Violence interrupts Zille speech

2012-05-15 17:05

Johannesburg - DA leader Helen Zille was interrupted while speaking at a protest against Cosatu over the youth wage subsidy when violence erupted in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Tension was in the air as she took the microphone in the city centre.

The louder she spoke, the louder chants from Cosatu supporters at the event became. At some point, they hurled chunks of cement and rocks at Democratic Alliance supporters.

The police formed a human chain by linking hands in front of Cosatu supporters to stop them from getting to DA marchers.

It was a battle of the blues versus the reds as the number of Cosatu supporters increased.

DA retreated

Zille was forced to abandon her speech and the DA truck retreated.

Before the retreat, addressing the crowd in Xhosa, Zille said the march was in solidarity with unemployed South Africans.

"The millions of ordinary men and women who are looking for a fair chance to build a better life for themselves and their families," she said.

"Today we protest against the organisation that is keeping them unemployed, that is keeping them locked out of the economy and denying them the dream of a better future. We all want to live lives that contribute to society."

DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko and DA youth leader Makashule Gana could not deliver their speeches as the DA members retreated from violence by Cosatu members.

On the same side

Earlier, Mazibuko told the crowd they were on the same side, fighting for economic freedom.

"I felt sad that South Africans, who fought for tolerance and freedom, couldn't exercise those rights today," she said.

At least two people were injured when rocks were thrown, and police fired teargas.

Paramedics could not make their way through the crowd so the injured were taken out on the DA's truck.

However, Cosatu supporters chased the truck down two blocks before police managed to contain the situation.

The streets were strewn with rocks and litter and riot police fired a water cannon at the rowdy Cosatu crowd.

On social media site Twitter, the DA march, Cosatu, Helen Zille, youth wage subsidy, Braamfontein, Irwin Jim and Democratic Alliance were trending on Tuesday in South Africa.

Criminal charges

Journalist, Nickolaus Bauer tweeted: "Just been hit with a rock in the #DAmarch crossfire. The price you pay for trying to report the truth."

Bauer also added a picture where blood can be seen on his face.

National DA spokesperson Mmusi Maimane said the party noted that the Cosatu leadership had not condemned the violence by members.

"We will be laying criminal charges against Cosatu’s leadership for intimidation, inciting violence, and holding an illegal gathering," he said.

DA protesters taking part in the march earlier took off their blue T-shirts in fear of being targeted by Congress of SA Trade Unions supporters.

Marching down Jorissen Street in Braamfontein, they were met head-on by a group of people in red T-shirts. Cosatu supporters intimidated the DA crowd and stopped them from proceeding to Cosatu House.

Earlier, there was a loud bang, believed to be the police firing teargas at Cosatu supporters.


In a statement, DA spokesperson Kate Lorimer said not enough police and metro police officers had been at the march.

"The legal DA march has been met by an illegal gathering of violent [National Union of Metalworkers of SA] and Cosatu members who are throwing bricks and stones at peaceful DA marchers," Lorimer said.

"It seems though as if the cops were unprepared and it was only after the stone throwing that the [police] finally sent in a police vehicle to block the Cosatu attack."

In her speech, Zille said the youth wage subsidy would create 400 000 first-time job opportunities.

She said Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan had set aside R5bn for the first phase of the project.

Political clout

"Cosatu has been using its political clout in the ANC government to block the implementation of the youth-wage subsidy for two years now," she said.

"Cosatu's leadership says that it knows the plight of the unemployed, yet it is happy to undermine the futures and aspirations of those same people. By opposing the subsidy, Cosatu is entrenching inter-generational poverty for at least another generation."

Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said a youth wage subsidy would use workers' tax money to further enrich company bosses and had to be opposed.

"What will happen is when workers get old, bosses will throw them into the street," Vavi said in Johannesburg.

He said youth receiving the subsidy would also not receive a full wage.

'Have his cake and eat it'

"We demand equal pay for work of equal value."

Vavi was addressing a crowd outside Cosatu House in Braamfontein.

In a media statement, Mazibuko said Cosatu's hypocrisy was hurting South Africa.

"Mr Vavi loves to talk about Cosatu as a champion of the poor; an organisation which is anti-corruption and pro-accountability," she said.

