Zuma: ANC close to million members

2011-07-18 19:06

Johannesburg - The ANC is close to reaching its target of one million members before it celebrates its centenary next year, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday.

The party's membership stood at 914 852 up from 749 112 in September last year, he said in a statement delivered at Lilliesleaf Farm in Rivonia, Johannesburg. The ANC had registered growth of 198 057 members in under a year.

"We have to ensure that our growth in numbers does not change the character of the ANC.

"The recruitment programme will therefore be anchored on two main pillars, a massive recruitment campaign targeting new potential members on the one hand, and a focus on political education, on the other," Zuma said.

"The campaign will teach our members to adhere to the principles of unity, selfless service, collective leadership, democratic centralism, internal debates, humility, honesty, hard work, constructive criticism and self-criticism, discipline and mutual respect. These are all part of the traditions of the movement."

The ANC would work "round the clock" to achieve its goal of a million members by early next year.

"Every member, every cadre, every branch and every structure, will be seized with this very important task guided by the adage that 'every member is an organiser'," he said.

"We have also put together a team that will work consistently with all our structures in the provinces and regions, to revive lapsed memberships and to recruit new members."

Zuma said to honour former president Nelson Mandela, the ANC on Monday launched its one million membership recruitment drive.

"The ANC is immensely proud to have Madiba as its leader. We are proud to share his legacy with all our people and the world today, on Nelson Mandela International Day.

"The mobilisation campaign is in line with the resolution of the 1942 ANC national conference, which directed that the ANC must have one million members.

"The drive is also in commemoration of Madiba's famous M-Plan, the underground recruitment campaign that created a network that ensured dynamic contact with the membership despite the repression of the 1950s," he said.

Zuma was travelling to Mandela's home in Qunu, in the Eastern Cape, on Monday afternoon to "to give him the good news that his organisation is growing".

  • Aj - 2011-07-18 19:14

    Those numbers are as fake as your zero tolerance towards corruption !

      cliffarc - 2011-07-18 20:56

      - Hmm - seems like the lure of a ride on the gravy train , is too hard to resist for some.

      Enough! - 2011-07-18 22:57

      Maybe one million members but never again a two third majority vote. The ANC of today not the ANC of Mandela and of yesterday. Malema is and also only remains a puppet in Zumas hands and its never and not about the poor. Its about their own pockets! Zumas plan was to first take political power away from the Xhosas and then to get as much wealth and power as possible. In the history of this country there has never been so much corruption happening. Not even under the old apartheid regime. Today its just about self enrichment and nothing else. The poor is getting poorer and the rich getting richer and Malema and Zuma taking as much as they can on and at the expense of the poor! Its just to sad and everybody can see whats happening!

      Liberty - 2011-07-19 04:29

      I am broke. I have many bills to pay. Where do I sign up for a ticket on board the gravy train?

      DJI - 2011-07-19 07:33

      "We have to ensure that our growth in numbers does not change the character of the ANC. Please let it, stop being corrupt thieving bastards, actually do something about crime.

      Schalk - 2011-07-19 10:25

      A wise man once said: Never under-estimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

  • Poloyatonki - 2011-07-18 19:16

    They are only counting the card carrying members, ANC is getting big and I love it. My Vision My future My ANC.

      corro51 - 2011-07-18 19:59

      My banana republic.

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-07-18 20:06

      My Failed State.

      msendi - 2011-07-18 20:19

      Apartheid state failed. This one is still work in progress...

      Brieuse - 2011-07-18 20:26

      My Tender

      windkind - 2011-07-18 20:33

      My failed service delivery promise. There's at least a million card carrying members of the ANC who can only be described as dumb and moronic.

      thobsion.ANC - 2011-07-18 21:11

      ha ha ha...don't hate a player. ANC is way bigger that a million JZ...ANC is huge.

      Ngqeku - 2011-07-18 21:30

      Amaaaandla! Viva ANC Viva

      wehan.victor - 2011-07-18 23:32

      My Mercedes Benz

      Liberty - 2011-07-19 04:33

      My R16 million mansion

      nvl - 2011-07-19 07:19

      My weapon of mass destruction.

      johan - 2011-07-19 07:27


      stefan4kruge - 2011-07-19 07:35

      ANC = Racism....

