Zim calm ahead of elections - Ebrahim

2013-07-25 17:14

Cape Town - No major instances of violence and intimidation have been reported ahead of next week's elections in Zimbabwe, Deputy International Relations Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim said on Thursday.

South Africa welcomed the fact that the "overall atmosphere" in Zimbabwe was calm ahead of the 31 July polls, he told reporters in Pretoria.

Ebrahim referred to the recent Southern African Development Community Organ Troika on Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation, which was held in Pretoria last weekend.

"On the Republic of Zimbabwe, the summit was pleased to note that all the political parties have committed themselves to ensuring that the forthcoming elections are held in a peaceful environment," Ebrahim said.

"The summit encouraged the government, all political parties and leaders to continue with these commendable efforts which will help realise credible elections."

The summit praised the Zimbabwean government for the manner in which it received observer missions.

About 600 foreign election observers, mainly from African bodies, had been accredited to observe the polls, while 6 000 local observers would also be watching the vote.

"The success of the elections in Zimbabwe will contribute to an improvement in the regional political and security situation," Ebrahim said.

"This will create positive conditions for socio-economic development, contributing to an improvement in the quality of life for the people of Zimbabwe and the region."

South Sudan

On the South Sudan, South Africa was concerned about recent developments, which saw the vice-president removed and the cabinet dissolved.

"South Africa calls for calm in the entire South Sudan, especially among the different communities, and urges all communities to exercise restraint," Ebrahim said.

It was hoped the situation would not compound problems between South Sudan and Sudan.

"South Africa calls on the leadership of South Sudan not to allow the dissolution of the cabinet to impact on the progress of the ongoing negotiations with Sudan, as well as the progress recently achieved by South Sudan in addressing her socio-economic challenges."

  • Happy Moloto - 2013-07-25 17:28

    shi*t is taking place behind closed doors you really think mugabe will be stupid to do it out in the open..limbs are being cut in torture chambers..

      ISO - 2013-07-25 18:08

      Yip, very much so, dictator comes to mind.I hope his end is near, his people suffered enough under his miserable rule! I wonder if JZ has the same idea in mind? Stay in rule to avoid you know what!

      TinavoMagaisa - 2013-07-25 18:54

      Ever been to Zimbabwe Happy?

  • Musawashe Moyo - 2013-07-25 18:19

    Its because MDC is going to win,everyone is MDC. Morgan my President

  • Todd Manopolous - 2013-07-25 19:02

    Musawashe stop day dreaming.Mugabe is going to win by a huge margin.Morgan is a white men's tea boy.

      Musawashe Moyo - 2013-07-25 19:37

      Ya lm gonna keep dreamin n that dream comes true in six days time. Because you do not knw wats happenin here in Zimbabwe besides what News24 tells you.

  • Todd Manopolous - 2013-07-25 19:04

    ISO no end is u love the pple of Zim.Thats a joke actually a white caring abt ordinary zimbabwe's .history tells us the opposite.

  • Todd Manopolous - 2013-07-25 19:06

    Rick: the question is to u .what are u smoking? Bcoz no violence has been reported in zim elections

  • Sam Mayihlome - 2013-07-25 19:07

    what else can he say? he dare not say something bad or else he will get the wrath of Mr B.

  • Slice Cucu - 2013-07-25 19:18

    Im sick n tired of u armchair critics who bad-mouth my beloved country zimbabwe. Go and experience the situation zim n then comment. Please be constructive if u really concerned about the zimbabwean pple comment fairly not this mob-cycology

  • Bond - 2013-07-25 21:49

    Calm before the storm

  • Bond - 2013-07-25 21:50

    Calm before the storm.

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