Vavi: Cosatu march is not about Mangaung

2012-03-03 22:48

Johannesburg - Cosatu's planned march for Wednesday was not about campaigning for the ANC's elective conference in Mangaung, the union's general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said on Saturday.

"People are pre-occupied wtih Mangaung.

"When campaigns are launched they view that as [a] Mangaung agenda," he told the regional congress of the National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) in Tshepisong on the West Rand.

The ANC will hold its elective conference in Mangaung in December.

Vavi said every programme of the trade union federation had been viewed as a campaign for the ruling party's conference in December.

The March 7 strike was against e-tolling and the banning of labour brokers, he said.

Vavi noted that the e-tolling system was equivalent to the privatisation of roads.

"In no time everyone will be paying for the use of public roads."

He said the highways were not only for the elite but for the working class also.

Tolling is imminent on 185km of the N1, N3, N12 and R21 around Johannesburg and Tshwane.


With effect from April 30, motorcycles with e-tags will pay 20 cents a kilometre and those without, 38c.

Light motor vehicles will pay 30c and 58c respectively, and non-articulated trucks 75c and R1.45.

Articulated trucks with e-tags will pay R1.51 a kilometre and those without R2.90.

Under the new fee system, the cost for motorcycles and light vehicles will be capped at R550 a month.

Vavi contended earlier this week that Gauteng highways were national assets and not commodities for profit.

On labour broking, Vavi repeated his call for it be banned.

"Government wants labour broking regulated while we want it banned.

"If we do not stop it, we will end up with 80% of the workers employed on temporary basis without benefits."

Cosatu also asked workers to avoid "lists or slates" when electing new Numsa leaders for the region.

"Slate politics have no logic, you must elect based on the capacity to deliver," said Vavi. The comment came after delegates could not agree on a method to conduct its election.

Numsa's Tembisa branch proposed that the election should be conducted by a show of hands while other branches opted for secret ballots.

Vavi said those elected based on slates would not serve the interest of the workers.

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  • Arno - 2012-03-03 23:13

    Where's Mangaung? Pretty sure it is still Bloemfontein?

  • David DZ - 2012-03-03 23:24

    I love the ANC

      Sean - 2012-03-04 01:17

      Me too , It`s like going to a zoo every day !!

      John - 2012-03-04 01:24

      Hey David, I hope you like majoretes on the street also. They are my favorite...

  • Cracker - 2012-03-03 23:41

    A lot of it is about Vavi.

      Sean - 2012-03-04 01:18

      Vavi is just as corrupt ! AFRICA WILL BE AFRICA !!!!!!!!!!

  • Juan - 2012-03-04 02:52

    I agree with Vavi on the e-tolling system. The government already loads the prices for petrol & diesel for the upkeep of roads, and considering the amount of taxpayers money going down the shoot every day, through theft and plunder of the tax payers money by rotten apples there should be ample funds for government to maintain our road infrastucture. We are paying for roads already, why must we pay more??

      Vuyo Martins - 2012-03-04 12:50

      I agree with you Juan, soon we'll be paying for oxygen! Oh no!

  • ZION - 2012-03-04 06:40

    The unions must drop the permanent campaigning and start looking to the work they are paid to do. And when they do not get paid to do nothing then they strike again and so on to perpetuity. Vavi despite the big-talk is aiding in destroying the economy altogether.

  • malcolm - 2012-03-04 07:41

    If the ANC government worked for the people, Cosatu would have no reason to exist. Marches do nothing for the financial wealth of the people. They are merely a marketing tool for Cosatu, to try to prove they are doing something for their paying members. They are actually labour brokers that get filthy rich off the workers by doing absolutely nothing. They also are instrumental in buggerring up the economy.

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-03-04 07:48

    Although I think it's criminal the charges on the e-tolling, (here is where it shows, if you appoint unqualified NGO'S to do a portfolia)....the e-toll should have be pre-planned and budgeted for, they think the man in the street will always just payup.I HATE unions, therefore VAVI is, in my opinion a waste of a salary....unions destroy the economy.

  • Silvana - 2012-03-04 08:23

    When it comes to protesting against e-tolling, I am 100% behind Vavi.

  • Bomb - 2012-03-04 08:24

    Time that Cosatu grabs the government by the balls. Please do something about the ridiculous fuel price. Where are all these levies and taxes going already included in the fuel price? Fck, one of these days we'll be taxed for breathing and sitting in the sun.

  • Lacrimose - 2012-03-04 08:32

    The minister of higher education seems to think "the rich" who use the highways should "pay for these luxuries". Well at least we now all know that highways are luxuries. Here I was thinking they were the vital arteries of the economy. Clearly higher education has changed significantly since I last took part..

  • Erena - 2012-03-04 15:46

    Go Vavi go, we all thank you, next march is to protest against the high sallaries that politicians give themselves WHILE OUR PEOPLE STARVE

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