      Ryan Tunney - 2011-07-19 08:58

      Hey donkey, don't get too excited - they just want their free sandwich and t-shirt. I also went to one of them rallies and pretended to be and ANC member where they were handing out ANC t-shirts so I can polish my car with it.

      gizzy - 2011-07-19 10:30

      Poly, only 1 million? Considering the anc is an employment agency and there are 20 million unemployed and they can only muster 1 million members? Eish!

      int1m1d4t0r - 2011-07-19 12:25

      Your Starvation ;p

  • HowardX - 2011-07-18 19:25

    Oh my. One million dumbasses...

      msendi - 2011-07-18 20:19

      What is a dumbass???

      Brieuse - 2011-07-18 20:27

      It's a type of fish, a bass, that cannot talk

      windkind - 2011-07-18 20:34

      A dumbass is someone who believes everything that a ruling party tells them and falls for it election after election.

      TamaraSays - 2011-07-18 20:47

      Someone on the road to dumbascius?

      stefan4kruge - 2011-07-19 07:34

      Msendi, if you dont know what a Dumbass is, then obviously you were educated by the ANC

      DJI - 2011-07-19 08:20

      msendi, look in the mirror,

  • willvp - 2011-07-18 19:27

    I think they will easy get 2 miljooon by next year. And they all want to be on the gravy train, which is impossible without a "cad". Most of them will be disappointed as the maany will be finished by then.

  • farmworker - 2011-07-18 19:31

    Defects from DA and Cope, thus great with card carrying members only.And there more millions without card. They must start putting some benefits in the card like if you have a card a Job is guaranteed.

      thobsion.ANC - 2011-07-18 21:12


      Liberty - 2011-07-19 04:37

      How about if you are a ANC member you could enjoy basic service delivery and not have your money stolen through corruption? Wouldn't that be fantastic?

      Felix - 2011-07-19 09:17

      Who needs a job when you can just collect the paycheque?

      gizzy - 2011-07-19 09:42

      Where have you been? That is what has been happening for ages. Hence all the buffoons running municipalities, government departments etc....

  • ntimame.Lawrence - 2011-07-18 19:57

    let the movement grow 4 the better of this country

      thobsion.ANC - 2011-07-18 21:13


      Carbon - 2011-07-19 08:29

      I also wish out leadership could lead this country to a better future. I so not care whether it is the ANC, COPE, DA or whoever, as long as the leaders lead this country with selflessness.

      kaiersai - 2011-07-19 09:38

      Well said carbon

  • msendi - 2011-07-18 20:16

    I will be the millionth oneā€¦

      corro51 - 2011-07-18 20:48

      Lucky you !

      Liberty - 2011-07-19 04:39

      Wow give this man a Johny Walker Blue

  • Shivaskar - 2011-07-18 20:24

    Does Zuma look like the Cracken from 'Clash of the Titans?' and with the head of a Ninja Turtle!

  • brinjal - 2011-07-18 20:37

    A clear case of quantity not quality?

      johan - 2011-07-19 07:31


      Ripley - 2011-07-19 09:12

      With leader J Z being the role model - produce as many brainless future party supporters as possible but don't worry too much about setting any sort of moral example. Doesn't matter if they commit a bit of crime here and there as long as they put their "x" in the right place at election time.

  • Justme - 2011-07-18 21:00

    Sign-up and recruiting outside woodworking classes is working wonders.

  • Hasane - 2011-07-18 21:05

    It is realy bad that we still have black and white folks who still promote racism let's get live people stop ur stupidity

      cliffarc - 2011-07-19 00:24

      - Go tell that to malema.

      Ryan Tunney - 2011-07-19 08:54

      What is "racism" in Pedi? Oh, and another a question, if a white guy calls a stupid black guy stupid, would that be racist according to you?

      Ripley - 2011-07-19 09:20

      Hasane - what century are you living in ? Haven't you heard that it is impossible for a black to be racist ?

  • Sean - 2011-07-18 21:13

    You know,I never had maths at school but even to me theres some numbers that dont add up somewhere

  • keng - 2011-07-18 21:27

    Zuma was travelling to Mandela's home in Qunu, in the Eastern Cape, on Monday afternoon to "to give him the good news that his organisation is growing". Hell I felt a teardrop forming. Could we make this into a movie?

