Vavi: Review wage agreements

2012-10-27 17:02

Johannesburg - The Congress of SA Trade Unions general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has called for a review of all minimum wage agreements.

He said on Saturday that workers should be paid according to the jobs they are doing.

"Rock drill operators must be paid well, [because] their job is demanding - they must be rewarded."

Vavi was addressing a Cosatu rally at Olympia Park Stadium in Rustenburg. He said, in the future, Cosatu would not negotiate based on percentages.

"We want money, and not percentages," he said. Vavi said the rally was meant to unite workers.

"We want you to be united. Forgive those who attacked us this morning, they will kill us today and regret the following day. "

Vavi said a group of disgruntled mine workers who had attempted to block the rally was being misled by people with political ambitions.

He said the group would one day see that they had been led into a hole.

Earlier SA Communist Party secretary-general Blade Nzimande thanked Cosatu members at the rally for their discipline when the group charged at members.

"What I have seen is an extreme act of provocation, the police did well to disperse them," he said.

"I am interested to see how the media will report this."

Nzimande was speaking at a relatively empty stadium after a large number of Cosatu members ran away when police were dispersing striking workers who opposed the rally.

The group wore black t-shirts and said they would not return to work until their salary demands were met.

  • johann.enslin.9 - 2012-10-27 17:07

    Fighting to retain your position...more unemployed unemployable.

      skhulile.sambo - 2012-10-27 17:26

      well said johann. spoken like a person with knowledge of politics and in depth economics.

      lownabester - 2012-10-27 17:34

      "He said on Saturday that workers should be paid according to the jobs they are doing." Then Zuma should work for free.

      joe.smit.549 - 2012-10-27 18:49

      Agreed. Being sleeping with the enemy, and got caught. Now he makes a noise!

      louis.olivier.988 - 2012-10-28 12:04

      and increase unemployment, starvation and eventualy have a revolution

  • Sello PilaPila Mabebo - 2012-10-27 17:25

    Vavi said the union of black t-shirt dont want to go back to work

  • mista.brown1 - 2012-10-27 17:29

    I lost all hope in you Vavi, you are a sold out scum. useless to the future and wellbeing of this country

  • abner.malema - 2012-10-27 17:42

    Cosatu does nt care about members they only collect members fees. This should serve as a wake up call, dont blame political parties. many people are complaing

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-10-27 17:44

    Vavi's last stand, cosatu credibility shot, workers tired of being used by unions.

  • lex.holmes2 - 2012-10-27 17:55

    What a d..s!

  • crracker.crackerr - 2012-10-27 18:00

    A loser's desperation. He and his trade unions tried hard through the years to keep their members uncontaminated by capitalism. No mobilising of capital through the execellent financial services in this country. No sharing in the success - and of course misfortunes - of the enterprises the workers were employed by. Stay plain workers, pay your union fees and stay the slaves of ideological BS. Now we see the consequences.

  • crracker.crackerr - 2012-10-27 18:04

    Of course we also then will need a review of the social hand-outs. An increase (a SUBSTANTIAL one) required. Don't starve the unfortunate unemployed and the pensioners, you fat cat Vavi!

      bobby.rosewood.1 - 2012-10-27 19:33

      I agree, but those unemployed should be compulsory trained to get skills that are needed by employers. This will ensure that both unemployed get skilled, and that there is a demand for teachers to teach them what the economy needs. I nice extra income for pensioners, maybe?

      blip.noodlum - 2012-10-27 20:22

      Who will train them and who pays for the training? Teachers don't teach rock drilling or explosive-charging.

  • bobby.rosewood.1 - 2012-10-27 18:37

    They (Cosatu/ANC/SACP) are now openly opposed by the core of their support. This is significant. An open invitation to COPE (and maybe IFP/NFP) to gain ground here, and for unions not affiliated to the ANC gouvernment. We might be witnessing a new political reality taking shape here. This is not about money, this is about deep disappointment and mistrust with the ones you once trusted to take care of your interests. These guys have been taken for a ride too many times, and are fed up with their former leaders. Where to now? My guess?? to those that will jump into the vacuum, with credentials. I think it is time for COPE to wake up. DA is too liberal and too far away from these people as an alternative/ Mister Lekota, you've got some points to score, where are you?

  • ernest.lwandle - 2012-10-27 20:15

    he said they will kill us today and regret the following day that kind of regret must start from you and aliance as whole especialy after the damage you have caused for this country after POLOKWANE our country is now directionless because of your premitive mentality.

  • blip.noodlum - 2012-10-27 20:19

    Hehehe... Vavi and Blade talking to an echoing near-empty stadium. What a farce they've become.

  • el.sat.71 - 2012-10-27 20:26

    Vavi, you had your chance, but you kept on abusing your ex members. You still support the corrupt Jacob Zuma. You are in co-hoots with the mine houses and their corrupt “ BEE” deals. We are sick and tired of Cosato and the ANC, and sick and tired of that Marabastad used condom face Blade Nzimande.

  • Warren Wepener - 2012-10-27 20:37

    Vavi you are responsible for the violents today you out dated as the ANC

  • ernest.lwandle - 2012-10-27 20:48

    can we sometmes replace these ugly clueles outdated faces with some newly freshley intelligent faces but not from ancyl cause they are the deffrent flies from the same drain

  • mzuvumile.g.mnqanqeni - 2012-10-27 20:53

    Vavi,SACP or ANC al f them have lost the plot or they r nt in touch wth reality. No wonder workers r pissed off bcz they r al pre-occupied wth Mangaung ,workers r nt their priority. we no longer know who real present they r sellout collaborating wth imperialist and the price we paying z quite huge. The greed here z gonna impoverish everyone in Mzantsi and t gonna happen due 2 fact of us being too loyal 2 ruling part. Vavi or Num r just bunch of losers who r seeking attention.

  • nhlanhla.b.ndlovu.3 - 2012-10-27 22:10

    no offence to mine workers but a pay check of 18 grand is not feasible , it will just encourage our brothers and sisters to be lazy , why i spend 4 years in engineering school to earn less than someone who didn't even bother taking matric .its good to want a little more , but not more than you deserve .

      toxicater - 2012-10-27 23:14

      So u want 18grand for yourself? Wat about our brothers and sisterz! Don't be selfish, because of 4 yearz at school

  • zolisa.dlokovu - 2012-10-28 06:50

    we want money not percentages.I agree

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