Vavi: SA could become a banana republic

2011-06-11 22:51

Johannesburg - Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi warned that SA could become a "banana republic", and threatened to repudiate President Jacob Zuma's leadership, the Sunday Times reported.

In a report prepared for the federation's central committee meeting on June 27, the Congress of South African Trade Unions general secretary said relations in the tripartite alliance were "bad" last September, the newspaper reported.

Vavi was referring to African National Congress secretary-general Gwede Mantashe, who shortly before the ANC national general council meeting in Durban, invited Cosatu to walk away from the pact.

"The manner of presentation; the anger combined with arrogance, positional postures, insults and rough language appeared designed to provoke a walkout by Cosatu," Vavi reportedly wrote in the report prepared for the June gathering.

The report confirmed that Cosatu believed the ANC Youth League was on a campaign to remove Mantashe and Zuma, the Sunday Times reported.

"If they succeed in this campaign, the ANC as we have known it will be history. Our country we love so much will go straight down the direction of a banana republic. The current challenge of corruption will be institutionalised with a risk that the very country will be sold to the highest bidder," Vavi reportedly said.

  • george07 - 2011-06-11 22:56

    we are already there .

      Francois - 2011-06-11 23:18

      Part of the Banana Republic that you state is the state that the state is already in is because labour is part of government and Cosatu's idealogy is pro - Banana. Vavi, grow a pair and walk, start your own party and combat elections on your own. You cannot on the one hand critisize Manatashe and on the other say that if he goes (with Zuma), we will be sold to the higest bidder. Make up your mind or is it far too cushy there in the palm of Zuma? Start off with having a policy that all Cosatu members' children may only go to state schools and only be taught by SADTU members and that all ANC politicians and Cosatu members as well as SACP members may only go to state hospitals - and that includes Zuma, Mbeki, YOU, Ehrenrich the hypocrite, Madiba, Dlamini Zuma, Radebe, Ndebele, Cwele, Cele, Nzimande and low and behold - JUJU! Grow a pair or shut up.

      Karoobloed - 2011-06-12 00:29

      Why are most responders here so freakin' negative? For heaven's sake, we all should rejoice that a credible Black leader of a huge and important organization like COSATU has the balls to finally stand up and say it like it is. Mr. Vavi, thank you for helping to turn the RSA debate about leadership failure into a non-racial issue. This is indeed a debate between moderates and the extreme, not Black against White as the ANCYL has been allowed to frame the issue

      cliffarc - 2011-06-12 00:56

      - This Vavi is a schizophrenic - Did Cosatu not support the Anc in the elections last month ? I reckon the man is just trying to compete with Malema for media attention. Tell you what, the way this country is headed Banana's will be a luxury to behold .

      BoB - 2011-06-12 07:19

      Vavi, you are not helping either.U`re just taking sides in this leadership battle rather than get to the bottomline of why we are going bananas.At least now we know which side you stand for.

      Naartjie - 2011-06-12 07:56

      All the circus needs is a bigger tent ...and more banana trees

      Ozymandios - 2011-06-12 08:18

      Vavi Runs wtth the hares and hunts with the hounds. Commonly called a "draadsitter" in this country. A dangerous game to play in politics. If the DA was as smart as they think they are, they could get their "smart" political strategists to create "A DISINFORMATION DIVIDE AND RULE PLAN IN PLACE", That's the dirt of politics. But Vavi won't commit himself yet. He's too scared. I think he is more scared of Juliarse Dilema and his power base. The unemployed don't support Cosatu - how can they? They have no jobs. But the unemployed will back Dilema, as he talks their kind of language and they are too stupid to see he's living like a Fat Cat, whilst they go hungry etc. I think a smart politician (do we have any?) can take this situation and bleed it for all its worth and sit back and soon watch 'the dogs rip each other apart." We live in interesting times in good ol'South Africa - and it is still a good place to live and be in, bar a few political idiots ruling the place.

      Unskinny Bob - 2011-06-12 08:32

      Been there LONG TIME.

      Risen Ape - 2011-06-12 09:36

      Julius Malema is Africa's next Idi Amin.

      Shivermetimb - 2011-06-12 10:26

      Agree or disagree with Vavi's politics - fact is he is a good man.

      Worldwise - 2011-06-12 11:28

      Waiting for the racist comment from the ANC trolls.

      Larissa - 2011-06-12 11:42

      Enough talking Vavi - Separate from the bloody agents and join DA...

      james4usa - 2011-06-12 16:03

      Remove Whites out of SA equation and SA will sink to below Banana Rep. See CIA Factbook re GDP.

