W Cape ANC lays charge against Zille

2012-11-21 20:22

Johannesburg - The ANC in the Western Cape laid an incitement charge against provincial Premier Helen Zille on Wednesday afternoon, saying she "fuelled the flames" in recent farmworker protests.

African National Congress provincial secretary Songezo Mjongile, provincial legislature Chief Whip Pierre Uys and Boland party chair Pat Marran laid the charge at the Cape Town central police station at 13:00.

The party wanted the state to investigate the "intentions" behind Zille's actions during recent protests by farmworkers in the Boland.

"There are clear indications that the Democratic Alliance (DA) played a role in fanning and fuelling the flames during this very unfortunate time," Mjongile said.

"It spread lies, [and] got people who are already overly excited and trigger-happy to resort to all sorts of tactics."

The labour action began in De Doorns at the start of the month when table grape harvesters demanded a daily wage of R150 and improved living conditions. Most earned between R69 and R75 a day.

The protests turned violent and spread to 15 other towns, resulting in two deaths and extensive damage to property.

Workers recently agreed to suspend the strike until 4 December on condition that the sectoral determination for agriculture be looked at by the Employment Condition Commission.


The ANC criticised Zille for her conduct and social networking messages during this time.

Zille said in one tweet that the protest was being fuelled by a rift between seasonal workers from Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

She wrote: "Complex dynamics in De Doorns. Lesotho seasonal workers no longer employed, but Zim workers legally employed due to amnesty. Huge tension."

The party said Zille was not only creating a deeper rift between workers but apparently contradicting a previous statement in which she said a political agenda was the reason for the protests.

She was also attacked for a tweet on Tuesday in which she asked whether Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant had returned from her overseas trip.

Oliphant was out of the country during the protests.

"This proves the disingenuous messages and accusations that inflamed more tensions than assisting to defuse the situation," Mjongile said.

Zille's spokespeson Zak Mbhele said on Wednesday that the premier was innocent of any incitement.

'Illegal' labour

"Nothing about what the premier said concerning De Doorns was incitement; it was simply stating the facts of the situation," he said.

He said the "facts" were that many seasonal workers in that area came from Lesotho and Zimbabwe. Most Zimbabweans were legalised as a consequence of the recent amnesty. This did not apply to the workers from Lesotho.

"There is thus a rift and contestation along this 'fault line'. Farmers have been very heavily fined for employing 'illegal' labour, so they no longer do so."

As a result, many people were left without jobs.

Mbhele said Zille found these facts out when speaking to Sotho-speaking people during an official visit on 8 November.

Zille left De Doorns after people became rowdy during her walkabout in the protest-hit area. She rejected reports at the time that protesters had chased her away.

The Congress of SA Trade Unions in the province called on Tuesday for the ANC and opposition parties to table a motion of no confidence in Zille.

She welcomed the call, saying her party would gladly debate it at the first opportunity.

  • piet.snot.77964 - 2012-11-21 20:30

    Is that the best that the African Nation Corruption Party can do!

      godfrey.welman - 2012-11-21 20:39

      Yep, Tony hopes the other Branches will notice and nominate him for NEC position.

      lsfreak - 2012-11-21 20:45

      Hmmm... They stand behind their man, go cANCEr go :D Zippers in trouble now they are looking to the DA to relax the investigation of his dealings :D Only in MadBOBwe... Wiat this is still ol' RSA :/

      acm.munro - 2012-11-21 20:51

      Didnt Fransman also play his part?

      fanie.viljoen.73 - 2012-11-21 21:01

      this is the best they have to offer, not even close to reality.

      mark.a.fysh - 2012-11-21 21:19

      Tony Ehrenreich and his accomplice Marius Fransman lit the fire and then pretended to help put it out. Toxic bunch only fit for incitement and baiting.

      rudi.wet.5 - 2012-11-21 21:41

      The ignorance of the ANC is only surpassed by their idiocy and lack of originality. I am amazed that there are still people voting for them.

      peter.jennings.39108 - 2012-11-21 23:43

      Tit for tat. How pathetic this whole thing has become. I can't wait for a debate, although I don't hold out much hope that it will ever happen.

      luther.kingsley.5 - 2012-11-22 01:38

      The difference between Zuma and Zille no-confidence is: One is guilty of 80% failure the other of 80% success, the one with the most success is not even the president of the country and does not have incompetence and criminality hanging over her head.

