Zuma gets bravery award

2013-08-08 18:37

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma received the Makhado Bravery Award from king Khosikhulu Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, of the Royal VhaVenda people, in Thohoyandou, Limpopo, on Thursday.

Zuma said he was humbled to accept the award and paid tribute to the contribution of traditional leaders in the struggle against colonial oppression and apartheid.

"At times, those leaders who were seen not toeing the line lost their kingship and chieftaincy," he said in a speech prepared for delivery at the University of Venda Stadium.

"However, those who remained true to the cause of the people's struggle continued fighting against the system oppression, despite the heavy penalty of exile, imprisonment, or even death."

South Africa's government now respected the role of traditional leaders, giving them representation in Parliament and in the provincial legislatures.

Zuma said he considered the award both a personal honour and a token of recognition of the struggle against oppression.

"More specifically, I take it as recognition and appreciation of the successes achieved by the people of South Africa, led by the African National Congress."

As South Africa approached its 20th year of democracy, government had adopted the National Development Plan to eradicate poverty by 2030.

"We resist the temptation of indulging in self-congratulatory euphoria when it comes to our successes, but rather remain haunted by what still remains to be done.

"The battle will not be won overnight, but I am certain that we are on the right track," Zuma said.

  • Nettie Potgieter - 2013-08-08 18:46


      Henry Hattingh - 2013-08-08 18:57

      What about the COWARD award for running away from his corruption charges !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bullet Proof - 2013-08-08 18:59

      Bravery for what???? Electoral propaganda!!!

      Lo Philips - 2013-08-08 19:06

      I think Zuma deserves a bravery medal, really I do. He showed the world that he is not scared to spend the countries money on himself, friends and family.

      Wesley Nel - 2013-08-08 19:18

      Any man with 6 wifes need a bravery award hahaha

      Godfrey Welman - 2013-08-08 19:43

      Help me out SA the only country where the President receives an award from a citizen???

      Jacques Shreky Stander - 2013-08-08 19:46

      Hehehe bravery ne !!! Funny

      King OfThiefs - 2013-08-08 19:48

      The bravest thief in the history of SA. Well done Mr corrupted showerhead!

      Xenswim1 - 2013-08-08 20:18

      You have to admit the contrived award [ never seen nor is it a recognised award in SA ] is and outwit out play move. Quite brilliant in my book. Zuma gets a push up the ratings and free political push that cannot be seen as a political ploy but news worthy. The rest of coarse will belief this award was worthy and valid.

      Thandi Cele - 2013-08-08 20:23

      He really is brave the way he keeps a straight face and smiles at everybody knowing that screwing them and the country. What a prick.

      Rob - 2013-08-08 20:28

      Pretty brave to have renovations done to your house at the tax payers expense that cost more than any other property in south africa

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 20:32

      All these kings in the country and the anc is anti-royalty! Now Zuma is brave! Ha! Ha! Camp Quartro? How many dead? Naa! Arms deal court cases? Naa! Nkandhla? Naa! Blue lights brigade? Naa! His multiple wives? YES! Thats it!!

      Duncan Phopi - 2013-08-08 21:35

      zuma doesnot deserve any noble award but award of incompetency.

      StormerHJ - 2013-08-08 21:36

      Shame !!!

      Whatalotigot Smarties - 2013-08-08 21:54

      Takes a lot of bravery to steal R200 million from the Taxpayer.

      Whatalotigot Smarties - 2013-08-08 21:56

      It even takes a braver man to be married to more than 4 wives! LOL!!

      Zena Se Daan Phalaborwa - 2013-08-09 06:51

      Daai "awêd" is dalk eintlik toegeken omdat die prez die guts het om die meeste geld met oop oë helder oordag te steel, sonder om iets oor te kom.

      frederik - 2013-08-09 07:33

      now now, people he deserves it. He speared an HIV+ woman without condom!!! Is that not the ultimate bravery?

      Im-Tired - 2013-08-09 16:49

      For raping a woman with HIV or stealing with out getting caught?

      Ria Cook - 2013-08-09 21:11


  • Ol Mabaso - 2013-08-08 18:49

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      Squeegee Pilot - 2013-08-08 19:15

      The comments on this article will soon be closed... truth hurts!

      Squeegee Pilot - 2013-08-08 19:15

      The Bob Mugabe award for Dupe of the Year..

      Michael Bemba - 2013-08-10 15:50

      This reminds me of the time when it was a challenge to mail a military medal to Idi Amin and get a photo of him wearing it. I think the winners were the Belgians, with most of their decorations appearing on the president's dress uniform.

