Zuma hails progress on women's rights

2012-08-09 16:01

Pretoria - South Africa has made notable progress in its efforts to elevate the status of women since 1994, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.

Addressing the national annual women’s day celebrations in Pretoria, Zuma said he was pleased with the progress made in the past 18 years, although the government still had a lot to do.

"While we still have a lot of work to do, we are satisfied with the progress made thus far in improving the status and quality of life of women, in only 18 years of freedom.

"Most of the achievements in reducing extreme levels of income poverty can be ascribed to government's comprehensive social protection programme," he told thousands of people gathered at the Union Buildings.

Zuma said it would take years, if not decades, to completely eradicate poverty, inequality and unemployment, but SA would soldier on to achieve that goal.


"We are happy to have achieved the Millennium Development Goal target of reducing the number of people living on less than one US dollar a day," he said.

Zuma said the nationwide electrification programme had been a great success.

"In 1994, only 30% of South African households had access to electricity. To date, Eskom has connected over four million households to the national electricity grid," he said to applause.

"In rural areas, electrification has increased from 12% in 1994 to almost 60% currently. In addition, close to 450 000 people were supplied with basic water between April and December 2011."

SA was making significant progress in improving women's access to health care services.

There had been aggressive implementation of policies to increase access to antiretroviral medicines. The country's objective was to increase access to antiretroviral drugs to 2.5 million South Africans by 2014.

He appealed to communities to support families and women who were victims of domestic violence. People should report violence and abuse to the police.

"Domestic violence in particular should not be treated as a private matter. It is a crime and must be reported to the police," he said.

"As a nation we must unite against all hooligans who attack and sexually assault women and girls."

Zuma congratulated South Africa's Olympic team.

"Let me congratulate and welcome back home the South African Olympics swimming team... Together with the conquering rowing team, they have presented South Africa as a winning and shining nation on the world stage," he said to massive applause.

August is Women's Month in SA. Women's Day is commemorated annually on 9 August in memory of the march held by women in 1956 to protest against apartheid pass laws, and a decision to apply them to women too.

In terms of this law, a pass restricted where black people were allowed to be, or travel to, in the country. Not carrying the pass, or not having it up to date, meant a fine or jail.

  • Sganja - 2012-08-09 16:07

    Yawn,if you want to sleep just listen to Zuma's speech. "Women is a people"

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-08-09 16:15

      Standard government press release on a special day. Move on people, nothing to see (hear) here. Just Zipper spinning his 'successes'.

      yar.wellnofine - 2012-08-09 16:25

      Especially a womans right to taxi fare after a night of unwanted attention. This former cattle herder is clueless and unconvincing.

      rbphiri - 2012-08-09 16:35

      Nice MR President, but what about the rights of tax payers who are constantly molested and pulverized financially by the governments' tiny thrusting manhood.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-08-09 16:53

      How can polygamist speak of equal rights.

      godfrey.welman - 2012-08-09 19:05

      @Squeegee...correct, lets move to the Traditional Leaders address and see if he still agree with womans rights.

      ama.ntuli.33 - 2012-08-09 19:51

      hey, who would you vote as the Face of the ANC? It can't be Zuma!! - go vote and we'll see

  • paul.anthony.dawson - 2012-08-09 16:08

    The Zuma Solution: Marry and sleep with as many women as you possibly can. If they have AIDS, take a shower afterwards.

      ama.ntuli.33 - 2012-08-09 19:52

      hey Paul, who would you vote as the Face of the ANC? It can't be Zuma!! - go vote and we'll see

      paul.anthony.dawson - 2012-08-10 00:12

      he's not on there. Parks Tau

  • kim.buren - 2012-08-09 16:09

    Yap, Yap, Yap, Yap, Yap. The ANC have done nothing in the last 18 years except run this country to the ground.

      eugene.muller.7 - 2012-08-09 16:15

      and lie lie lie..still have alot to progress..blah blah. do they want to ignore everything until there is nothing left and then run away with everything else? starting to seem like it thieves!!! stop them...

      ama.ntuli.33 - 2012-08-09 19:53

      hey, who would you vote as the Face of the ANC? It can't be Zuma!! - go vote and we'll see

      devon.riley.52 - 2012-08-09 19:57

      Yeah my dog is smarter than him, at least I can detect a higher level of intelligence in my dog's yapping

  • mark.haupt.31 - 2012-08-09 16:21

    If we had to congratulate ourselves on how well we're doing as often as this numbskull opens his mouth and dribbles none of us would have any time to actually work. Sorry to spoil your party(sic) boet but the whole country is going down the tubes whilst you talk crap. Sheesh, where did we get this number from and how can we send him back? Anybody who can come up with a solution to that problem would be doing us all a huge favour.

      mnathisto - 2012-08-09 19:48

      u cn call him names bt he is yr president lyk it or not nd it wil never b DA...yr time is over...jst shut yr punk ass

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-08-09 16:24

    Says the man with how many wives?????

      ama.ntuli.33 - 2012-08-09 19:53

      hey, who would you vote as the Face of the ANC? It can't be Zuma!! - go vote and we'll see

  • jacqueline.engelbrecht.54 - 2012-08-09 16:28

    With women more likely to be raped than get an education, SA the rape capital of the world, corrective rape by our less educated and ignorant brethren, people more afraid of the police than criminals etc. Yes, President Zuma, Women's rights has come SO far in the past 18 years. The ANC must be so proud. (Note the sarcasm)

  • Hermann - 2012-08-09 16:34

    Women are there for his rights. Sela.