      beverly.young3 - 2012-11-22 08:03

      This reminds me of those pesky dogs that some of us have; the ones who bark all the time at nothing. I ponder sometimes is this is just attention seeking?

      heathway.master - 2012-11-22 09:57

      Really, the pot calling the kettle black. The ANC becomes more disgusting every day that it continues to rule (Ooops slip of the tongue here, meant bums on seats in Parliament) Zille confirmed that she had been informed as to the exact date, and the exact town, where the farm labour riots would begin. If this is not ample proof of either ANC or its proxies being behind all this violence, to discredit Zilles party, then I do not know what else is.

      pierre.devilliers.9231 - 2012-11-22 10:43

      Put the DA to the task. Nobody is above the law. You cannot assume the DA will do nothing wrong just cause you hate the ANC. We need more objective voters in South Africa that will judge all parties on merit. Start with yourselves because none of you are objective. "A vote for the DA is a vote against the ANC" is precisely the type of non-sense I mean. No policies, no new ideas on how to do things better, but just vote for us (the DA), because you hate the ANC (and that may be even for racist reasons the DA don’t care).

      darryl.maze1 - 2012-11-22 12:01

      What you expect from the ANC??? They are trying everything to make the WC ungovernable. Tony must just shut up and leave the WC and go find somewhere else to try run for mayor, because we dont want him. Look how quickly the ANC went quiet when Helen said she'll challenge them to a debate and they ran like cowards. Well done Helen Zillie

      CapeIndependence - 2012-11-22 12:22

      Declare the Cape Independent - the Cape and SA have been set on 2 different courses and if we try to tie them together, it will only destroy the Cape..

      daniel.jacobs.3766 - 2012-11-22 15:35

      Typical of the ANC. Exacerbate any bad situation, Retaliate on any criticism, And destroy every possibility for our nation to build a great future.

      lucy.bush.9231 - 2012-11-24 13:19

      What a bunch of go Helen..

      ModernMetaphysicist - 2012-11-26 12:43

      Pierre, are you a British citizen residing in England, or are you a South African that run to England??? I suggest you keep your objective statements to yourself, cause you clearly can't tell your left shoe from your right, if you are staying in s.a you need to wake up and have some coffee, it is election time, stones will be thrown at glass houses. The Ruling party implement these changes and policies you speak of, so rather address the question as, why is the South African government failing all South african's.

  • onlinebaas - 2012-11-21 20:33

    What the hell? ANC incites the riots, Zille and the DA calms people down and helps everyone. Now they try to pin it on her? Are they on drugs?

      rodney.bevan.58 - 2012-11-21 20:39

      I'm certain Helen bussed the "workers" in to cause mayhem. Oh look, a pink elephant just flew by with Santa on it's back!! Nice try ANC, no cigar.

      francoisjacques.malan - 2012-11-21 21:54

      Kagiso, Zille's tweets weren't irresponsible. It's irresponsible to tell someone he's not allowed to work because he's from Lesotho instead of Zimbabwe! That is where it started! cANCer incited the whole situation!

      francoisjacques.malan - 2012-11-21 22:02

      AND, Kagiso, if the ANC's only criticism of Zille is about a tweet stating facts, it really says a lot! The fact that they can't find anything else on her! She may not be perfect, but if you love this country you will vote DA!

      SharonE - 2012-11-21 23:14

      South Africa: The only country in the world where a person gets persecuted for doing a good job.

  • rohann.geldenhuys - 2012-11-21 20:34

    Wow ANC very original.

      art5SA - 2012-11-21 20:38

      TIT FOR TAT... just like Primary school children!!

      narike.lintvelt.9 - 2012-11-21 21:41

      Absolutely pathetic

      Grannatjie - 2012-11-21 22:13

      The absolute lack of maturity in South African politics is deeply depressing. I want my money back.

  • rohann.geldenhuys - 2012-11-21 20:35

    Wow ANC very original...

  • natoe.matoe - 2012-11-21 20:36

    Really,serious??What a joke - is a few tweets supposed to carry the same weight as RMILLIONS of fraud and embezzlement?Damn the ANC is so far divided from reality!!

  • kasiboy55 - 2012-11-21 20:37

    Atleast her tweets aren't costing us over R200million!

