Whites control judiciary: Malema

2012-02-14 15:10

Johannesburg - The judiciary is controlled by the white minority, embattled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said at a closed session of the league’s lekgotla.

"I have lawyers who are representing me on this case the Hawks are chasing me on. They are three white lawyers," Malema said on video footage seen by Sapa on Tuesday.

"Every time I sit in a meeting with them I get very irritated. This thing I'm doing is wrong, but there's nothing I can do because the judiciary is controlled by these white minorities," said Malema.

He was addressing delegates at an ANCYL three-day lekgotla in Pretoria on Sunday.

Last year, opposition political parties called on the SA Revenue Service to investigate his wealth, claiming it was out of proportion to his reported R25 000 monthly salary.

The Sunday Independent reported that the Hawks had prima facie evidence of corruption related to the awarding of tenders to firms Malema had an interest in, in Limpopo, his home province.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela was reportedly also probing claims of irregular tenders awarded by the Limpopo government to a company linked to Malema.


Malema said his lawyers had told him there were 20 investigators probing him, including the Hawks, the SA Revenue Service and other financial intelligence services.

"They [the lawyers] brought all their [investigators'] names to me... out of the 20 investigators, 17, they are whites, and every time you speak about whites you must know you are irritating these 17."

Malema said his lawyers told him that he was making their job difficult for them.

"I was not interested in that... I was just interested in the 17 whites in the case of one young black person," he said.

Malema said this proved every state organ was controlled by the white "capital" minority, who he described as a mafia.

There were senior prosecutors who played golf with judges.

"We are talking about senior prosecutors who deal with senior cases," said Malema.

"Once you say you are going to take from those people [white capitalists] they activate every power they have. We thought it was only in the state but it's been proven it's... also in the ANC," he said.

Malema said the league had "angered capital", and it was doing its utmost to remove the youth league.

"The fight is not about whether Gwede [Mantashe] must be SG [secretary general] or [Fikile] Mbalula. It's not about that. The fight is about property... and they not prepared to surrender," said Malema.

  • Grimmister - 2012-02-14 15:14

    OH MY HAT!!!...Give it a rest already..

      Lorenzo - 2012-02-14 15:19

      A guy gets a life ban at a gym for calling a guy Black, but Malema says whatever he wants!!! How is this not Racist!!!???! FFS!!

      Justin - 2012-02-14 15:23

      Everything is "the white mans " fault according to this idiot!!! when will it ever stop

      Peter - 2012-02-14 15:31

      jealousy makes you nasty Malemma Now take a spoon of STFU, and sleep it off. It must really grind this d**s's gears that white people are still in power. Keep it up guys! he can only take it for so long, i recon

      John - 2012-02-14 15:32

      @Lorenzo This is a BullEye shot !!! Double for everything else.

      dirk.smit1 - 2012-02-14 15:38

      Julius is a racist. No matter how you look at it. He forgot to wipe his ass, that is the white's fault for supplying only single play and not duoble ply. Mr Malema, for the sake of our country, just shut the F.... up!!!!

      Bardy - 2012-02-14 15:48

      Check this guys comment: (LMFAO!!!!) Rikesh.Ishwarlall - February 14, 2012 at 15:27 Report comment "Every time I sit in a meeting with them I get very irritated"....Shame Juju, but thats what happens when you don't understand WTF they're talking about.

      Willie - 2012-02-14 15:48

      Please Julias not again-- if ignorance was wisdom you will be rich by now

      Danny - 2012-02-14 15:52

      @Philemon - if I made a comment like that I'd be branded a racist. How about you come up with some intelligent argument before posting on public forums to save yourself the embarrassment of showing thousands of people out there just how stupid you actually are.

      Juan - 2012-02-14 15:53

      well juliarse if you hate white lawyers so much why are you hiring them?

      spartanx93 - 2012-02-14 15:53

      Malema..... you are finished. So just shut your mouth little creep!

      richard.hipkin - 2012-02-14 15:56

      This is knee slapping funny! Old Malema, still trying to shoot the boer..

      Sharon - 2012-02-14 15:58

      Julius sounds like a petulant child - Build a bridge and get over it, buddy

      richard.winterton - 2012-02-14 16:00

      @Philemon, This is your leader? LOL! Talk about the blind leading the blind!

      Ruan - 2012-02-14 16:02

      ha ha ha stupid fool!!!! why does a under educated fool with an oversized mouth, stealing from the very people he "fights" for have such a long political career? As a white person you cannot debate with this chap, as you are a racist, and if you are black saying the same, then you are a service lady/man to the white people!!!

      Andre - 2012-02-14 16:14

      How can he afford 3 lawyers on R25k per month?

      Compos - 2012-02-14 16:19

      Malema is afraid of our awesomeness....

      procold2 - 2012-02-14 16:24

      white supremicy hey juju, 20yrs on and you still dont get it, these are utterances that you could have used in 1993

      Andre - 2012-02-14 16:26

      @ Trevor. Stealing by the old gov or the new does not alleviate the issue of stealing. Just because the old guys did it does not give the new permission to do it. Either way the poor are the ones that suffer.

