Zuma targets lazy officials

2009-08-17 08:48

Bloemfontein - The ANC will from now on be getting rid of its rotten apples politically, and will no longer wait for a legal process to deal with politicians or officials who don't do their jobs properly, President Jacob Zuma said at the weekend.

Zuma announced in Bloemfontein that the ANC would be taking several steps to catch corrupt and lazy comrades and remove them from office.

A helpline will be established in the presidency next month. People will have a direct line to inform him where things are going wrong. "We're going to start doing things. We are not going to wait."

Zuma himself will make unannounced visits to towns, and corrupt officials will be forced to write their own resignation letters.

ANC can remove people

Zuma told a gathering in the town hall that he had appointed "energetic people" to fight crime. He said the days where the rights of criminals were more important than those of the victims, were over.

"People can't murder someone and then insist on their rights according to the Constitution. What about the person who died?"

Later that day, he said if the president, a minister, a premier, mayor or council member caused problems, the ANC would not wait for a legal process. Nobody was appointed by means of a legal process.

"The ANC appointed them. Thus the ANC has the right to remove them."

To those who hide behind legal grounds, the ANC would dictate a letter which would state: "I, Jacob Zuma, have decided on my own to resign", he said.

Political responsibility

Legal steps would be taken against those who refused. But the fact that legal steps would be taken, would indicate that the relevant comrade was no longer part of the ANC, he said.

Every ANC member - including him - would be evaluated in future. Those who didn't perform "would be removed politically".

"We have to start taking political responsibility for those who don't want to perform, and those who do want to perform will be given the chance.

"We want to create a new culture in the government - a culture of service delivery, of people who work hard to serve the people."

Zuma has already started to visit areas without prior notice. When it is found that officials are not doing their jobs, action will be taken. "That's just as bad as corruption."

"We will also tackle the problem of corruption. From now on we will not only trust the proper channels. We won't wait for legal grounds. We will start to take political steps."

"If complaints fall on deaf ears, call the presidency's helpline. There will be no obstacles like lost reports. Speak directly to Pretoria so we can solve problems. Those of us in the government should be scared."