT!! Get away from here and move to Zim you worthless git.

      Warren - 2011-01-19 00:01

      Now why the hell would he want to go there??? There is absoluttely nothing left in Zim for him to f**k up... Boss Robert has already taken care of bussiness!!!

      The Patriot - 2011-01-19 10:33

      Boss Bob has just had a prostate op in Malaysia. Apparently not recovering well. Probably couldn't handle another thing being pulled out through his ass.

      danjon1000 - 2011-01-19 15:48


      danjon1000 - 2011-01-19 15:49

      Bob and JuliARSE on a plane, I see a bomb, oh one can dream

  • Xolani - 2011-01-18 15:57

    You think people will learn from their mistake, The Stop Zuma Campaign was a big flop and still people sign up for this as well. Waste of energy and time. I would love to sign up for worthwhile campaigns, if there is a campaign to help Centurion flood victims please let us know (doubt NEWS24 will carry such a story though)

      duzigirl - 2011-01-18 16:07

      well said xolani - im in!

      hannet.breitenbach - 2011-01-18 16:08

      I agree with you Xolani. When will this bull stop of racism. There are worst pain and suffering in the world, can we join a campaign to help the needy?

      Mike - 2011-01-18 16:08

      The difference is the JZ campaign pertained to a pending corruption case. This time round JM cant use Schabir as a fall guy, as it is about his own hate speech not his ignorance regarding his personal finances

      AjaxFiko - 2011-01-18 16:12

      Spot on Xolani.

      green_goblin - 2011-01-18 16:20

      Even though I do agree with your sentiments, I was just wondering why you would need a petition to sign to "help" Centurion flodd victims, just go and help them..

      maxanansi - 2011-01-18 16:25

      Actually, Xolani, that is a great idea. Why not set something up and let us know?

      Johan - 2011-01-19 08:05

      Xolani Your maths indicate you went to school with Melama Just as stupid

      Matadoress - 2011-01-19 08:21

      So mauch time for Julius Malema, I guess that's how much they love him and notice him. Now who wants to start a pertition on the price of bread last time I heared the Competition Commission was on their case for price fixing and promised to drop prices, but today the price of bread still remains at its highest. Ja! eish! South Africans there's this thing called truth and change ábsolute biatches arent they!!!

      Joshua - 2011-01-19 09:47

      Xolani, do you like Malema? Do you support him? just yes or no...

      Kaleidoscope - 2011-01-19 10:07

      @Xolani - I agree, why are we waisting time on an idiot like Malema.

      Xolani - 2011-01-19 10:28

      @Joshua - NO, I dont like him ( I'm into woman buddy )

      Weezychest - 2011-01-19 12:16

      HAHAHA ,nice comeback there Xolani.

      Lauren - 2011-01-19 12:18

      Nice one! Where do we start?

      Lauren - 2011-01-19 12:19

      Johan, your grammar indicates that you perhaps did not go to school. Equally stupid (not that I'm calling you stupid, Xolani!).

      sbuda - 2011-01-19 13:30

      @ Johan, firstly Its MALEMA not melama you twit!! and secondly judgung from your grammar you never made it to class you idiot!!

      wolff.jason - 2011-01-19 20:01

      @Zoidberg - you really are disgusting. You disagree with what Xolani said but instead of arguing the point you resort to pure racism.

      wolff.jason - 2011-01-19 20:18

      @Xolani - what you don't get is that the ANC keeps preaching let’s move the country forward but they keep allowing Malema to sow division along racial lines. Who is this helping? Can you honestly tell me that Shoot the Boer is not polarising? The song, coupled with the increase in farm deaths (although I believe not directly related) really puts the singing of the song in bad taste. I believe that if Malema was not a politician then relationship between white and black would be much better however I fear that his sole aim is to sow division and pass the blame on to everyone else. No one likes to accept their own lot in life it is always easier to blame someone else. Not the kind of leader that will move the country forward. This campaign is like minded people expressing their views and I for one do not believe it is a waste of time.

      nhla.prv - 2011-01-20 07:21

      You are on the ball Xolani.People juss dont learn,the way they try to mobilise the masses with petition on individuals indicates a lack of knowledge on what the real issues are out there.Why not focus on poverty, potholes, farm issues, traffic lights , crime ,racism ??? The number of racist comments here are astounding .Some people think they are better than others ! Its animal farm .

      alousav - 2011-01-20 13:23

      Good for you Xolani. Let's put our energy where it's needed.

      Dewet - 2011-01-20 14:50

      @Matadoress > "We gave them president Mandela who was kind enough to give them their own land " Kind enough? Well, I suppose the referendum was also kind enough to give Mandela the democratic election. Anyway, most white people only have praise for Mandela except a lot feel he should have been more critical of the ANC's poor decisions after his departure. > "We then gave them thee most sophisticated presdient Mbeki the world has ever seen..." The one that denied HIV causes AIDS, appointed the pathetic, alcoholic, poorly educated health minister, protected Selebi, arms deal saga, refusal to debate important issues etc, etc. I don't think Mbeki is seomething to write home about. Helen Zille for example won an international mayor of the year award, but alas she is white and in there is no such colour in the rainbow ( or in Pedi - sarcasm). > "has survived thee most ruthless recession of our time, where most superpowers couldnt survive" Where do you get the idea that the superpowers did not survive? All the superpowers are perfectly alive and still classified as superpowers. They were dented, but they are still a million times better off than we are, have lower levels of crime, corruption, more jobs, stronger economies, better standards in education, better infrastructure etc. Haha. Please go and read a book before you try to write intelligent, I don't care about grammar or spelling, but your logic suggests your IQ is low. > ont white people have anything hopeful and positive to talk about. We are raised to plan for the future. Being paranoid is a side effect that, in the end, assists in providing stability and comfort. Maybe you should worry mopre about where you're going and help building a stable environment.

  • zainmohomed06 - 2011-01-18 15:58

    Can someone pleast also start a STOP Graeme Smith campaign. Before he chokes and embouresses the nation again at the cricket world cup!!!

      Mystic Boer - 2011-01-18 16:05


      maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 16:53

      pcpcoetzee89 : How can haters be lovers? Does howzitekse JUMP?

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 16:55

      Stop the start Graeme Smith campaign !

      Markis - 2011-01-19 07:40

      stop the stop the start graeme smith campaign

      ray.romans - 2011-01-19 07:56

      Zain, stop embarrassing yourself with your pathetic spelling.

      DeonL - 2011-01-19 08:37

      At least he is getting some runs, he is my captain, captain! Rather make a plan to stop deviding the team in whites and players of colour, we need the best 15.

      richietarr - 2011-01-20 07:57

      Can we stop with the stop the stop the start the stop Graeme Smith Campaign. Its really starting to put a stop on my patience.

      chappy - 2011-01-24 09:12

      While I share your frustration, Smith was still the 3rd highest run-scorer in the SA team in the series (after Amla and Duminy).... the problem is that we expect big scores every innings because of his past results, but he is still doing OK overall...

