Touchy topic in Parliament - Mr Gay SA

2011-03-16 22:30

Cape Town - The African Christian Democratic Party on Tuesday scuppered an attempt by the Democratic Alliance to pass a motion in the National Assembly congratulating South African Mr Gay World winner Francois Nel.

The motion, read on the DA's behalf by Gareth Morgan, was to congratulate Nel, who on Sunday became the second South African in a row to be crowned Mr Gay World.

The motion further noted that Johannesburg had been selected to host the 2012 Mr Gay World contest.

However, when the motion was put to the House for approval, the ACDP's Steve Swart objected "on religious grounds".

The Freedom Front Plus reportedly also objected to the motion, but this could not be confirmed on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-03-16 22:36

    Hau, not such a gay ending then? Seems very much queer to me.

      maseratifitt - 2011-03-17 03:26

      Funny bunny

      Sword&Cross - 2011-03-20 08:16

      Strange! Fully 87% of black men at least are bi-sexual or completely gay, whether just in jail where most spend initiation time to manhood as is customary worldwide or even behind their girlfriends and wives backs so surely the ACDP should be the ones to awaken to the reality of their situation. AND that even after their mothers and relatives "play with them" as little boys to keep them quiet and soothe them. ACDP should NOT even be a political party - but rather more in fitting with it's leader, a happy go lucky money making church like so many other charlatan 'vaudeville' & circus shows.

      Koos - 2011-05-04 17:10

      Sword &Cu**, where did you find that bullshite, 87% of whites are homosexual and majority of them live in Cape-Town,why pretend that you don't like Co** ?you know you like it, you are trying to be a macho man now while i know you are a dirty fag, it is part of white culture to be gay not african its not something we know many black faces do you see when you guys are holding gay parade? i know most of ya are undercover homo's just not keen to come out cos you are scared you will disappoint your families. lots of white guys are what i call all rounder. i bet you are so bitchy and camp cos you live in Camps bay

  • Jimmy - 2011-03-16 22:45

    good for the ACDP

      AJ - 2011-03-17 06:26

      The constitution is supposed to provide recognition for all despite our own personal biases, Jimmy. One would think parliament of all places would walk the walk on this one.

      daaivark - 2011-03-17 07:13

      Ag the ACDP are focusless and this is one way they can at least get mentioned. Absurd in a supposedly liberated country. We here in SA just haven't a clue about what constitutes true liberty. It is a state of mind more than anything else. Which of course presupposes one having a mind, which might be a bit of a stretch in cases like poor Jimmy here.

      mm - 2011-03-17 08:59

      I think it is terrible of the ACDP. Religion and politics have nothing to do with each other. You shout equal rights around every corner, yet you fail to live it, or to show it to those who do not think, look, do, believe the same that you do - as most so called christians do. This guy has won respect for his country, out of 27 countries, he was crowned the representative to promote equal rights for all human beings around the globe. You can still be sentenced to death or go to jail in many countries because you are gay. But I am sure Jimmy as a devoted christian you are all for killing and abusing "non christians" because they are "sick and perverse" in your small opinion. Last time I checked, christianity was all about loving everyone - even the "sinners", yet it seems impossible for most. This guy's win has also given the opportunity to be host to the contest next year, again. We have such a great constitution and are, in that aspect leaders in the world. Even though we do not always live it, we promote NO discrimination of any kind. Parliament can congratulate the cricket team because "they made SA proud" yet, god forbid we congratulate a GAY guy that made SA proud. That is hypocritical, and discriminating at best, and that from a party that claims to have SA's best interests at heart. Despicable! At least the DA tries to recognise ALL South Africans, even if they are different. THAT is proper representation like it should be.

      sceptic - 2011-03-17 09:49

      Funny how some christians always object to how other people live their lives and contradict GODS GOSPEL by hating thy neighbour!!!GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES!! Gay people are made by GOD too!!!!!