      Gundaan - 2011-06-13 01:16

      Thanks George07 got in ahead of me you say ...WE are ALREADY there ...priaprismic president & all ..." Hey Mr . Tally man , tally me banana , Daylight come and I wanna go home" ..........& sliding .....

      paulf - 2011-06-13 06:22

      The former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, once commented that whoever thought that the ANC could rule SA was living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. Why was Thatcher right? In the 17 years of ANC rule, all the symptoms of a government out of its depth have grown worse.

      Matt - 2011-06-13 09:17


  • makip - 2011-06-11 23:02

    haibooo!juju is the man.oust them all.malema for president!!!quiet frankly i really dont care what happens to zuma in 2012.he let africans down

      thinkza - 2011-06-11 23:14

      Ignorance, the South African Creed.

      Yoni - 2011-06-11 23:27

      Gimme hope Banana...gimme hope Banana... give me hope Banana, till the morning comes...

      Brent - 2011-06-11 23:50

      No thinking South African could even suggest Malema for president. Besides the fact that the man has no brains he looks like his mother dragged him around by the nostrils.

      Mishka - 2011-06-12 06:05

      At least BLACKMAMBA, you admit in your post how ugly this thing is - Malema I mean

      Karoobloed - 2011-06-12 07:24

      Makip, do you truly believe township dwellers would be better off under the type of leadership as represented by miniBob Malema, than under intellectual African leadership as represented by e.g. Ramaphosa. If the Zim shantytown dwellers is now better of under Mugabe's "reforms", why are millions of them now living in RSA? And do you truly believe that a governing party that struggles to manage municipalities, would manage mining and industry better than the private sector that pay substantial taxes and is subject to fairly aggressive AA and BEE? And do you truly nelieve that the bounty from mines and industries run by Malema and his cronies would not largely end up in their own pockets rather than the township dwellers? The answers to the above questions are so obvious that I wonder how a person that could use a computer can be a fervent supporter of the type of leadership Malema represents. You must still be very pissed of for historic reasons. But be careful what you wish for - things could get much worse. As for the racist responses to Makip's comment, it is not acceptable to make fun of Malema's appearance or colour - many people of all races could be considered as ugly and that does not make them lesser human beings. Criticize Malema, but not in a racist fashion - it reflects poorly on the White community.

      Johan - 2011-06-12 08:16

      @Karoobloed...The funny thing is that although you make out to be this enlightened individual that can’t see race or colour in your heart you are the racist around here. WTF is racist about saying somebody is ugly and that he has big nostrils. Did the person say he is ugly because he is black? Did he say he is ugly because he is a Pedi? Do you know what a racist statement is or is it just because you had this picture in your own mind about certain races that makes it racist to you?

      Karoobloed - 2011-06-12 08:21

      @Johan. Nothing funny here. If people like me are murdered, people like you may be partly to blame. I think most of us realize what the undertones are when certain facial features on certain races are made fun of. It is not just "politically correct" to be against racism, it is also "morally correct". Racism got us in this mess, and persistent racism from Whites and Blacks has been perpetuating our huge problems in RSA.

      Johan - 2011-06-12 08:42

      @Karoobloed….. I disagree with you there are a lot of funnies here. You try and make something from undertones. You read messages between the lines that do not exist because you stand behind a door and you want someone else with you there to keep you company. I did not say to be a racist is good, morally or politically. What I said and if you missed it, the message is “You read racism in comments that is not there because that is what you had on your mind”. “Steek jou hand in jou eie boesem en kyk of dit nie dalk melaats uitkom nie”.

      Win14 - 2011-06-12 09:41

      But what's now actually so bad about racism? It makes it far easier to spot the political enemy. This time round, almost 95% of the ANC-vote came from Blacks, and they make up 80 to 85% of the voters. And 99% of the White vote was for the DA. So we know exactly who stands for what, i.e. we can all identify allegencies by racial factors. That makes things so much easier. You actually know whom to dislike. In Europe, you are surrounded by political enemies but you can never pinpoint them. If all Tory-voters would turn blond overnight, and the Labour-lot brunette, we'd have a new racism of note because racism appeals to all our basest instincts. We love to have clear-cut circs in our lives, and racism makes things so much simpler for all sides. We can actually argue with the enemy in the flesh instead of with ill-defined concepts. Why call it "enemy"? Well, it is the ANC that rules the roost and is busy destroying this beautiful country, so to the White people they are the enemy. And Whites are the Blacks' enemies because they always know everything better but don't even belong here and have unrightfully taken their land (at least that's what they believe).

