Vavi rape claim 'politically motivated'

2013-07-28 16:12

Johannesburg - The rape allegation against Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi is politically motivated, the National Union of Metalworkers of SA's (Numsa) Kwazulu-Natal branch said on Sunday.

"This latest rape allegation cannot be de-linked from the poisonous, malicious and well-calculated political offensive directed towards destroying comrade Vavi’s political integrity and standing in society," Numsa regional secretary Mbuso Ngubane said in a statement.

He said the union was "fully behind" Vavi.

"The presumption of innocence until proven otherwise... should be upheld by all, as opposed to the gutter of public opinion."

Meanwhile, the Azanian People’s Organisation said it was "disturbed" by the rape allegation.

"We hope this allegation would not stick on him," said Azapo spokesperson Funani ka Ntontela.

"We hope this allegation is not engineered within the tripartite alliance as a weapon to weaken Vavi in his stand against graft and maladministration in this country."

However, if Vavi was charged, Azapo would encourage him to step down from public representation, Ntontela said.

The Sunday Times published an open letter from a woman accusing Vavi of raping her.

In it, she claimed Vavi went to her office in January last year.

"He is a big man. When I got up, he grabbed me and then kissed me. Then he locked the door. I still have the dress I wore on that day, " she said without giving more details.

On Saturday, Vavi released documents to the media, including an internal complaint by the woman in which she accused him of rape.

Vavi admitted to having an extramarital affair with her, and claimed she had later tried to extort R2m from him.

He denied raping her, and said the sex was consensual.

The police could not confirm that a charge of rape had been laid against him.

  • zuko.mqolo - 2013-07-28 16:22

    Lol well its pity that they had to use a women to settle political scores

      SharonE - 2013-07-28 17:09

      I for one am finding it very hard to believe. Why did she come forward now, exactly when his opponents are making his life difficult, and why wait 18 months before speaking up? This has politics written all over it and it stinks to high heaven.

      Son OfSoil - 2013-07-28 17:14

      @Zuko, its sadly always women that used to bring brothers down. The precedent was set in the garden of Eden (Adam and Eve).

      RabbleRouser - 2013-07-28 17:37

      She would have to prove the allegation. The only way to do that was to have a criminal investigation launched immediately after the deed. That way injuries and samples could have been taken. She would also need evidence to support her claim. His word against hers is insuffient. She will need a lot more than that. He has admitted to having sex with her. So she will have to prove that it was not consensual.

      Nhamo Dzenyika - 2013-07-28 21:38

      And don't forget the story of Samson and Delilah? But people don't learn?

  • George Brighton Shikhibana - 2013-07-28 16:25

    Vavi I'm dissapointed in you comrade. Please step aside until you are cleared.

      Son OfSoil - 2013-07-28 17:17

      It does not work like that. He is innocent until proven guilty. If it were to go that way, we would have a chaotic country where charges will be cooked and laid against a targeted individual, then the person step aside and it takes years before he is cleared.

      Nhamo Dzenyika - 2013-07-28 19:50

      Best comment ever son OfSoil. You don't go by the wind like some poor brothers of ours

      George Brighton Shikhibana - 2013-07-28 21:39

      Vavi knows that there is more than we know. He cornered himself and he landed where he was not supposed. If I were Vavi, I would have call it a quit sometime ago and become a Priest. Mind you there are allegations of corruption against,it means 80% of those allegations are true. Mind you the Prime minister of Italy, wanted a come-back in politics but sex scandal ended his political career. Bill Clinton was also affected by a sex scandal. Vavi will end up in the dock and it will be too late for tears.

      Onesipho Songelwa Khoza - 2013-07-28 22:45

      Step aside hai that means all polititians with concubines n mistresses should tjoo. We'd see an empty cabinet. Am disappointed but i remain Human in my judgement.

      Terry Elkington - 2013-07-29 11:15

      Why are you not disappointed in Zuma - he is guilty of the same thing - whay don't ask him to stand aside ?

  • Sherdwarne Modau - 2013-07-28 16:26

    Vavi did put it in, rape or not this man lacks morals and he is as corrupt as his master

      Son OfSoil - 2013-07-28 17:39

      You might be right about Vavi. Are you a saint?

      Nhamo Dzenyika - 2013-07-28 19:53

      Another stupid comment from Sherdwarne. Haven't you done something in dark corners? What Vavi did was pure miscalculation and wrong but don't crucify the poor guy. He is only human

  • Jay Jay - 2013-07-28 16:31

    Vavi rape claim 'politically motivated' Hogwash Statement.

