Zuma defends January 8 statement

2012-01-17 16:00

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma has defended his ANC 100th anniversary speech, saying the ANC’s policy conference was there to give a vision of the future.

Delivering the John Langalibalele Dube lecture in the Free State town of Sasolburg, Zuma said he had deviated from the norm of his January 8 addresses and concentrated on the past because of the 100 year milestone.

Dube was elected the first ANC president in 1912, and the party dedicated the month of January to his memory. The remaining 11 months would be dedicated to the other 11 presidents.

Zuma described Dube as a “deeply religious man” who had led the party with “humility and poise”.

“President Dube’s legacy encapsulates African unity, self-reliance, quality education and a tireless fight for equality and freedom,” he said.

He also praised Dube’s pioneering work in establishing the Ohlange Institute and the Ilanga newspaper in the early 1900s, saying his contribution to history was to teach “us” the importance of owning media products that would tell our story “accurately” and respectfully.

“Dr Dube campaigned in Ilanga newspaper against the arrest and trial of Zulu king kaCetshwayo who was held in connection with the [Bhambatha] rebellion [of 1906].

“He raised funds for the defence of the king as he viewed the arrest as the continuation of African people at large,” Zuma said.

Dube led the ANC through a difficult period, which included the promulgation of the infamous 1913 Land Act that severely limited African land ownership.

“As the founding president of our movement, Dr Dube laid an impressive foundation of selflessness and sacrifice that has stood strong to this day.

“Without the valiant actions of Dr Dube and his contemporaries, we would not be standing here today celebrating our freedom and marking of selfless service of the ANC,” he said.

Zuma said the fact that Dube’s leadership was contested by two other candidates in 1908 showed that a leadership contest was not a crisis.

Dube’s grandchildren attended the lecture, held at Sasolburg’s Ettie Rossouw Theatre.

The local ANC leadership presented them with Basotho blankets and hats, while a local businesswoman gave Zuma a cow and bull.

  • Kala - 2012-01-17 16:18

    If anything Zuma's speech highlights how different the leaders of today's ANC are. Today's leaders are lying, theiving, cheating individuals whose sole concern is not with the people of the country but how much they can feather their nests before being caught (if ever). All I would suggest giving Zuma is the bull's schitt

      Larry - 2012-01-17 17:26

      Total agreement here.

  • Paul - 2012-01-17 16:29

    there is no vsion or future as far as the Afican National Circus is concerned.

  • ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-01-17 16:30

    And now the ANC is lead by a bunch of scumbags, who are only interested in lining their own pockets, and absolutely no regard for the masses of idiots who blindly and ignorantly continue to suck up their lies.

      Grant - 2012-01-18 02:38

      Ubhejane, You say that the people were not allowed to evolve. You infer blacks are a sort of sub species, not quite on the level of other humans. Education of all the people including adults was a principle set out in the Freedom Charter. Instead for the last 18 years the ANC government has wasted billions on submarines, planes, and corvettes that we will never need. They recently spent R400 million on a one day celebration. Inthe past two financial years R40 odd billion tax payers money has been wasted or is unaccounted for. Bantu education was not ideal but at least school leavers were literate. The ANC introduced OBE and now matriculants are only semi-literate. The countries of eastern Europe that were surpressed for decades have managed to improve in a few years, why is it expected to take a hundred years here?

  • Freddie - 2012-01-17 16:33

    Blah, blah... zzzzzzzz. What leadership was that? When? Oh, 100 years ago. Okay, cos there certainly isn't any today.

  • cosmos.ndebele - 2012-01-17 16:35

    Zuma was laying out a vision for those South Africans who patriotic about their country and ar willing to face and overcome the challenges that face S.A. Those who feel like they dont like any aspect about this country just pack yr pets, bags & live, no one will stop you at the ports of exit and we wont miss you. I challenge News24 to delete my comment

      Jan - 2012-01-17 16:52

      Why always this absolute stupid comment that if you do not like it, leave the country? I do not have to like everything in the country where I stay. It is suppose to be democratic not draconic.

      David - 2012-01-17 16:57

      That's true-the ANC does have a vision =in fact it has lots of visions,plans,green papers,white papers,and memorandums. What it doesn't have is a clue as to how to implement anything. And of course you wont miss us---you will be too busy looking for scraps to eat following the ANC vision....