      Thanduxolo Galada - 2012-11-21 20:46

      Like 200 000 000 times!

      ckiddo - 2012-11-22 08:20


  • piet.snot.77964 - 2012-11-21 20:38

    Why don't the African Corruption Party have a look at what Tony and Marius were up to in all this chaos - rather than looking at Helen.

  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-11-21 20:39


  • dave.elmore.5 - 2012-11-21 20:41

    So the rhetoric is being notched up a few levels? Some advice ANC, don't play games you can't win and end up crying, Helen will wup your ass@es

  • Erna - 2012-11-21 20:42

    I've a feeling this may backfire hugely on the anc.

      jacques.smit - 2012-11-22 09:59

      Bwahahah yeh will be Extremely funny when the DA wipes the floor with the ANC...

  • jacqueline.benjamin.52 - 2012-11-21 20:48

    What a bunch of clowns. The ANC is fast becoming more pathetic than I ever imagined possible

  • Benjamin - 2012-11-21 20:49

    At least HZ did everything she could to help try resolve the situation. Zuma and his oliphant did nothing. Charge them for not even being there.

  • kimard - 2012-11-21 20:53

    bring it on ANC!! we are in possession of video footage of your bussed in thugs!

  • ben.nevis.906 - 2012-11-21 20:53

    Are these clowns serious...? No, I mean really serious, because if they are, then they are throwing the tiny amount of dignity they had left out of the window, along with their sanity. The ANC is a danger to themselve's at the moment.

      beverly.young3 - 2012-11-22 08:08

      Stupid observation here: The very people who are looking for more money own cell phones and they tweet? Then on the basis of this 'tweet' they riot? Sorry, I am an old lady :)

      kimard - 2012-11-22 09:23

      dont forget about the guns - shees amazing poor farm workers :)

  • bryan.culross - 2012-11-21 20:54

    U ANC are MORONS. so Pierre Uys you quiet about all that the ANC does which is so wrong including the idiot zipper but now looking for any possibly conceivable fault that Helen has done. She has obviously got much more balls than you, you spineless so and so!

  • pwhanekom - 2012-11-21 20:55

    Serious???? I thought today's date was the 21st November. Seems I was wrong, must be 1 April! LOL. Go Helen, give them hell!

  • themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-21 20:56

    Goodluck Tony in proving that farmworkers read Zille's tweets and were incited by them. What a waste of the court and the police's time. COSATU and the ANC are really desperate to wrestle the only province that seems to be under a good adminstration

      narike.lintvelt.9 - 2012-11-21 21:44

      On Saturday night I uploaded a petition supporting SA's opposition parties' motion of no confidence in Pres Zuma. It's now reached the 1000 target and has been upped to 2000. Please take the time to sign and share this.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-21 22:32

      Done, thank you Narike

  • eleana.vanniekerk - 2012-11-21 20:58

    The ANC and their cronies are up to their old tricks again. That would be: Try to sow havoc with mob behaviour and cause some people to get angry and killed, and then put the blame on their enemies... They have done this before.

  • nicholas.mears.397 - 2012-11-21 21:00

    The ANC and politics in general in South Africa is childish to say the least. Instead of focussing on the real issues that affect so many people, the parties continue to focus on their own childish smear campaigns. The DA is by far the more intelligent political party though!

  • matshane.seleko - 2012-11-21 21:02

    The truth will prevail,eventually,that is.Courts of law never lie.So,run to court as fast as you can,and get exposed.

  • alexcon85 - 2012-11-21 21:03

    This is going to backfire badly on the ANC.

      alexcon85 - 2012-11-21 21:23

      Really? Yes. How? Because if this actually goes to court the ANC is setting itself up for a huge backlash, I quote Ehrenreich of the ANC on this matter: "We are here today to declare war." I rest my case.

      izak.burger.3 - 2012-11-21 21:29

      This is going to backfire in the same way as the toilet saga. Let me explain. A court said that the western cape gvt trampled their rights by not enclosing said toilets, and so a legal precedent was set. Then it was discovered thay the ANC had their own share of unenclosed toilets, and because the legal precedent had already been setm they had essentially shot themselves in the foot. Now ask yourself, if Helen is guilty in some way, then this legal precedent that will be set is going to bite Fransman and Ehrenreich really hard next time round. Or perhaps even now, for their behaviour was clearly nore explicitly inciting.

      kimard - 2012-11-22 04:26

      and bussed in to areas they dont even live to toi toi? one video shows how they gathered on a rugby field and an anc thug fueling them before their daily excursion like i said - bring it on ANC-thugs! *sue the anc for damages farmers!