      sceptic - 2011-03-17 09:51


      Kyle - 2011-03-17 15:48

      * DEUTERONOMY 22:13-21 If it is discovered that a bride is not a virgin, the Bible demands that she be executed by stoning immediately. * DEUTERONOMY 22:22 If a married person has sex with someone else's husband or wife, the Bible commands that both adulterers be stoned to death. * MARK 10:1-12 Divorce is strictly forbidden in both Testaments, as is remarriage of anyone who has been divorced. * LEVITICUS 18:19 The Bible forbids a married couple from having sexual intercourse during a woman's period. If they disobey, both shall be executed. * MARK 12:18-27 If a man dies childless, his widow is ordered by biblical law to have intercourse with each of his brothers in turn until she bears her deceased husband a male heir. * DEUTERONOMY 25:11-12 If a man gets into a fight with another man and his wife seeks to rescue her husband by grabbing the enemy's genitals, her hand shall be cut off and no pity shall be shown her.

      Colin - 2011-05-04 15:36

      Jimmy, firstly, looking at your Mug Shot, I don't think you are in ANY danger of any nasty fag wanting to corrupt you. Kyle - Brilliant point (s) made. People are very selective iro what verses they quote and "obey" from the bible. On the upside, if all these "laws" were obeyed, we certainly wouldn't have to worry about over population. 90% of the folk I know would have been put down years ago!... And I suspect that would include "young"Jimmy.

  • Ricardo mafuna - 2011-03-16 23:27


      maseratifitt - 2011-03-17 03:33

      I don't think so, Ricardo. The DA has published all it stands for a long time ago. Gay people are not stupid,uninformed or gullible. I am sure most of them have orientated themselves politically before this and also want a better South Africa than the ANC can offer.

      markdeclark67 - 2011-03-17 09:47

      Bull! They have an exemplary LGBT record! Do YOU know what that means????

      5cents - 2011-03-17 10:15

      lol sorry to burst your bubble but the gay community already supports the DA overwhelmingly for years now.

      The Observer - 2011-03-17 13:33

      Mafuna, change your name to mamparra, it suites you better. And where did you get that laptop from to post in any case?

      Koos - 2011-05-04 17:16

      Ricardo 90% of what is suppose to be men in Cape-Town are homosexual, maybe Gareth Morgan is also gay.

  • Blaauwberg - 2011-03-16 23:47

    How pathetic and small minded from the ACDP. Ricardo: Any sensible person would anyhow vote for the DA. Oi vey

  • Kaizo - 2011-03-17 00:49

    Heck I'm not gay, but I thought we were a free and non-discriminatory country. Hats off to the DA for promoting unity amongst ALL in SA though. Too many narrow-minded people in this country.

      Koos - 2011-05-04 17:22

      Kaizo is fag !!!!! Kaizo is undercover fag!!!!! Kaizo like to suck co**

  • Jayjay001 - 2011-03-17 02:39

    I can't see why the winning of a pageant has to be made political. They have the gays voting for them already, given the nature of the DA and Cape Town being the Gay Capital of Africa, where every last Gay and Lesbian person lives in Africa (well virtually). Far more pressing issue, DA shape up and forget about trivialities.

      daaivark - 2011-03-17 07:14

      So close to the elections EVERYTHING is made political.

      markdeclark67 - 2011-03-17 09:50

      No VJayjay001! Sorry, Jayjay! We are all over! Tell lesbians who are being correctively raped, young gay teens committing suicide and other LBGT's about trivialities...

      sceptic - 2011-03-17 09:53

      @jayjay001 You are missing the point completely!!!!!!

  • maseratifitt - 2011-03-17 03:49

    We tend to forget that sex and gender refer to reproductive function. "Gay" has no such function and only refers to an orientation, or personal preference, if you like. If the world's vegiterian community voted me the most popular vegiterian,or pumpkin eater, would that be something to mention in parliament?

      maseratifitt - 2011-03-17 04:44

      Sorry, e not i. c?