      Kevin - 2011-06-12 09:46

      Funny .I also do not care what happens to zoomer , but trust me I do care about what happens to Fat boy.

      Carl Muller - 2011-06-12 10:29

      Zuma let Nelson Madela, the ANC and the nation down....

      Yoni - 2011-06-12 11:48

      What Karoobloed is implying is that because of some "racist" comments on a webforum or elsewhere, black people will kill even liberal butt-kissers like him. That makes him a racist, because he's saying that black people cannot debate but instead react with violence instead of words. Now who's the real racist here? As far as the nostrils-thing goes, I always thought the man was merely wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses, eish! Now I see...

      Zoooma - 2011-06-12 11:51

      If you think Zuma let you down, wait till Malema is president

      Yoni - 2011-06-12 13:16

      Vavi, wake up and smell the bananas. Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Tenderprise. Its continuing mission: to buy fancy new cars, to seek out new Life(buoy), new tenders and taxations, to boldly go where no comrade has gone before.

      RowRobCk - 2011-06-12 21:47

      Pre election: jm is an agent provocateur(hate speach?) jz the weak handler(under pressure not to alienate or offend )and the anc giving them a long cord to operate on as directions are cloudy. Agri forum try to expose the new “division language” election :. minorities take offence and feel alienated and voters suffer from withdrawal symptoms post election : .Next chapter who's not happy with a smaller pie in the parliament of three. Some finger pointing at who’s not doing what and errors to be sorted out . Nation is hopeful of some positive direction and some timeframes to divisive policies and the masses are watching up north .Bob is getting worried and visiting , living costs keep climbing and winters in the middle but the rain was good for some many thanx for that and condolences to the casualties .

      onetickie - 2011-06-12 22:15

      Yes well MAKIP I hope you've got a toilet by then because when your juliAS takes over you're going to well and truly crap your pants & self. But then in doing that, guess you don't need a toilet ....

      Karoobloed - 2011-06-13 06:07

      @Yoni, your bell-curve must be seriously distorted if you feel an aversion to racism is sufficient grounds to label someone as a "liberal butt kisser". From my comment above, it should be clear that I am not a fan of the Malema wing of the ANC, and that I support business friendly policies. I also feel that the ANC had much better candidates than Zuma to succeed Mbeki - Manuel, Ramaphosa adn Sexwale comes to mind. Or is it perhaps because I had nice things to say about Mrs. Sisulu in a previous posting? If you find racism acceptable, or think ill of individuals like Mrs. Sisulu, Africa seems to be a very poor choice to call home. Things aare just not going to go your way.

      Yoni - 2011-06-13 19:21

      @Karoobloed: I'm just tired to hear that comments on here will make rational people act differently. You can deny the inevitable as long as you like, but history is catching up with you. Read The State of Africa by Martin Meredith or RW Johnson's book South Africa's Brave New World which were written by liberal people like yourself. Stop trying to blame white people for everything that is wrong in this country. Polish up your knowledge of Africa's history, especially in the 20th century and tell us who was/is the biggest mass murderers this shackled continent has seen.

      Karoobloed - 2011-06-13 20:04

      Rest assured Yoni - history is not catching up with me. I do not need to complete your reading list to be informed of RSAs failures pre- and post 1994. I did not give any RSA government a passing grade, including the current one. Africa's biggest mass murderers has indeed been Africans. The Rwanda genocide was the worst example - 800,000 dead in a matter of weeks. All educated people know about the atrocities committed by Mengistu, Al-Bashir, Amin, Charles Taylor, Mugabe and many others. However, Europe's biggest mass murderers were Europeans - Hitler and Stalin collectively killed over 12 million of their own citizens! The demographics of RSA predicts that history will much more likely catch up with you - Africa is certainly not the ideal place to call home when viewing the situation through a racist perspective.

      Yoni - 2011-06-16 11:12

      @Karoobloed: So you think I'm a racist? Even if I am, I'm sure I probably have more contact with people of colour and treat them with courtesy, in all likelihood better than most of you bleeding heart-liberals. My character test in life is how you treat people that cannot do anything FOR or AGAINST you. I did not know Stalin was European, or Russia or even Georgia where he was born was ever part of Europe, sounds like you have even re-written the geography books. I agree though, that Stalin killed his own people, much more than 12 million. Don't know about Hitler killing any Germans or Austrians, unless "killing" also took on a new meaning overnight. If you're living in S.A. the same fate will await you, no matter how much you crawl and pretend to be part of the "rainbow". Has it ever crossed your mind that there are still hundreds of tribes and languages all over Africa? If it isn't due to natural segregation, shouldn't the divides have disappeared by now? Or are they also practising apartheid - each to his own?