  • Irie Fairie - 2011-01-18 15:59

  • djmilano.26 - 2011-01-18 16:00

    I never new that truth is defined as hate speech

      Bobbi T - 2011-01-18 17:46

      @djmilano - 'kill the boer' is the truth? (maybe 'Julius is fat' is closer to a truth?)

      Pragmatist - 2011-01-19 00:09

      Well the truth is that everything that you have, own or want was invented by a white man - is that truth enough for you? (Apologies to all the normal RSA peeps out there or all races - comments like these need swift responses.)

      Radrodent - 2011-01-19 10:19

      Quite true what you are saying pragmatist. Quite true.

      stephanie.gaddin - 2011-01-19 11:15

      @S Soga - no we don't want people like Pragmatist here in Australia ... you can keep him and all the other racists in SA thank you very much

      QueenBee1 - 2011-01-19 13:47

      I see you also went to the JM School of woodwork - your spelling says it all. The word is "knew".

      djmilano.26 - 2011-01-19 17:08

      Bla bla bla bla.most whites are just complainers @queen dont you think i know that.........

      nhla.prv - 2011-01-20 12:20

      @Pragmatist I only wish you well informed.Try google for free .You might post an informed opinion next time.

      alousav - 2011-01-20 13:30

      @djmilano. The problem is, it's only the truth when blacks want it to be the trust.... otherwise it's white propaganda!!! Works both ways.

  • Sizwe - 2011-01-18 16:02

    Cheap publicity stunt with no substance in a democratic environment...

      mpanzame - 2011-01-18 17:14

      Yeah, Julias is good at that isnt he....

  • Xolani - 2011-01-18 16:02

    44 000 from 49 million ... Ya people are really tired of Malema's rants. A whole 0.0001% of the population is gatvol !!!

      Johnny - 2011-01-18 16:20

      ....and the rest are ignorent and uninformed....

      Spade - 2011-01-18 16:21

      and 49 million support Malema?

      pop101 - 2011-01-18 16:40

      0.09% actually. Just think Spartans vs Persians.

      BKH - 2011-01-18 16:47

      Typical.... you cant do maths you dumbass

      barry.mcbride - 2011-01-18 16:49

      OMG, don’t you even know how to work out a percentage? The correct answer is 0.09%

      braveinternetguy - 2011-01-18 17:44

      Ever thought that it may be the most significant 0.09% who are gatvol?

      Bobbi T - 2011-01-18 17:48

      hey at least he got better than a 'D' in woodwork...

      Grant - 2011-01-18 19:57

      So what's the percentage signing petitions of SUPPORT for him, you dumbass!?

      Pragmatist - 2011-01-19 00:10

      Product of RSA education...

      Warren - 2011-01-19 00:20

      So you are in the majority... Can you imagine the length of the bread & milk que at the only spaza shop in Soweto if you vote for that American AGENT for president??? P.S. Here, Xolani, is some food for thought... Black people are also in the majority in the Western Cape, you BRIGHT SPARK!!!

      Apollo_GOW - 2011-01-19 11:15

      Xolani its most liklylikely you were with Malema at school or Zuma, since you can't do math. Stupid that majority also belivesbelieves in communism a system which the russiansRussians & your beloved ChineeseChinese have show does not work but you think, and i mean the people who were so primetiveprimitive they have not invented the wheel even is going to make communism work. Yes those people like malema,stupid people. Also the rest of the nation sitting in townships only hearing ANC propaganda each day. but they are so dumddumb they don't realiserealize they are even more poor than before apartheid and there votes makes guys like Malema rich.Sorich. So in conclusion only the dumb and stupid would support a pig like malema.

      Siegfried - 2011-01-19 11:37

      Xolandi, You have made a few worthy contributions in the past. I am afraid though, this time you have demonstrated your (archetypal) lack of substance, by failing at even the most basic of maths tests... The vastly more complex- and equally more abstract verities of statistics, will therefore be so absolutely wasted on you, I will proceed only for the entertainments of 0.09% of the population. 11.7M people voted in the last general elections. The clinical surveyor will regard this as the statistical population. So in fact it is closer to half a percent. As with the ‘Comments’ section here, only a small portion – in this case closer to your “...whole 0.0001%...” – express their opinions in this manner. So the statistical multiple = the inverse, iow = 1 113 636 times. This is a very very rudimentary example and serves a demo of a concept only (before stats peers attack me). There is not nearly enough info available to determine the ‘stats multiple’ for the 44k (now probably more) ‘petitioners’, but certainly theirs are not isolated opinions. It is simply cognitively naive to say it is only the opinion of those who signed the petition.

      Xolani - 2011-01-19 12:51

      LOL, The percentage calculation was typed out without any emphasis on the actual correctiveness of the percent. Point I was trying to make is that this is hardly newsworthy. I've visited the facebook page in question and most of the people who have supposedly signed the petition actually joined the Group so they can make comments on the page. A majority of them are in fact pro-Malema. I'm no Malema supporter but I make my own decisions. In the past he has said some ridiculous things but also raised valid comments as well. I just strongly believe that the energy and time being spent on Malema can be used elsewhere where it can be put to good use. The opposition is failing South Africans (all races) once more. Instead of futile petitions they should be knocking on peoples doors and becoming more visible in light of the local government elections coming up shortly. The ANC has already started canvassing and when they win the elections people will be first to scream "ANC illiterate sheep", forgetting that no electioneering was done on their part. lets leave the courts to deal with Malema, Lets focus on building a better country for all citizens in it. PS. Those who have called me stupid, idiot, moron, dumbass etc I'm not in the least insulted, I salute you for exercising your right to freedom of expression. But its usually effective when you put a point across rather then shouting out names. After all isn't that what the Stop Malema petition is about ?

      Xolani - 2011-01-19 12:56

      LOL, The percentage calculation was typed out without any emphasis on the actual “correctiveness” of the percent. Point I was trying to make is that this is hardly newsworthy. I've visited the facebook page in question and most of the people who have supposedly signed the petition actually joined the Group so they can make comments on the page. A majority of them are in fact pro-Malema. I'm no Malema supporter but I make my own decisions. In the past he has said some ridiculous things but also raised valid points as well. I just strongly believe that the energy and time being spent on Malema can be used elsewhere where it can be put to good use. The opposition is failing South Africans (all races) once more. Instead of futile petitions they should be knocking on peoples doors and becoming more visible in light of the local government elections coming up shortly. The ANC has already started canvassing and when they win the elections people will be first to scream "ANC illiterate sheep", forgetting that no electioneering was done on their part. Lets leave the courts to deal with Malema, Lets focus on building a better country for all citizens in it. PS. Those who have called me stupid, idiot, moron, dumbass etc I'm not in the least insulted; I salute you for exercising your right to freedom of expression. But it’s usually effective when you put a point across rather then shouting out names. After all isn't that what the Stop Malema petition is about?

