Local elections before end May

2011-02-10 19:36

Cape Town - The local government elections will take place before the end of May, and preparations for the poll were well underway, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.

"The country will hold the fourth local government elections before the end of May," he told Parliament in his third State of the Nation address.

There had been lots of complaints over the past few months about local government, he said.

The frustrations in some areas resulted in protests, highlighting the problems that existed in this sphere.

"We have to make people's experience of local government a pleasant one, as it touches their homes and their lives directly, every day."

Some municipalities were functioning very well, and some councillors were also performing their duties as well as they should.

"We have instituted a turnaround strategy for local government, focusing on, among others, the strengthening of basic administrative systems, financial management and customer care," he said.

Zuma said last weekend's round of voter registration for the local government elections went well, and those who registered should be congratulated.

"We urge those without identity documents to apply without delay, so as not to miss the next registration period next month."

Following the launch of the National Population Registration Campaign in Libode, in the Eastern Cape last year, more than 700 000 first time identity documents were issued, indicating great enthusiasm by our people to have this crucial document, Zuma said.

  • remola - 2011-02-11 10:09

    So as per usual the ANC goes for the regular, and very successfull gameplan of holding the elections right in the middle of the Easter holiday rush. This is quite a clever political strategy because everybody knows the main opposition to the ANC is also the middle class of South Africa. And the middle class so loves their Easter holiday season, going to the Kaap, swimming at Balito, Enjoing the Berg. "VOTING hmm, rather be partying" Sadly this mind set is very prevelant in the middle class, leaving a hole open to exploit for the ANC. I'm not going on holiday during that period to ensure that I get my chance to vote, how many out there will be doing exactly the opposite, seeing that day off not as a chance to do your sivic duty but rather as a chance to sit back and "ballas bak" Demand a vote at a fair time. If that does not work demand of all those you know that they ignore this clever ploy and cast their vote. Remember those who do not vote, are guilty of allowing the raping of your country to continue.

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