Zuma calls for more non-racial ANC

2011-07-15 16:08

Johannesburg - The ANC's multi-racial character must be further entrenched as the party turns 100, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday.

"Together we must celebrate that non-racial character of the ANC and entrench it further in our country," he said at the launch of the African National Congress's centenary celebrations at Constitution Hill.

Zuma said unity had always characterised the ANC, but that this was not limited to the unity of Africans, but applied to people of all races in South Africa.

Quoting from the Freedom Charter, he said South Africa belonged to all who lived in it, black and white.
The ANC turns 100 in January.

Celebration a time to for reflection

Writing in his newsletter on the ANC website, Zuma said the centenary celebration in January should refocus everyone in the party and what it stands for, its culture, tradition, and its legacy.

Zuma said that now that the party was turning a hundred, it would have to be "more serious about protecting and projecting our image, history, traditions, culture, and character properly".

"It means that we must show to all that we are the oldest liberation movement in Africa, and therefore our conduct and behaviour must reflect the maturity of our organisation.

"When we celebrate 100 years we must ensure that we inculcate and instil the best values of our movement which have sustained us for such a long period.

"Part of those traditions and culture include the unity of the ANC, unity with its alliance, maintaining the multi-class character of the ANC, its democratic nature, internationalist as well as its non-racial and non-sexist character," Zuma said.

Campaign’s focus

These were the values which had sustained the ANC for the past 99 years. "When we celebrate our 100 years next year, these must be stronger than ever.

"What is most important about the centenary celebrations is that it will give us an opportunity to articulate as a movement what is it that we think of ourselves and where we come from."

The campaign would focus on recruitment and political education.

"We want to achieve both the quantity and the quality of our membership," Zuma said.

The ANC experienced a drop in support among minority communities in the local government election earlier this year, losing former ANC minority strongholds such as Lenasia and Eldorado Park.

On Friday, Zuma said the ANC would celebrate all those who had contributed to the struggle for freedom and democracy in the run up to its centenary and during the rest of 2012.

Most important among these were the party's alliance partners, the SA Communist Party and the Congress of SA Trade Unions.

  • Lab-Rat - 2011-07-15 16:35

    ROFL. Can someone really be that detached from reality?

  • sjvanas - 2011-07-15 16:42

    Thanx Mr president. Please email your speech Julius?

  • nic - 2011-07-15 16:54

    eish. the comedy

      sean.redmond3 - 2011-07-15 18:08

      And he believes what he says?

  • psydomx - 2011-07-15 16:58

    fat CHANCE.....bunch of black racists hypocrite thugs

  • Rocky_III - 2011-07-15 17:11

    The man is an idiotic puppet that has no spine, opinion of his own or moral fortitude. Sir you have no credibility to say anything as your actions and those of your cohorts speak way louder than words.

  • John - 2011-07-15 17:33

    What's non-racial about the character of the ANC? Sounds like wishful thinking. Everyone knows that ANC politicians are racist. This is a stupid, stupid man.

  • Al Chemist - 2011-07-15 17:40

    The pot calling the kettle black

      uluz - 2011-07-15 22:09

      ja boet mudisland

  • davek - 2011-07-15 17:44

    When talking about contributions to nation building why not mention members of Non-Profit and other voluntary organisations to whom the needy owe so much. These are the people who are the salt of the earth,

  • keng - 2011-07-15 17:48

    He seems to have forgotten to tell us the part were he said "and I told that racist Malema he is not welcome on any Demoncrashic (sic)platform, Oh and BTW I've just fired Jimmy" Can't wait for the next episode of Punch and Judy?

  • davek - 2011-07-15 17:53

    When speaking of nation building why emphasise the 'Alliance'. Members of Non-profit organisations and other voluntary organisations and all those who work at reconciliation constructively are the salt of our land.

      Together - 2011-07-15 18:37

      because all those organisations, NGO's, individuals, lobbys and religious groups do not form part of the current ANC's power base - they have forgotten all their allies and take all the glory for liberation. I feel sorry for the President - I don't think he understood how much damage all this malevolence was going to do SA's fragile psych and economy, and they have ensured that there is no-one around him to help. Which is what happens when you are surrounded by buddies, yes-men and enraged comrades who are getting restless for riches.

  • montecristo - 2011-07-15 17:55

    More than how racial????????

  • Louisf1 - 2011-07-15 18:05

    The ANC and especially the ANCYL turned them self's into racist black organizations. No non-black person is welcome in the ANCYL and it's becoming very hot for any non-black person in the ANC. The ANC used to be multi-racial by end 1995, a true multi-racial organization for all South Africans, thereafter it was downhill! Have we been fooled...yes we've been fooled.

  • sean.redmond3 - 2011-07-15 18:06

    "achieve both the quantity and the quality of our membership" Fire JuJu and all corrupt ministers and you will have better quality.Then you resign.