      mm - 2011-03-17 09:13

      What a load of absolute bull. Your own personal predjudice is making you completely miss the point here. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that this guy is gay, or it should have nothing to do wit it, in a constitution where we supposedly are all equal. The guy won a "world championship" out of 27 countrie AND the honour for SA to host it and show off our country. He has made SA proud, yet we cannot congratulate him. With your theory here, should SA win the Cricket World Cup, we SHOULD NOT congratulate them as well, because "they are the most popular cricket team in the world" and most South Africans prefer soccer anyway. Hypocritical and discriminating! It's about the achievement for the country, not the guy's orientation.

      sceptic - 2011-03-17 10:00

      No you tit! that would probably get you a noddy badge!! Mr Gay World is a massive event that generates millions in revenue!! I doubt that your vegetarianism or pumpkin eating will have any significant impact on society, except for the bloating and farting, which in my books is not cool dude and might offend more than find acceptance??? By the way! last time I checked, Zacob Zuma became president by people voting for him and that was worth mentioning in Parliament! So give it a go! If JZ can get it right, so can you!! (Not making sense? DITTO!!!!)

      GreatSA - 2011-03-17 10:17

      @ maseratifitt – How can you compare being gay to being a vegetarian? You are clearly an ignoramus, and probably a closet case. Being gay is NOT a choice – If it were a choice, MOST would NOT choose it, because there is so much hatred towards gays – even death in some countries. SA is supposed to have a non-discrimination policy – but yet again, the government is showing their true colours. I hope the gay community takes this further.

      Cameron - 2011-03-17 10:21

      The point is maseratifitt, we are equal in everyway, and we want to be heard aswell and the fact that someone from South Africa won Mr Gay World should be promotoed and thus promoting the so called Freedom that South Africa promoted. And as far as the reproductive function, i believe we offer you guys a service, called population control and more woman for you....

      maseratifitt - 2011-03-17 12:39

      While some of the logic and emotions elude me, I apologise unreservedly for anything I have said that could be hurtful. My views are just my views. I'm just made that way. Guarantee expired long time ago. No refunds.

      Cameron - 2011-03-17 12:47

      Yep you are just that way, just as i am gay, i cant help it, its who i am, who would be kidding but myself if i tried to be straight.

      GreatSA - 2011-03-17 13:12

      @ maseratifitt - That's the problem with you judgmentalists and religious types - YOU DON'T THINK!!!! Just because you can sit and hurl insults in front of a computer, does not mean that there is no-one on the other side who has FEELINGS! THINK before you say something that could possibly be hurtful to someone - isn't that Jesus's ulitmate message? But you religious types seem to only have selective reading skills, hence the reason you are so blinded by the lies.

      Koos - 2011-05-04 17:20

      Kaizo you are gay,why say i'm not gay while you know that you love men.

      Koos - 2011-05-04 17:29

      tell me mm why should we congratulate a gay person,to tolerate doesn't mean you like the idea, majority in gov are black african and its not in us. homosexual is a white thing, get it. i don't mind if all gay vote for DA they are white or colored anyway

  • AJ - 2011-03-17 06:24

    If our constitution provides equal rights for gays, why can parliament not do the same in acknowledging the guy. The constitution....always was toilet paper and nothing more.

  • BugsyJamesy - 2011-03-17 06:26

    Ag los tog die Moffies uit, hulle is ok.

      markdeclark67 - 2011-03-17 09:54

      Baie dankie! Kan hulle ons asseblief laat leef an geluk wense kry as dit nodig is! Hoop die Afrikaans is ok? van 'n Moffie

  • Stephan - 2011-03-17 06:38

    Who is the ACDP anyway ? LOL that's why will stay a small party not looking after the rest of the country or respecting our constitution. Meneer swart voetsek!!!!

      fantasticjac - 2011-03-17 07:42

      @ daaivark - "motion was put to the House for approval, the ACDP's Steve SWART objected." The name of the man, not a racial slur.

  • Scott - 2011-03-17 08:48

    I feel sorry for homosexual African Christians that have simple-minded spokespeople like these. Since when was being gay against being Christian? And so much for democracy...

  • Scott - 2011-03-17 08:55

    I feel sorry for gay African Christians who have simple-minded spokespeople like these. And so much for democracy and no discrimination...