      George - 2012-01-17 17:01

      @ Cosmos Zero ndebele - So, basically what you are saying is we are not supopose to be critical of the government? A healthy nation is one that can hold its government to account and deliver on their mandate. what you are saying is that we must follow like sheep and not critisize. I think you are dumb if not sick. I don't think Zuma has the quality of a stateman. He is not the rite person for the job in my opinion and saying that does not make me a fool.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-17 17:07

      You mean like corruption and poverty.... Damn the man.

      gunofmine - 2012-01-17 18:09

      I agree with Cosmos, and some of the rest. Some change is needed, but nothing will come off complaining without a viable solution. All we can hope for is a change in leadership in the elective conference later in the year, cause i too don't see Zuma as the right person to lead at these economic/ academic driven times. But, we all know this for a fact, Zuma is the president, and although he may have his flaws- at least he's trying. We as a country asked him to fight corruption and crime, he fired two of his ministers, is investigating the arms deal etc. Crime too has decreased in most provinces. We asked him to quieten Malema, he's now facing suspension- so although he's not my best candidate, at least he's doing something. As for the snides at the ANC as a whole, name one democratic party in the world as young as the ANC's 17 years. For an educated person should know that a longer time frame is needed for a liberation movement to transform itself into a respectable political party. For another fact, no matter how bitter a pill to swallow, the ANC still has more or less 100 years in power, so believe as i do that change will come- or simply... bounce

      Riëtte - 2012-01-17 18:20

      @ Cosmos, the ANC's lack of leadership is the biggest challenge facing south africa, and people with attitudes like yours will cause that challenge to become a HUGE problem. The point is that the ANC has failed at everything they have promised, they are keeping the masses loyal by playing on the past. You know what, eventually there will be a generation who will not be brainwashed by stories of apartheid etc, then what will you and your ANC comrades do?

      ubhejane - 2012-01-17 21:35

      @Riette. You are right!!!! We have arrived, the generation that grew up under ANC rule. We respect those that fought for our freedom, but the thieves we have in power now we believe, fought only one struggle and that as to get their hands on the state coffers and they feel nothing for us. Our mothers are dying in stampedes to get us educated. Once we work we have to see how out tax money is stolen. Those on this forum telling other South Africans to leave, have as much vision as Zuma. I sat through 90 minutes of history and hardly a word about the future. Where does this leave me and why would I want to raise kids in a place with no hope and future???? I too must leave for Australia? I'm black! What a RIDICULOUS stupid moronic statement to make to tell South Africans to leave if they don't like their tax money being stolen by these champaign sipping thugs!!

      gunofmine - 2012-01-17 23:01

      @ubhejane, iknow there's no justification for corruption etc, but i'll try- basically, these are people who were born with nothing, born into a system that suppressed their rights to education- that suppressed their rights to be human beings. Read some of their stories, they slept in dreadful conditions, in camps- some in exile, carrying arms and not knowing when they'd fall like the many comrades they watched die at the hands of an even worse government. All that so you and i can have a better future and be taught these morals from an early age. I don't believe they were taught the same principles as you and i. Now they're in power and with their limited knowledge of right from wrong are dealing with temptation everyday. I can understand their generation- and yeah, i agree- it's our turn now, and as i previously said, our educated selves will mend their mistakes and turn things around. If you too aren't down with that... than bounce!

      ubhejane - 2012-01-17 23:15

      @gunofmine. I'm not going to pull your reply to me apart. Your profile doesn't even exist on Facebook and reading this pathetic reply to me I can only come to one conclusion and that this remark was made only to provoke and nothing else.

      J-Man - 2012-01-18 08:22

      @ Cosmos...and I challenge you to write something useful and constructive....for a change.

      Jacqui - 2012-01-18 09:24

      Cosmos O'Ndebele, stop telling people to leave. This is a Democracy, or at least it pretend to be and everyone is allowed to have an opinion. If theirs differ from yours respect it. The challenges that face this country will not be solved by those you worship. They can't run a bath let alone a country. Now tell me to leave and you can kiss my Luthuli Award.