      Karoobloed - 2011-06-24 19:43

      Oh I see we have a Holocaust denier here. Why am I not surprised. Anyway my point, which apparently swished over your head, is that it should come as no surprise that Africans commit the most atrocities in Africa. Because Europeans commit the most atrocities in Europe, and Asians commit the most atrocities in Asia (e.g. Pol Pot in Cambodia). Anyway I do not really wish to continue to exchange comments with you - I recognize your type of undertones all too well. I will leave it to your Karma to eventually find you.

  • thinkza - 2011-06-11 23:02

    News24 is reporting false information. We ARE a banana republic, and the ANC Vavi knew IS gone. Please check your facts, reporters. /sarcasm

      Francois - 2011-06-11 23:19

      Please check your English Grammar so that people can understand you. Irony?

      thinkza - 2011-06-11 23:27

      @Francois, my use of the English language is very decent and understandable. If your grammar is so perfect, please point out my minor mistakes.

      Mike - 2011-06-12 02:27

      Francois are an idiot. Sorry, that should read: Francois, you is an idiot. If you have nothing to say, rather shut up. Based on your post, and the other one below, you are simply lashing out at other posters. Clearly you lack the intellectual capacity to contribute, but you feel compelled to be heard. Maybe that hardhat has compressed your brain.

      hemingwodebeck - 2011-06-12 03:17

      Francois, is one of the few people here who make sense... keep going.

      Mishka - 2011-06-12 06:07

      @thinkza - as an Educator in the English language, allow me to inform you that there are no minor mistakes in your post. Francois, well, Francois, that says it all. Your grammar was fine. Francois, go and read the Agricultural Magazine.

      Francois - 2011-06-12 07:21

      Mishka, since when do we put a comma before "and"? Is "/sarcasm" a new form of English sentence? According to my opinion, it does not even have a verb, which is, as far as I understand, necessary for a sentence, or is it not? However, this is not an English lesson, let us ask two questionw: One: Is these a new ANC? Two: For what ANC did Vavi campaingn in the past election, the old one?

      BoB - 2011-06-12 08:39

      @ Franois,Haahaha!!"--is these a--","--for what ANC did--"Shut up, you are an idiot.

      thinkza - 2011-06-12 08:50

      @Francois. Get with the times. /something is called an emote and could be considered as internet jargon. The use of ',' before and could be considered as wrong, but it was used to convey two different ideas. Read the post for what it is - a sarcastic comment.

  • Jack - 2011-06-11 23:03

    viva to vavi

      Carl Muller - 2011-06-12 10:30

      Yes.... 100 %

  • PJ - 2011-06-11 23:05


      Francois - 2011-06-11 23:20


      PJ - 2011-06-11 23:51

      Francois seriously? Duh....... As in it is a little late for a Banana Republic comment as SA is already there.

      Francois - 2011-06-12 07:22


  • Donovan Jackson - 2011-06-11 23:12

    Too late chief.

  • lulu - 2011-06-11 23:13

    already there old news

  • Brieuse - 2011-06-11 23:13


  • Billfish - 2011-06-11 23:16

    vavi for president

  • Billfish - 2011-06-11 23:16

    vavi for president

      darkwing - 2011-06-12 07:13

      Yes, then we can strike 5 days of the week and work weekends. Viva for Vavi! - 2011-06-12 14:36

      and get double pay for the weekends. drive a taxi for the week and get rich..

  • Stufflé - 2011-06-11 23:20

    The Stufflë for Prez. At least my bollie turns white in the sun

  • Hennie - 2011-06-11 23:27

    Mr. Vavi, you're not helping much......want another banana? :P

  • Boer - 2011-06-11 23:35

    The place is already a BANANA REPUBLIC. Just look at the ANC and Malema. The problem is the dummies are getting dummer and they will continue to vote for the biggest dummies of them all the ANC.

  • Frans Smith - 2011-06-11 23:35

    it is too late, sa is allready a banana republic

  • Siphoxxx - 2011-06-11 23:44

    no bananas here only foreigners who steel and stole our land and make toilets with no wals and they call us bananas they are the banas !!! viva winny and malema to liberait us !!!!!

      thinkza - 2011-06-11 23:53

      Look into the toilets not connected to the sewage system in your own provinces.

