Western Cape to focus on infrastructure

2012-02-17 13:39

Cape Town - The Western Cape will see a "game-changing" infrastructure plan this year, premier Helen Zille said on Friday.

"The most powerful economic lever in the hands of a provincial government is the ability to build growth-creating infrastructure," Zille told the opening of the provincial legislature in Cape Town.

"While I welcome President [Jacob] Zuma's new focus on infrastructure development, it is critical to understand that without private sector investment, neither South Africa nor the Western Cape will be able to build the infrastructure needed for growth."

Regeneration projects

The city would see three regeneration projects, namely the Founders' Garden/Artscape precinct, the development of a government precinct and the development of the Somerset Hospital precinct.

The Cape Town International Convention Centre would be doubled in capacity.

Zille said the province would launch a road network improvement project to support the Saldanha Industrial Development Zone initiative.

She also announced plans for a project to provide broadband internet access to every citizen, school and government facility in the province.

"It is clear that if we aim to create an international competitive knowledge economy, improve productivity and enjoy access to new markets, we need to invest far more in fast and affordable broadband infrastructure."

The goal was to connect 70% of government facilities and every school by 2014.

Within the next two years, Khayelitsha, Mitchell's Plain and Saldanha Bay would ideally all be connected, Zille said.

Economic growth, job creation

The provincial government's priority is creating the right conditions for inclusive economic growth and job creation, Zille said.

"This insight forms our strategy... but no government can achieve economic development on its own," she said.

"That is why we have chosen to establish an Economic Development Partnership (EDP), where all stakeholders in the economy will come together to develop and help implement a shared agenda for economic growth, development and inclusion."

The EDP was registered at the beginning of the year and would be launched in April.

It would include a steering committee of prominent leaders from the business community and government.

Zille said the EDP was the only sustainable way to fight poverty.

Over time, it would result in an improved investment climate, a more competitive and resilient economy and, ultimately, higher levels of growth and employment.

  • Annelise - 2012-02-17 13:51

    Go Helen! Show the rest of SA what a repsonsible government can do if they work instead of steal. I love living in the Western Cape, everything works. Those here who complain about the DA has alterior motives!

      Pierre - 2012-02-17 14:21

      The Western Cape works the same as when the ANC was running it, not better under the DA. DA also has their problems.

      Stan - 2012-02-17 14:37

      "Those here who complain about the DA has alterior motives!" I wonder who taught you to write.

      MSGRule - 2012-02-17 14:46

      @Pierre - Te blind can see that things work differently in the Cape. Come on man. Budgets are used for whathey are intended for nto for personal enrichment like in the rest os the sess pool of cANCer law

      Jeffrey - 2012-02-17 14:48

      What's with all the "has" instead of "have" in these posts? Anyway, Annelise is right and Pierre is horribly wrong.

      Gordon - 2012-02-17 14:50

      Not even close Pierre, not even close. If it was so, the vote would have looked very different in the last election.

      Jeffrey - 2012-02-17 14:55

      @Stan, Annelise and Pierre are Afrikaans speakers I assume, so it is a natural mistake to write/say "has" and not "have" as in Afrikaans there is only the one word "het" which covers both "has" and "have". It's not very polite to criticise people who are not communicating in their mother tongue. Both their comments were understandable and that should be good enough for us, even though I agree with one and not the other, both messages got through.

      Wayne - 2012-02-17 15:40

      The only motive we have is to get to the truth. Bitou which is a DA run Council, is totally out of control, Violent protests everyday, incorrectly blamed on the ANC, It is led by former DA supporters, who have retaliated to the lie's and false promises, spewed by the DA to get support to get into power. If this is not what the DA is about, then somebody should have the balls, to call this travesty to order, instead of sweeping the issues under the carpet.

      Edward - 2012-02-17 19:06

      @jeffery. How true. One has to remember that english is a second language no matter how long it has been spoken by the Afrikaans speaker. Married an afrikaans speaking women and when she and my step-son are having trouble expressing things in English they revert to Afrikaans, which leaves me out. Come to think of it maybe they just want to leave me in the dark. @Pierre; celebrate what is working...period. SA is at a crossroads as to wether it will be like the rest of Africa. Several nations in Africa are getting ready to celebrate 50 years of independence and still they are embroiled in ethnic strife and sometimes civil war. Is it really so difficult to look at what works and not who is at the helm?