  • Funwithgoats - 2013-08-08 18:50

    Ass kissing .

      jerhone - 2013-08-08 19:47

      an award bought at the OK bazaars, why don't they pin a thousand medals on the clown just like Idiot Amin did, he awarded himself medals for bravery, the chiefs must think he's brave for not stopping the cheques they get for doing f-all

      Patricia Dewet - 2013-08-08 20:53

      No bravery, killing his comrades in Camp quatro. having all that wives and children, that could be brave, but for the rests, nothing.

  • Timothy Brits - 2013-08-08 18:50

    I don't know how a president can get a bravery award... What dangerous or scary stuff do presidents do?

      Karl Kat - 2013-08-08 19:18

      They really admire him...for being corrupt and stealing tax money with a straight face and without blinking

      Richard Scully - 2013-08-08 19:36

      This one steals lots of cash

      jerhone - 2013-08-08 19:51

      well he could overpomp himself with six wives waiting to get serviced every night, or he could overvriet himself, or he could hurt his mouth with that constant willey-e-cyote smile, or he could lose count when he's counting his money he stole from the taxpayers

      thozi - 2013-08-08 20:54


  • Rob Martin - 2013-08-08 18:50

    Still living in the past.

      Rob Martin - 2013-08-09 11:41

      With five bodyguards

  • Beeg Balaboy - 2013-08-08 18:51

    gets a bravery award but needs a bunker?

  • Rory Neil Price - 2013-08-08 18:52

    Wow congrats Stortkop

  • David M Jane - 2013-08-08 18:53


  • Mark Booysen - 2013-08-08 18:53

    WOW! What a good laugh!!

  • Henry Hattingh - 2013-08-08 18:55

    Zuma . . what a joke !! His wives are running the country anyway . . . .

  • Joe Irwin - 2013-08-08 18:56

    Bravery! Bravery! Did I miss something????

  • Dee Bone - 2013-08-08 18:56

    Our very own Homer Simpson got a bravery award? Wtf! Dont take it JZ! Another king taking the mickey out of you.

      hotdog - 2013-08-08 19:23

      So True!!!! Wonder where Marge and the rest of wives and tribe are!!!!!

  • proudlysa - 2013-08-08 18:57

    What a joke!! And not a funny one at that. Zuma becomes a bigger embarrassment as the days go by

  • Richard Scully - 2013-08-08 19:01

    Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 20:39

      Richard, nice to know that someone has a sense of humour!

  • Adrianh - 2013-08-08 19:03

    Bananna republic

  • Philip Ruger - 2013-08-08 19:04

    What a circus!! here come the clowns!

  • Zed Max - 2013-08-08 19:04

    Bravery for doing it without wearing a plastic and then just shower it off!

  • Xolani Mncina - 2013-08-08 19:04

    SMH,what a joke

  • Joe Mangena - 2013-08-08 19:06

    this award is meant to mock him, but he can't see that

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 20:43

      Yes! The King has a sense of humour! He must get together with King Whatshisname in the Eastern Cape!

  • Alpheus Thupa Summer - 2013-08-08 19:06

    That chief is full of jokes. I suspect generally corrupt relationship between the two.

  • Marius De Beer - 2013-08-08 19:09

    This is such a joke. How much more ridiculous can things get in this country. Does being brave include having unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive?

      Ol Mabaso - 2013-08-08 19:12

      The Shower Story will live forever!

      jerhone - 2013-08-08 20:01

      he may not be much of a president, but hell he sure can make us laugh you very seldom see a clown getting so much laughs in an amani suit

  • Colleen Erasmus - 2013-08-08 19:10

    How many gold stars did he need to get, to get the award? My three year old is probably braver than this man!

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 20:45

      VD and Scar?

      Joe Irwin - 2013-08-09 16:35

      He or she probably was before the age of 2

  • Teboho Mphaloane - 2013-08-08 19:10

    Confusing stupidity for bravery is a common and understandable error made by people. But, in THIS case aswell?!?

  • Teboho Mphaloane - 2013-08-08 19:10

    Confusing stupidity for bravery is a common and understandable error made by people. But, in THIS case aswell?!?

  • hotdog - 2013-08-08 19:11

    I beg your pardon ?

  • Arvin Hooseria - 2013-08-08 19:11

    He saved some Zim immigrants. Keeping them here for free.

      jerhone - 2013-08-08 20:03

      don't forget he got selebi and shieks off, the award must be for his legal mind

      Joe Irwin - 2013-08-09 16:37

      Jerhone. That has to be the funniest comment for weeks.

  • Richard Scully - 2013-08-08 19:12

    They say there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity....perhaps the king is close to the same line

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 20:46

      The line in this case is a thick one.