      Pieter - 2012-02-14 16:26

      Funny how he wants to live like a rich westerner but isn't willing to work like one. He wants to live like one but can't stand them at the same time, a bit of a contradiction if you ask me. He says that everything belongs to the "people", but he hasn't given a cent to those who need it. Warra retard.

      Trevor - 2012-02-14 16:32

      @Andre, the poor ones suffer because of the old ones, unfortunately. I hate to say this. I would have liked this not to have been the case.

      Thandiwe - 2012-02-14 16:33

      @Philemon - the only way Juju can come back is if he starts his own political party. If he did, I bet he would get less than 10% of the vote. I don't know any professionals who support him or his time and again dis-proven economic policies...

      Douglas - 2012-02-14 16:34

      @Trevor - Just because the corrupt and vile NATS stole from the people does not mean we should emulate them by allowing our leaders to continue this culture. Two wrongs don't make a right. Your comment is irresponsible and ignorant.

      Dirk - 2012-02-14 16:37

      Confirmation and proof that democracy is an alien concept to him and those within the ANC

      Trevor - 2012-02-14 16:39

      @Douglas, you are the only to respond with respect, and yes, you are right, spot on. Two wrongs don't make a right.

      Newsreader - 2012-02-14 17:19

      Trevor, lets try get off the mark thats 2 decades ago. Right now we are dealing with serious current issues. There is no point comparing 1990 apples to 2012 apples. Focus on solutions and not tit for tat reasoning. Today we need responsible individuals to lead us. Not popular firebrands that grow on the incumbent masses who have no cognition.

      Burton - 2012-02-14 17:24

      @ Trevor. Dude I hate to break it to you but stealing is stealing, whether it was the NATS or the cANCer. Truth is for every corrupt cANCer agent, theres a apartheid excuse. Whites this and whites that. Maybe it is time to start blaming the cANCer. They have been stealing from day one. I agree that under apartheid people were treated poorly and that has to change, but do you seriously want me to believe that in 20 years that couldn't be done? Poverty is 100% worse than before 1994. It was unfair to discriminate and to treat blacks the way the NATS did, but now cANCer is in charge, guess what Trevor, they are running this country into the ground. Jellybaby can cry all he wants, the rivers were clean 20 years ago, the power supply was sufficient, the roads were not falling apart, scholling was great, medical breakthroughs wer made and my friend jobs were created. Please tell me where has cANCer been able to do these things. They can't because where there is money to use for education, health care or job creation, there is a new BMW or Merc that is required! Enough said!

      Sharon - 2012-02-14 17:30

      Buggar this race card, its been used so much, its in tatters!!

      Ray - 2012-02-14 17:43

      Bye Bye Julius

      craigtjames - 2012-02-14 17:53

      Judiciary - defined as "the branch of the central authority in a state concerned with the administration of justice" Julius, maybe you should sit and think why your claim about all of them being white is true! Secondly, please forget about you being a "young black man" you are a middle aged black man.

      eric.vanvuuren - 2012-02-14 18:16

      What white minority? You have the government and stuffed that up. Say you take the private sector as is and white man does something else. You mess up the private sector. Then what? You look too the white man to save you again. Rather learn to make something out of nothing first, then you would be on the right track. Malema you give black people a bad name.

      Bambie - 2012-02-14 19:53

      Old Fat Boy...he won't stop...sounds like here where i am..smaller place about 450k pop... majority black living in harmony with the rest of the little white people here... Just one or two who is shouting foul and still use the excuse of slavery...they went so far that the crashed the economy once and guess what happen... they run straight back to whites and asked for help... When is he going realise that it isn't the white people who is sick of his BS but it is the nation...

      Geronimo - 2012-02-14 20:42

      What a despicable little racist troll this man, nay creature, is. This country will not heal with the likes of this bozo around. Shame on you Malema. Down with racism.

      JamesBotha1 - 2012-02-14 21:33

      This is for Malema Proverbs 26:4 Don't answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are.

      John - 2012-02-14 23:47

      So that is why some of it still works? Let me go and place my complaint with the Police and let us see what happens.

      sizwe - 2012-02-15 08:17

      @Lorenzo... Malema aside please don't try water down what that dude said at the gym. I'm sure he didn't get banned for calling a guy black, I mean who or why would someone get upset at being called black... SMH

      Phuti - 2012-02-15 08:25

      The problem about what most so called educated on news24 is that whenever they read a story about Malema ,they resort for only name calling without even tackling the contents.All I read is Malema is an idiot & all shocking names.if you want to be smart ,discuss the contents do you educated people's here differ with him.

      Sadbuttrue - 2012-02-15 09:08

      Such a obvious move for Malema to attack the judiciary. He’s always been so predictable it’s laughable. His followers are truly such blind moronic sheep that they will follow him into the depths of the destruction of this economy and country … Limpopo money worries, is a micro example of awaits this country if the ANCYL get their way. 4 Million white people who are not by any-means all wealthy … 49 Million Previously disadvantaged … even if you take the “wealth” of 4 million. How does that solve the problem for the 45 million? Wealth can not be divided or split, as soon as you take away incentive the wealth generator (the entrepreneur) stops creating that wealth and the economy WILL collapse. Its all simple math, being distorted by populist propaganda and catch frases like “economic freedom” which is just a frase with no base in reality. The only way this country can be saved is aggressively grow the economy and use the experienced people we have to get us into the global market to create more jobs. We need a imaginative government that to come with clever strategies to encourage growth a government the business and people can trust with the peoples money … what we don’t need and what will surely lead to this countries demise is MALEMA and the ANCYL.