      Mike - 2011-01-19 13:08

      Xolani, for the record, Afriforum is *NOT* a political party nor is it an opposition party. I agree however that the oposition parties in SA fulfill the role of petty reactionary politicians and that they have failed the country at large. The fact of the matter is we dont actually have a decent opposition party in this country, which doesn not bode well for political progression.

      Xolani - 2011-01-19 13:39

      @ Mike - Thanks, with all due respect I kind of know that already. If you visit the facebook site (group - Against Malema what what), its no State secret that most of the people there are DA supporters based on their comments and support. That is however beside the point. Does anyone know what will be done with the petition once it reaches the targeted number (assuming there is one) ?

      gargamel.kruger - 2011-01-19 14:50

      "...But its usually effective when you put a point across rather then shouting out names. After all isn't that what the Stop Malema petition is about ?" Spot on.

      Warren - 2011-01-19 14:53

      Okay, so I took your comment out of context, but there was no way for me to know reading your comment word for word. To clarify me labeling you a "Bright Spark", it was not intended as an insult but as sarcasm, which after reading your explaination was not deserved.

      Nebula - 2011-01-19 15:03

      Gees guys, the 0.0001% was more of an exaggeration just to put emphasis on how minute the petition and its signatory are... I cant beleive people are actually having a go at you over 0.09%. Seems that what most of them need to pass in the old regime hence the need to emphasise 0.09% AfriForum is a club, just like a ponzi/pyramid... They get support from people that dont know what to do with their lives and make it seem like its the in thing to do, meanwhile you are just screwed as a supporter and empowering the leadership and they get nothing... their style is similar to the one they are signing a petion for...

      chappy - 2011-01-24 09:07

      @ Xolani: You say "..The opposition is failing South Africans.." Really? I'm very happy in the Western Cape with the "opposition" in charge. We have the best roads, the most accountable government, the best infrastructure etc etc etc. And they were voted in by the people of the Western Cape, which in case you haven't worked it out, are made up by a black majority. What I don't understand is that you sound like an intelligent, educated person and yet you appear to support a government that is so completely corrupt that it denies its millions of supporters the basic rights that they claim to have fought to gain.

  • hannet.breitenbach - 2011-01-18 16:02

    sganja....guess only blacks arent...racists. ever hear of freedom of speach. and FYI go and have a look at the campaign and see howmany of your own people are against him!!

      Zinki - 2011-01-18 16:23

      The blacks should be against Malema. He is an embarrassment to the whole country. Black and white... He has caused a lot of harm to this country's image overseas due to the ranting at that British journalist. Every overseas newschanned aired that temper tantrum. Can you imagine how the whole world thinks we are like Zim now and other African countries.

      Mike - 2011-01-18 16:35

      All too true Zinki! It should not be a racial issue, but rather an issue of incomotence and intolerance being spewed from this vile little boy.

  • profdrew - 2011-01-18 16:03

    I'm sure those 44 000 pp are all white and just a fraction of the population! I think its time opposition parties contribute positively in this democracy instead of always pointing fingers! Its easier to point fingers than actually give meaningful solutions and suggestions

      Mike - 2011-01-18 16:28

      Have you bothered viewing the petition names? I see it *IS* very easy to point fingers... Perhaps you should make use of your own advice?

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 17:08

      Well, it was only 4000 odd partygoers at Polokwane that voted in Zuma as President .

      emile.marais - 2011-01-18 21:01

      I think that unfortunately to many black people see this as a bunch of racist who don't like Julius Malema because he is black, and ANC. Truth is, most white people me included is against Julius Malema because we see him as a threat to the future growth of this country's non-racial democracy. We feel threatened by him becuase he is a leader of all the wrong attributes. So naturally we will make noise. Most white people I think, just want a sense of accountability from blacks for the governing of this nation. Simply put, that's it.

      emile.marais - 2011-01-18 21:08

      Just my thought. If I'm incorrect or there are grammar issues in my comment I sincerely appologies to all offended.

      Pragmatist - 2011-01-19 00:12

      The opposition ARE the democracy - the ANC are just a useless waste of space! Name one good thing the ANC has done!! They did not even get rid of apartheid - the PAC and COSATU did that!

      Pragmatist - 2011-01-19 00:13

      @emilie - EXACTLY

      Xolani - 2011-01-19 10:33

      @maseratifitt, actually that's a lie ... millions voted for Zuma to be RSA President and a couple of thousands voted for him to be ANC President. Please advise if you would like a picture depicting the above ...

      damascus - 2011-01-19 10:39

      @pragmatist it jus goes to show how little your knowledge of SA politics is. True, JM should go he's just giving ppl like yourself more ammo to throw at anything black. do your research before you spew the rubbish that you do!!!!

      Lauren - 2011-01-19 12:28

      Xolani, we don't vote for the president. We vote for the party, who then decides who the president will be. Sjoe. Really? Sometimes you think, but sometimes you really don't, do you? Where did those millions vote for the president? I missed that. Last time I checked, the president is elected by the National Assembly, but hey, you seem to know it all.

      Xolani - 2011-01-19 13:16

      @ Lauren, one the resolutions taken by the ANC in Polokwane 2007 was that the President of the party will stand as party candidate for the President position. With that said going into the 2009 general elections everybody that voted for the ANC knew/should have known that Jacob Zuma would be President should the ANC win the elections that means his name would have been the first name nominated at National Assembly when the President is elected. Hence my arguement that 11,650,748 voted for Jacob Zuma to be RSA President and only a couple of thousands ANC Members voted for Jacob Zuma to be ANC President.

      Picasso - 2011-01-19 14:15

      Yes Xolani, and that is proof of the ANC's mentality. Actually real scary.

      nuclear - 2011-01-19 15:37

      Lauren, the Labour Party lost out in the England elections because Gordon Brown was the Head, therefore, the person chosen does count towards the votes attained by a party!

      wo0two0t - 2011-01-19 16:14

      @emile I agree with you 100% Its sad that its always portrayed as racism. All we want is a well run country who cares if they black or white they just need to be fit for the job. I would also like to hear if anyone knows any good the ANC have done to help SA and it people, excluding ANC members and friends.

      wo0two0t - 2011-01-19 16:17

      @emile I agree with you 100% Its sad that its always portrayed as racism. All we want is a well run country who cares if they black or white they just need to be fit for the job. I would also like to hear if anyone knows any good the ANC have done to help SA and it people, excluding ANC members and friends.

  • Jacques - 2011-01-18 16:06

    44000 =less than 0.1% of the SA population. Hardly constitutes "the public".

      Mike - 2011-01-18 16:29

      View that figure in the contect of South Africans with interweb access and you will start to see a slightly different perspective.