      Jack - 2011-06-12 00:19

      Another illiterate.

      grant.mayne - 2011-06-12 00:23

      Yes, great idea, then once the farmers are all evicted off their land, and no one is producing food, we can all stand for hours on end in bread queues.

      BigD - 2011-06-12 06:04

      @sipho-sphincter. Nobody stole your land, you ran down from the north when the white came to SA for some beads and work. You show how ignorant you actually are when you worship people like winnie and malema. It you cannot see that SA is going down the toilet like the countries north of us then that shows you are part of the problem and not the solution. Please show me what engineering feats you accomplished in Africa before the white man came, show me one example of the intricate sewerage system you had developed. I am sure your toilet design had no walls and you used a stone to wipe yourself with. Show me examples of any development of engineering excellance. Duh, what do you say, huh, none!

      Kevin - 2011-06-12 09:55

      Siphoxxx, you are never going to smell the roses so please back into the garden and at least water them

      Yoni - 2011-06-12 11:52

      Sipho's family is in the iron and steel businees. His mother irons and his father steals...

      Zoooma - 2011-06-12 12:03

      hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu huhuhuuhuhu

      ANC-FTL - 2011-06-12 16:10

      I have 5 toilets all with walls - why is it our problem that you are incapable are looking after yourself you useless animal. Work and build your own toilets - don't burn or pull them down.

      Frans Smith - 2011-06-12 17:56

      another bafana banana

      Gundaan - 2011-06-13 01:26

      Like I said Numsa earliar ...I was dejobbed because of BEE & AA ...but as apale male I am back 7 making R360 000 a yaer again , despite BEE & AA ...shame on you get of your ass , lose the chip on your shoulder & DO SOMTHING for Gods sake instead of attacking & robbing old woman & children & your compatriots should be ashamed ..but I guess that word is not in your language ...the world is tired of your types holding their hands out ...wake up Man

      mosali - 2011-06-13 10:23

      no1. your anc toilet saga is older than the da saga no.2 your ancyl negotiated the da tiolet saga this post is about the anc banana republic and not the tiolet saga anyway!

      Mark - 2011-06-13 10:26

      Numsa your command of the english language is poor. Madiba liberated your'll 17 years ago. Go back to the dishes and stop playing with the baas' computer.

  • makip - 2011-06-11 23:52

    hey wena listen up!who could have thought the usa will have a fourty something year old sworn in as the president of the most powerful nation in the world hah!come 2013 national election malema will be sworn in as the presient of RSA full stop, at 32 he will be the countrie's first youngest president.age aint nothing but a number baby,and he has proven to the SA high courts an the nation that he is not actually the moron that people thougt he was.i love u juju

      grant.mayne - 2011-06-12 00:28

      He's definitely not a moron. He's a shrewd politician. However he is dangerous and the difference between Juju and Obama is that Juju is gaining power and influence through propaganda techniques, populist tactics and racial polarisation. Obama gained presidency through competence and merit. What an insult to Obama to compare him to Juju.

      Larro - 2011-06-12 02:49

      @makip: Obama is an articulate, educated, intelligent person and certainly not a racist. Malema is the exact opposite.

      Mishka - 2011-06-12 06:10

      Please makip, go and have babies with Malema. That would be possible too, no?

      Janine - 2011-06-12 10:01

      I don't want a youth running SA!

      Yoni - 2011-06-12 11:53

      The sooner Juju becomes president the better...

      Francois - 2011-06-12 12:05

      In fact makip, the USA has a president aged 43 that was elected in 1960 - John F Kennedy. Mishka stick to English, your adivce, even if you do not agree with makip, is not worthy of an educator - or is some racial undertones coming forward? Having said that, Mishka, can you please help me what "first youngest" means?

      Zoooma - 2011-06-12 12:16

      @makip There's absolutely no similarities between Obama and Malema. Obama graduated from law school with honours while Malema couldn't pass Matric. Obama was voted into power by all racial groups incl. white Americans which represents the majority of the population of a first world nation where the voters are far more educated than here in SA, and they vote in the merits of the leader and not his populist rhetoric. The bulk of ANC voters leaning to the Malema side are illiterate twits.

      Brett - 2011-06-12 15:58

      Didn't know you could be the first youngest. I thought you could only be the youngest. S..t for Brains

      Benny66 - 2011-06-12 16:42

      Gee, honestly you guys - don't you know ANYTHING! First youngest means that possibly there is a another youngest born at the same date and time who also aspires to become president but, malema put his application in first - so, he qualifies as the FIRST youngest! At the rate that the quality of our leaders has diminished over the past few years we can expect to see a rush of "first youngsters" lining up to govern our country on the basis of "if they can then anyone can".

