Will Shaik get a pardon?

2009-10-19 08:42

Cape Town - The minister of justice has refused to reveal whether Schabir Shaik has applied for a presidential pardon.

Shaik - who was sentenced to 15 years in jail for his corrupt relationship with President Jacob Zuma - only served 28 months of his sentence before being released on medical parole in March.

The DA's suspicions were aroused when Justice Minister Jeff Radebe refused to answer a question in Parliament on whether Shaik had applied for a presidential pardon.

Radebe referred the DA to the presidency as "the presidency has the constitutional power to grant a pardon and not the minister".

According to James Selfe, DA spokesperson for correctional services, Radebe answered a similar enquiry from the IFP about two other individuals, confirming that applications for pardons for these particular individuals had been handed in to his department and that Zuma's office was handling it.

"Why does Radebe answer the IFP's question, but he isn't prepared to say whether Shaik has handed in an application?" Selfe asked.

  • Johnj - 2009-10-19 08:57

    Sorry, not worth comment except that it smells like everything else.

  • Kruger - 2009-10-19 08:57

    Because he is getting a pardon. Plain & simple Zuma is geting the man a pardon, for taking the blame and not coming clean. ZUMA 7 Shaik are corrupt. Just because Zuma did not go to trial does not make him innocent. If Shaik does not get his pardon Zuma knows he runs the risk of him spilling the beans.

  • ChrisH - 2009-10-19 08:58

    ...and so it starts all over again...

  • maloom - 2009-10-19 09:00

    what did you expect from our goverment
    if it was you or me we would rot in jail
    for stealing R100.00. but we dont have to worry he wont live long, after all he was released from jail so he could die at home, sorry he was not in jail i mean hospital.
    go a.n.c go
    a.n.c = association of the notorious corrupted

  • democracy - 2009-10-19 09:09

    Why am I not surprised?....I thought that he was released because he was terminally ill?...While I'll NEVER wish someone dead I think it's sick to say that you're terminally ill when you're he'll eventually get a presidential pardon and then what?....maybe a seat in cabinet?

  • Uncle H - 2009-10-19 09:11

    If Shaik is pardoned it will be a travesty as justice, even bigger than the medical parole he has been given.

  • Yucca - 2009-10-19 09:23

    If he gets a pardon then will he still be ill?

  • Yucca - 2009-10-19 09:26

    Perhaps the government wishes to give a pardon to sure him? All prisoners should now fake illness and then request a pardon to cure them. At least such medical intervention will not cost the public healthcare a thing :P

  • Paul - 2009-10-19 09:27

    Surprised anyone ?

  • Franklin - 2009-10-19 09:28

    Will Shaik get a pardon?
    Yes. He, along with other ANC politicians, is above the law.

  • JSC - 2009-10-19 09:28

    If he gets it, I want too for Contempt of Court only.

  • MarkH - 2009-10-19 09:45

    There is no doubt he'll get a pardon - after all he & his brothers and the new ANC leadership are as thick as thieves, pardon the pun.
    Jackie Selebi will likewise get off with probably little more than a slap on the wrist, for getting caught.
    So much for transparency, accountability, responsibility and all the other cute catch phrases the government / party throw about with such gay abandon.
    Ali Baba & the 40 - approaching 400 - thieves is much closer to the mark when one seeks a way to identify this government.
    Oh and let's not forget those thieves at Eishkom, all the other "public" institutions and the current crop of cabinet ministers who take such great pleasure in spending our money. We, the workers, salute you all for your unstinting efforts and wait with baited breathe for the money to run out. We'll see who laughs then.

  • Airwolf - 2009-10-19 09:45

    Why not pardon him? They have already set him free after serving a few months of a 15 year sentence. The politicians never agreed with the justice system in this case because a decision went against one of their buddies. They showed the justice system what they thought of the sentence by releasing him. Now pardon him to really show them how things should work, then give him a senior position in government.

  • Steve - 2009-10-19 09:46

    And I can't get rid of a reckless driving charge of 15 years ago because "it is a criminal offence". ANC = another national crises.

  • Neville Paynter - 2009-10-19 09:55

    Shaik was released to die at home. Why is he still alive while many other prisoners have to die in prison? What is the point of giving pardon to a corpse? Or was he fit and healthy all along and he actually does have many years of life ahead of him.

  • Airwolf - 2009-10-19 09:58

    Why not pardon him? They have already set him free after serving a few months of a 15 year sentence. The politicians never agreed with the justice system in this case because a decision went against one of their buddies. They showed the justice system what they thought of the sentence by releasing him. Now pardon him to really show them how things should work, then give him a senior position in government.