      Merven - 2012-02-15 10:23

      @Phuti, the contents of this article is in short: Malema is an idiot!

      Pierre - 2012-02-15 10:47

      @Trevor I agree. The thing is most readers don’t like being reminded of their own past; they just want to point finger from a superior pedestal. It is not about justifying today’s wrongs, but reminding people of how bad the past was. Malema has not killed, put people in jail or introduce extreme suppressing legislation; he just has a big mouth. It is a joke to use Malema to counter all the wrongs of Apartheid. Apartheid era’s corruption was so commonplace that people did not even realise they were corrupt. And they were cheap too; a bottle of brandy could do miracles. (Go for it; I am racing Philamon for the most thumb downs and he has a head start.)

      Ja - 2012-02-16 12:51

      Thumbs down to Pierre the racist ignoramus ..

      Morne - 2012-02-16 13:18

      Julius, wish I could have a one on one debate session with you on ('ur field of expertise') SA politics.

      candicejadem - 2012-03-27 11:14

      This ou is a proper d**s

  • Sharmay - 2012-02-14 15:15

    blah blah blah... Malema, stop blaming whites for your idiotic actions that get you into trouble...

      kayceechick - 2012-02-14 15:39

      He wants senior experienced people on his team, but apartheid has only been gone for 20 years... technically there should be NO black people QUALIFIED enough to be senior, remember? They were kept uneducated by apartheid? Or wait? You want a black person to be pushed into a senior role WITHOUT said qualifications? Just coz he is black? Oh right, AAA BEEEEEE etc.

      wcslater - 2012-02-14 15:42

      And apparently Mr. Malema thinks ALL whites are racist...

      Bob - 2012-02-14 15:59

      JM you are deep in it up to your ears, you can try and drum up all the support from the youth that believe your lies but it ain't gonna save your a$$ this time, no wonder you feel agitated, who wouldn't in your precarious position.

      Sean - 2012-02-14 16:57

      This Criminal D@@s is obsessed with whites ! I hope he gets f@cked so hard that we never hear from him again !! The most pathetic thing is that so many people believe him !!!

      Chris - 2012-02-14 17:06

      And you say 17 blacks on 2 whites is o/k just because you can't comntrol your urges???

      Piet - 2012-02-14 18:02

      The ANCYL is runned by Black Mafia.

      Ali - 2012-02-14 18:04

      So in his way of thinking parliament is then dominated by a black monopoly? Mafia?

      Celtis - 2012-02-14 21:50

      Mc,that is gansta talk or fighting talk. Ready when you are bro

      willie.botha2 - 2012-02-14 23:01

      @MC - You want to know something funny. Your reasoning is exactly like the far right people. The minority did something so the majority must suffer. Why don't you go and join the Boeremag. I think you guys wil actually get along. Go and get your own island. Then you can start your plan of taking over the world. One idiot simple minded comment at a time. You will be awesome !!

      Christopher - 2012-02-15 06:53 that for MC Hammer? Your ryming has much to be desired.You know you bad when MC Hammer is far better than you...Your "poems" are senseless...I live in the now and not the ancient past.

      Christopher - 2012-02-15 06:55

      Oh Yeah..Blah blah blah idiot

      NrGx - 2012-02-15 09:29

      @mc - who is "you". me? or any other commentator on here? I didnt even know who chris hani was till he was murdered. so...lets look at things from your "logical" stance... I will never forget how YOU bombed church street I will never forget how YOU planted a car bomb and killed 16 people I will never forget how YOU killed 40,000 civilians as a result of terrorism

      Pierre - 2012-02-15 10:25

      Cool MC. Tell the buggers.

      Garth - 2012-02-15 15:03

      Pierre - you have the wrong side of the goat as your avatar.

  • Heiku - 2012-02-14 15:15

    Eish Malema.. If you're looking for war you will find it.

  • Repline - 2012-02-14 15:16

    OMG. You Racist pig.

      Repline - 2012-02-14 15:17

      Come to think of it, now im insulting pigs.

      Tammy - 2012-02-14 15:38

      please repline - I love pigs LOL

      Peter - 2012-02-14 15:40

      lol, come to think of it, you insulting words too. This pr!ck needs a whole new language of bad mouthing, coz English just doesn't seem to take that edge off my frustration with him

      Ziggie - 2012-02-14 15:43

      Yep, pigs also have some pride in them!!

      Arvin - 2012-02-14 17:16

      and Pigs are edible & platable tooo.

      Warmonger - 2012-02-15 07:52

      And cr@p only comes out of ONE end...

  • Janita - 2012-02-14 15:16

    Oh my hat! You need to be dunked in a bath if Jik and become a frekn minority. your such a chop!

      Whitty - 2012-02-14 22:09

      You never answered my question. I asked you if you are telling the world that your mother's amniotic fluid is jik?