  • Sharief - 2011-03-17 09:11

    OMG,what is this world coming to ,society is actually accepting homosexuality,in that case,accep drug addicts,thieves,murderes,all of these issues are against the laws of God...Gay people should not be accepted,period!!

      mm - 2011-03-17 09:18

      Sharief, your predjudice should not be accepted. Will your god punish a gay guy or girl for loving someone of the same gender, or perhaps you for hating them and promotoing that hate "in his name"?

      B line - 2011-03-17 09:27

      Sharief, you are very confused. Ito the law of SA - Go read the Constitution. Ito religion - Wake up, you are wrong when you judge other people who does what they think is right. I am not guy but I respect other people, I think what you are doing is against the laws of God.

      sceptic - 2011-03-17 09:39

      Yes!! Society is accepting homosexuality, the same way they accept a muslim a cristian etc. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

      sceptic - 2011-03-17 09:41

      So non religious homosexuals should abide to the Laws of GOD??? Grow up!!!

      Cameron - 2011-03-17 10:24

      You know what Sharief and flaglesswanderer, personally we dont bother you or cross your paths, only reason why i believe you are so anti gay is because, you guy are insecure with your sexuality and seriously need to come out your huge closets and face the truth :)

      Stephan - 2011-03-17 14:32

      Dude your seriously deurmekaar! If you are that narrowminded and uneducated rather keep quiet as you don't know what your talking about

      flaglesswanderer - 2011-03-18 04:27

      @ Cameron, actually I was having a dig at Sharief and it seems my comment vanished most likely for commenting on the ever so morally right, "religion of peace."

  • sceptic - 2011-03-17 09:22

    "on Rel;igious grounds"????? WTF??? since when do you mix personal preference with religion and since when is religion the deciding factor in POLITICS??? I dont think these people know what they are doing in parliament anymore!! Think it is time they all do refresher courses on the CONSTITUTION of South Africa!!!!!!

  • sceptic - 2011-03-17 09:29

    "on Rel;igious grounds"????? WTF??? since when do you mix personal preference with religion and since when is religion the deciding factor in POLITICS??? I dont think these people know what they are doing in parliament anymore!! Think it is time they all do refresher courses on the CONSTITUTION of South Africa!!!!!!

      sceptic - 2011-03-17 09:44

      this also just proves that the DA is the party for the people!!! They do not discriminate!! VOTE DA FOR A FREE SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!!!!

  • Monkey123 - 2011-03-17 09:39

    up the bum, no babies. lol

  • Cameron - 2011-03-17 10:18

    South Africa as a country has some of best legislature promoting the equality of LGBTI members in our society, for even a party to oppose the prmotion of our rights would be deemed unconstitutional. For all i care ACDP FFP can come out their closets.

  • Alaura Frampton - 2011-03-17 10:43

    Thank you ACDP for standing up against the DA in this instance - God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. This corruption is trying to overtake South Africa and the world and millions of people are being deceived because of the Oprah Winfreys etc who call wrong right and right wrong. Read Romans 1:26 - 32 (New Testament). At the end of the day we will all be judged by Gods Standards and not mans corrupt opinions or corrupt standards.

      mm - 2011-03-17 10:54

      Alaura, please see my comment above, and feel free to answer...

      Cameron - 2011-03-17 11:04

      And Alaura and as such you will be judged for judging us! For who are you to play "god" and judge us and deem what is right or wrong, the Bible was written by man and not "god", your preeching to the choir go preech somewhere where it would be deemed worthy.

      GreatSA - 2011-03-17 11:09

      @ Alaura Frampton - tell me... Do you KNOW unequivocally what God's standards are? Please do not tell me his standards are written in the bible. That was written by man NOT god! Judge ye not lest ye be judged! And you are judging!! Hell is looking pretty inviting for you then. Please also refer to mm's comment earlier and answer on that. Let's see how and IF you can. I doubt it though. Your ignorance is astounding.

      Stephan - 2011-03-17 14:34

      So the rest of the wrong and only you and your fellow biggots are rights! You need some serious help!