  • Art - 2009-10-19 10:02

    Sheik will be taking Trevor Manuals position up, once COASTU get's their way...
    Sheik, AND Zuma, are WAAAAAY above the law!

  • Adams - 2009-10-19 10:03

    Shaik = Crook!Proven in court and the whole world knows it. If Zuma pardons him, it really is acknowledgement that the relationship is corrupt and Zuma should also have been charged.

  • Say what... - 2009-10-19 10:05

    Not only will he get a pardeon but some nice lucrative government contracts as a big thank you for taking the fall. This is such a familiar ANC dance we can put music to it.

  • South African - 2009-10-19 10:13

    Why are all of you guys complaining?He committed a white collar crime and costing the tax man a crap load of money due his sickness.People let us focus on rapist and murderers rather than a white collar crime...Priorities people.Im not saying his not a criminal,i personally feel rapist and murderers get better treatment than him.What kind of sentence does a rapist get,5 year?A murderer 10 years?A fraudster 15 years?How unfair?Its should be the other way around dont you think?Priorities people....

  • TREVOR - 2009-10-19 10:15

    Zuma and Shaik are 2 halves of a corrupt relationship - Proven in Court. If Shaik goes to jail, and Zuma to the Presidency, then either Shaik should be given a pardon or Zuma must go to jail... We know Zuma's not going anywhere, so to be fair, Shaik should get a pardon. What has guilt or innocence got to do with anything??

  • G Man - 2009-10-19 10:16

    And our new minster of finance is.....

  • bandwagon - 2009-10-19 10:28

    The blind leading the blind

  • Keith - 2009-10-19 10:34

    It is probably a formality. how about doing a blanket pardon for thousands of people who have records for relatively insignificant offences - dating back decades. These poor people have to pay for their mistake for years and years. Where is the equality before the law and in the constitution.

  • JOHN - 2009-10-19 10:51

    John Zuma is corrupt, the ANC is corrupt, government is corrupt, the whole south African society is corrupt. If this was not the case why then is south African moral values so low? The government steals from normal law abiding citizens and gives to the corrupt (ZUMA AND CRONY’S). Zuma is a shame excuse for a president. Mbeki was accused but never tried once to avoid going to court. As I clearly can recall Mbeki is still saying that if there is anybody out there that can proof that his (Mbeki) hands are dirty(corrupt) let them prove it. Zuma on the other hand refused and try by all means not to have his day in court. If he is than so innocent why is he trying so hard to avoid prosecution? It is sad and we as South Africans allow this to happened. We need to do something about it. Opposition parties sit in parliament and receive big pay checks whilst ordinary South Africans suffer. Schabir Shaik will ultimately get the presidential pardon and there is nothing we can do about it. Sadly to think about it we will wake-up when it is too late. I’m an African but I’m saddened about the current state of affairs in our country.

  • mzungu - 2009-10-19 11:07

    Being thermally ILL, he will be able to die in peace, after being pardoned.


  • jorene - 2009-10-19 11:45

    My only wish is that we could recall this whole corrupt government and put in a government who will work for the people of this country and the country itself. Oh how I miss Mr Mbeki.

  • Raynard Looch - 2009-10-19 12:39

    Why bother with a pardon. He is mos 'terminally' ill and may croak at any time.

  • Sakkie - 2009-10-19 14:06

    It is a miracle, he is cured.

  • phaahla - 2009-10-19 14:38

    We elected JZ to become president of everybody in South Africa except foreigners of course, but this includes DA. So our president should not allow this bullies to bulldozing him. it is well within his rights to (give) pardon whoever he thinks deserves and this process does not exclude Mr.Shaick.

  • Sandza - 2009-10-19 15:07

    Why bother, the man will be pardoned.In fact he has been pardoned already. The application is only a formality.

  • sipho - 2009-10-19 17:01

    i have prayed that i accept things i cannot change. to all who are still debating the issue let me put you at ease.1. shaik is going to get a pardon. 2. please accept that he will get a job in the cabinet. 3. people and the opposition are going to complain but it will not change anyhting. 4. most puzzling of all people are still going to be voting the ANC come the next election after receiving food parcels for three months before the elections. i know this for a fact as i have seen things like this happen in a counrty north of our borders. so put your heart at ease, our demise has already started.

  • Mike Brookes - 2009-10-19 18:33

    Thank and praise God there is justice - not in this world but definitely in the next!

  • Kim - 2009-10-23 11:21

    Of course he will get a pardon. Its amazing how his life threatening sickness has cleared up all of a sudden. We knew this would happen. So much for cleaning up corrupt officials

  • Thabo - 2009-11-25 14:09

    South Africans I hate to say this but we all knew what was coming when we voted for JZ, The machine Gun and all his friends in high paying posts incloding Shabir!

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