Wake up, Nzimande tells alliance

2011-06-12 18:07

Johannesburg - The ANC alliance must take the warning lights from the recent local government elections seriously, the SA Communist Party said on Sunday.

The decline in ANC voter turnout was in part an indication of frustration with corruption and ineffective party performance in some municipalities, secretary general Blade Nzimande told journalists after the organisation's central committee meeting in Johannesburg.

"The SACP calls on all ANC councillors not to take the electorate for granted and to ensure that with our support we rise to the expectation expressed in the election campaign."

Nzimande said the ANC registered an "overwhelming victory" under challenging circumstances following the global economic crisis.

"The ANC alliance sustained performance and continued overwhelming majority support from our core constituencies."

  • struth - 2011-06-12 18:48

    Now what a contradiction Mr. Vavi! Earlier you stated that South Africa is on a dangerous path under the present ANC government. You even said that the Country will be sold to the highest bidder.. Please make up your mind. We are sick of all the contradictive statements. No wonder this Country is in a mess. NO DECENT LEADERSHIP.

      Worldwise - 2011-06-12 19:01

      Hey Struth, its Blade Nzimande this time, not Vavi.

      S knot - 2011-06-12 19:11

      Err, struth, I think you meant Mr Nzimande :) And Mr Nzimande you will have millions of ANC supporters telling you that the ANC did NOT lose any votes. ANC = African National Contradiction.

      lulu - 2011-06-12 19:24


      GetitRight - 2011-06-12 19:56 one brother in the National Planning Commission tells us what we already know but he is not telling us what he is going to do about it.....thats what he gets paid for....for performing and fixing the problems and making Government function the way its suppose to.....not telling me what they are doing F@%Ken wrong....just FIX this one is telling himself to WAKE UP. :-) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Rapier - 2011-06-12 20:00

      The fact that Vavi came "out of the closet" and is now followed by Nzimande could well point to the future further fragmentation of the ANC. That will, in turn may lead to the birth of new alliances. The recent passing of Mama Sisulu may well be a signpost showing the demise of the old and ethical ANC, and now the rising of the radical elements, people like Malema who may just be introducing a radicalism that the old ANC is not comfortable with - only time will tell - we live in interesting times!

      Together - 2011-06-13 09:41

      Sure, respect the voters - after the fact. It would have meant something if the new ANC chose to respect voters BEFORE the vote, but there you are. I wonder how comfortable Blade will be in the future when he has to report to Malema? Or is the tri-partite alliance not looking that far ahead?

  • Grayman - 2011-06-12 18:53

    Mr Nzimande I am sorry to burst your bubble, but the ANC's victory had absolutely nothing to do with good performance in the global economic crisis. Our economy is so insignificant in the global picture and the masses live below the poverty line, so our banks do not have the stranglehold of bondage over the population like a 1st world country would have. That was just lucky for us. The ANC will continue to have electorial victory as long as they keep the electorate illiterate and ill informed.

  • thobsion.ANC - 2011-06-12 19:21

    As a matter of urgency otherwise we going to defeat ourselves. Step one, get rid of the deadwood....

      S knot - 2011-06-12 19:31

      And the wanna-be cabinet maker, woodworker-Malema.

  • USSA - 2011-06-12 19:30

    The ANC have never "won" an election. It has always been elected based on how big their leader at the time can open his mouth, and how many times he or she could use the word Apartheid in one sentence. Winning an election takes more than leading illiterate masses to voting poles and help them make their mark because you curb their education and their overall knowledge about governance. If 25% of the people who voted for the ANC were educated up to the level where they could not be conned into voting for the current regime, the ANC would have been in real trouble by now.

      lulu - 2011-06-12 19:37

      so what's your problem, democracy?

      thobsion.ANC - 2011-06-12 19:47

      I don't understand you..."never won". Who is governing this country? All along I've been telling myself that I'm living in South Africa.

      USSA - 2011-06-12 19:51

      @both lulu and thobsion.ANC: You seem to have not read the piece I wrote. Never 'won' - They cruised on the back of an illiterate collective. I know it..and you know it. It will surface in your brains sometime....hang in there morons.

      thobsion.ANC - 2011-06-12 20:12

      USSA you don't need to insult us if we don't share the same view. Our people illiteracy has nothing to do with the ANC's success in elections. Perhaps if there was any alternative to vote for, they so illiterate enough to understand that these fake so called alternatives don't negotiate in good faith other than advancing their stupid agendas. USSA can you suggest to them a political party they should opt to vote for because the situation as it stands is, they rather choose not to vote if they not happy about the ANC.

      Together - 2011-06-13 09:50

      Sure Thobsion-ANC, you'd be right about the alternatives and their stupid agenda: if running water, accountable governance, paid bills, sensible education policies, free press, regular audits, proper skills transferance, by-the-book tender procedures, rule of law, sustainable job and concern for all South Africans is a stupid agenda then you are right - the disgusting sod-opposition is pursuing that stupid agenda with all their might. Imagine how stupid of them - thinking that South Africans would want all those things.

  • Angaas - 2011-06-12 19:31

    I heard that the ANC or is it the ANCYL wants to impose a 100% tax on Aspirin because it's white and it works

      thobsion.ANC - 2011-06-12 19:42

      You hearing things, I suggest you take your medication.

      onetickie - 2011-06-12 20:15

      @Angaas: that was a nice one. Am still smiling trying to imagine black disprins being manufactured along with black "plasters/bandaids for cuts/scrapes etc. :) :) :)

  • shatzi - 2011-06-12 19:40

    monkey see monkey do- what a wanker

  • GetitRight - 2011-06-12 19:53 one brother in the National Planning Commission tells us what we already know and he is not telling us what he is going to do about it.....thats what he gets paid for....for performing and fixing the this one is telling huimself to WAKE UP. :-) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Numsa - 2011-06-12 20:02

    we are awake we know who the enemy is it is the people who call us trols for talkign the truth about whites wanting to brign apartheid back to alive !!!

      Grant - 2011-06-12 20:58

      Numsa, you should have paid more attention to learning instead of burning your school down. That way you might have been able to coherently express yourself. It is good news that both Vavi and Nzimande are not only seeing a little reality, but are not scared to express it.

      Johan - 2011-06-12 21:57

      Oh yes Numsa (siphoxx), if the ANC is in control as you always state in your posts, how is it possible for the whites to bring back apartheid, or are you actually subtley telling me the ANC has lost control of the country and are expecting people with brains - all races- to take over?

  • jim.binnie - 2011-06-12 20:59

    The crash is coming - and it must happen NOW as the path to 2014 is very short. Zuma is not a leader as he has NO VISION for South Africa and ZERO LEADERSHIP qualities he is a Conciliator (aka Neville Chamberlain) and not a Leader). The split must come now so that the "NEW PARTIES" can clearly state their "VISIONS FOR SA" in the future and their "PATHS TO MAKE THEIR VISIONS HAPPEN". We need clear statements of intent with proper planning to get there and not more "PROMISES".

  • - 2011-06-13 07:48

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  • sainsaudi - 2011-06-13 14:07

    There's no easier way of convincing the electorate if you keep them dumb.

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