      Johnny - 2011-01-18 16:51

      ... the 0.1% are the clever ones....

      lmduplessis - 2011-01-18 17:13

      Bell curve.

      Dundermoose - 2011-01-18 17:50

      That’s 44,000 out of 5,300,000 internet users in SA (8.3%). Or 44,000 out of the 45,000 internet users that knew about the campaign (97.7%).

      The Patriot - 2011-01-19 10:45

      The petition was not a referendum. I for one didn't see the petition and would have signed it. If it went up for a public debate I think he would be out on his fat ass faster then he could sing kiss the boer. There are more moderate south africans in SA then left or right wingers.

  • hannet.breitenbach - 2011-01-18 16:06

    sganja....only white people...hahahah...FYI go look at the website and see how many of YOUR own people are against him...then come back and say only the whites are against him. Do you even know what the word racist means or did you pick it up on the street?

      Nebula - 2011-01-19 15:32

      Em this is just politics and people feeling they should stop him, its also emotional... Just take note of how many white people said they would vote for Obama, I mean it seemed like it was gonna be a landslide victory... They said they would vote for him coz it was the in thing to do... But once that ballot paper is in front of you and you have to put that X, things change... people just join groups to fit in with the current state of affairs... otherwise the tables could turn and you will see how many snakes will come out...

      people.3000 - 2011-01-24 15:54

      @Nebula, only 10% of USA is black, USA population is around 450 million, he did win, so how many whites voted for him? Hello, are you awake and sober?

  • AjaxFiko - 2011-01-18 16:07

    "It confirms that the public are tired of Malema's polarising statements." That's facebook and twitter users! How many people come through to support the President of the ANCYL when he talks? Is that mere 44 000 deciding for the whole "public" or just the select few that are affected by Malema's stupid comments and those who can't stand to see the ineffective ANC in power?

      emile.marais - 2011-01-18 21:06

      Tell me, is the ANC in power for the betterment of this country, or are they in power to prove a point?

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-20 09:38

      money, money, money!

  • NickDemus - 2011-01-18 16:08

    Don't worry about Malema, he will come down hard one day.

      Zinki - 2011-01-18 16:25

      Every dog has his day.

      Johnny - 2011-01-18 16:36

      ...and Malema will have two.... - 2011-01-18 17:06

      @Zinki its an insult to dogs (who are intelligent loving creatures) rather say every baboon has his day. Or every cockroach has his day...

      lmduplessis - 2011-01-18 17:14

      I'd prefer him to have 2 rabid pitbulls in close proximity to his person.

      zoolmadool - 2011-01-18 21:34

      @ ZINKI : and the nights are reserved for the cats

      scorpio - 2011-01-19 08:03

      I really hope to witness that day sometime soon.

      Sanet Basson - 2011-01-19 08:13

      @Mashudu Sioga - YOUR comment is the exact thing this whole debacle is about!!! Malema's hate speech causes people like you to PARROT his hateful words without even thinking of the consequences. Is that really the type of person you want to be?? A killer?? THINK WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!!

      NickDemus - 2011-01-19 08:50

      Mashudu Sioga, you will kill me eh? Come try Comrade Woodworker.... Your viryual strength amazes me. Here is a virtual poskantoor klap on your fat ear chief - now go sweep your kraal you neanderthal.

      jon lol - 2011-01-19 10:11

      Zinky is a white person who likes to stir up rubbish, and you fools are falling for it.

      damascus - 2011-01-19 10:42

      whitespear now isnt that hate speech. its amazing how ppl like yourself can be. true irony at its best

  • maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 16:10

    I think we must all go and apologize to Malema. Where is Petros ?

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 17:36

      Thank you Agent mpanzame. But you are jumping to conclusions about my school life. At least, you are JUMPING.

      Bobbi T - 2011-01-18 17:51

      @maseratifitt: I don't think Mpanzame was talking about your school life, I think he was talking about Julias's (his comment was not directed at you)

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 18:05

      Yes,Bobbi T, but I was talking on behalf of my learned friend, Julie. Just for fun.

      Sanet Basson - 2011-01-19 08:18

      Mashudu Sioga - do you live in a tradionally built dwelling?? By that I mean in a mud hut? Do you own cattle (which you take care of yourself)?? Again ... THINK WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!!

      Pinkpurse - 2011-01-19 09:38

      Haaaa haaaa :)

      Enuff - 2011-01-19 09:46

      Jeez Mashudu, you got some thinking to do bud! Do you use motorised transport (that'd be cars, motorbikes, trains, busses, planes, trucks, bakkies, tractors, motorbikes, etc)? Maybe your should chuck your PC away as clearly it's an unnecessary evil bestowed on you by the west! Or better yet, give it to your neighbour's kid who I'm sure has more desire to learn, grow and progress than you do! If you don't want to teach your kids English or Afrikaans - then don't! If you don't want to drink beer or take drugs - then don't! If you want to go into subsistence farming (that'd be where you grow crops and rear livestock for your own consumption) then go ahead! Get rid of your car / bicycle, brick houses, electricity, computer,cell phone, running water, TV, radio, news papers, clothes, shoes, chocolates, etc. and show us how much better off we'd all be doing it your way!

      Lauren - 2011-01-19 12:34

      Apollo, if you are going to point out a man's spelling mistakes and insult him on that basis, I would suggest that you clean up your own act in that regard. Go read your post again. It's riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Get off that high horse of yours much?

      Nebula - 2011-01-19 15:38

      Emmm Sanet Basson, what is wrong with living in a mud hut and rearing your own cowz... Bushmen, Nomads and the Masai do that yet they are respected and thier way of living has been under fire but now its being preserved as a way of living... there is nothing wrong with a mud hut

  • smithruan835 - 2011-01-18 16:11

    @sganja only a fool can defend another. You are obviously lacking any form of insight!!!! People are trying to build togetherness in the country yet fools like Malema keep chucking a spanner in the works. Had a white guy sung a song about killing black people what would the response be?? But its fine im tollerant of fools, for awhile that is.

  • JG001 - 2011-01-18 16:12

    It is just wrong to talk about killing Julius Malema... If he is murdered, he becomes a martyr to his fans who think he has been vindicated. If he dies while killing others like JubJub then innocent people have to die. You can't win. You also can't stop him from voicing his opinion so long as it isn't hate speech (right to freedom of expression). Let him self-destruct, it will happen soon enough... that or he will find Jesus and see the light (we can only hope)

  • Sam van Straaten - 2011-01-18 16:15

    Apartheid lasted for 45 years. 1993 + 45 = 2038. Do we have to wait that long for some people to get over their anger and hatred? I would love for a white person to stand up and say similar things in public. Viva Annelie Botes and Steve Hofmeyer!