"The truth is that Mr Vavi doesn't really care about the needs of South African people. Making an empty spectacle is how he manages to have his cake and eat it. And what a cake it is. Look at these massive R50m headquarters."

Several hundred DA supporters started their march at Beyers Naude Square in the city centre to protest against the Cosatu's opposition of the youth wage subsidy.

They moved along President, Rissik, Jeppe, Sauer, Burger, Jorissen, Melle, and Simmonds streets.

  • colin.dovey - 2012-05-15 17:11

    POOR Policing - can they NEVER make us proud these days?

      Smilification - 2012-05-15 17:32


      Benn - 2012-05-15 17:37

      Its in times like these. where the deception or sham of a democracy in SA is exposed. In the unlikely event of another political ever gaining a majority in an election, do you think that they will be allowed to govern? Events like this, provides a very clear answer to that. They would simply make the country ungovernable.

      Peter - 2012-05-15 17:38

      @Smilification - Agreed, as long as we dont name streets after them. Otherwise then we are no better than the ANC who seem to like trying to rewrite history as they see fit

      Jack - 2012-05-15 17:57 low can you go? How bloody immature are you? Cosatu is and always will be a party for the stupid, brainless, immoral, undisciplined people of this land. IE...Fuking useless good for nothing scum bags!!

      Peter - 2012-05-15 18:01

      @Kolobe and your running the ANC? wow your making your self look quite stupid

      Gieljam - 2012-05-15 18:09

      Police not poor just plain inefective as always .The poor are those that loose out on an oppertunity to earn something and cosatu is sinister in their dealing with this issue..

      NrGx - 2012-05-16 08:01

      I would like to know - - WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT? o wait, he is sitting sipping Johnny blue and totally condones violence. zuma, you are the worst president we have ever had!

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-16 08:54

      prez is silent as always.

  • George - 2012-05-15 17:11

    In a democracy the ballot box is the only area where revenge should be taken against the forces that are tearing SA apart. The sooner the better. All South Africans should know by now how to cast their votes.

      Nicholas - 2012-05-15 17:25

      Speaking of ballot boxes, this should give you a good idea of what could happen should the ANC lose a general election ... just times it by 100!

      Ad - 2012-05-15 17:48

      ANC just lost another few thousand Voters!...Who wants to be part of such a barbaric ,ill disciplined organisation?

  • Peter - 2012-05-15 17:11

    So much for democracy, you tried Zille. And for that I applaud you. Barbarians will always be barbarians, if they want there children and thier grandchildren to suffer let them be. They are too uneducated to realize what you are doing for them

      Grant - 2012-05-15 17:21

      Unfortunately we are also part of this mess. It would be easy to sit from afar and watch this country melt to the ground. But when you live in that country, things get a little scarier if you know what i mean. We need democracy to work here, it's our only real chance of a better future, otherwise just look north of the border.

      Buzz - 2012-05-15 17:22

      No, just Cosatu supporters (including uncle Patrick)

      Peter - 2012-05-15 17:28

      Unlike you Tsotsi race has no bearing in my life. They could be white for all i care. Why does it make a differnce if they are black? Throwing stones at others is barbaric, its stoneage behaviour. The DA did nothing but use their right as citizens of SA to demonstrate their support against those who care for no one but themselves.

      Brett - 2012-05-15 17:32

      @Snotty-Baby wouldnt you agree that throwing rocks at people is barbaric behaviour?

      henk63 - 2012-05-15 17:34

      Tsotsi, you remind me of the black guy who pushed in front of a shopping line, and when some people asked him to fall in the back of the queue he also turned around and said very loudly "Is it because I am a black ka$$&r hey?", completely missing the point. But yes, it seems all the barbarians in COSATU are black. Is it a coincidence maybe?

      Peter - 2012-05-15 17:44

      @Tsotsi-Baby - Has the troll run out of little snarky troll comments?

      Sean - 2012-05-15 18:10

      @ tsotsi baby PIENAAR, your FB account and any more that you create will be blocked very soon, one of the beauties of the internet.DOOS A complaint has been logged against your fictious account. This person is a complete and utter racist. It [he / she] is also a troll who incites hatred, violence and general blog attacks. It is using FB as a medium to post on other sites. You can veirfy this by simply going to

  • Sharon - 2012-05-15 17:12

    Was that their instruction? Don't let Helen speak, because she will tell people how wrong Cosatu is in opposing the scheme? Cowards, this is how you score points? Shame on you, Cosatu. You just lost all the little ticks I put by your name after etolls.