      Janita - 2012-02-16 09:39

      Whitty, Really. Ill say this in VERY simple english.. get a big word book (this is something that gives you meanings of words, also known as a dictionary) and look up the word sarcasim. Actually rather appropriate if you understand the meaning.

  • Janice - 2012-02-14 15:17


      Chris - 2012-02-14 15:28

      Nope, you need to understand the difference between a racist and a retard.

      Alex - 2012-02-14 15:32

      Chris, the only difference is spelling I'm afraid. Racism is retarded thinking.

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-14 15:49


      Chris - 2012-02-14 17:08

      Retarded racist???

      Pierre - 2012-02-15 10:37

      Was this the section for people who wanted to comment, but did not have something sensible to say? (MC2 with that name one expects a bit more.)

  • Kgabo - 2012-02-14 15:17

    lask kicks of a dead horse!! go sit down Julius!

      Jako - 2012-02-14 15:36

      your shack cant be that bad man. what with the internet access and all...

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-02-14 15:38

      So it's the whites fault that so many people of colour are without work, are too lazy to find it and depend on welfare, just want what the whites have worked hard for, without working hard for it themselves? Please... whites do more for the disadvantaged in this country than the cANCer government has ever done. Wake up and smell the coffee... its your life, so do something about it. My dad and his 8 siblings were dirt poor (put in an orphanage and boarding school) when they were growing up, and he is only one of a few that actually works bladdy hard to achieve and has done so. He never finished high school, didn't go to university... so if HE can do it why can't anyone else. Oh yes that's right, he didn't blame anyone else and did everything he could to make HIS OWN life better.

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-02-14 15:39

      I know MANY black people that are totally ok with whites, hang out with us and don't always play the race card. Why? Coz they work for what they want. Pity you can't be that way too Cephas

      Moss - 2012-02-14 15:42

      One needs to think about what the man is saying. He is raising serius issues and nobody can dare challenge him based on them except for calling him names. Wise up Africa!!

      Nosiphom - 2012-02-14 15:42

      Cephas - Should the lazy bugger who prefers to sleep under a tree and drink beer the whole day get an equal share as the guy who makes hard decisions and brings in contracts,etc. Think about it the guys who wrote that in the charter did not have a cooking clue what they were writing. I can assure you they meant everyone should have the same opportunity to acquire wealth - that is what we should be fighting for - not just having some people work and everyone gaining from that work, then why should they work ? The result is that there is no motivation to work and therefore there is depletion of wealth and we all share poverty!

      dirk.smit1 - 2012-02-14 15:42

      @Cephas - Again, that is racist. Why is it always us and them? Mr Malema screwed up and he has his ass in a sling. So then we turn it back onto apartheid or white people. Yes, our grandfathers f...ed up, but we are in a democracy. You want things handed to you on a plate. It can like not to work that way buddy.

      Busi - 2012-02-14 15:43

      @Cephas, I am afraid it is your brain that is not your own. You want to believe the rubbish Malema says because it make you feel better about yourself. He is no gentleman, he is a thief and a liar. The perfect politician!

      Bryan - 2012-02-14 15:46

      Cephas your a brain dead retard. If you living in a shack now then your government has failed you miserably. Stop believing them when they try to shift the blame. There are millions of rands budgeted for upliftment of poor south africans but with multimillion rand houses been build for people who earn a small salary its no surprise that you still in a shack. Stop pointing fingers and drawing imaginary lines in the dirt that is your life and make a difference...

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-14 15:49

      "go sit down"? he needs to be PUT down

      Ben - 2012-02-14 15:59

      Cephas, a small group of people have already taken billions between them. Apparently you got nothing. Now they want the judiciary to assist them in taking what is left. Again you will get nothing. That does not worry me, but what should worry you is that 90% of the people will remain poor and that will cause a revolution as there will not be enough left to pay pensions and social grants.

  • David - 2012-02-14 15:17

    Bloody agents! Any excuse the little boy can find.

  • Johnny - 2012-02-14 15:18

    agh, someone just shut this moron up for eternity!!! I'm tired of seeing his name in a news headline !!

      Johnny - 2012-02-14 15:40

      @Motho... why the hell would you ask something like this - are you a freeking moron ??? Motho = STUPID

      Sean - 2012-02-14 15:42

      at motho, are you intelligent?

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-14 15:50

      Motho - troll alert go play with your rocks like a good little boy please

      Andre - 2012-02-14 15:53

      And the prize for the worst dumba$$ comment of the week does to MOLOTO! Please go stand in the corner with your little friend Julias ....

  • peter.vandermerwe3 - 2012-02-14 15:18

    Poor juju directing his anger in the wrong direction...shame

  • Christie - 2012-02-14 15:18

    Please shut your puke hole!!!!

      Wesley - 2012-02-14 17:57

      Juju please close your eyes and start running, hopefully there will be a tree in your way

  • Sandra-Lee - 2012-02-14 15:19

    isnt there something better for us to read..he is trying get a reaction as soon as we all stop adding fuel to his childish fire he will realise that he is a nobody and he is the only clown in this circus. as long as people encourage him, he will continue. he is digging his own hole, let him dig, lets focus our energy on something important like rhino poachers instead!