      Jack - 2012-02-17 20:08

      While the MyCity buses were a welcome improvement, there remains much more to be done in terms of transport infrastructure. The booking of drivers and learners licences remains a mess in Cape Town and Zille has done next to nothing to fix the problem. Thus, while I know that the Cape is better than the rest of the country, it is still falling far short of its potential. It doesn't take much to be better than the rest of SA so I'm not satisfied yet!

      Luke Littlejohn - 2012-02-18 16:13

      Dont be so nieve, so if you complain about the DA you have an alterior motive, what happened to freedom of speach. The DA also have councillors that worry more about deep pockets and lie to the people to get votes they also have councillors who are more instated in giving themselves increases and not looking after those that they are there to SERVE, if watching them and exposing lies is anti DA then,wtf?

  • bernpm - 2012-02-17 13:52

    2011-12-13 20:10 ..."Cosatu is to report Western Cape Premier Helen Zille to the Public Protector over her government's closure of the Provincial Development Council (PDC), a platform for social dialogue in the province. " today: ..."That is why we have chosen to establish an Economic Development Partnership (EDP), The difference????

      Piet - 2012-02-17 14:00

      PDC most probably ANC leftovers....

      dlawre30 - 2012-02-17 14:13

      A partnership with business replacing a Govt council that achieved nothing

  • Phumi - 2012-02-17 14:02

    Do not forget to mention demolishing National Heritage Sites to build toll gates and other luxary office blocks like the one in Chapmans Peak in Houtbay Hellen. Screw the rate payers association forward with the DA infrastructure plans forward!

      Gordon - 2012-02-17 14:55

      errrr.... that is just not true. The corner of a quarry next to an exisiting road is not a national heritage site. The funny thing is that most of the protesters live in big houses high on the slopes of houtbay where seriously endangered fynbos was destroyed for the development. If they are SO worried about the environment of Chappies, then just close the road... job done. The artifical tunnels already there are 100 times worse than the building going up.

  • Larry - 2012-02-17 14:03

    What Helen Zille say's, can be taken to the Bank. What JZ says can be taken with a pinch of Salt.

  • dlawre30 - 2012-02-17 14:04

    Wow at last - somebody that makes sense. Wish the rest of the country was so proactive.

  • NrGx - 2012-02-17 14:04

    GO DA, Go Western Cape, show them how its done1 this is what you call "LEADING BY EXAMPLE"

  • Derek - 2012-02-17 14:11

    Pity she and the DA are not running the whole country! Imagine what we could become!

  • Bryan - 2012-02-17 14:19

    Accountability in local government- Only in the Western Cape..!!!

  • Brainbow Gold - 2012-02-17 14:37

    Plans to provide broadband internet access to 70% of government facilities and every school by 2014 is really excellent news!!!

  • Abel - 2012-02-17 14:50

    if we can change the statement to "The Western Cape will see a "game-changing" infrastructure plan this year, Parks Tau said on Friday. it was gona be another story. though the statement is the same VIVA Helen Zille VIVA she always rite

      Wayne - 2012-02-20 14:41

      It's only good news if the pie is shared fairly amongst SMME's instead of the deal only enriching the capitalist multi-national friends of the DA.

  • derrick.chikanga - 2012-02-17 14:56

    Helen needs to focus more of her efforts on education, housing,job creation and poverty reduction rather than doubling the capacity of the Cape Town International Convention Centre. While what she's saying makes sense, it doesn't exactly outline how she plans to achieve her targets. Planning is one thing and implementation is another.It's now upto the EDP to see if all these targets will be met come 2014.

  • Bomb - 2012-02-17 14:58

    Problem is DA is doing such a good job, that all the scum and foreigners from other provinces are now streaming to the WC.

  • Martin - 2012-02-17 15:55

    f@cking nanny state western cape, i prefer the lawless jhb, nothing works here but i am free to skateboard in the street, i can drink on a sunday and the police dont bug me cos they just dont care. viva anarchy

  • flinkjon - 2012-02-18 09:43

    Helen Zille might be a good strategist but the people with the delegated authority could interprete the policies differently. Demographically the Cape Flats is still the poor living in a ditch.If any of them come up to to help another you must go to that level while politically removed from the society.Keeping in mind the government cannot be their savior all the time.Because even trying to help the poor is first create a notification which is never always regarded as urgent. All red tape in blue print.A multitude of managers watching the computers whole day and sit in private meetings because the people on the floor bring the info which they use for brainstorming.Never look in the social responsibility of their own and staff.

  • Aluncedo Juddith Mpuku - 2014-06-01 19:42

    Wht are physical infrastructure available in western

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