      Vincent - 2011-01-18 16:50

      thats so true!! what gets me is most of the ones complaining were'nt even there. i was 4 years old and the ppl my age stil go on about it!! grow up were u hurt? no you were only 4 you idiots!

      lindihere - 2011-01-18 16:51

      That is all very well and good Samuel, apartheid yes, but what about the laws that were there before "apartheid" should go into that: Hut tax, Franchise and Ballot Act (1892), Natal Legislative Assembly Bill (1894), General Pass, Regulations Bill (1905), Asiatic Registration Act (1906), South Africa Act (1910), Natives' Land (1913), Natives in Urban Areas Bill (1918), Urban Areas (1926), Colour Bar Act (1923), Native Administration Act (1927), Native Land and Trust Act (1936), Asiatic Land Tenure Bill (1946) Please note all these were before "apartheid" was given a name, so the system even though a formal name had not been given was around for about a 100 years...just saying!

      Pragmatist - 2011-01-19 00:16

      Well I can say it - I DONT CARE ABOUT APARTHEID, or what happened. I am living now and I see a bunch of useless morons driving white mans cars in GVT... All I want is for ALL of us in RSA to work hard and have a better life, AND respect each other for our differences. HOW HARD IS THAT?

      NickDemus - 2011-01-19 08:57

      Mashudu Sioga, good point chief - the reason being is no mater how you are doing financially, it is your cultcha to breed like flies and then plead poverty when you can't support 12 kids. Very very smart stuff chief - here is some cheekin and pap for being so clever.

      damascus - 2011-01-19 10:45

      dont worry you ppl have the net to voice your deep rooted haterd of black ppl so dont stress

      NickDemus - 2011-01-19 11:36

      damascus, you speak and type on the net from experiance I see. Another head in sand case blaming everything on apartheid. Shame.

      Apollo_GOW - 2011-01-19 11:36

      @Mashudu Sioga, please i hope you were talking about god as your gradfather or uncle for whom you throw pap on the ground and talk to the trees not the christian god please. i think the christian god damd malema and the whole of the ANC to hell a long time ago. and your math is actually wrong your not 50 000 to 1 its more about 14 to 1 last time i hear. 14 black with an average IQ of 70 not even enough to pass matric in 1960 and about 5 point short of being declared dumb vs 1 white with a average IQ of 120 enough to pass university. yes that could be a fair contest.

      Lauren - 2011-01-19 12:40

      Mashudu, do you know what overpopulation does? Do you read about these babies that God planned for you being thrown in rubbish bins? Is it reallyl the African way to have children that you cannot afford? Yes, you outnumber people, but you are the poorest of the poor and here you are, quite blatently, proud of the fact that you do not plan your famililes. In other words, you take no responsibility for your lives and the lives of your children. Come what may. People like you make it very hard for others to understand and have sympathy. Your attitude is producing tomorrow's beggars!

      william.botha - 2011-01-19 22:37

      @Samuel a question. Fictitiously lets say Europeans never sat foot in Africa, would it be any different?

  • kolobe - 2011-01-18 16:18

    well millions back pro-malema campaign. it is these "swart gevaar"incidences that keeps malema afloat. and how is this "euroforum" afrikaner cultural committee a civil rights group?

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 16:23

      Kolobe : And millions surely cannot be wrong. On what grounds do they support Malema?

      Mike - 2011-01-18 16:26

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Sit down before you hurt yourself sunshine. Its racist imbeciles like you that hold South Africa back!

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-19 08:52

      Hi, Mashudu. I hear what you say, but numbers aren't everything. What I can't figure out is : What is Malema and his followers trying to achieve? Do they believe in what Nelson Mandela stood for, or do they see him as a sell-out? From what I gather from all the postings I have read, is that Malema and his followers have only one agenda, and that is to get rid of all the white people in the country. An agenda based on hate, greed and destruction. Let us assume Malema achieves his goal. What will be in it for the people of the country? He needs people like you for one reason only, and that is to make himself and his friends rich. You will still live like a cockroach. Your children will suffer more.It has been done before. Just look around Africa. I think it is time to do something new, challenging and constructive. Politicians so love divisions. We really don't need them.

      Joshua - 2011-01-19 10:06

      @Mashudu Sioga: You call white people European as we came from Europe. Should we call you Nigerian as you emanated from the Niger Delta? Trace your roots, you don't originate in South Africa Everyone living here before Europeans were nomadic herders or hunter gatherers. The Zulus were slaughtering the other blacks when 'Europeans' arrived. Apartheid ended for a reason, because it was wrong. You attribute everything to whites, but its not whites, its the rest of the world. The Africans have an amazing culture and they are super cool people. They are not racist by nature, but unfortunately they always fall victim to some evil dictator because they don't have the guts to stand happened all over Africa, please don't let it happen to just have to look at Zimbabwe to see where a racist dictator gets his country. And your little friend Malema is no better that Robert Mugabe...he even supports the way he can you think someone like that is right? I know Julius is a patriot and he loves his people which is great, but extremism gets you nowhere in life...he wants nationalization, hah, imagine the ANC trying to run mines, they can't even provide water and housing or electricity...the country would go to ruin in a years time. Africa's problems are over population and it is definitely not a god given right to have children, it is a human discretion which should be exercised with caution. Family planning is essential for any person/family to prosper. peace

      Lanfear - 2011-01-19 11:26

      Ok, I see. Malema fights existing racism by being a racist? He provides financial emancipation for blacks by living the highlife, cheating on government contracts and squandering the funds that's supposed to help the poor. Dear Kolobe, do you really think for one insane moment that the blacks on the street [so to speak] will see one cent of the money if Malema gets his wish and the mines are nationalised? Do you really think anyone else but Malema and his cronies will benefit and get rich? Show me one single thing that Malema has done for the benefit of his people.

      Apollo_GOW - 2011-01-19 11:46

      @Mashudu Sioga. obviously you are anti-european since i can't call you what you really are a racist pig. please if the eurpeans are at fault in africa, leave your computer. leave you cellphone, levi jean,your car leave everthing the europeans gave you. go to your mud-hut pray for your dead granfather and throw you pap and chicken feet on the ground for him. coz please thats is what you really are. so dumb that when earopeans came here with ships you have not even invented the wheel.i must just add there is no limits to your stupidity

      Spyker - 2011-01-19 12:03

      Kolobe, “ emancipation...” is the consequence of things like adding tangible value, uninhibited competition, working harder, smarter, faster and alike. It is in no way, ‘contracts from cronies’, living off the spoils of colonisation, a capitalist lifestyle while imposing a communist dogma, treating woman as subhuman entities, *rabid racism at public forums, etc; as your champion Malema do... *PS – you do not talk racism ‘away’, by being a rabid racist – you fuel it...