      Ronald - 2012-05-15 17:40

      Craig, is that how you classify facts that hurt and shows COSATU's true colours? So Democracy and freedom of speech is good and applicable when exercised by a black person or ANC member, but may not be exercised by a white or non ANC member? Now you have proven yourself to be a hypocrite, or in Afrikaans 'n tweegat jakkals.

      Vaughan - 2012-05-15 18:15

      What did Cosatu do for the stopping of eTolling? Every protest march that was supposedly against eTolling had an ulterior agenda and the only reason why the ANC agreed to postpone the etolling by a month was they could see the writing on the wall that it was going to be suspended by a court.

  • Marion - 2012-05-15 17:13

    What does the ANC have to say about all of this? No doubt will blame the DA for exercising its democratic right to hold a legal march. I'm waiting with bated breath to hear if the government says anything against COSATU without including but in the sentence.

      maseratifittipaldi - 2012-05-15 18:20

      The President today slammed the violence instigated by the TA (Tripartite Alliance) partner Cosatu. "It is a blatant denial of basic democratic rights" he said. "Such animal behaviour cannot be tolerated in a modern progressive society such as ours". He went on to say that the he is deeply grieved by the events of the day and said that it is a sad day when everything that was fought for, and what Nelson Mandela stood for, is trashed on our streets in such a barbaric fashion. The ANC spokesperson said that the ruling party is deeply shocked by the criminal behaviour of one of its staunchest partners. "We will have to deliberate on what sanctions to apply" he said "it will certainly be line with the gravity of protecting our cherished Constitution". No stone will be left unturned... to bring the perpetrators to book, and to avoid a recurrence in future, he said. In the true spirit of Ubuntu, the TA offered the DA its unconditional apology and undertook to offer compensation in each case where a grievance against the TA is recorded.

  • Carlito - 2012-05-15 17:17

    But what did Helen expext from a bunch of bonobos. Vavi must go swing on a broken branch. The blue revolution will be televised.

      Saleé - 2012-05-15 17:43

      Which causes me to go searching for that poem : the revolution will not be televised :-)

  • sika.ncamane - 2012-05-15 17:17

    one question, should Tax payers fund private businesses?

      Carlito - 2012-05-15 17:23

      what u should ask is why tax money is being wasted on kids that arent urs

      Angle - 2012-05-15 17:39

      Hi Sika, Firstly this will be a tax rebate and so government will not be funding any private business; a private business who seeks to take a young worker in his first job will get the opportunitiy to not pay government as much as they usually do. Actually my first point is good enugh to answer your question.

      Joos - 2012-05-15 18:00

      Thank you. - 2012-05-15 18:10

      Maybe, maybe not and that's why the debate is needed. Not letting someone speak because you disagree with them is a poor show. Violence is way lower than that. I defended Malema's right to march (The economic freedom one). No-one interupted him

      Ronald - 2012-05-15 18:12

      They already do through Seda, Dept of Trade and Industry, The National Empowerment Fund, The National Empowerment Agency, The Enterprise Development Fund, The iMbewu Fund, The uMnotho Fund, The Strategic Projects Fund, all of this taxpayers money to the tune of about R 15 Billion, all for BEE beneficiaries. The irony is that I do not qualify for a cent of that funding because I am the wrong colour, but still have to contribute to it although I had to start my business with R1-80 three years ago and had no help from the present government or the perks of apartheid. How's that for legalised racism in a country where we are supposed to be equal! So forgive me if I have no sympathy for deadbeats.

      vuyo.velebhayi - 2012-05-15 18:14

      I disagree with this youth subsidy.An expansionary fiscal policy alone cannot reduce unemployment.This increase in G will be accompanied high T.Maybe we should discourage IM by raising import duties and provide incentives to our local industries.we can be the china of africa if we break ties with chine.all this high unemployment started when china flooded our domestic market with its cheap goods produced by cheap labour.