      Matthew - 2012-02-14 15:35

      Well said and good point this Rhino thing is getting out of hand the most recent one in particualr mother and her baby killed...disgusting

      Marion - 2012-02-14 15:37

      Well said Sandra. Perhaps we should, as a group of posters, resolve to boycott all articles about Julius Malema starting from today. It will kill him to know he is being ignored. All those in favour say AYE !!

      Ina - 2012-02-14 16:39

      Marion - Wish I could say AYE 1000 times!

      Heiku - 2012-02-14 16:51

      Although I'm sure your intentions are noble I myself am a fan of killing a fire at it's source not ignoring it and hoping it goes away.

      Gigo - 2012-02-14 17:11

      Dear Sandra As long as we are struggling, as long as we don’t have money, as long as we didn’t achieve freedom charter Malema will always be relevant. Why don’t you try to address all the issues he’s raising,.We won’t be quite, mark my words Malema is going nowhere, rhino poachers are the least thing we should focus on.

      Sean - 2012-02-14 19:04

      @Sganja AKA Einstein - I have news for you , you are going to struggle for the rest of your life with your idiotic so called ``vission`` Suppose you learnt nothing from history , it`s fine with me , keep on knocking your thick skull !!

      Multi - 2012-02-14 20:33

      @Sganja: Have you read any news or listened to any news on the radio or watched it on the TV? Malema and a large section of the ANC and the ANCYL are robbing the country blind. You have no money because they are incompetent and waste it all on parties, cars and travel expenses. Tenders are handed out to relatives and friends and are not completed properly. RDP houses fall down if you fart too loudly and the education system is a complete farce DESPITE the fact that it is one of the best funded in the world (where does the money go?). You voted for change, you voted for a better future, what you got was revolutionaries who knew how to talk big and whip up a frenzy but when the rubber hits the road don't know anything about running a country. They've hogged all the riches to themselves and do nothing to help their fellow men. Your friend Malema is one of the worst and is being probed for living well outside his means which indicates that there is some major corruption going on behind the scenes. The main issues Malema has raised is 1) the nationalization of mines and 2) redistribution of land. 1) in no country where this has happened has it ever succeeded to any significant extent. It doesn't work at all. 2) Look at Zimbabwe and you'll see how well that works. People are starving and a lot of them are coming down here in search of food and jobs. Once the land is redistributed who is going to till it and produce the food to sustain the country?

  • Altus van Zyl - 2012-02-14 15:21

    Wow.. This dude is sick. Obsessed with white people? They are ordinary people just like blacks. Just doing their work. No need to be so racist. Jeeez. He hates whites. The ANC fought for equality. This idiot destroying everything.

      eve.carrington - 2012-02-14 15:51

      But didnt this IDIOT say on National Television (Carte Blanche if I remember correctly) that he Loves the Whites Too Much....Ai that proves he is nothing more than A Lying Conniving ...

      Juan - 2012-02-14 15:59

      he is just a little hitler spreading his brand of racial intolerence and hatred. It's the only reason he actually have any people supporting him. Without his racism he as absolutely nothing going for him, and he would have been completely irrelevant.

      Peter - 2012-02-14 16:08

      Gloworm, let me complete your sentence... "A Lying Conniving"...little bad mouthed, hated, racist, scared, fat, warped, single brain celled, wannabe freedom fighter cockroach. No matter how many times you stomp his head in, he always seems to survive and vomit out some racist rubbish :(

      Altus van Zyl - 2012-02-14 16:38

      Yes I just don't get it. He is a psycho aswell. Then he loves white and then he hates them..

      K0BUSL - 2012-02-14 17:02

      Reminds me so much of a Par kTown Prawn, even in its death throes, it spits its bile and stink, refusing to die and trying to ingest whatever comes its way.

      Paul - 2012-02-14 18:41

      @ Gloworm D Patta:What are your political views. JM: "I am a Marxist. I am a Leninist. I subscribe to communism. I am NOT a communist. I am a progressive nationalist. JM: How do you define class, can you define it for me? DP: You define it for me JM: Class,your identification of a class is related to the means of production. DP:MM JM:You are either selling labor or you owe. DP:Do you own a house JM:I don't. Do I own a house? Yes DP:So you are a property owner? JM:NO That is nothing DP:It is for most people. (JM no no no) For most people they don't even own a house. JM:YES!!But that it nothing in the bigger scheme of things DP:MMM JM:Its nothing I am not even rich. You see Tokyo, Tokyo is not an owner of the means of production. He is rich. DP:So is Tokyo Sexwale a capitalist? JM:No he is not a capitalist he is rich. DP:Oh is there is a big difference? JM:Yes JA DP:He is just rich not a capitalist? JM:No he is not a capitalist He is rich yes. DP:What is a capitalist? JM:Err Err The Owner DP:Oh we got that one. The means of production. JM:Ja the owner. Tokyo owns nothing. He is in fact he is owing Nedbank a lot of money. DP:So he is the working class? JM:He is rich DP:Rich working class person? JM:Ja its an advanced attachment of the working class. DP.Ok JM: In terms of accumulation of wealth. If this is how he conducts himself on TV & cant see what a chump he is. We have a New Emperor with no clothes!!but clearly a racist Himmler wanna be with this outburst.