  • Spade - 2011-07-18 22:12

    That means there are close to a million complete idiots in this country, or close to a million more people on the take...

  • Pickle - 2011-07-18 23:52

    And guess what? The ANC get a cool R12 mil every year once it reaches 1 million members or more.. don't believe me? this is from the official ANC website on how to join the ANC: How to join the ANC To join the ANC: Contact the Secretary of your nearest ANC branch. The appropriate ANC Provincial or Regional Office can assist you with the name and contact details of the branch. or Print out and complete the membership application form and post or fax it to the membership officer in your province, (see below) together with the annual membership fee of R12.00. R12 a year might not sound like much but add it all together... Who gets that money? i wonder...

  • stefan4kruge - 2011-07-19 07:26

    ZUMA... YOU and the ANC Caused this.. and for you ANC Suporters... Your too blind to see whats happening as you ALSO pay the tax my friends... Ill be laughing at you while im in my Safe Canadian Country... hahaha.. The next time you hear an SA politician use the word 'billion' in a casual manner, think about whether you wanted the 'politicians' spending YOUR tax money. A billion is a difficult number to comprehend, but one advertising agency did a good job of putting that figure into some perspective in one of its press releases. A. A billion seconds ago it was 1959. B. A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive. C. A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age. D. A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet. E. A billion Rand ago was only 27 hours and 12 minutes at the rate our SA government is spending it. Building Permit Tax Cigarette Tax Corporation Tax Income Tax VAT Fishing Licence Tax Food Licence Tax Fuel LicenceTax Petrol/Diesel Tax Hunting Licence Tax Luxury Tax Property Tax Service charge taxes Capital gains Tax Social Security Tax Road Usage Tax Local Tax Vehicle Licence Registration Tax Vehicle Sales Tax Workers Compensation Tax STILL THINK THIS IS FUNNY? Not one of these taxes existed 20 years ago... And our nation was one of the most prosperous in Africa. We had absolutely no national debt... We had the largest middle class in Africa And Mum stayed home to raise the kids. What the HELL happened ?

      chedza - 2011-11-09 20:57

      apartheid is gone, thats what happened

  • nvl - 2011-07-19 07:41

    I what my share of da gold! I want my ANC card, because they will pay money into my bank account when they nationalise the mines. hahaha...

  • Stanley Black - 2011-07-19 07:49

    As a South African this is an issue that I feel is not given the attention it should. It need everyday South Africans to formulate opinions on it and for those opinions to be debated and commented on as a society. is somewhere you can do all that, go check it our submitting and commenting is easy and requires no registration.

  • Juliarse - 2011-07-19 08:05

    "The mobilisation campaign is in line with the resolution of the 1942 ANC national conference, which directed that the ANC must have one million members." Did you say 1942? U mean that for almost 70yrs you have been trying to get 1 million members! Yes, that surely gives me great confidence in your organisational capabilities...lead us to the promised land Comrade...Eish!

  • 50something - 2011-07-19 08:38

    Should not be too difficult, seen that the ANC is an employment agency?

  • Ryan Tunney - 2011-07-19 08:46

    Woopy!! Just keep on handing out them sandwiches and t-shirts.

  • Mgayi - 2011-07-19 08:49

    I take it that the total number includes moles also

      gizzy - 2011-07-19 09:47

      And the dead. How about the anc open up it's books sothat we can all SEE the 12 million rand coming in from those one million voters. Seeing is believing????

  • Muzi - 2011-07-19 09:47

    ALL I do to promote the ANC is to share these hatefull comments on facebook and chain emails. The DAmb supporters are contributing immersley to this growth and they should applauded.... VIVA ANC VIVA, LONG LIVE MADIBA LONG LIVE, LONG LIVE ZUMA LONG LIVE, LONG LIVE MY PRESIDENT MALEMA LONG LIVE.....

  • WhiteGuiltObviously - 2011-07-19 10:37

    I am submitting this article to Lamebook

  • K Man - 2011-07-19 12:18

    one million ignorant savages

  • Ian - 2011-07-19 13:28

    A million fools!

  • Jason - 2011-11-10 09:09

    Yip, but after your comrades understand how corrupt and thieving you are, those numbers will decrease.. dramatically!!

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