      Angle - 2012-05-16 15:22

      Vuyo, Countries experiencing low employment will benefit from expansionary fiscal policy. Keynes came up with this economic theory and Roosevelt proved it to be correct. Increasing trade tarrifs is precisely not what should be done in these circumstances; they have twice the deadweight loss to the economy as a subsidy and could result in retribution tariffs from affected countries. This is one of the reasons behind why the Great Depression lasted so long. All the understanding of the potential benefits behind the Youth Wage subsidy is contained in economics 1 and 2.

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-05-15 17:19

    Casatu thugs, down with Casatu. Viva Da Viva Champion of the new South Africa they have made pathetic Casatu-and it's alliance partners look like the opposition, what a change in South African politics, David has hit Goliath. Viva the birth of a New South Africa, Viva DA Government of the future.

  • Buzz - 2012-05-15 17:21

    Dear DA, Trying to apply 1st world principles and logic in a 3rd world situation against a 4th world organization (Cosatu) is noble but akin to farting against thunder...

  • madlalabrothers - 2012-05-15 17:22

    I dnt think theres a truth about this matter what i see its subbotash in our economy DA must come with better ideas to build this country not this

      tobydt - 2012-05-15 17:30

      What? You mean the DA shouldnt get rocks thrown at them by COSATU? What better ideas have the unions come up with? Even the ANC supports this DA initiative of youth subsidies. Meanwhile, back at COSATU...

      Smilification - 2012-05-15 17:36


      LedByFloyd - 2012-05-15 18:03

      Sorry I didn't understand that to well, did you mean you see it as \sabotage?\

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-15 20:26

      @Floyd. Don't insult the guy like that. The spelling might be off, but we all got the gist of what he was saying. We might not agree with him, but we should try and convince him in a civilized manner.

  • John - 2012-05-15 17:23

    I was not in favor of such a march but Im glad it has happened, because from this is the beginning of the end of the gravy train.

  • Stefaans - 2012-05-15 17:23

    Hartseer, dat die DA nou daal tot op Cosatu, en die ANC vlak. Zille moes dit verwag het. Vreedsame optogte bestaan nie as dit teen die ANC of Cosatu is nie. Geweld is al wat hulle verstaan. Verstaan Zille dit nie?

      Bokfan - 2012-05-15 17:43

      DUH!! stefaans. Ek neem aan jy is nie vertroud met die boere se geskiedenis van teenstand teen onderdrukking nie. Gaan lees n bietjie. Dit sal jou help om nie sulke lamsakkige opmerkings te maak nie.

      Ruth - 2012-05-15 18:21

      You need to fight fire with fire, Stefaans. I am glad that the DA are finally reaching the people they need to.

      Wim - 2012-05-15 18:24

      Was daar boere by die optog? Was dit dan nie 'n DA storie nie?

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-15 20:29

      Wim, jy neem aan meeste DA ondersteuners is wit. Hierdie optog het bewys dit is nie so nie. Al rede hoekom ek persoonlik hulle ondersteun, is omdat hulle die grootste opposisie teen die ANC(wat te regs vir my smaak is) is.

  • The-Azanian - 2012-05-15 17:23

    ANC survived NP's unfair manipulations, and DA will emerge from ANC(cosatu and the endless unions)'s stupidity and ignorance that defy gravity.

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-15 20:31

      AMEN, brother.

  • Shirley - 2012-05-15 17:24

    This is typical cosatu behaviour. Half of the stone throwers dont even understand what the protest is about!This is the result of a union having the ruling party in its pocket! They can make and break as they please and get away with it! Sue cosatu for damages-each and every person who was injured by the rock throwing misfits! Take mass action of your own!

      Barend - 2012-05-15 19:15

      The violence is as a result of certain ANC members and COSATO top management spewing hatred and quite frankly outright lies about the DA's intentions. The country and world is not stupid. 425 000 jobs is no laughing matter for any country and by the looks of COSATO's reasoning our people don't really need it do they?

  • Manu - 2012-05-15 17:24

    A truly sad day. Both sides will be patting each other on the back for exercising their rights and for sticking it to the other. Growing further apart then closer together. There were no winners today, just losers. Totally unecessary.

      Jo - 2012-05-15 21:13

      Actually I think DA just got a step closer to SA's youth and cosatu just isolated them self...