      Kyle - 2011-03-17 16:00

      Oh really? Read this two while you're at it... and try and justify this level of indecency... heterosexual... just as bad... VOMIT * DEUTERONOMY 22:13-21 If it is discovered that a bride is not a virgin, the Bible demands that she be executed by stoning immediately. * DEUTERONOMY 22:22 If a married person has sex with someone else's husband or wife, the Bible commands that both adulterers be stoned to death. * MARK 10:1-12 Divorce is strictly forbidden in both Testaments, as is remarriage of anyone who has been divorced. * LEVITICUS 18:19 The Bible forbids a married couple from having sexual intercourse during a woman's period. If they disobey, both shall be executed. * MARK 12:18-27 If a man dies childless, his widow is ordered by biblical law to have intercourse with each of his brothers in turn until she bears her deceased husband a male heir. * DEUTERONOMY 25:11-12 If a man gets into a fight with another man and his wife seeks to rescue her husband by grabbing the enemy's genitals, her hand shall be cut off and no pity shall be shown her.

  • amy0aylif - 2011-03-17 11:10

    Wow, on a lighter note Francois Nel is super hot!! Hats off to the guy who bags him

  • John Peace - 2011-03-17 11:35

    I do not like to pass judgment or play God, but those who are Christians and read the Bible … what do you believe was the main reason for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?

      mm - 2011-03-17 11:55

      So where does it say what the "main reason" was. Ask any theologist. It Sodom and Gomorrah was not destroyed because of homosexuality. If you know the peace, they ask Lot to bring out the visitors to rape them (to humiliate them). What is Lot's answer? Take my daughters instead. Would he heve made this offer if it was gays outside his door? They were thugs, not gays. And if you know the history of those times, it was custom when two nations went to war, that the winning tribe would rape the losing tribe to humiliate them, before taking their women and children. Were they all gay? Ignorance is a bad thing my friend. You do not have to agree with homosexuality, religiously or otherwise, that is your choice, but you DO have to accept and love all people for who they are, like Jesus did, if I am not mistaken. You expect the atheists, muslims, etc etc to respect YOUR religion and give you freedom, yet you feel compelled to condemn others that are not "like you" based on your religion. Again, will god judge me for loving, or you for hating?

      Drygin - 2011-03-17 12:33

      The Reason Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed not because of homosexuality, it was destroyed because people tried to sleep with angels, before judging maybe you should read your bible.

  • mm - 2011-03-17 13:41

    " You can safely assume that you''ve created God in your OWN image when it turns out that your God hates all the same people you do" - Anne Lamott

      GreatSA - 2011-03-17 13:50

      Exactly... Beautifully said... :-)

  • GreatSA - 2011-03-17 13:42

    I see quinn099 took his comment down (and the re-post) - he clearly hasn't got the balls to respond to mm's question. I take it he was nailed to the wall then - and not in a good way, lol. You see it just proves that religious types are very quick to point out certain things, but when you bring your point up, they disappear - hopefully back to church to ask go for forgiveness for judging others.

      mm - 2011-03-17 13:58

      i think it might have been the News24 admin guys. Mine's also gone. I don't mind. The only reason I put it up was because I hate it when people try to justify their actions by quoting bible verses. Live your life by bible verses if you want to, but at least have the tollerance to accept that not everyone does, and if you want to take these verses literally, then take them ALL literally. Don't just quote the context that supports your own personal skewed views. You know, even Apartheid was "justified" out of the bible when I grew up. Despicabe!

  • Coenie - 2011-03-17 14:00

    Gay regte is menseregte. Gelykheid is vir almal onder ons grondwet, wat LGBTI mense insluit. Ek stel voor die ACDP en die FF+ gaan lees weer die daardie wet, want hulle verstaan dit duidelik nie. Dit is nie vir klein, onbeduidende partye om te besluit wat mag en wat mag nie in die Parlement gebeur nie. Ons meen die reël dat 'n mosie sonder kennis deur alle partye ondersteun moet word , argaïes is en behoort dit reggestel te word. Ons bedank die DA vir hul ondersteuning. Coenie Kukkuk, Direkteur - Operasioneel, Mnr. Gay Suid-Afrika.