  • Christopher Mapitsi WaleKhosi Phago - 2013-08-08 19:14

    Y not corruption award?

  • Matsobane Langa - 2013-08-08 19:16

    Great way to win votes of the vha vhenda people... I wonder how much money did he give the chief to award him this stupid baseless award.... Mxm

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 20:48

      I do not believe that the Venda are stupid. Probably having a good chuckle!

  • Luphumlo Melane - 2013-08-08 19:18

    I congratulate you Mr President rule ANC till Jesus come.We are going somewhere slowly.

      Johan Pretorius - 2013-08-08 19:27

      Going somewhere backwards would be the more appropriate way of putting it.

      Luphumlo Melane - 2013-08-08 19:40

      According to you Johan because it's not the you want

      jerhone - 2013-08-08 20:06

      you mean you're going nowhere slowly ZOMBIE BRAIN

      Anneline Etienne Gouws - 2013-08-08 20:14

      If you guys are soooo happy with the ANC government stop with all the protest action immediately and accept the poor service. You want to suffer.

      Zahir - 2013-08-08 21:02

      U mean going nowhere slowly with anc

      Luphumlo Melane - 2013-08-08 22:24

      ANC works for me only the one with blinkers who don't see that and those who don't want to see the change

      Peter Molesworth - 2013-08-09 07:38

      I can understand the way you feel about the ANC and I grant you that it is not my vision of the future that you support. Do you condone the money spent on Mr Zuma's private residence? Do you support all of the corruption? Do you believe that the economy should be removed from white hands instead of being expanded to encompass all citizens? Black people have the vote and the numbers but from an outside PERSPECTIVE they do not seem to use it for any purpose that is constructive other than to justify everything that punishes the whites instead of demanding that things are done to improve the lot of the blacks.

      Truth.speak - 2013-08-09 22:11

      Luphumlo likes poor service delivery and corruption

      Cathy Eksteen - 2013-08-10 11:43

      Going backwards, into Zimbabwe yes..

  • Kobus Hattingh - 2013-08-08 19:20

    Al dra 'n ....

      Louis Claes - 2013-08-09 17:01

      ja Kobus.short and sweet but sooooo true.

  • Vagn Nielsen - 2013-08-08 19:21

    Killed 2 flies this afternoon.... Where's my bravery award!

      jerhone - 2013-08-08 20:08

      your flies don't vote although they've got more brains

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 20:51

      Were they sabre toothed flies?

  • konanani.rachicoper - 2013-08-08 19:22

    Yep thats our own venda chief,i dont know what toni want from jzee,but i know for sure that many vendas including myself wont vote for ANC.

      Tshepang MoneyGuru Molora - 2013-08-08 19:31

      i think Toni wants tenders from JZ hahahah!!!

  • Blackhole_Sun - 2013-08-08 19:22

    Hahahaha isn't it a bit late for an april fools joke? Zuma brave? Quite the opposite in fact...

  • Marquise Lucky - 2013-08-08 19:22

    If he thinks he can win this province he must forget(busterd)

      Kenneth Mkhari - 2013-08-08 19:31

      Chief the President doesn't think he can win this province, we as the ANC are going to win it.not only this one but we are going to retain our two thirds majority. The only difference is that this time the government is going to deliver services to people and deal with whatsoever shortcomings. The ANC has leant the hard way and will come out even stronger next year.

      jerhone - 2013-08-08 20:15

      that's right Kenneth so you think because they stole billions in 20 years that they've now got enough, so they will now share it with you, let me tell you a thief never gets enough he will always want more, but hey if you feel like they should have more go ahead vote them in again, 5 years down the line you will say the same thing again"the government is going to deliver services to people and deal with whatsoever shortcomings" STOP VOTING ALONG RACIAL LINES VOTE ALONG INTERLECTUAL LINES

      Anneline Etienne Gouws - 2013-08-08 20:16

      The ANC will never learn they have become even worse than 20 years ago and will continue to get worse until there is nothing left.

      Truth.speak - 2013-08-09 22:13

      Kenneth admits the ANC is not delivering and has shortcomings, but he keeps voting for them. A frog in slowly heating up water.

  • EJ Moropane - 2013-08-08 19:22

    Someone plz tel me this is a joke!!! Or there must be a mistake here, its not bravery award but highly corrupted presidantial award. Tony mphephu is licking zumas behind here, for what I don't know.

  • Bertus Pretorius - 2013-08-08 19:24

    I peed a bit laughing...

  • Lavisto Dogman Mavisto - 2013-08-08 19:25

    Ah! A coward lacks bravery mos!

  • sxp - 2013-08-08 19:28

    Whaaaaaa, what a silly joke.