      Hennie - 2011-06-12 21:09

      Hey makip still suffering from that bantu education?

      onetickie - 2011-06-12 22:23

      Obama may not be white but he is INTELLIGENT AND INFORMED. Don't even try going down that route of argument MAKIP you big dickhead. If I was Obama I'd sure as hell sue the hell out of you for defamation. Now that should take you away from blogging for the next year hopefully to understand what I am saying. But to save you a little time: BUGGER OFF YOU PIECE OF "RUBBISH".

      Karoobloed - 2011-06-13 04:39

      Makip, seems like you somehow never learned to differentiate between shyte and peanut butter.

      Mike - 2011-06-13 08:18

      I don't quite get this about blacks hanging on to the likes of Obama, Lewis hamilton, Tiger Woods, etc - neither of them are black! Period.

      Virginia - 2011-06-13 10:20

      Janine I think it is a bit late, ANCLY is running the country, otherwise Zuma would have had them disbanded long time ago. Makip you are an idiot, Malema will not make life better for you, he is just as uneducated as Zuma, all they are doing is stealing your money. You remind me of one of those people who killed the Zimbabwean,a savage living in a once good country, and remember SA s not the most powerful country in the world, the world now knows that you are the dumbest and the cruelest lot of people on this earth.

      Jo - 2011-06-13 10:21

      um, makip - have you ever asked yourself WHY the countries around the world DON'T have 32-year-old presidents? Maybe you believe that you are too smart to learn anything, but ask yourself why the economic powerhouses of the world (north and south) don't have young leaders. And try to answer yourself honestly.

      mosali - 2011-06-13 10:27

      makip - i guess that when that happens both you and the rest of us will all be out there looking for a country to take us in because neither unentitled black elitist nor white will be welcome any longer

      Nicky - 2011-06-13 11:55

      makip wants a f@#$ed up by a racist and a greedy fool. good luck to the future

      Cire - 2011-06-13 19:42

      @makip. Comparing the USA to SA is utterly insane! You can't compare a mature democracy to yet another African state on its way to beggarhood!However, I do agree that Malema is the next president - unless Madame Matchsticks beats (literally) him to it. Then we will see a country where people will be happy if they could get just half a banana to eat!

  • thetruth - 2011-06-11 23:54

    mr vavi is correct in what he says,but how negative are all u whites on this forum...atleast give credit to those like vavi and many ANC members who give their all towards making SA a better place ...not all ANC politicians are corrupt...a few like juju are dangerous,but why dont u whites support those like manuel and many others...we must stop the whining cos thats not going to help...and pls see beyond colour

      thinkza - 2011-06-12 00:01

      I actually like ol' Manuel. In fact, I would vote him for president myself. Unfortunately, I think his support base is much lower that that of Malema's.

      grant.mayne - 2011-06-12 00:31

      many of us white folk do support Vavi and Manuel just like not all you blacks support black fascists like Juju. How awesome would it be if Cosatu was headed by Vavi and stood as a separate party in competition with the ANC in 2014 elections.

      cliffarc - 2011-06-12 01:05

      - Seventeen years of Anc disasters and a Malema to contend with ,is more than enough to justify negativity. Okay,so we'll maybe go along with Manuel,but who are the ' others' you refering to ? For the life of me I can't think of them.

      Carl Muller - 2011-06-12 10:34

      100 % true....

      Virginia - 2011-06-13 10:24

      @ the truth, we do give credit, but the bad in this country is so over whelming that a little spark of light like Mr Vavi soon fades, because no one is listening to him, one minute he shouts and the next he is siding with the same people who say they going to make changes but it never happens. Mr Vavi and COSATU have to take the bull by the horns and make changes for the betterment of the people in this country. Mr Zuma and the ANCyl are only taking us one way and that is down.

      greatgodpan - 2011-06-13 11:01

      how awesome would it be if cosatu did not blindly support the ANC. Vavi and the unions should use there power to balance the power, form alliances with the oppostion, no matter if the opposition is DA OR ANC, become the kingmakers in giving SA a strong opposition and you effectivly hold the governing party to accountability.The power house in the permanent (none party specific) opposition. What an excellent role to play.Sure as hell beats your current role of proping up a corrupt incompetent bunch of racists.