  • frank.hartry - 2012-01-17 16:37


      George - 2012-01-17 17:10

      Frank, the ANC has only been in power for 17 years. By world standards, we have achieved quite a lot in the 17 years. The population is growing and in any organisation there will always be bad apples. I agree the looting and mismanagement is high but then a lot is being done to bring those guilty to account.

      sewsexy - 2012-01-17 18:09

      @Mpaketsane24 Seriously !!! - "a lot is being done to bring those guilty to account" - Bwaahhhaaa Bwaahhhaaaa - OMG I nearly fell off my chair, I was laughing so LOUD !! Get your head out of the sand SON.....

      Riëtte - 2012-01-17 18:23

      What have the ANC achieved? Weak infrastructure due to weak maintainance because funds are stolen due to tender rigging for buddies, unemployment sky-rocketed, our education system is laugh with the most pathetic standards imaginable, corruption is a national sport with no accountability.

      frank.hartry - 2012-01-17 18:29

      Mpaketsane 24.-- I agree that the ANC has done a few things good with taxpayers money during the first five years or so of its reign. But this is vastly overshadowed surely by the billions of rands that the ANC led government has lost through incompetence, wastage, theft, corruption and rampant looting at all levels of government. This is highlighted in the latest Auditor's report which is similar to last year and will inevitably be the same next year. Theft on a grand scale yet no-one is fired. No-one goes to court. The ANC is a shanful disgrace. Since Zuma came to power the corruption has increased ten fold but who is surprised. He himself refused to face hundreds of allegations of corruption and the charges were 'illegally' withdrawn under mysterious circumstances. Even though the NPA maintained that it had a very strong case against Zuma at the time. Yes the ANC has done a little over 17 years with taxpayers money. But at the same time many of ANC individuals have become millionaires at taxpayers expense whilst millions of South Africans still starve, live in abject poverty without running water, flushing toilets and electricity. The ANC seems to think that as long as it is giving millions social grants with tax payers money, it is doing great. Has anyone noticed that the ANC always says it is going to 'start' something?

  • Johan - 2012-01-17 16:48

    'was there to give a vision of the future'. Clearly, with all his witchdoctors helping he can't even see into the future.

  • cosmos.ndebele - 2012-01-17 16:57

    Sargon,You exaplained yourself in a very impressive way on this, i will withdraw my criticism, i noted three occasions before were i thought u were being harsh. But once again as you would agree with me, most of the people who comment on News24 seem to hve nothing positive about this country.

  • cosmos.ndebele - 2012-01-17 17:05

    Sargon my criticism of you is withdrawn, based on yr impressive explanation. Kala i have Dual nationality S.A & a European Union country, i hve travelled extensively around the world in my life and half my life overseas, the WEST, i tell you be content with what you hve in S.A, i rest my case.

      Eduard - 2012-01-17 18:46

      Well done on you travelling everywhere with dual citizenship!!! The point a lot of people here want to make is….the current ANC has no vision and they have shown this time and time again. They replace the top positions with incompetent people, then it takes years/ money to prosecute them because of mismanagement. But seeing the colour card (race card) is always being pitched when there is clear gaps, the masses of SA don’t want to believe that. But after all, if you don’t want to learn, then suffer and that is exactly what is starting to happen now, The crime is out of control, what does JZ do…he overlooks everyone that spends years in the SA police force and place one of his buddies in this position. This is a “fundamental blunder”. These things add up and sooner rather than later, it has a domino effect….I will not go to job creation, education, healthcare, mining or infrastructure, just yet…. SA can easily be not only the leader in Africa, but can challenge Europe/ USA/ Asia on various levels. That is what the world needs, competitiveness!!!

  • Elkieta - 2012-01-17 17:46

    Zuma troll.You can't even vision tomorrow,you are too dummb.How the hell can you vision the future.........And Zuma,please go and pose as a rhino in the Kruger Park.

  • Riëtte - 2012-01-17 18:16

    “President Dube’s legacy encapsulates African unity, self-reliance, quality education and a tireless fight for equality and freedom,” - too bad that all these years later the current ANC president has not been able to continue on the above mentioned quote, the majority of the black population are not self reliant, and the education system has gone down the tubes, with a 30% pass-mark required for matric! Not only did his speech fail, he is failing our country as a president.