  • sardick.davids - 2012-02-14 15:21

    He has this intense hatred for white people and he wants to influence the rest of the young black people who has the potential of living in harmony with every other race including whites. Its almost as if he is regretting the fact that he is not white...

      Gerhard - 2012-02-14 15:48

      He hates the fact that he is not white.....

      trix.duvenage - 2012-02-14 19:27

      Well there was Micheal Jackson . He tried his utmost to be white and just before he was perfectly white he was dead..... My dad had a donkey on the plot many years ago. He helped this donkey to survive without food but just as the donkey became used to live without food it died.... I mean Juliarse can try tha as well.... I mean to survive without food....

  • Truthis - 2012-02-14 15:21

    Maybe the Mafia should let him "swim with the fishes".

      Tammy - 2012-02-14 15:40

      better yet - offer him a free bungi jump with no strings attached ...

      Pierre - 2012-02-15 10:35

      Yawn ! Don’t give up the day job just yet for that big comedy role.

  • heather.scheepers3 - 2012-02-14 15:23

    I am sure that he has an eye disease cold the white dot syndrome because I really do not see them do you?

  • shaun1barnard - 2012-02-14 15:23

    If his mouth was on fire i would not piss in it.....

  • wesley.bischoff - 2012-02-14 15:24

    Ag jissis you f*cking moron, just get over the race issue already!!! FFS are you going to forever blame the whites for things, or when something doesn't go your way? Grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. Everything is always the whites fault, and yet their tax money is ok for you to just steal? Fat f*cking hypocrite... go back to school and try get an IQ greater than 12, please.

      Matthew - 2012-02-14 15:37

      you said it

  • Earle - 2012-02-14 15:24

    What an absolute useless bas*tard he is. Air thief!

  • Heather - 2012-02-14 15:24

    My word. He is an idiot.

  • Bryan - 2012-02-14 15:24

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha... I think I just pi$$ed my pants laughing..!!!

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-14 15:51

      me too :) he just never ceases to amaze me at how DUMB some people are!

  • Michael Laski - 2012-02-14 15:25

    Wahahaha, he is such a victim. Poor little victim

  • ben.nel2 - 2012-02-14 15:25

    Qa'Hom (Klingon): A small animal (a harmless thing trying to look impressive)

      Karlien - 2012-02-14 15:30

      hahaha, excellent!!!

  • mothercitysme - 2012-02-14 15:25

    Malema is stepping over board with the racist remarks now...Nelson Mandela is, was and always will be the true ANC Struggle Hero...this oke just wants, wants, wants and then when he doesnt get blames, blames and more blame! The Youth League can in fact do much better than this...

      lana.vdwesthuizen - 2012-02-16 08:48

      The sooner he realizes that everything is not about HIM, the better for everybody. This is about ALL of us, we are ALL South Africans and we ALL deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect as the next. Is this little man actually South African? He does not display any sign of "Volk Trots". If you are proud of your country and its people you do not act this way. You strive to do better, to be better. Reading the one previous post where Malema was interviewed, I started praying aloud that none of my non-South African friends are reading this. How totally embarrassing! My 16 year old son has better comprehension than him...and we are Afrikaans! Sies Julius, jy maak my skaam! Go back to school if you want to achieve something. Really I mean it. You are an embarrassment to our lovely country - to ALL of us! Sies!

  • kaMazibuko - 2012-02-14 15:25

    Malema, if you didn't steal money destined for service delivery, nobody will be chasing u. It's common knowledge that in work places white people are not eager to transfer skills and knowledge to junior black colleagues but it's people like u who really set us behind. If there was no corruption at all in SA, all kids will have quality education, quality healthcare, vibrant economy which will provide a market for new ideas from our youth

      Heiku - 2012-02-14 15:36

      I am a white person and I have no problem transferring skills to black people. Either common knowledge is wrong or you just made that up. Also, you are a racist.

      Bomb - 2012-02-14 15:45

      @Sinudeity.......correct, from experience I can tell you that i've tried very hard. Unfortunately, the work ethic and effort is largely absent in 70% of those I try to teach and train. They want, want, want, want and want. Don't work a minute more than regulation hours, dont use initiative, don't do anything extra outside of their primary responsibilities. They will do the bare minimum that they have to, to pass the day. Energy levels not too high, but come "tjaila" time, those legs are fresh again and can carry them quickly to the taxi rank. On the other hand, I have the "older" folk that also work here, and they are trustworthy, and you can ask them anything. The youth are useless, brainwashed robots, who want everything for nothing.

      kaMazibuko - 2012-02-14 15:48

      @heiku, it's true not all white people are greedy n selfish but in most workplaces u find the ones that don't wanna share because they want to make sure they are the only people knowing certain things in the company....if u don't know that then you're just naive. @Sinudeity, laziness comes from employing lazy people....recruit the right people and you're set

      Heiku - 2012-02-14 15:59

      Sinudeity: Your statement is also incorrect and racist. I have black colleagues who are eager to learn.

      kaMazibuko - 2012-02-14 16:01

      @Bomb, what you're saying might be true where you're working but it's not just the black youth of SA who do that, remember the riots in London ??? High work ethic and discipline is absent in all youth WORLDWIDE....

      betsy.compaan - 2012-02-14 16:06

      It is time for ALL South Africans to accept that we have been lied to. We believe way to many stereotypes about each other

      Heiku - 2012-02-14 16:06

      It's absolute bull that Sinudeity's comment got censored but not kaMazibuko's. This kind of thing promotes racism.