  • david.bernstein.9406 - 2012-11-21 21:05

    How many of these farm workers have twitter? LOL - so scary to think who runs this country!

      Lyndol Lyons - 2012-11-21 21:47

      my exact sentiments. Didnt know farm workers were into fb and twitter? lol

  • klip.indiebos - 2012-11-21 21:10

    Best move to carry out when the spotlight is highlighting your own inadequacies or failures - deflect!

  • charles.gallacher.161 - 2012-11-21 21:11

    They are going to embarrass the party yet again by lodging a fatally flawed complaint. FOOLS!

      maureen.churchill.9 - 2012-11-22 10:06


  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-11-21 21:13

    The ANC is now really showing what a waste of time they have become... a disgrace to the Nation.... even their own members can't believe the stupidity of their politicking,..... they are being laughed at on the streets and they have actually become the butt end of numerous township jokes....

  • fanie.essgee - 2012-11-21 21:16

    Shame, wow you lot are such a joke, just a pity, just a pity nothing is funny, are you going to charge the only credible politician we still have in this country for the dog that got ran over as well.....

  • Gert van Coller - 2012-11-21 21:20

    Desperate times call for desperate measures dear Comrades! Unfortunately anyone with more than two functioning brain cells are seeing right through you! Shame..

  • tiaan.vanderberg.75 - 2012-11-21 21:22

    Gogga maak vir baba bang.

  • 2coolnick - 2012-11-21 21:23

    Pat Marran, ek ken jou en ek weet hoe jy die boere haat!!! Hoekom se jy nie hoe jou labour broking die plaas mense verarm nie terwyl jy jouself verryk!! Mense moet net jou comments op jou facebook blad gaan lees om te sien hoe jy voel oor wit mense

      frankflower - 2012-11-21 21:44

      Ek het so bietjie gaan spaai op die ou... Hy sukkel om te spel en hy is nou nie juis wat ek sou noem 'n taalkundige nie. Mens kan net 'n klomp twak verwag van so iemand. You must say what you mean and mean what you say and a gentleman must always say what he means. Ek paste gou een van sy onnosele muurplasings vir julle, net om my punt te bewys: 'Whats happening in the Witzenberg area,,, why are we not informed that a farmworker was been shot in the back on Wednesday, either by a security company or farmer,,,, the worker was been hospitilized and died in the early hours of this morning,,,,, why is it kept quiet,,,, it happened on a farm in the Bokkeveld area.' My gunsteling fout in die geskrewe snert van die idioot is 'was been hospitilized.' HOSPITALISED jou dom twat!!!!

  • frans.naude - 2012-11-21 21:23

    Kagiso, since when is tweeting facts irresponsible? Better than the lies from the ANC don't you think?

  • dan.gleebits.33 - 2012-11-21 21:25

    Songezo, Pierre & Pat - as long as the costs are coming out of ANC coffers when judgement is handed down, please go for it. Another hole in the sinking ANC ship will help it go down that much faster.

  • wdvilliers - 2012-11-21 21:32


  • kevin.jacobs.1044 - 2012-11-21 21:40

    Really ANC - is that all you've got?

      narike.lintvelt.9 - 2012-11-21 21:47

      On Saturday night I uploaded a petition supporting SA's opposition parties' motion of no confidence in Pres Zuma. It's now reached the 1000 target and has been upped to 2000. Please take the time to sign and share this.

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2012-11-21 21:42

    You keep going Helen. Remember these ANC Politicians are not very bright.

      mawandewonderman.mkuba - 2012-11-21 21:46

      Why the insults? Or thts ur bright?

      Lyndol Lyons - 2012-11-21 21:49

      and judging by some of the comments, neither are their supporters.

  • Cuteandbronzed - 2012-11-21 21:44

    no there is more, they could treat you as robert does

  • abdul.cassiem.9 - 2012-11-21 21:56

    OMG!!!!!what next ANC!!!!!!you an yr supporters r gettin desperate an scared ooooh!!! I luv it wen a plan comes together CNT wait for t debate of t century Obama en Romney Mot gaan SLAAP

  • willie.spies.79 - 2012-11-21 21:58

    Ridiculous - a year ago the same party argued that the singing of hate songs does not incite violence against farmers. Now that the tables are turned they lay a charge. These guys are crazy.