  • Mark - 2012-05-15 17:28

    Enough of this stupidity. Time for citizens of south africa to file a class action lawsuit against COSATU for obstructing our civil rights, unlawful strike action, intimidation of non striking workers, trespass on public property etc. let's put these clowns in the poor house or Pollsmoor where they belong and start all over again. as a famous man once said..." I strongly disagree with what you say , but will fight to the death for your right to say it" ...that is the true meaning of democracy, not this cherry picked version of soviet style the way....that system FAILED!!! get with the program.

      Shirley - 2012-05-15 18:19

      Pour yourself a bells!

      Barend - 2012-05-15 19:23

      If COSATO's reasoning is an indication of their financial management skills. Then my guess is that they will soon be drowning in legal debt. Lol, I'll have my cake when that day comes.(btw when I say COSATO I mean those people sitting in the oval office making decisions)

  • flashmillar - 2012-05-15 17:29

    scary stuff

  • Nigel - 2012-05-15 17:29

    One thing that in all time has never been defeated is the 'winds of change'. South Africans of all races are starting to realise that a liberation party does not make a good government. Viva true democracy for all our people. Let's make it happen but this time let's be sure it really is a true democracy.

  • ktheron2 - 2012-05-15 17:34

    Typical African politics. And there are those of you that believe otherwise? Oh dear......

      Bokfan - 2012-05-15 17:40

      Rather a disgustingly weak observation on the day tremendous courage by people of all races and base cowardice again by people of all races i.e Patrick Craven and his goons, were on display. No one expected the lameass cops to do their duty or the cosatu thugs adhere to basic democratic standards. Those who participated in this march are HEROES. I am proud of them. My hope is that the folks who were hit by stoneage missiles are all ok. Truly they sustained the Freedom Tree today.

  • Morne - 2012-05-15 17:39

    I want the tender to print the t-shirts for these marches!

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-16 08:57

      You need startup capital, aka a bribe.

  • salani.hulela - 2012-05-15 17:40

    Wohooooooooooooo!the tea giorl is sh!!!!!!ting economic freedom, now i know why she admire juju's views,so lindiwe please join the ancyl to march with the right organisation to economic freedom.

      Smilification - 2012-05-15 17:44


      desertratbkf - 2012-05-15 17:53

      Hey TROLL! FU and your vermin, uni-cellular comrades! Wait until you starve to death when the world, once again, imposes sanctions on this wonderland, you and your scummy type, are destroying!

      desertratbkf - 2012-05-15 18:00

      Everyone up North has come down here to SA. Where are YOU going to go you @asswipe? Indian or Atlantic? Halfwit vermin!

  • desertratbkf - 2012-05-15 17:41

    The beginning of the end. Let the intelligent start packing, and let the vermin go back to dragging their knuckles in the dirt!

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-15 18:07

      Bon Voyage,

      desertratbkf - 2012-05-15 18:17

      Ah Mr. T! The compulsive liar! The one who supposedly ran off to get educated at the University of Stanford! Why was that? Nothing good enough in the Republic? Troll!

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-15 18:19

      Interesting, Can't find any Vermin that drag their knuckles. You may be on to some Alien life form maybe ???

      desertratbkf - 2012-05-15 18:24

      No Mr. T. Im talking about cANCer halfwits! Youre included!Primitive, and will never be REAL! Selfish, take what you can get, steal from the poor, kill, and the list goes on! Naive troll!

  • Belinda - 2012-05-15 17:44

    Where did the bricks and chunks of cement materialise from? There would not have been this type of rubble lying in the centre of Johannesburg. The Cosatu rock throwers must have brought the bricks and rocks with them fully intending to throw them at the DA marchers - who were on their side... makes no sense at all.

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-15 20:32

      Knowing COSATU members, it was probably handed out on the bus.

      jessica.bowyer - 2012-05-16 18:15

      the rocks, that i suppose are for asthetics, are in the center islands on roads in braam, an attempt to clean up that part of Braam and make it look better??.. COSATU members decided they could have other uses....

