Zimbabwean permit deadline stays

2010-11-23 22:36

Pretoria - The December 31 deadline for Zimbabwean immigrants to apply for the necessary permits to allow them to stay in the country will not be extended, Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said on Tuesday.

Zimbabweans in SA who attempted to register for business, study or work permits after the deadline would not be processed, she said, speaking in Pretoria after meeting representatives of the Zimbabwe Stakeholder Forum.

She said those immigrants who applied to be registered with the department before December 31, but had not yet received official documentation from Zimbabwe would be processed.

Anyone applying to be registered afterward would not be accepted.

"We have a database of those who have applied and are waiting for documents," she said.

She said so far about 70 000 Zimbabweans applied to be registered with the department and between 1 000 and 2 000 Zimbabweans took advantage of the amnesty for handing in fraudulently obtained SA identity documents.

The minister was informed that the Zimbabwean government issued more than 6 000 passports and received over 30 000 applications for passports from its citizens in SA.

She said so far she had not received any reports from Zimbabweans who had their applications for documents held up because of their political affiliation.

Earlier this year the department announced that all Zimbabwean immigrants who did not have their papers in order must apply for relevant documents and register their status in the country.

The special dispensation, allowing Zimbabweans crossing into South Africa the right to live, work, attend education facilities and access basic healthcare for a period of six months, would come to an end with the December deadline.

  • Koosie - 2010-11-24 07:10

    Let the Zim guys stay longer,they are our neighbours.They welcomed our liberators in their country with open hands during apartheid.They stayed in their country without any harassment or prejudices.Now that apartheid is gone,South Africans see them as a nuisance,let them stay and be intergrated into South African communities.They will go back when their newly aquired farms become productive again.We might be in the same situation as soon as land reform is completed here in few years time.

      breeza08 - 2010-11-24 10:16

      @Makutu Please don't ever leave SA when your ponds (no correction when the whytes abandon) your country after moto-mouth psychopath Judus M@lem@ is at the realm of destruction with his nashinaliy'zeshen and all the other filth he spews. His hero is one tyrant that I shall not mention by name, just a few kms north of SA he had gone to visit a few months back and haled the success of his reforms of terror on the Zim populace. Good luck!!

  • - 2010-11-24 08:50

    if only you knew Mrs Zuma how rude and slow the workers at Home Affairs at President street are. The securities are asking for bribe of R400 and they even sell the forms! how uncool is that? If one needs to log an official report where does one go?

  • Nyasha Mazhindu - 2010-11-24 08:56

    I still need someone to further explain how this permit issue is going to help those South Africans that want Zimbabweans out of their country.

  • Nyasha Mazhindu - 2010-11-24 08:59

    So if your 'papers' don't get processed by the 31st of December, after waiting in long'll be sent home back to Mugabe???

      breeza08 - 2010-11-24 09:49

      @Nyasha Does it not remind you of the 80s..."Manje takutonga, atidi madevere munyika yetu...." Now we are beans in the same pot. I hope this experience will teach the Zim folk and the rest of Africans that shunning your brothers and sisters because your circumstances are better will always come back to haunt you. My best advice to you is to learn the local lingo and integrate with the rest of the S Africans that you live and work amongst and treat them with the respect you want them to treat with until such a time you are ready to go back home to vote the thugs out of power in 2011.

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