      Cire - 2011-06-13 20:44

      @greatgodpan. You REALLY want COSATU to decide who should rule SA? I think you need to understand that COSATU will NEVER support any party that understands economics for adults. Much more likely that they will put the world's last communist party into power! Think about it! In reality, Vavi is FAR more dangerous than corrupt nitwits like Zuma or opportunistic dweebs like Malema or even Madame Matchsticks.

  • grant.mayne - 2011-06-11 23:55

    Vavi, well said! This country needs you to walk out of the ANC and start your own party. We need black people with a conscience to fight for this coutry and stand up to the ANC. If whites criticise the ANC, we get accused of being racist.

      zebracobra - 2011-06-12 18:39

      wrong grant.mayne, Vavi? another man wil lose his wife,an opoturnist Vavi go 4 it

      RowRobCk - 2011-06-12 22:18

      Is this all patching up and repair work or is this solid criticism we are hearing after some serious "free range" damage to race relations.

      Cire - 2011-06-13 19:48

      Hey Grant - are you sure you want a country run by COSATU? The ANC may be corrupt and incompetent but at least it isn't Marxist

  • marco - 2011-06-11 23:57

    President Harry S. Truman of Ameica once said "The only thing new in this world is the history we you don't know"...and that's not the New Testament either just the raw facts about South Africa being govern by blacks I'd say.

  • croix - 2011-06-12 00:02

    Vavi speaks with forked tongue - and then supports ANC in elections. Don't moan now, Vavi. You got exactly what you voted for...... btw - we bacame a 'banana republic' at Polokwane, or was it in 1994??

      Cire - 2011-06-13 19:46

      Absolutely correct - or is anybody suggesting that Vavi voted DA. Vavi made his bed - now he must lie in it. And lie about it!

  • Karoobloed - 2011-06-12 00:23

    Why are most responders here so freakin' negative? For heaven's sake, we all should rejoice that a credible Black leader of a huge and important organization like COSATU has the balls to finally stand up and say it like it is. Mr. Vavi thank you for helping to turn the RSA debate about leadership failure into a non-racial issue. This is indeed a debate between moderates and the extreme, not Black against White as the ANCYL has been allowed to frame the issue.

  • Mordred - 2011-06-12 00:39


  • grant.mayne - 2011-06-12 00:44

    Go Vavi! Vavi for pres.

  • tokoloshe - 2011-06-12 01:28

    The ANC has already made South Africa a banana republic so if the ANC goes down, great things might happen in South Africa

  • mindlo mindlo - 2011-06-12 03:15

    please Vavi open your own political party and face the ANC and I can assure you that you will always come second. You overrate yourself and you will soon find yourself in the dustbin of history. you will surely scare your friends with your endless scare tactics!

  • Geo - 2011-06-12 04:26

    Sorry, South Africa is already a banana republic. Great for finally realising it! Well done!

  • Johan Kruger - 2011-06-12 05:06

    Vavi, thanks for realising it, your other brothers still do not comprehend.

  • Glenn - 2011-06-12 06:45


  • chris.debeer1 - 2011-06-12 06:56

    I never been a unoinist. Jet this Vavi always seem to make very impressive statements and from what I have read about him. He is in a position of leadership NOT FOR WHAT HE CAN GET, but rather for what he can do for South Africa. Is it not time that he starts South Africas First Labour Party? I for one who does not vote based on colour of leader but rather on my perseption of integrity would seriosly consider voting for him! VIVA Vavi!!!

  • Hamilton Ngwenya - 2011-06-12 06:58

    I'm afraid we r headed that way given the unscrupulous behaviour of our elected public officials. It is time for Vavi and a lot to single out and pinpoint corruption and lack of vision & leadership within the alliance and act promptly to enlighten the voter about the dangers of electing officials based on their popularity superceding principle.

      grant.mayne - 2011-06-12 12:33

      agreed Hamilton. If there are enough people like Vavi and Manuel and even Sexwale that keep government in check, then all is not lost.

  • AA - 2011-06-12 06:58

    It is too late. We already are one!

  • mshini wam - 2011-06-12 07:06

    Does VAVI eat bananas?

  • Deon - 2011-06-12 07:17

    Who do we thank ? Not Boland Bank ! Unless you spell it Tri-partite Alliance.

  • ZumaGabe - 2011-06-12 07:23

    BANANANA !!!

  • Rumbler - 2011-06-12 07:25

    Time to do something positive about your (and our) concerns Mr Vavi. You may have more support than you think. Quiet "diplomacy" does not, will not work.

  • MrGumede - 2011-06-12 07:36

    All this after the deathly silence at election time when the 'alliance' (the biggest self serving banana republic I know) comes before the peoples needs..... now that is what I call brave leadership.