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-19 18:14

      Kolobe : Today was chaos for me. Only got back now. Thanks for responding to my question. I notice that others have already more or less said what I was going to say, but I just want to add 2 things. Remember : 1) Nothing is for nothing. If I want something, I must give something in return, be it my labour, my time, my energy, my knowledge,my skill,my possessions or my money. Sometimes (hopefully just once and for good reason) my life. Would you believe it if you got an SMS from nowhere saying you've won a million Rand? What does Julius promise you? Do you believe it? 2) Numbers aren't everything. The metal parts in a car's engine are much heavier and has much more volume than the oil in the engine, but do you think you can get rid of the oil, because it is smelly stuff and you don't like it? Everything is connected. There is a reason for everything. "Politicians" like Julius will always try to make some feel superior to others. This is an old trick and has been done many times before, all over the world. You are Kolobe and no-one can think for you. But,Kolobe, please think. I always use some kind of a test for myself, in things I say and do. A test in the Julius case would be the question : Is it constructive or is it destructive. (For the Nation as a whole).

  • Howzitekse - 2011-01-18 16:21

    Afriforum? You must be joking. Go back to the farm.

      pcpcoetzee89 - 2011-01-18 16:38

      MALEMA and Howzitekse are lovers! Racist lovers ... please go and stay in ZIMBOBWE!

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 16:51

      pcpcoetzee89 : How can haters be lovers? Does howzitekse JUMP?

      Mike - 2011-01-18 16:53

      Why? do you need a job?

  • GTFO - 2011-01-18 16:28

    Malema for president! God alone knows we need him! its obvious, he just acts stupid to get along with the public but deep inside that brilliant brain of his...he will be great! greater than Madiba himself. ayeye Malema ayeye!

      Apollo_GOW - 2011-01-19 11:48

      wel not the christian god i can tell you that maybe your dead granfather. Malema is a racist pig and Satan loves him very much

      Apollo_GOW - 2011-01-19 11:57

      wel not the christian god i can tell you that maybe your dead granfather. Malema is a racist pig and Satan loves him very much and you can't use Madiba and malema in the same sentence.

  • Jasonson - 2011-01-18 16:28

    With a username like sganja, it just says it all. What a total tw@t

  • FD - 2011-01-18 16:29

    This tells me the DA and FFPlus are growing in numbers - 44000 card holding members is a pretty huge number. Only the opposition will sign this piece of crap - not sure about the I.D (or by the way they were swallowed by Zille)

  • getnotted - 2011-01-18 16:32

    @sganja: JM does not care about you or anyone else, as long as he gets rich in his support for the black people.

  • Ntsikei - 2011-01-18 16:44

    Afriforum is

      wardle2066 - 2011-01-18 17:11

      is quite right. Thanks for that Ntsikei. I also dont enjoy this waywar kid.

  • Stylin - 2011-01-18 17:02

    There is no way that Black people should back the AfriForum on this one ... - In fact, this will backfire - and JuJu gonna be president ... Pack your bags AfriForum!! blerry bustuds !!

      Zinki - 2011-01-18 17:20

      If JuJu becomes president then all overseas companies will withdraw and you will all starve. This country will go backwards fast, like Zim.

      mpanzame - 2011-01-18 17:22

      Black ous wont support this - too bloody scared broo. You see how kangaroo courts work. Look at how this ou sorted the ANCYL factions, and that agent Mbeki.... Too scared to support this brooo. Eish - Juju gonna be the man - Even JZ too scared of this ou brooo. In fact, they took Jujus body gaurds away because even the skelms are too scared of this fat youth. His mouth - eish.

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 18:53

      "Pack your bags AfriForum!! blerry bustuds !!" All me bags...stolen !! blerrie bustuds!!

      Pierre - 2011-01-18 19:24

      Malema will never be President, he will go the same way as Peter Mokaba, die young from AIDS. If he does not kill himself the way that he drives.

      Warren - 2011-01-19 00:55

      Malema for president.... see you in the bread & milk que!!! Yipeeeeee!!!

      Lauren - 2011-01-19 12:54


  • wardle2066 - 2011-01-18 17:08

    So let me understand this. If you start a campaign or movement that supports getting rid of say, a regime or a person that does not subscribe to the rather obscure ANC way, this is seen as being noble, revolutionary and acceptable. If you start a campaign that is anti ANC it is racist, devisive, imperialist and stoopid? Huh? I say - if enough people support it - let them. And to be honest - Malema is a bit of an worry to ol'JZ, Mangosuthu and Hellen Godzille alike... not to metion the ladies - refering to malenimas chauvanistic remarks, or Jeremy Cronin, or Gwede Manatashe - all who have been campaigned against by Juliass. Maybe Julie should rather campaign to save the boer, or better yet the red breasted sunhopper, or the southern cape aloe ............... Will99, let me shake my head with in in a sympathy vote.....

      christine - 2011-01-18 20:52

      very good point wardle --i hope u are right

  • Ntsikei - 2011-01-18 17:10

    Afri-forum is also contributing to the sad state of our Country's race relations. The worst part is they live with the hope that they will one day bring back Apartheid in our country. They are idiots as well for thinking that it will help anything to take Dejuju Train to court, his ideas and principles have nothing to do with this song! Afriforum feares the power he will accumulate when he becomes a member of the ANC - NEC, after 2012. The reality is ANC cares about our fellow South Africans black & white, unlike the Afriforum that represents tears of the former oppressers. This country was in tatters when ANC took over from NP, in 1994...truth be told, what U lie to your children about haunts you at night. ANC improved a lot in this country, further Afriforum failed to educate it's fellow bitter racists about BEE, there was never going to be any AA or BEE policies if Apartheid was never endorsed for white supremacy, 2day white women enjoy the same status of being PDI when it comes to BEE...When are you going to see the same Afri-forum pertitioning against Racism, maybe Juju will not sing such songz. The only thing organisations like yourselves promote, is Segregation and create more disillussioned offsprings that hope we'll oneday have Apartheid in our country again. Get over yourselves and Move towards a free South africa where your children will see black people as humans and our children will see white people as humans. God Bless U

      moiraine - 2011-01-18 17:46

      Just a few points - sorry white women only enjoy status above white men! Otherwise they are at the bottom of the pile. Maybe you can shed some light on how much has improved? I see very few improvements that run deep, although there are a couple. But I do not see how the country was in tatters and has now been brought up any better. Or is your ideal world to bring everyone down to the level of the lowest and then you will be happy. If Malemas ideas and principles have nothing to do with the song, why does he sing it? Where does the ANC show care for whites? All I see is it supporting itself and a few politicians. Maybe you can show us where the ANC is trying to create a united Country? There are lots of songs which are derogatory to blacks, if people cant sing those songs, why can Malema sing songs which are against Whites? You are suggesting that Afriforum creates segregation but then defending Malema for singing a song glorifying killing whites, do you see any logic in this? PS I agree with your last statement about get over yourselves and move forwards, but, it works both ways.