  • Eduan - 2011-03-17 14:04

    religion and state should be kept separate we only have to look at the past to see why religious fundamentalists should be kept out of decision making... the collective should be taken into account and not the minority if you want to base your opinions on books written in the bronze age I could recommend a few but take none as established fact since none of us our our parents or their parents were there when they were written with eyes for that era...

  • Cynical Sci - 2011-03-17 14:10

    Not sure the National Assembly is the appropriate place to be congratulating people on personal achievements of this nature.

      Stephan - 2011-03-17 14:38

      Why not if Miss SA won Miss World or Miss Universe she would be congratulated. Francois made us proud by winning the same with Charl last year! Well done again Francois

      mm - 2011-03-17 14:39

      It is not a personal achievement, it is a national achievement. The only reason why it is not mentioned is because the achievement is of a LBGTI nature. Like I said, lets then not congratulate the cricket team, or the soccer team, or the scientist that cures aids, or wins the nobel prize. Why is this treated differently?

      Cynical Sci - 2011-03-17 15:04

      Please do not misunderstand me, I'm not commenting on the Gay aspect at all, I don't think Miss World etc. should be congratulated in the national assembly either unless a service to the country is done. No disrespect was meant at all. I admit I know little about what happens in the National Assembly, it just strikes me as an odd place to be congratulating. I'm not saying congratulations are not in order, (congratulations Mr Nel), I'm just surprised by the chosen forum.

      Cynical Sci - 2011-03-17 15:05

      Maybe I'm just boring and focus too much on work related stuff ;-)

      mm - 2011-03-17 16:14

      Cynical, okay, but that is the point. It should NOT be a gay thing. And it IS a service to the country, because the fact that SA has won the world contest two years in a row, helped SA's bid to succeed to be chosen to host the world event next year. We were about the 5th country in the world that legalised gay marriage, that is saying a lot, we should be shining examples of equal rights and no discrimination on any grounds, and what better than to host such an event. It is not a beauty pageant, the winner promotes LBGTI equality in his year around the world. Whether this is the place to mention it or not, it is despicable that we preach equal rights but we do not live them, even in parliament

      Cynical Sci - 2011-03-18 09:44

      @mm: Fair enough, didn't realize the "service" bit, yes that is much more than just a beauty contest. By the way what does the "I" stand for in LBGTI? I can work out all the others.

      Cynical Sci - 2011-03-18 10:43

      Never mind, I just worked it out. It seems so obvious now.

      Koos - 2011-05-04 17:38

      Mr Gay only represent Cape-Town not the entire country, I don't believe we should congratulate a gay person but that is my opinion as an African man.gays can pounce around as much as they like as long as they keep that in Cape-Town is fine by me but don't force your culture in mine as i don't force anyone mine

  • lmkhondwane - 2011-03-17 14:21

    who is ACDP to decide on what gets mentioned in the National assembly? We all are south Africans despite our religions and sexual orientation. Isn't the Constitution protecting us in this regard? Religious grounds my skinny behind!

  • andre.cronje2 - 2011-03-17 14:21

    This is why we should stand together and vote the DA in and get the ANC and all the others out. They are only here for their own well being they don't care about any of the other people in SA. I am behind the DA and I hope that with the next election more people out there will back the DA and forget the ANC they are useless.

      Koos - 2011-05-04 17:44

      Andre let me tell you the day ANC promote homosexual will be day i'll stop voting for them,DA is a Cape-Town base so no suprise there as their support base is include gays ,you will stand together with other gays like you,pitching each other asses don't expect majority of black population to stand with you.

  • rudibouwer84 - 2011-03-17 14:21

    That is why the DA have control over a Province and not the other smaller meaningless parties!!

  • Hannes - 2011-03-17 14:24

    G-A-Y means "Good As You" Get used to it!