      Whatalotigot Smarties - 2013-07-28 17:01

      If I am in trouble I play the race card or say it is politically motivated. Never my fault. Wonderful being a politician.

  • IRep Blacks - 2013-07-28 16:33

    Azapo?? Why are they commenting? Vavi isn't a public office bearer. *waits for the opportunistic DA to blame Zuma*

  • Erich Goosen - 2013-07-28 16:37

    Vavi, by his own admission, committed adultery. What integrity or standing is there to be destroyed?

  • Tshireletso Molobi - 2013-07-28 16:37

    Vavi im very disappointed

      Jones Malwela Mosima - 2013-07-28 16:47

      Im also dissappointed by him. He committed fornication,he slept with a married woman, shame on Vavi.

      Son OfSoil - 2013-07-28 17:10

      @Jones, I can see your disappointment statement is accompanied by a smile because you know Vavi has done something very common in the "man world". Yes it does not make right.

      Zanele Lennah - 2013-07-28 19:02

      I agree he was my favourite politican im not dissapointed more or less out of words/cosas/anc

  • Stephanes Heunis - 2013-07-28 16:38

    Seize the moment:chance off atomsphere eg acmu or bloodboiling eff

  • Kobus Hattingh - 2013-07-28 16:38

    She was raped last year and now only comes with the big reveal also stating she still has got the dress she wore? Quite frankly dear, I think you were planning on milking this man at some stage. Don't like Vavi much because of the damage he and Zuma is causing the countries economy but clearly she had sinister plans.

  • Abanya Way - 2013-07-28 16:40

    He said the union was "fully behind" Vavi. "Fully behind" might not be the correct phrase when dealing with a sex scandal. Eish, the mental picture is horrific!

  • Elliot Menziwa - 2013-07-28 16:44

    Who seduced who here? 'We've got a job for you @ cosatu, beautiful !' 'thank you mr GS you are you so kind!'

  • Wa Tswera - 2013-07-28 16:54

    Zuma and the Zulus will not rest until this country blow up in smokes.This government of dirty pigs has done all sorts of dirty tricks done by every dictators in Africa and around the world,opponents elimination by assassinations to blackmails whats next? This is not ANC it is another organization that stole the name ANC,If people still insist is ANC then we are better off without it.

      Lentokazi YakwaManzini KoSengwayo - 2013-07-28 17:10

      I am Zulu. In what way have I "blown up the country in smokes"? Don't write sh#t you cannot substantiate. Vavi is not even Zulu, so I don't know how your comment about Zulus relates to the article. If you have a problem with a few Zulus, then address your issues with them specifically - do not generalise.

      Son OfSoil - 2013-07-28 17:26

      @Wa Tswera, generalising is very problematic. I know where you coming from but some Zulus are not part of this destruction you are talking about. @Lentokazi, I am sure he is talking about the fact that Zulus have tribalised the ANC. If you follow ANC politics, you will agree with this. But yes, generalising is not right.

      Lentokazi YakwaManzini KoSengwayo - 2013-07-28 19:00

      Son ofsoil... I still don't make the connection between Zulus, the ANC and this Vavi scandal. Do you? Did Vavi commit adultery bcoz of the Zulus in the ANC? Is Vavi a member of ANC? Does being a Zulu mean all Zulus support the president? What is the connection between the Vavi scandal and Zulus? Since you have a more "enlightened understanding", do share it without delay.

  • Malinda L Miller - 2013-07-28 16:58

    How can this rape claim be politically motivated. Vavi met this woman at the airport and offered her a job. He appointed her without following proper procedures. He went to her office and raped her. Where is the politics?

      Sabelo Scott - 2013-07-28 17:06

      He went to her office and had sex with her, his political enemies bugged his phone and realised from steamy SMS messages that they were rather cosy, then they paid her to help them destroy Vavi, months later(and probably a few millions) she cries rape.

  • Lwn Ntsibolane - 2013-07-28 17:01

    KGBs were specialist in this kind work and now ... Has taken over. I feel you ntate. Sure it was planned. Its obvious.

  • Son OfSoil - 2013-07-28 17:03

    There is married man somewhere in SA judging Vavi while having a mistress.

      Ol Mabaso - 2013-07-28 17:21

      married men

      Son OfSoil - 2013-07-28 17:29

      Yes Men, they are all the same. Never get enough from one person :-)

  • Ol Mabaso - 2013-07-28 17:04

    There's politically and non-politically motivated RAPE .?.In any case - us, women, are used... We need a WOMAN PRESIDENT .!.Dr. Rampele and Ms. Zille, maybe both .!.