      Pierre - 2011-01-18 19:17

      Please wake up, it is about inciting violence against a part of this nation. If you are happy to have a leader that could not even pass woodwork in metric be my guest. I believe we deserve better leaders. If the shoe was on the other foot and I sang about killing the K-word would you be singing my praise? No! I would be writhing this from inside a prison cell.

      Liquidsun - 2011-01-18 19:19

      Here is a question to all the black people out there that support Malema and the ANC. What significant monument have the black people built in Africa? (Without the help of white folk) Here is some food for thought.

      AJ - 2011-01-19 07:43

      @Ntsikei - your thinking sums up nicely why so many African populations are in poverty and why so many African leaders have billions. YOu have an all too common in built blind loyalty, that does not allow you to think outside the box. Your liberation party tells you who your friends are and who your enemies are, and you just sit around toeing the line, not questioning just following. You dont challenge ineffective people, you tolerate their abuse of resources and money, and if connected close enough, you actively encourage it. The reality of this continent is no liberation party has shown it self capable of governing and improving the lives of of more than a couple of thousand people i.e. the political elite and families/friends etc. For the rest of you black guys out there, the impoverished masses, may as well be white.

      Schalk - 2011-01-19 08:35

      Hi Ntsikei, I share your sentiments in the last sentence above. I am very concerned though, about the negative effect Malema is having on the youth and on economic growth prospects. I beleive he is hell bent on revenge for past wrongs and will take the country down that hill with him if he is allowed to get to parliament or heaven forbit become president of the ANC or country. I think he is to much of a radical revolutionary to make sound decisions. I would like to see level headed people at the helm of things to help steer SA through the troubled waters.

  • annie.kalahari - 2011-01-18 17:32

  • logical007 - 2011-01-18 18:10

    1.Winnie Mandela: was involved in the stompie murder,is a convicted fraudster. But she is being hailed mother of the nation 2.Jacob Zuma: rapes a woman takes a shower, was implicated in fraudulent dealings,makes children out of wedlock; But he is regarded as a great leader by the masses 3.Manto Tshabala Msimang: killed thousands with her stubborn stance on ARV's,and eventually drank herself to death. BUT she too is also being regarded as a great leader 4.Julius Malema: a loudmouth corrupt youth leader.BUT he is hailed as a great leader by zuma and the masses to all the masses , These preople are not true leaders nut corrupt, selfish leaders. They do not care about the people, (only at voting time whaen a food parcel will buy yor vote!!! Come on smarten up and away with the ANC greedyness!

      christine - 2011-01-18 21:00

      what u say is perfectly correct sadly the citizenary of south africa will vote for people like these for the next 100 years the leaders are the problem--but the people that vote for them are bigger problems

      jetmansa - 2011-01-19 09:28

      Sadly this is the cream of the crop.

      nuclear - 2011-01-19 16:09

      Apollo - "Remember that all black are prone to crime more than whites, . ." Your backside!

  • skollie - 2011-01-18 18:17

    Get rid of Malema.

  • edmead - 2011-01-18 18:38

    the woodworker is a struggle icon, he made knobkerries for the "TROOPS" he is above the law, ala winnie mandela,

  • Satan - 2011-01-18 19:01

    first the was the big bang ..then things came out the time marched on there was apes...then wild man ...the wild man made a mistake and took an monkey as a wife...then Malema was born..then life went...(this is talk in the township my bra :about Malema missing the link.)

  • Karen - 2011-01-18 19:08

    I myself am not too fond of agriforum, they seem to represent only one small part of the population (mostly white - often racist - Afrikaners ) - BUT, I do believe that JM is a geniune threat to the rainbow nation and our democracy - he seems to be dividing us, more than anything else - he needs to be taken out of the political scene in SA - he is powerful, he is the black Eugene Terreblanche in SA - there is a good chance that he will become even more powerful, and I fear that day - when this happens it will be Zimbabwe all over again ... we need unity and emphathy with each other, JM is hoping for the opposite to happen - do not underestimate him - he is not as stupid as he is often made out to be...

      Zinki - 2011-01-18 19:33

      I couldn't have said it better!

      wardle2066 - 2011-01-18 19:39

      I am not to fond of the ANC or Afriforum either. But the ANC does represent a large portion of the population, and a portion of their following is also racist - these blogs are evidence of that. The ANC believes JM is divisive - JZ's scalding and Manatashes talk to him is evidence of that. As you say, he does wield power. He will cause more damage than good. As will many others. But - his power comes on the back of the fact that as a nation we will NEVER be united. The ANCYL is split into factions, as is the ANC, as are the blacks into tribes, as are the whites into languages, as are the races into race groups, and the whites even further segregated into conservative and progressive. Divide and rule. Having said this - despite all the negative comment on Afriforum - you have to hand it to them for sticking to their guns, and saying what we would like say, and doing what we would like to do. In that regard - they have the strength to stand up for what they believe in and I respect them for that.

      christine - 2011-01-18 21:04

      absolutly correct karen --i agree with every thing u say

      Zinki - 2011-01-19 07:09

      @wardle2066 - the masses stick together because they are too afraid to stand against the ANC. My workers told me they have to have an ANC membership card in order to qualify for an RDP house. So they keep them in fear and make them vote for them because they are poor and uneducated and ignorant.

  • Liquidsun - 2011-01-18 19:18

    Here is a question to all the black people out there that support Malema and the ANC. What significant monument have the black people built in Africa? (Without the help of white folk) Here is some food for thought.

  • Carl - 2011-01-18 20:31

    Hitler was a borderline genius, you people will have to come up with more than purile mudslinging...are you all really happy in your heads? Wish I could join you, in fact I'm going out to get drunk then perhaps I will make sense of all this. Where do I go in George to get drunk? Perhaps the biltong bar?

  • jen - 2011-01-18 20:43

    This is doing the rounds on the internet. Don't know the source, but the content is clear and could just as well be applied to the likes of Malema: "The danger to South Africa is not Jacob Zuma but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Zuma presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Zuma, who is a mere symptom of what ails South Africa. The Republic can survive a Jacob Zuma but it is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President".