  • Lwandile Mabusela - 2013-08-08 19:30

    Bravery award for????

      Beeg Balaboy - 2013-08-08 19:37

      1. he built nkandla using taxpayers money 2. he had unprotected sex with an HIV + woman 3. he has more than 1 wife

      Lwandile Mabusela - 2013-08-08 20:08

      @Beeg he wanted his day in court regarding the arms deal saga and he ran away from that. he promised to talk but he did not do that. he is a lier as well. ohk now I get it.

  • Ndumiso Shlahla Khumalo - 2013-08-08 19:31

    this is an example of great leadership in our country

      Anneline Etienne Gouws - 2013-08-08 20:16

      Hahahahaha you are funny! Get your head out of your ass! He is a pathetic leader!

      Thandi Cele - 2013-08-08 20:29

      He is a fool, elected by fools to lead fools.

      Zahir - 2013-08-08 20:53

      U get todays stupid comment award

      John Versfeld - 2013-08-09 11:48

      I have to presume you are being sarcastic, and your humour has been sadly missed. If not, and you really think he is a great leader, then even getting slapped by a bulldozer won't wake you up. Type into Google great leaders - Actually, firstly look up Great in the Dictionary. The only thing 'Great' about Zuma, is his bank balance, and his 'great' way of stealing from South Africa. He is about as far from being a great leader, as a blob of chewing gum is from being the Taj Mahal. love the sarcasm, just don't be so subtle next time.. people might not get it.

  • Sello Papo - 2013-08-08 19:31

    What a shame do people understand bravery i guess they dnt, bravery shuld b to tht boy who carry 4 month toddler after both experience rape, bravery shuld b to all men nd who ar fightin for service delivery thts bravery, nt sum coward who run away when dialog on marikana took place thts why we question who is advising zuma. Do u call bravery whn man flew spendin 36k a weekend now SAAF doesnt hv money to operate nd yet wawardin zuma bravery award sies man

      Tersia Louw - 2013-08-08 19:53

      High five for that comment, Sello Papo.

      Dee Bone - 2013-08-08 20:06

      exactly as you say Sello. Stanger than fiction this award

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 20:57

      Another high-five for you Sello!

      Jenny Nel - 2013-08-09 15:10

      Well said, Selo. You see it like it is.

      Louis Claes - 2013-08-09 17:10

      as long as we have people like you in this country,we could only go forward.

  • Tina Schilling - 2013-08-08 19:32

    Puhh leeease! Bravery Award??

  • Nhlakanipho Mashobane - 2013-08-08 19:33

    Congratulations Zuma for receiving such this award and hopefully it is the only award that u deserve on this planet. But please Mr President; stop telling us about apartheid and opression cause we already know that, and in fact, in case you didnt know, the leading government has already opressed this land more than the apartheid State en so shut up cause you are trying to campaigne for votes.

      jerhone - 2013-08-08 20:26

      Well said Nhlakanipho you are using your brain, you think for yourself, you are not brainwashed like all the ANC zombies who need a party to think for them, you have real freedom that your hero's fought for, the freedom of free thinkers, there is more than one party to vote for, vote along interlectual lines not racial lines then you will see this country heal

  • Leo Les - 2013-08-08 19:34

    is that an award worth celebrated for?? ppl get noble price award ppl get useless award

      Beeg Balaboy - 2013-08-08 19:43

      yes, I believe the noble price award is a useless award. however, the Nobel prize award......

      Leo Les - 2013-08-08 19:52

      ag who cares about spelling anyway, the coment doesn't afect my ability to utter English words, it even shows the importance of the award, not important so is this post

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 21:05

      @Beeg Balaboy - Well said. Now go bcak to mmaa! I bieleve taht seplilng is not ipmrotnat, it is waht is siad taht is!

      Joe Irwin - 2013-08-09 16:45

      Explain please.

  • Bryan Culross - 2013-08-08 19:35

    Is it April Fool's Day? Or is this an early one for next year!

  • Andrew St John Rowland - 2013-08-08 19:35

    I think I wet myself. Several times...

  • Ld van Vuuren - 2013-08-08 19:39

    I cannot believe this insult to bravery. What has become of chivalry and honesty. When was it replaced with cunning, lying,procrastination and going on overseas trips to evade responsibility. Someday, someone will make a movie (or series) about your indiscretions - I hope you live to see it (and cringe)

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2013-08-08 21:08

      The movie might be called "Zuma does Zeerust"

  • George Viljoen - 2013-08-08 19:52

    Is this a joke ? This August, not " April Fool's" day !

  • Liz LG - 2013-08-08 19:55

    I just wonder what people living in a shack surrounded with hunger,violence,murder and rape think about his bravery award...