  • Kamo Mokhothu - 2013-07-28 17:04

    its so sad. with the election coming en all, what else could emerge?

      Patricia Tshegofatso - 2013-07-28 17:21

      i also agree that when its come to money woman are greedy!!!

  • Stemmer Wa Ha - 2013-07-28 17:05

    Ag Numsa de Guy (Vavi) jst confirm dat He had affair wth de lady pls jst say sumtin about wages nd stop politics toe! Kinda of Malema Numsa 'Nxa'

  • Ndoyisile - 2013-07-28 17:10

    I just hope this woman, she is not used for political score. If allegations are proven to be true Cde Vavi must just walk out.

      Son OfSoil - 2013-07-28 17:27

      Unfortunately, she is used.

  • Ntlahla Tiva - 2013-07-28 17:10

    EFF i remain until DA conquers KZN ND ANC recaptures WC.

      Kagiso Justice Sedumedi - 2013-07-28 17:21


  • Kgope Tsie - 2013-07-28 17:14

    morality is such a subjective thing! Zuma (married man)slept with an HIV+ woman, later impregnated Khoza's daughter. He didn't have 2 lose his job 4 these scandals coz the 2 were not employees under him. Vavi, on the other hand is the woman's boss...he wont go 2 jail (if rape allegation doesn't stick), be he'll be fired as cosatu SG, whether he's fighting corruption or not.

  • Rene Van Wyngaarden - 2013-07-28 17:23

    I agree. I am sure he was lead on and fell for the oldest trick in the political book.He became a fly in the ointment. So what is second best to a fatal accident? Poor guy.Hormones and IQ is not the same game, Sir. Not in the office , as a matter of fact nowhere. The lady's reaction makes me wonder.

  • Chabalala Grey Bongani - 2013-07-28 17:25

    if vavi is out of cosatu before next years elections, this could only spel more trouble for ANC. Vavi has so much loyality and if he associted himself with any other oposision party he will take his aliance with

  • Sifiso Sosibo - 2013-07-28 17:34

    My money' STILL on my predictions of ANC imploding from within cause ALL these EVENTS are detrimental to their 2014 Elections survival! Watch this SPACE...!

  • Sibusiso Dlamini - 2013-07-28 17:37

    “The two seemed on casual terms, leading me to wonder how long this limousine had been in her life, and whether she had ever seen the inside, and if so, whether she climbed in the front seat or the back, and if the front, did she help navigate, and if the back, did she change into a fancy dress and sip champagne - or just sparkling wine.”

  • Philemon Khantsi - 2013-07-28 17:39

    What a gold digger.

      Ivan Matshaba - 2013-07-28 23:11

      I agree this woman was taking chances...she should hve come foward the day it happened if she was a victim. I respect a person who doesnt give in to blackmail, Mr Vavi will get through this

  • Raymond Kok - 2013-07-28 17:39

    sex in these day is a political conspiracy wha wha wha ,you are allowed to look at the menu you mr Vavi choose to order and enjoy so deal with it ,and to think no condom how dumb are you in this day and age,or did you take a shower

  • Sbu Gumede - 2013-07-28 17:41


  • Deborah Shilenge - 2013-07-28 18:10

    Eish! Imagine the tension in the young couple's matrimonial bed now! At least Vavi and his wife have experienced this before as he stole his wife from someone who also demanded money from him. Hay man, Vavi and other men's wives!!! He will be killed one day if he does not stop his ways.

  • Tumi Moetlo - 2013-07-29 04:36

    Ag maan!The incident happened january 2012,why the lady waited so long.If the police didnt help,she should have reported this to the media.Me too i am little bit convinced,this might be a political conspiracy.

  • Seiso Mohlala - 2013-07-29 07:25

    Politically motivated or not, Vavi should have known better that his persona is in the public domain and any erratic sexual behavior, especially on an office floor, could spell his downfall.

  • Winifred Watson - 2013-07-29 08:40

    Vavi has been very vocal on the e-tolls which is still to get off the ground. Those who have been waiting to score big out of this are being made to wait for their money. Maybe they have become tired and want to speed things up, what better than to remove him altogether. He is a thorn in their side or their pockets.

  • John Hepburn - 2013-07-29 08:47

    The bottom line is he has admitted to having an affair surely he should do the right thing and resign.What is it about some of the leadership in this country that they feel they have the right to shag whoever they want and still believe its their god given right to keep their jobs.. Don't make excuses Vavi..just leave!!!

  • Serame Seleki - 2013-07-29 13:59


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