      zoolmadool - 2011-01-18 22:56

      We could do a lot worse than have Jacob for president . To these bloody stupid racist bastards : Its about time that all of you actually heard the truth for once . I hear u talk this and that of the big bang . A very long time after that ,in NOAHs day before the flood things were going just about as they are now , then Satan & his cronies cruised around doing whatever they pleased . God decided to put a stop to it and u know the story of the Arc . The new world began with Noah ,his wife ,his three sons and their wives . The sons were Japeth , shem, and Ham god wanted them to spread out as the families grew .Now this is conjecture on my part because I can in my minds eye" see " this -Ham was not into thanking God at all he was looking for anything to get back at him because of his way of life being disrupted ete,etc.Ham had 4 sons then one other ,the bible calls him NIMROD now in the Caldean language was NIMR-RAD : NIMR A LEOPARD AND RAD a trainer . Cush was black and built the Tower of Babel [for years I could not settle for the story that any one was dumb enough to try to build the damned thing to heaven, then I read [I cant remember where] that they built the tower to over the flood height and then on achieving this they got on top and started swearing , & insulting God until he confused their languages . That split them up . Cush took his tribe and went down into africa ,so there u had your CUSHITES. Nimrod got famous for building fotifications , making a city against

      zoolmadool - 2011-01-18 23:52

      2 .Against Gods wishes it became a huge beautful city of which Nimrod was the leader the people all had respect for his prowess , he trained up a bunch in hardships etc & then carried out the first war on neighbours etc it is reputed that he was b-ugly but his wife was the most beautiful white woman but a licentious whore as well .It is reputed that her beauty stopped an army riot once. Anyway Nimrod was later killed in the prime of his life & after his death he was deified as Ninus the baby in his wifes arms . yep babylon to Rome under the pagans . Catholics are still pagans ,Mother Mary would you believe, or in India baby Chrishna with mother N Devaki the baby there with definite negro features , in mexico the same , in Egypt isis and iswara.The loepard skin is still worn by the blacks since the days of Nimrod , the same black guy is also tammutz who you all have just celibrated on the 25 dec.[ ala catholic church], the sacred sign of life is the TAU which is prominently displayed on most churches the cross ,thats why youll never find me in there ,[ I cant think that God would go in there either] oh yes JAPHETH took his people and populated europe. so much for the cradle of mankind crock of shit. Lets be fair and honest why are the people of the southern hemisphere widely reputed to be more backward .If it is so then it stands to reason that they were useless there and chased , and chased until they started to pitch here thats where Japeth AND CUSH MET up again .

      zoolmadool - 2011-01-19 00:22

      3 Yeah as for Shem he loved God and carried on being obedient to him .The Jews are said to have been the chosen race Shem chose God and God chose Shem I honestly how bad we were ,or Japeth because theres like nothing more said. Ca'naan God gave the land of Ca'naan to the Jews as the promised land and told them to kill men women and kids when the got there so I figure he was pretty peeved with them too. The other brother of Nimrod was Miz'ra-im he went to the land of Miz'ra-im [Egypt]. Put I dont know where. SORRY,MISTAKE Cush : was father of Nimrod .

      AJ - 2011-01-19 07:47

      @zoolmadool - Good luck with rehab. @jen - absolutely spot on, have thought the same thing myself. I dont worry so much about the deeply below par individual in a position, but rather the mindset of many more who thought that person as being suitable.

  • TheTruth - 2011-01-18 21:04

    Politicians ("the minority"), don't you just love them? Irrespective of their gender or race, they will do whatever it takes to keep themselves "empowered". Even if it means war, starvation and death of the masses. Please show me a politician that will stay around and live in these conditions. Meanwhile, the majority ("The people"), irrespective of our race and gender, will become the pawns on the board and will ultimately pay the price for pathetic politicians. This has never been about race and gender. It has always been and will always be about the hierachy and their selfish practices. The majority need to stand up and speak up for the majority. "A Better life for all" Please JM! Stop pressing the "S.A. self destruct" button.

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 22:34

      Hear, hear !. But it should not always be. One day, perhaps, we will find freedom in democracy.

  • christine - 2011-01-18 21:11

    i asked where i could join the protest to register my support of stopping malema and stopping hate speech in this country news 24 pulled my article --makes u think --whY?????????

  • FatBoySlim - 2011-01-18 21:20

    bmud gow

  • maseratifitt - 2011-01-18 21:25

    How to identify your leaders in politics: 1) Cut their salaries and perks by 75%. 2) Stop their travelling all over the world. 3) Tell them to do something for their country in stead of for themselves or their Party. 4) Take away all their business interests. 5) Let them abide by the Law like all others. 6) Tell them to keep their hands off the Media, the Judiciary, the Prosecuting Authority, the Electoral Commission and the National Lottery. 7) Ask them to lead us towards a unified, prosperous and proud Nation. The one's that stay on despite the above, are your leaders.

      steven.m.armour - 2011-01-19 06:43

      Agree entirely

      juliarsemamp - 2011-01-19 12:20

      The parliament will be empty.

      fraidycat - 2011-01-19 12:42

      Nobody will be left, oops maybe the old botox lady will still be there...just saying coz all the fat lardasses asleep in parliament will most likely not be interested any more.

  • Boydie - 2011-01-18 22:06

    Why do you care, he has already made the world look at S.A. like the second coming of Zimbabwe...If thats what the blacks love and vote for then so be...The rest of the world is past caring for S.A....Oh and we don't think about you whites, we just wonder why the hell you stay. This is also errr it does get read the world over.

  • richard - 2011-01-18 22:42

    Do not worry, I am on the way!

  • Warren - 2011-01-18 23:45

    C'mon, lets get real. I am convinced that FatBoyJoooooolius will be president sooner rather than later, probably SA's youngest president. I am also convinced that 90% of his detracters are likewise convinced, even though they will never admit it. Point being, I am already saving, not to emmigrate, but to go into exile. I suggest you do the same, if you know what's good for you, whatever your skin colour.

      Ross - 2011-01-19 07:30

      You are right!!!

  • Hans-Erik Iken - 2011-01-18 23:59

    Well if all the 44000 actually donated the requested 10 Rand then it sure is a sizeble contribution to their court costs to stop this buffoon. Malema is an idiot, yet always remember that one ignores an idiot at ones own peril. History is full of maniacs that became dictators because the majority remained silent and on the sidelines. His ignorance is in no way stopping him from gaining support amongst the uninformed, the uneducated and the political opportunists looking to jump onto his populist bandwagon, and unfortunately these groups are sizeble enough in this country to vote him in power.

      Gazza Boy - 2011-01-19 07:59

      isede in that case I would like to meet you in a dark alley.

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-19 08:05

      Isede : If you were Xhosa in the 19th century and there was internet at the time, you would have written exactly the same about the Zulus.Hate and destruction gets us nowhere. Can't you just sort of grow up and move on?

  • susie m - 2011-01-19 00:33

    i guess thats thousands of whites? - wake up & start reading the sowetan & listening to a 'black' radio station - then you'll know what 90% of the population really think....not 10% & the 'enlightened' few - i'll never forget the standing ovation mugabe got ...

  • Marius - 2011-01-19 03:45


  • Marius - 2011-01-19 03:53

    Nor the corrupt ANC or Malema understands the universal law of hwat you sow you will reap. The universe is designed that way. Also called Karma. If you promote hate, it comes back somehow, that is why Mokaba's dick started to rot with aids.

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-19 09:41

      John : In the field of colonialism and Apartheid there were not just weeds. There was also a crop. We should identify and get rid of the weeds, but only a fool will destroy the whole field.