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-17 19:05

    @ Sewsexy who replied on Frank Hartry's comment, you must be a dark hearted white person by associating that sound of a bab**n with human beings because someone has different view from yours. The ANC has failed almost everyone except themselves and those close to them but that does mean that you have to insult all blacks for ANC's failures and one person's comment. We cannot refer to whites minority government that failed many blacks and few whites many years ago because dwelling much on history is ANC and Zuma's culture. We need a unified way forward. With ANC and you busy vandalising and tearing SA apart we will never achieve solidarity as a nation.

  • Lesley - 2012-01-17 19:11

    What vision? More corruption and lining of the pockets?

  • frank.hartry - 2012-01-17 20:00

    I used to wonder, that with the admitted billions of rands that have simply disappeared at all levels of the ANC led government, where it has gone. Then the recent revealations of the presidency spokespersom Maharaj concerning he and his wife, it has dawned on me that the looters are probably depositing the stolen taxpayers money in overseas banks while they have the chance. This is following the trend of other African leaders past and present who considered taxpayers money to be their own. ie Mugabe and wife first shopaholic Graceless, Mobutu, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Amin. and many many others. Mswati is another one who thinks the Swaziland budget is intended for his own comfort and that of his 13 wives and numerous children. There is no doubt in my mind that South Africa's politicians are hiding their ill gotten wealth in overseas banks. Maharaj surely cannot be the only one.

  • Mathibela - 2012-01-17 20:03

    Zuma is the worst president we never had.

      Patrick - 2012-01-17 23:52

      dont forget about mbeki!! he started the downfall that u in now!!!

  • frank.hartry - 2012-01-17 20:13

    We must remember that when we criticise the ANC and its leaders, it is the ANC of today in 2012. I for one remember with respect the unselfish ANC leaders of the past such as Tambo, Luthulu, Mandela, Walter Sizulu and Chris Hani. As well as those that formulated and declared the Freedom Charter of 1955. Which included Trevor Huddleston.

  • velilejonathan.williams - 2012-01-17 21:16

    Why should Tatu Zuma always defend his words. This was never a presidential speech.

  • Anthony - 2012-01-17 22:20

    The NP was much better than this failed one we got now!

      jack.oosthuysen - 2012-01-17 23:36

      Are you saying they were better failures. History will repeat itself.The Nats fell, the ANC will go down. When, dont know. How, dont know. Why, cause they (ANC) dont care about us,citizens of this country.

  • jmccaffs - 2012-01-18 07:33

    Blah Blah Blah

      Dave - 2012-01-18 10:11

      @ jmccaffs, is this the best you could do ? blah blah blah, why bother reading articles you obviously know nothing about then post a comment that means nothing, you should be reading and commenting on the problems in your country, I'm sure there are enough of them to keep you busy for a while, or is it, you can't write ??

  • Vince.York - 2012-01-18 08:04

    LEADING A NATION and guiding policies and people ARE REAL ISSUES and not simply "showtime fabrications and statements of pure rhetoric, propaganda and false premises and desires covering up rampant excess and outright theft" that the ANC and especially it's deployed councilors and leadership have become so internationally famous for! NOT EVEN A GUPTA MOUTHPIECE CAN HIDE WHAT YOU ARE ALL PERPETRATING, FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD. Kindly accept this link as a New year's Gift - Animal Farm,DVD -

  • john.duplessis2 - 2012-01-18 08:05

    If people wish to understand the operation of the ANC/SACP, they must look here. This is the view behind the proscenium arch, behind the scenery, where the machinery that runs the whole show is revealed in its actual workings.

  • Sikanyiso - 2012-01-18 08:47

    As far as I'm trepidated the speech reflects the history of the ANC, though it did not reach the expectation of other people. Imperative campaigns which were staged outside African soil and that led to the expulsion of South Africa from the United Nations were not properly reflected. At least former President Thabo Mbeki as the only surviving estwhile President of the ANC should have been given a slot to deliver. In any case the speech was quite good.

  • Jacqui - 2012-01-18 09:20

    Well he would defend wouldn't he?.What else do you expect?. Honesty?. Don't make me laugh.

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