  • mashavha - 2012-11-21 22:02

    Really now?

  • Maryin - 2012-11-21 22:02

    Hey fellow taxpayers, your present government is wasting tax in an attempt to retaliate and justify their position. It's extremely childish to react in this manner. I could think of far better ways to spend the money used for legal action/s.

  • Tyrone Grobbelaar - 2012-11-21 22:03

    Retards. Do they ever hear themselves speak?

  • sally.lewitt - 2012-11-21 22:05

    What ever..!

  • kmeissenheimer - 2012-11-21 22:06

    Pierre Uys, die seun van Hildebrandtstraat, Oakdale. Met die rooibessieboom voor die huis. Wat weet jy van swaarkry? Glo nie 'n woord wat jy se nie.

  • Carlton - 2012-11-21 22:06

    Zille seems to be making fools of the ANC and it's praise singers. If voters were electorally literate we wouldn't be in this mess. Viva DA.

  • qaba.scott - 2012-11-21 22:06

    I dont know why she dont go visit farmers to tell them they must pay ppl a money not peanuts she must to his brothers makangahlekisi ngabantu abasokolayo kuba esidla icream

      tersia.louw.12 - 2012-11-22 14:47

      The ANC government set "a money" for "ppl", Qaba, not Helen Zille.

  • matt.cumming.77 - 2012-11-21 22:12

    i don't believe these uneducated clowns even know what 'incitement' means. 'kill a boer, kill a farmer' is one such example.

  • mbuti.manopole.3 - 2012-11-21 22:13

    @mbudalezo :She ones called E.C ppz REFUGEEs , that's hate speech if she really meant what she said on those lesotho and zim nationals ,considering her desperation for votes she must refrain from those comments

      frankflower - 2012-11-21 22:15

      O shut the f up you idiot!!!

      mawandewonderman.mkuba - 2012-11-21 22:37

      Frankflower is it clever to insult when u dnt see eye to eye? I doubt

      frankflower - 2012-11-21 22:44

      Don't talk to me about clever... Your intelligence is an insult.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-22 09:07

      She has never called anyone a refugee.

      willem.louw.16 - 2012-11-22 10:16

      I don't think you understand the legal terminology or implication of hate speech... You are as misguided and ignorant as the ANC

  • john.cryink - 2012-11-21 22:14

    How does the majority vote for evil called cANCer?

      steve.ritchie.739 - 2012-11-22 11:11

      And this is a cANCer for which there is no cure. Symptoms include stupidity, ignorance, extreme urge to steal, laziness, fear of doing an honest day's work, strong expectancy to receive everything for free, total lack of even the basic ideas of business, undying passion for KFC and free T-shirts, no idea of leadership, cravings for power, etc. etc. The list is endless. There is however, a glimmer of light at the end of their trash-filled tunnel. Here it is. The next time you are required to vote, think about youR cANCer symptoms, rip your head out of the sand, toss your blinkers and....................VOTE DA.

  • pwhanekom - 2012-11-21 22:14

    Go read Pat Marran's fb page - he's inciting violence with every status update. (except of course for the sick comment about the length of African tools)

      frankflower - 2012-11-21 22:30

      Pat Marran can't spell and everything he writes is a grammatical miasma... Ie. 'Was been.' Nee, waar het die man skool gegaan? Wat het sy ma geëet?

  • aspruyt - 2012-11-21 22:16


  • yisaacson - 2012-11-21 22:20

    Pretty scary to see the polarisation in this country thats developed since Madiba's day. the ANC has managed to alienate all white, and virtually all coloureds and Asians, as well as many educated blacks and on the left, many workers and unemployed. No wonder Genocide Watch has South Africa so high up their list.

      mawandewonderman.mkuba - 2012-11-21 22:27

      Genocide blah blah blah blah

      andries.swart.56 - 2012-11-21 22:45

      Says who? I know many thinking Whites who now support the ANC - thankful for the liberation from racism and freedom that it brought to all our people. We don't need racist dwarstrekkers, we need people who are in love with the future of our country!

      richard.hipkin - 2012-11-22 09:08

      Are you the 56th andries swart?