  • Qaba - 2012-05-15 17:46

    Thank you cosatu i which must be one stone zille for that stupid she did.u leave w c with a mass u create problems in other province.ngebekubethile

      Smilification - 2012-05-15 17:50


      Peter - 2012-05-15 17:53

      This is an english forum, if you cannot speak english refrain from commenting as it makes you look stupid

      Paul - 2012-05-15 18:01

      It is stupid

      Faizel Mahomed - 2012-05-15 18:02

      Watch what u say on these things. It's the Internet u silly person.

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-15 18:08

      Good advice Mr. Mahomed,

  • letlhogonolo.g.senokwane - 2012-05-15 17:51

    Who de hell does Hellen

      Johan - 2012-05-15 18:01

      You sound very stupid. You the coward at the back today?

      Paul - 2012-05-15 18:02

      I dont know who does Helen

      desertratbkf - 2012-05-15 18:06

      Who de hell does Helen? @sswipe! Cant even finish a sentence like the majority of its party!

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-15 20:34

      At Paul. I hope she is "done" well. She deserves it.

  • Peter - 2012-05-15 17:54

    Marching to Cosatu House was tantamount to provocation. Zille, Lindiwe and Co should have known better. Failure to deal with the so called ruling party does not mean u have to demonstrate your anger on lobby groups. Is like coming to my house when we differ with opinions. I said it before go to Lithuli House or Union buildings

      Peter - 2012-05-15 17:58

      So its ok for every other organisation to do exactly what your saying the DA is guilty of? Also marching on government when government isnt to blame is a bit silly - 2012-05-15 18:17

      Well no, Cosatu are part of the Tri-partite alliance. Cosatu are blocking the Youth Subsidy. Why can't they march against Cosatu? You cannot support Cosatu's right to march and then push back on the DA There needs to be debate on this issue. A march stimulates the debate.

      Peter - 2012-05-15 19:29

      Being part of does not make one party there of, for instance the E-toll, anti corruption hot line, motion to audit politicians life style and more so the workers taxes that the DA want to abuse. Barking the wrong tree!

      Martin - 2012-05-16 12:30

      Why in God's name should the DA or anyone else be intimidated into silence? Your suggestion that they were "looking for trouble" is obscene.

  • mzukisijola.jose1 - 2012-05-15 17:56

    I thought we are free in this country what cosatu and the anc do is wrong and prove that black people don't understand politics or are used by abohlohlesakhe abanjengo vavi

      Paul - 2012-05-15 18:27

      mzukisijola.jose1, sorry for us inglish boys, what does "abohlohlesakhe abanjengo vavi" mean ?

  • Zahir - 2012-05-15 17:56

    I expected this from cosatu they rented a group to disrupt the DA had every right to be there cosatu must learn to be civil

  • Johan - 2012-05-15 17:56

    How can the cosatu people be at a march? Obviously they don't have jobs because they don't have legal right to take off and they cannot pay union fees then. This is just thugs given food and t-shirts to keep Vavi and the idiot Craven out of the spotlght

      pkheswa - 2012-05-15 18:19

      I like the way u use the word 'thugs'. Who are these thugs? Black ppl wearing red COSATU t shirts i guess! Then what do u call the majority black that were wearing Blue DA t shirts?

      Smilification - 2012-05-15 18:26


      pkheswa - 2012-05-15 18:34

      @smilification, lol i rest my case! Struggle heros he he

  • Phelamanga - 2012-05-15 17:57

    This day will go down as the beginning of the end for COSATU. This is a true reflection of what they stand for. Today they have spat on the Bill of Rights and all that Nelson Mandela hoped to achieve. Long live the Open Opportunity Society!

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-15 18:14

      Let me tell you, COSATU isn't gonna end at all. The fact is that a lot of black people still considers DA a white party which seeks to undo what liberation has provided to black people. We have a long way to go. Hope it get better soon.

      TheVern69 - 2012-05-15 18:22

      And the rock throwing didn't help either!

      Tebogo - 2012-05-15 19:11

      because cosatu does not agree with u then they are wrong corupt? thats a narrow view. u are just like cosatu.

  • Motho - 2012-05-15 17:58

    But why did DA's delegation met Cosatu's one and discussed their grievances in relation to Cosatu's stance on youth subsidies?

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-15 18:10

      exactly, stupid move by DA.