      Marion - 2012-02-14 16:08

      One of the reasons many large companies make employees draw up step by step job guides is because employees are reluctant to transfer skills to other employees because they are scared they will lose their jobs. This reluctance to teach is not a white on black thing, it is an 'i'm too insecure about my own abilities' thing.

      Peter - 2012-02-14 16:11

      There are many that are eager to learn and one dose not mind helping but unfortunatly there are some who refuse and blame and not motivated in any way

      Heiku - 2012-02-14 16:21

      Marion is right and OP is wearing racist blinkers

      Byron - 2012-02-14 19:35

      @Marion so true - the one trick ponies come in all shades. they're normally reluctant to even share with colleagues who have been around a long time let alone the new guy. I've experienced this one trick pony paranoia at different companies. Now I just watch from a distance (steal with the eyes) and do after hours reconnaissance

      Antionette Oberholzer - 2012-02-14 20:46

      Witholding information is not a race thing - I myself have done this. It ensures that you remain valuable to the company. Job security. It's a sad fact of life.

      Antionette Oberholzer - 2012-02-14 20:46

      Witholding information is not a race thing - I myself have done this. It ensures that you remain valuable to the company. Job security. It's a sad fact of life.

      Christopher - 2012-02-15 08:29

      @KaMazibuko...the only people that are keeping knowledge away from the black population is your precious black government. They want the majority of black people to stay uneducated so they keep voting for them. And this comes from a top Black business man...he actually chuckled and said thats how we work.

      Merven - 2012-02-15 10:20

      @kaMazibuko If you work yourself up to higher levels instead of riding on the back of AA, you'll know all the things that you should know in the company. Why must whites share their hard earned knowledge they earned over many years with a AA canditate with entitlement mindsets?

      lana.vdwesthuizen - 2012-02-16 09:01

      I agree and disagree to a degree. In our office I tried on a regular basis to get the one person to sit with me while I do some work, called this person over while he/she sat reading the newspaper, magazines or constantly chatting over the phone i.e. doing nothing. The answer : " No it is ok..." " No thank you" Then I moved to another department and there was an oldish black man working there (it's been 10 years now and we still phone each other :-) ) We shared ideas and we shared our knowledge, we became on of the best working departments around. The WILLINGNESS must be there to learn. As to your comment that some white people don't want to transfer skills because they want to be the only ones doing it....there I agree. I worked as a junior for sometime and the senior either "did not know" or "did not have time" to show and help me. What did I do? I went onto the internet and I found out for myself! I phoned people in other companies working with similar programmes and I found out! Don't think that these people don't want to share because you are, no.....they just want to feel important ALL the time and this has got absolutely nothing to do with colour, it is pure egoism. The best way to learn is to DO IT YOURSELF, you try and try again 'till you get it right and you ASK and READ. There is no excuse really, the internet has a wealth of information.

  • Karlien - 2012-02-14 15:26

    bladiebladie blahhhhhhhhh ..... yaaaawn.

  • Andrew - 2012-02-14 15:26

    Sounds to me malema are terrified of the white minority, and so he should be.....

  • Deon - 2012-02-14 15:27

    Pulling the race card when he has painted himself into a corner!

  • leigh.paikin - 2012-02-14 15:27

    Why did he hire 3 white lawyers if he hates what they represent?

      Matthew - 2012-02-14 15:39

      dont they represent him?

      E=MC2 - 2012-02-14 15:52

      hahaha nice Matthew :)

      Heiku - 2012-02-14 16:19

      Leigh is on to something though. Maybe he hates himself.

      Sean - 2012-02-14 17:02

      He reckons the world owes him ! F@CK HIM !

  • kjsverlinde - 2012-02-14 15:27

    when all else fails: pull the race card

  • Jonathan - 2012-02-14 15:28

    Excuse me Julius, I forgot to ask how those sour grapes are tasting? sincerely, the white economy, ag sorry I meant minority

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2012-02-14 15:29

    Oh shut up, u pathetic thieving rat.

  • mark.p.vrdoljak - 2012-02-14 15:29

    Dammit this is so unfair how can a Malema be investigated by people doing their just jobs/I mean white people!! Since when does race have something to do with being guilty or not?

  • Earle - 2012-02-14 15:29

    In legal terms..MALema.. the term mal.. means BAD.. malevolent, maladjusted and so forth. Surely this pri*ck also had a choice of who his attorneys would be..:-))

      maseratifittipaldi - 2012-02-14 17:24 mean something like malenema? Even a good enema gives me the $h1ts!

  • thasmeel.singh - 2012-02-14 15:30

    oh god. malema AGAIN!! Cant he just for once keep quiet!!!!!!