  • Ntutu Dlova - 2012-08-09 16:37

    Wow i didnt know there r men who can complain and whine like this about everything. Clearly u r not happy in SA,why r u still here.

      johan.maree.98 - 2012-08-09 17:06

      Because I live in Uganda idiot!!!

      J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2012-08-09 17:23

      Are you referring to Zuma?

      kim.buren - 2012-08-09 19:47

      There are women too.

      ama.ntuli.33 - 2012-08-09 19:53

      hey, who would you vote as the Face of the ANC? It can't be Zuma!! - go vote and we'll see

  • ntunjab - 2012-08-09 16:40

    Zooooma HAILS WOMEN! Lol! Zipper

  • judith.taylor.56 - 2012-08-09 16:45

    Just which planet does he live on? Please ladies why din't you pelt him with rotten tomatoes?

  • heihachi.mishima.7731 - 2012-08-09 16:58

    who actually listens to this guy?he must keep quiet and focus and creating jobs this old man.

      ama.ntuli.33 - 2012-08-09 19:53

      hey, who would you vote as the Face of the ANC? It can't be Zuma!! - go vote and we'll see

  • J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2012-08-09 17:06

    I hardly think so. Assuming he means Black women, the replacement of White civil servants by Black is mere power shift. So is BBBEE which, far from creating jobs, has destroyed tens of thousands of posts for educated Black women. Education: you need only converse with a middle aged or elderly Black woman, and compare with her daughter. Housing is a disgrace: leaking shacks with hardly a shelf to place paraffin heaters out of the reach of children. What I would be proud of if I were a Black woman would be freedom of movement and access to state medication, but those, Jacob, were the fruit of Codesa, not the First Transition. I sincerely wish your claim could be justified by more content and less sentiment.

  • Ntutu Dlova - 2012-08-09 17:18

    You must be so proud ,what a man u r

  • vernon.samuel.7 - 2012-08-09 17:42

    There were so many international reports recently that showed SA as being amongst the worst-faring countries in the world with regard to violent crime, road deaths, unemployment, education, rape, poverty, etc. I think that these are the gauges to be used to see whether SA is progressing or regressing. Just about every week we see a new story about a child, woman or granny being raped and tortured. Even if there is only one such incident every year, the president should say to the country that we have failed as a nation. It sickens me to hear the president sing his party's praises amid such chaos in the country. Newsflash Mr President: women are still treated like second-rate citizens. We are witnessing a scourge of corrective rape. So shut up about your petty successes. As long as one man can have many wives, but one woman can have only one husband, we are still seeing them as the inferior gender. I urge women to ask themselves who they want as their president at the next election. Do they want a polygamous sexist idiot who lives in cuckoo-land?

  • hugo.sarli - 2012-08-09 18:25

    HI Zuma , one of this nights , after your night shower, make a turn to a rural police station and try to make a report of domestic violence were the victim was a woman. . . what a joke. . . reporting to the SAP

  • irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-08-09 18:31

    Oh please Zooomer, rather stop your lips from flapping. Ignorant silverback!

      Phumlani Madlala - 2012-08-09 20:34

      UyiNkatha ngampela ke wena gogo uIrene,Jezabels and Irenes are assocoiated with....

  • ryan.cotterell.9 - 2012-08-09 19:00

    Who will be the next ANC leader?? You can vote here: !!!!!

  • veritas.odium.paret - 2012-08-09 19:49

    BS! The only way to find out Mr Zuma's true views on gender equality is to ask him what he thinks about polyandry! Everything else that he says about the issue must be scripted.

  • ama.ntuli.33 - 2012-08-09 19:51

    hey, who would you vote as the Face of the ANC? It can't be Zuma!! - go vote and we'll see

  • dean.ramjoomia - 2012-08-09 20:11

    Sorry Mr. Government as Long as the Family as the Basic Pillar of society is weak the rights of woman and every other equal member in that family will always be violated and under treat and that's my gud sir the bottom line. But since \u\ violated the sanctuary of there family we as a nation will remain poor and weak.

  • hasani.malungana - 2012-08-09 20:17

    Malcom x once said if you black person adressing a gathering of blacks and whites, and whites are cheering up know that you are doing something wrong.But if the white audience are jeering at you know that what you do is right for they dont want a black person to say or do what is right.If you read everything that the white media say about us blacks, and our leaders and culture is all negative. Zuma is not blameless fro trying to appease whites, what he should bear in mind is that they want him to step out of the way including the ANC so that they can reinstate apartheid and regain their supremancy which is already cracking.

  • raphael.mthobeli - 2012-08-09 21:38

    I wish that every that Mr Zuma was saying was true but according to me is not @ all are true if you can to the rurals now the people that that support ANC so but what do they have nothing. But still they are counted as people who are benefiting how that is possible.

  • bless.boswell - 2012-08-10 03:25

    How do the women feel about being addressed by a man charged with - and getting away with rape? Who then discusses equal rights with them? The man's sheer lack of everything that's decent and essential in a statesman continues to amaze me. He has a hide like a rhinoceros. I would not even elect to be in the same room let alone listen to the drivel that comes out of that mouth. Where are the very necessary public apologies for having released criminals from prison, who, when released, have continued to wreak havoc among us? Come mr president - show us what you are made of.

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