      Jo - 2012-05-15 21:20

      Because this way, SA's youth can see publicly who wants to help them (DA) and who doesn't (Cusatu)

  • Lauden Kirk - 2012-05-15 17:58

    Choose: god. Religion. Politics.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-15 18:08

      surely God and religion, not politics

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-05-15 18:03

    But really, what was Zille thinking marching against COSATU?Though DA has a right to, it is stupid not consider the risks associated with the march. Its like saying you marching against taxi drivers for they are paying taxes, what will you get? a hiding for sure... I however condemn this violence and wish COSATU leadership would come out and Condemn it as well.

      Peter - 2012-05-15 18:10

      but thats just it, why should the DA be intimidated by Cosatu? Why are they so special, i have no doubts that there was going to be conflict but it needed to be displayed so people can see the kind of people that make up Cosatu

      siyadyosiba - 2012-05-15 18:22

      @Peter, the unfortunate part is that in a situation like this there is no application of rules, people act in an improper in fact unlawful manner to disrupt or eliminate whatever they deem provocative. It is a prerogative of an individual to decide whether to play safe or exercise your right and get burnt in the process. I choose to be safe, I have a family to take care of.

  • Wimpie - 2012-05-15 18:12

    When a handful of Afriforum members wanted to protest peacefully against the e-toll system there were more police than protesters to stop them as it was deemed illegal,where were they today to stop an illegal gathering of violent COSATU members or are there different laws for different groups of the population

      Zenzile Tshanda - 2012-05-15 20:17

      but there was only one group!

  • Jacques - 2012-05-15 18:15

    All you whining morons did you expect anything else to happen. Wake up man this was just another great day in Africa . Anybody with a bit of brains could have predicted that there will be choas.Democracy in Africa not in the next 500 years !

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-15 18:26

      mmmmmmm....It's not 1494, Democracy in RSA in 1994....Read up on some history. We are a young Childish Democracy , It takes time to learn how to live another way. Many do these extremist are less than 5% of RSA population. We unfortunately had a late start. This is the way we use to do things through Rage. The DA should be a better party and behave in a responsible manner. Waving a flag to get a Bull's attention is surely not decent politicking. This made the entire country look bad. I would like to see the Police arrest and charge more offenders responsible for this.

      maseratifittipaldi - 2012-05-15 18:50

      Yes,Tamaranui. A childish democracy dominated by a childish TA, where a parasitic Party in red T-shirts is what it's all about.

      tobydt - 2012-05-15 23:45

      Tamaranui - When the YL marched to the JSE, did anyone throw stones at them? When COSATU marched against labour brokers, did anyone throw stones at them?

  • kingsley.mgidi - 2012-05-15 18:39

    i'm stuck between hard and a rock place because some people says helen is using us(blacks) to gain DA votes and is really shocking to see number of black young black were extreamly higher than whites. Why cosatu because cosatu is a trade union not political party? Help me to understand this

      Dee - 2012-05-15 21:28

      Kingsley ....... if I've understood your question correctly : 1. ANC proposed the Youth Subsidy - to give business incentive to take on inexperienced workers for a chance for 'on the job' training & entry into the work place. 2. DA strongly supports the ANC proposal for helping youth employment. 3. COSATU is against the proposal - as they fear some older workers may lose their jobs - so they are blocking ANC implementing Youth job creation subsidy. (But I think there are VERY strict labour laws that would protect existing jobs, and the Youth Subsidy could be more like 'school / training extension' for young people with no job experience ...and a very good investment in young people for the future good of South Africa). I have not heard from Cosatu an alternative to help young people get employed. 4. Becasue COSATU and ANC are in political alliance, and Cosatu VERY strong (as we saw with e-tolls) ANC cannot force the issue - but DA would like to... possibly because many intellectuals speak of an 'Arab Spring' environment with so many young people unemployed and having no hope for their future. I hope this helps your understanding why DA wanted to march to COSATU offices (on behalf of Youth job creation).

  • elkita.robbertse - 2012-05-15 18:47

    Zille was interrupted because the truth is a sin to cosatu and the anc.This was maybe a turning point to the youth.Good work Zille

  • Ayanda Opportunist Mabilane - 2012-05-15 19:09

    I'm not a Zille fan but what COSATU did was undemocratic!!