  • Patricia - 2012-02-14 15:31

    What this dumb prick is actually saying is that he has an inferiority complex and is ashamed to be black.

      Johnny - 2012-02-14 15:33

      I agree on that !!

  • malcolm - 2012-02-14 15:31

    I hope he is right, because if the 17 were black, he would get away scott free with his illegal activities. The fact that these whites stand for law and order, really pisses Malema off. He hates law and order, and in particular, justice.

  • Richard - 2012-02-14 15:31

    Can somebody tell this man to shut up. It is getting so boring. Go and look and the Magistrates and Judges in our courts and see how many of them are white. Malema can only survive by creating this hatred between races and especially since the majority of his audience would not know any better as he targets his audience. It is the old story of creating division and then conquering. One can only wonder why he is so scared of the whites that make up such a small proportion of our nation. The truth is he is not scared of them but uses them to fuel his cause. We do not need leaders like him as they are not leaders but opportunists lining their own pockets with their endeavors to divide the country. We are 20 years down the line which is two thirds into the next generation of democracy. Malema if you have nothing clever to say then rather shut up.

      Earle - 2012-02-14 15:44

      It's called "Divide and conquer"

  • karen.cigana - 2012-02-14 15:31

    I think this idiotic racist should now keep quite for once and forever!! Everytime he opens his mouth, he just gets more into trouble!

      Anthony - 2012-02-14 16:05

      we should let him keep on talking karen--he is fast on his way to really p---ing off the disiplinary committee and may even get a life time ban if he carries on with his racist remarks ---the ANC is listening juju -- keep talking your racist garbage

      trix.duvenage - 2012-02-14 19:47

      His bark is brighter than his bite. He believes those who bark last bark the hardest and he tries and he tries and he tries..... But his voice will be quiet in due course... moenie worrie nie hy is so goed as in sy moe-er-land...

  • Garth - 2012-02-14 15:32

    If it were not for the fact that this fool's sycophants have been given a new cause in their `A luta continua', this would be laughable. However, there are so many ignorants in this country(approx 66% of the population) that we should treat his latest racist rant as the new rallying cry of the useless. Zuma's wish to make the constitutional court `toe the line', is a parallel to this toilet flush.

  • NicoleRealTalk - 2012-02-14 15:32

    OMG all Malema does is carry on about White this White that let me tell you Malema is a clown!!! All he is worried about is what the white people have in this country My god he never looks at himself and how he is carrying on or the things that comes out of that mouth of his!! Malema is sitting on the top phat cat and living in his R 2.5 million rand house driving his fancy car but he blames the whites?? OPEN your eyes this is not about race this is about how you screwed up once again dont shift the blame because it's you who caused the issues you are in and it's you who is making it worse!! Not everyone is out to get you Julius Malema!!!! Infact im sure alot of people wanted you to stay in the NC not because we respect you or follow you but because you brought entertainment to us because you are the biggest clown i have ever seen!!!!!Get a life

  • Darryl - 2012-02-14 15:33

    What Property? The 6 million one you live in on a R25 000 salary?

  • Matthew - 2012-02-14 15:33

    You have got to be this guy for real?! when will someone please give this oke a very well need A.A.K (Attitude Ajustment Klap) Honestly now.thank God he's being removed little fat children who steal and speak lies should stay at home not rant and rave and make nonsense for our government to put up with

  • Rudolph - 2012-02-14 15:34

    Careful biatch, we'll take your Virgin contract away. Capish? Don't make me give it to that other whitey again. N*ggas won't like tha shi mutthafakka.

  • andrew.arde - 2012-02-14 15:34

    Fire your white lawyers and hire black lawyers if they irritate you so much.......oh wait, you know you'd certainly go to jail if that were the case you effing moron!

  • Hannes Bosman - 2012-02-14 15:35

    o get over yourself malema! you are replaceble and not as important as you wish!! and you are the weakest link... goodbuy

      Hannes Bosman - 2012-02-14 15:38


  • Marion - 2012-02-14 15:35

    FMG... If I was his lawyers I would tell him to take his case and shove it where the sun don't shine. He cannot open his mouth without dragging race or capitalism or colonialism into his utterances. "I was not interested in that... I was just interested in the 17 whites in the case of one young black person," he said. Julius, you are not young. Your pity-party is now driving me to drink and schoolboys. Enough now. Be a MAN, not a youth, and bow out gracefully. Or is that asking too much of you?

      trix.duvenage - 2012-02-14 19:58

      One YOUNG Black my ass. One big fat ass black swine that fails to shut his mouth in time sound better. Hope he gets it full blast so he can serve as an example for other cheating bribing tender stealing sons of bitches....

  • Bennie - 2012-02-14 15:36

    bwwwhahahahaa... the fat pig is sweating! Who's next, the americans chasing you? Zuma your previous daddy not giving you hugs anymore... poor little piggy. You need to go to market!

  • Hazel - 2012-02-14 15:36

    Just because he cannot get his own way,it is now the White Mafia!! Can Malema get any more ridiculous.GROW UP

  • Charmain - 2012-02-14 15:37

    JM u will try anything to get power but u are making such a fool of yourself you are a laugh a minute u should go down in the history books as the biggest fart of all