Top ANCYL man 'did not trigger riot'

2011-09-05 19:01

Polokwane - The ANC Youth League in Limpopo paid for buses to take members to Johannesburg for Julius Malema's disciplinary hearing last week, the SABC reported on Monday.

"We have paid for buses to go and demonstrate support to our leadership," provincial chairperson Frans Moswane told the public broadcaster.

He denied that a rampage at Luthuli House in Johannesburg was triggered by a speech by Limpopo provincial secretary Jacob Lebogo.

Protesters at Malema's hearing reportedly pelted policemen and journalists with stones after Lebogo spoke.

Moswane told the SABC: "It cannot be correct that when there were stones, the stones came from Limpopo. There were stones everywhere."

  • Badger - 2011-09-05 19:13


      roboman1 - 2011-09-05 19:51

      ANCYL Limpopo, remember this is the place that the elective conference was specifically turned into anarchy so that Julius could get these rabble rousers into the power in Limpopo. It was tactic of skullduggery even then, otherwise Julius's cronies would not have won the Limpopo contest!

      OZNOB - 2011-09-05 20:56

      one knows they are lying when their lips move

  • GT - 2011-09-05 19:26

    De-nial... a river in Limpopo.

  • BakkieB - 2011-09-05 19:28

    Moswane told the SABC:"There were stones everywhere." Right in the middle of JHB city centre there are piles of stones lying around........since when? Explain the crowds in the following days carrying bricks into the city? Latest ANCYL accessory?

  • BigMoose - 2011-09-05 19:29

    Stones everywhere, including rocks in your head.

  • frankm - 2011-09-05 19:44

    I would leave no stone unturned when investigating this matter

  • Scamatoon - 2011-09-05 19:47

    How long till Jellyass Malema gets fired(or killed:))? Im getting bored with the same story over an over. We dont care who told who to throw stones an who paid for the busses, we know it was the youth league... We just want to hear Malema has been fired

      Robbie - 2011-09-05 19:49

      Well said Scamatoon

  • Millie34 - 2011-09-05 19:58

    It is in CBD of Johannesburg where did the stones come from????

  • Moran#1 - 2011-09-05 20:01

    It's remarkable that of the, oh, 75 people who rampaged around the building where JM was getting his botty spanked, had to be BUSSED in from Polokwane - JM's seat of power. The Jozi folks couldn't have bothered.

      kidblack - 2011-09-05 22:18

      The Jozi folks where at work, earning salaries and advancing their careers.

  • Janine - 2011-09-05 20:11

    They threw the rocks that they climbed out from under.

  • Verdade - 2011-09-05 20:13 who are we gonna blame now Youth Hooligans? Agents of Apartheid....accept responsibility for your actions.

      Peter - 2011-09-05 20:20

      It is the THIRD Force

      OZNOB - 2011-09-05 20:59

      it was the bloody agents that brought the stones into j'burg

  • grant9 - 2011-09-05 20:16

    Where did the stones come from? Even I could solve this one : give a few samples to a geologist and he will tell you. R30 million worth of damage was done and not one arrest.During the recent riots in England there were hundreds of arrests and subsequent convictions. David Cameron cut short his leave to retutn to England (Zuma was having a jol in Norway whilst we were having our riots) Bottom line is that our police had no desire to arrest any rioters, they were probably following orders.

  • Fungai Mudau - 2011-09-05 20:26

    Through the instructions from Lebogo, the 'Assailing Stones' were transported from Botlokwa village, around Polokwane . The mastermind behind the Luthuli House riots its him. The act amount to a criminal matter, those who commit crimes must be brought before just, the presumption of innocent is there, let him be tried by a court of law which will ultimately decide whether he is guilty or not.

  • Rob Gunning - 2011-09-05 20:31

    Hmmm.... "Youth League spokesperson Magdalene Moonsamy insisted that the NEC had nothing to do with organising the protesters and that the organisation’s regions decided on their own during provincial general council meetings" from news24 article on 2nd September 2011. Why lie?

  • Proudly SA - 2011-09-05 20:37

    This is one huge lie; of course they arranged riots - was admitted by ANCYL members from other provinces as well poor school kids forced to join this madness; please follow example of UK and arrest these thugs and give them long prison as well as ANCYL to pay for all damages and hopefully be sued by many businesses. Think of how many decent homes could be built with money used for busses (tax payers sure to have funded this) as well as funds to repair damage and think of all people deprived of decent jobs and self respect due to negative investor images due to this moronic stupidity. ANCYL members should be ashamed of themselves as well as idiotic politicians and businessmen who apparantly also threw money into kitty - should be barred from any state tenders

  • OZNOB - 2011-09-05 21:04

    it does not take a ROCK ET scientist to figure out those stones got there if he continue talking he would be a major contibutor to global warming with all the hot air he has been letting out

  • daaivark - 2011-09-06 08:39

    You may be at odds with your elders, but by golly have you got their PR approach down pat. You're quicker at the "It wasn't me" retort than the gl;ibbest of the old school. It's actually comical.

  • thabang.matlou - 2012-11-29 21:21

    Hey you all people against hero you are on the dark side,that I can tell u is f*ck you all

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