  • hikaruisgay - 2011-03-17 14:31

    Our constitution forbids discrimination against any group of people for any reason whatsoever. The actions of the ACDP can be seen as discriminatory since they objected to a motion based entirely on their opinions of the sexual preferences of the specific group in question. Ethics and morals aside, the ACDP acted in violation of the constitution, and should be reprimanded accordingly. On a personal note, I'm not really surprised. However, the ACDP have every right to object, as they have as much freedom of speech as we do. The fact remains, we have a secularized state and their religious objection should not and can not carry any weight within parliament.

  • steyn.geldenhuys - 2011-03-17 15:00

    Congrats Francois! Well done! Looking forward to MR. Gay World 2012!

  • arnold.dickson - 2011-03-17 15:27

    Wow cant believe that people can still be so narrow minded about the being gay issue in South Africa. Well I guess thats why the ACDP is not getting any votes !! If they supported this and got teh gay vote then atleast they would have featured in the elections. Thanks to the DA for wishing Francois. It's something all South Africans should be proud off and to the ACDP 'Dont judge people, we dont have to proof ourselves to anyone but God' And remember that the "Pink" money in this country is widely under estimated !!

  • Kyle - 2011-03-17 15:44

    Take your religious grounds and shove where the sun don't shine... You Know, After Matthew Shepard was killed in 1998, a pastor in North Carolina published an open letter regarding the trial of Aaron McKinney that read: "Gays are under the death penalty. His blood is guilty before God (Lev. 20:13). If a person kills a gay, the gay's blood is upon the gay and not upon the hands of the person doing the killing. The acts of gays are so abominable to God. His Word is there and we can't change it." Most of the people I know who say "the Bible condemns homosexuality" would never condone these acts. Most Christians have no idea that the people killing gay and lesbian persons go around quoting those few verses of Scripture as justification. But it's important to hear these stories, because I'm not writing this little pamphlet as a scholarly exercise. It's a matter of life and death. I'm pleading for the lives of my lesbian sisters and gay brothers who are rejected by their friends and families, fired by their employers, denied their civil rights, refused full membership in their churches, and kill themselves or are killed by others -- all on the basis of these six or seven verses.

      Coenie - 2011-03-17 16:06


  • Bruce - 2011-03-17 16:04

    So...from now on when we win a world cup game...Rugby or cricket.. Parlement can not congratulate the team.... Lets see this happen

      Coenie - 2011-03-17 16:06


      Shannin - 2011-03-17 17:36

      A job well done is a job well done regardless of your sexual orientation. it looks like we take 2 steps forward and then a leap back. Religion and politics should never mix

  • Coenie - 2011-03-17 16:05

    Tell them Kyle!

  • Anton - 2011-03-17 16:10

    Question: Why is the only defence against homosexuality, Christianity? This was the predominant response from the people at the recent BBC world debate as well? Are you attacking the Jews and Muslims because they do not conform to your belief system? Maybe we should take a step back and say, congrats Francois Nel, you did your country proud, as did Charl van den Berg in 2010, as did Coenie Kukkuk, John-Louis O'Neil and the thousands of members of the LGBTI community who supported them through this exciting journey. Maybe this doesn't have anything to do with religion! Maybe this has got to do with the fact that an even smaller group of what is already a minority has achieved more in 2 years, in the sense of bringing people together and working for a common goal than the F+F and ACDP put together. It won't kill you to acknowledge a fellow citizen's achievement, in fact - it could even change the general perception of you for the better. Anton J van Rensburg - Johannesburg

  • South_Africa - 2011-03-18 09:35

    It was a victory for SA and should be celebrated accordingly! I think it is wrong of parliament not to congratuate him. And is everyone not equal in the constitution?! So in the same breath if Miss SA wins Miss World, she will also not be congratulated?!

      Koos - 2011-05-04 17:49

      it was not a victory for south africa it was a victory for homosexual community in South Africa, I'm an African no gay person can represent me no matter what color in that respect

  • MrGay - 2011-03-18 16:38

    Thank you for all the support!

  • Gavin - 2011-05-11 12:59

    Looking at this, I would like to ask why Christians would vote either DA or ANC. They treat us like a joke and rubbish our values. Why are we supporting people for power that that share no common ground with us on core values?

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