  • ammpike - 2011-06-12 07:52

    I disagree with Vavi here what I fail to under stand from what he says when Mbeki was unseated from power why was the country not going the way of a banana republic bcoz cosatu and the ANCYL was the coz of Mbeki and the scorpions gone now Vavi and the ANCYL does not sing the same song again now banana republic is on the cards I think Vavi just wants his way his spoiled let democracy take its course when Mantashe and Zuma are not wanted any more let them go power is in the people's hands not in Vavi's hands or his opinions let Vavi's will not be done let the people's will be done

      BoB - 2011-06-12 14:27

      The single longest sentance i have seen!

      mbossenger - 2011-06-12 14:45

      Holy run on sentence, Batman!

  • Nico - 2011-06-12 07:53

    @Karobloed... Nobody is so "freakin'negative"..... ! There's a huge difference being brutally honest and "protecting" your own ideas for the sole benefit of yourself (not you).What Vavi say is the truth but he is only saying it to protect certain groups and that is not the white group by the way.

  • Ho - 2011-06-12 08:04

    "Could become a banana Republic"....? It is one already you fool! Has been ever since 1994...say no more..

  • rory - 2011-06-12 08:06

    I hope he is wrong but the threat is very real as we are already on that slippery slope. The weakness lies in the way governance is organised. In so called democratic elections, by unconscious acquiescence of the people, their social power is handed over to the hierarchy of the winning party and, sadly, there are always those within any winning party who are only in politics to abuse that power for their own selfish ends. We need robust social mechanisms that ensure that the people's social power and responsibility can never ever be passed on to anybody else.

  • Talitha Taljaard - 2011-06-12 08:14

    Listen to the man! He's right! Beware ANCYL and their leader, Julius Malema! They are dangerous!!!

  • aglew - 2011-06-12 08:19

    What the hell did he expect ? 3 years ago he was a vociferous and critical part of he mob allance that stitched together Zuma's rise to power and stitched up this country. I would love to see Vavi look into a camera and tell us Zuma deserved to walk away from his trial without facing the charges - everything that has happened since and will follow can be placed squarely on his shoulders - perhaps its not too late, but I think it is - who will replace Zuma ? will they really do better ? Shame on you Vavi.

  • Willem Louw - 2011-06-12 08:21

    The ship heading for the Banana Rupblic has sailed my friends. The ANC formed these so called packs and alliences to keep a firm on grip on power in SA. But the other alliance members are getting impatient and ambitious as well. The ANC has allready witnessed a walkout in the forming of the COPE party, hopefully COSATU will break away as well and form their own party. It is only a matter of time before the ANCYL breaks away... since there are clear conflictions between the ANC and ANCYL policies and intentions. Then they will be devided and weak! Which leaves room for madam Hellen and the DA to save the country from corruption, bankrupcy and missmanagement. Hellen for President!

  • william barents - 2011-06-12 08:23

    dear Zwelivzima Vavi , you are a wise man but I have to correct you ; we are already there !

  • bbcronk - 2011-06-12 08:27

    IF we do not address the poor there is going to be another uprising world wide.If we cut corruption and use that money to help.IF YOU take government spending one third is going in to some one pocket tax free.

  • Dickson - 2011-06-12 08:36

    It's a time for SA government to put sideways personal singular corrupted agenda/ideas or else will follow the same down hill path as the rest of the continent... The West lobbying spinning machine are at work since the formation of this new/young government in (94) even before ANC step into power. When the ANC will review the uncorrupted agenda they put together/forward before step into power, with a vision to move this country forward and be the example of good governance.

  • Amanda - 2011-06-12 08:47

    very confusing Mr Vavi- what is your grief, maybe we need to understand that first.

      BoB - 2011-06-12 14:35

      Simply put:Zuma for second term & down with whoever is backed by Malema`s youth league.

  • Mthetwa - 2011-06-12 08:55

    Zwelinzima, I think that you are spot on, unless you are looking for another who will share more of the gravy with you.

  • V4Vendetta - 2011-06-12 09:00

    correction....we ARE a banana republic!!!

  • Cyril - 2011-06-12 09:01

    Mate, when you have a country where stealing is the main focus, you already have a Banana republic. There is in fact no coming back from this. You guys in Govt have absolutely no regard for the people, the country or anything else. You only have designs for yourselves. You continue to make the world sick of Africa!!!

      Mthetwa - 2011-06-12 09:21

      @Cyril ... My sentiments, exactly