  • 106SA - 2011-07-15 18:23 your 100th year PLEASE stop all your cadres and ministers etc,stealing so much!!!!!!!Viva la anc;viva la THEFT!!!!!!

  • BigD - 2011-07-15 18:27

    Maybe we can see a white ANC president after next elections.

      motsokwane - 2011-07-15 18:39

      Where have you been BigD,it will not be an unusual thing to see white people in the leadership of the ANC. ANC practices the first world political standards,that is why they win the elections every term. The rest are still stuck in the third world practices like, wanting oranje homeland crap.WAKER WORD OU MATIE.

      TamaraSays - 2011-07-15 19:50

      Lol! What?

  • Dominic - 2011-07-15 18:39

    Long article in Bloomberg (major international finance website) last week of how the ANC has become a black nationalist party. Zuma is conning only himself. The ANC is a legal political party - the one in power. It is the establishment, no longer a liberation movement by definition. Like Don Quixote and Mugabe the ANC still pretends to be a liberator tilting at windmills of a receding past, as they proudly slap their own backs whilst walking backwards through the present towards a cliff of the future.

      50something - 2011-07-15 19:29

      Dominic - I love it - well said, problem is they won't know who Don Quixote is, they will think it is a drink like Dom Pedro.

      Dominic - 2011-07-15 19:47

      Dom Pedro's a bit downmarket for our liberators. Our liberators drink Dom Perignon and Johnny Walker Blue Label, eat sushi off naked women, drive Mercedes Benz and Range Rovers, live in plush suburbs like Houghton and Sandton and liberate the masses between travelling the world, arranging five star accomodation for multiple wives and dishing out tenders to friends and relatives.

  • Cliff - 2011-07-15 18:51

    Eish seriaas!

      Cliff - 2011-07-15 18:52

      The header was enough - didn't even read the garbage!

  • World Traveler - 2011-07-15 19:04

    Ha! Ha! Now discipline malema! You cannot because you do not have the cajanes!

  • World Traveler - 2011-07-15 19:08

    The reason he is saying these "conciliatory" things is that the British PM is coming to SA. Zuma always says what the listeners want to hear. Nothing has changed. He is the Arch Troll!

  • 50something - 2011-07-15 19:16

    "It means that we must show to all that we are the oldest liberation movement in Africa." There is your problem Mr Zuma, you just cannot get away from that image. How do you expect to get the ANC multiracial with such an attitude? "We want to achieve both the quantity and the quality of our membership," You have the quantity alright, but the quality - OMG - you have a loooong way to go. But yes, your speech makes for good comedy.

  • Jeffrey Jones - 2011-07-15 19:33

    "It means that we must show to all that we are the oldest liberation movement in Africa, and therefore our conduct and behaviour must reflect the maturity of our organisation." The ANC were also the most useless liberation movement in Africa. Took you a hundred years to have a negotiated settlement to bring about a Black government. Now the ANC is a typical useless African black government. What's to celebrate?

  • TamaraSays - 2011-07-15 19:47

    Lol! What?

  • TamaraSays - 2011-07-15 19:49

    Lol! What?

  • JadedJay - 2011-07-15 20:15

    Lmao! Non-racial this man dreaming. All the ANC twats here on News24 will confirm that the ANC is NOT non-racial AT ALL - only for spiteful, vengeful, lying, corrupt, idiotic black South Africans.

  • Sprokie - 2011-07-15 21:50

    Can someone send this idiot back to school??

  • Bloubul Jonck - 2011-07-15 22:06

    I always thought they were RASSIST now I have proof and that come from the presiden t himself

  • Tony - 2011-07-15 22:54

    Thing is, there is no realistic alternative to this dimwit. Here’s the list of past presidents and likely future presidents: Mandela, Mbeki, Motlante, Zuma , Mbalula and Kiddie Amien. If the trend then continues a grasshopper is likely to succeed Malema.

  • MrTruth - 2011-07-16 08:11

    Great words from a liar and supporter of the biggest racist and white hater “MALEMA” Between the two they will destroy South Africa. I had a thought the other day while shopping in one of our big name supermarkets; I thought, “I wonder if these black families with their trolley overflowing with goods worry about their fellow countrymen living in shacks with no food??” It is very interesting to see the up and comings not even talking or mixing with the people still without. So it is not just a white thing is it.

  • refilwe mashigo - 2011-07-16 13:48

    This guy has no back-bone. wasn't his party the one telling us not to vote for the 'white party' just a few months ago? come on dude. what do you really stand for?

  • scarface - 2011-07-18 13:27

    Oh come on now....who is fooling who here. Who was running cross country on race campaign. Funny how you think you can fool all the people all the times insulting our intelligence and our memory. You called this upon yourself and your buffoons, now man up and stop hiding behind the centinary as a unifier.

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