  • Chris - 2012-05-15 19:26

    Can anyone here tell one whether COSATU intends to rule by bullying the voters? Clearly they are unable to debate issues on a one to one basis and have to resort to violence when challenged. They use the methods devised by Marx et al to intimidate even the ruling cronies, their so called Alliance Partners, at Luthuli House. Then to let us not lose site of the fact that they are scared of Helen and Lindiwe!

  • Isabel - 2012-05-15 19:49

    What a Sad day for SOUTH AFRICA...

  • rory.short1 - 2012-05-15 19:52

    There is a structural flaw that is built in to the way our economy is organised and because this flaw supports adversarial behaviour it inevitably leads to conflict. The structural flaw lies in the people involved in society's productive processes being split into two groups, 'owners/employers' on the one hand and on the other 'workers/employees'. This is guaranteed to give rise to conflict of interests between the two parties. For example COSATU sees itself as representing the worker's interests and the DA as representing the owner's interests hence the fracas in Braamfontein today. The way out of this organisationally generated problem is to change the way we organise our productive processes. In any productive enterprise the workers should also become the owners of the enterprise. There are various ways that have been developed to enable this to happen, cooperatives are but one example. Another example is the Scott Bader Commonwealth in the UK. Here the operating company is wholly owned by a holding company and the holding company is owned by the employees of the operating company, each employee being given one share in the holding company once they have worked for the operating company for a stipulated length of time. The workers in such enterprises have no need for unions because they are both the workers and the employers.

      Peter - 2012-05-15 21:19

      Lot of commentators should learn from you, while the country is burning people are flaming racial fires.the country needs people and opinion like yours, not lines drawn through political Zilles and Zumas. Big up for acknoledging the challenges we faced.

      Bless Boswell - 2012-05-15 22:03

      There is a very good reason why that won't work here - just look at the Aurora Mine fiasco. The business will vanish under your very eyes... Probably even brick by brick.

      Dee - 2012-05-15 22:04

      A great contribution. And if I understand correctly - something like a formally managed 'Stokvel'? But wondering how it could address assisting inexperienced youth getting some grounding job experience. I'm long removed from SA corporate employment but recall govt rebates on registered in-house training programsand is this Youth Subsidy not similar but for a specific age group?

  • JohnnoBfree - 2012-05-15 19:58

    I have just been reading the input from readers of News24. Whether you are black or white instead of hurling insults at each other, why not put suggestions of how we should deal with SA 's problems. Step up to the plate and give some positive input that will help us create a better society. All the negative posts are one day going to boil over and we will all be the losers. If you do not have anything positive to say \ Shut the @#*k up\

  • PainPunisher - 2012-05-15 20:06

    What a bunch of DA idiots, together with their leader... Fight fire with fire, not fire with court... Zuluvela

  • Ro - 2012-05-15 20:18

    Vavi is a crook just like the ANC. If it wasnt for business he wouldnt have a job but he is still hostile.

  • Tian Reyneke - 2012-05-15 21:16

    You cannot teach a rock nor can a rock think for himself or run a country these people havent been taught manners no remorse no feelings Rape steal plunder lie nothing new....

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-05-16 09:04

      ...En in die skaduwee, brand suid afrika.

  • Tian Reyneke - 2012-05-15 21:19

    Lol most of the idiots thats pro cosatu cant even spell or use grammer correctly go back to school and learn to type stop the toi toi and go read a book! xD

      Peter - 2012-05-15 21:27

      Stop calling people idiots, since u are even a bigger Idiot than the rest. U can't evev spell grammar. Surely u were educated in Afrikaans only.

      maseratifittipaldi - 2012-05-16 06:43

      You guys are funny !

  • carel.wiekus - 2012-05-16 06:51

    Keep the people poor, keep them uneducated, give them a promise and they will follow you……

  • jessica.bowyer - 2012-05-16 18:08

    i was inside the WSOA art building at Wits universtiy adjacent to jorissen on the day that this protest took place, it was horrible, i watched the intire thing and it is an imbarrisment for SA as a nation that members of COSATU would go to such extrem and unneeded lenghts!! i know for a fact that one of the people who was injured was a Wits student who was not part of the protest and was just walking by on her way back to varsity!! it is terrible that innocet people were hurt because COSATU could not control its members!!

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