eThekwini is behind Zuma

2012-08-29 16:33

Durban - When the time comes to nominate new ANC leadership the party's eThekwini region will support President Jacob Zuma, its chairperson said on Wednesday.

"On 5 May 2012 we had a regional general council in preparation for the provincial congress," Bheki Ntshangase said.

"We declared that we knew that it wasn't the time for talking about leadership but the conclusion was that when the time comes we will be behind the president."

The ANC has barred its members from openly declaring their support for candidates until nominations opened in October.

However, Ntshangase said the entire region, which is the ANC's biggest, was in agreement that it would back Zuma for a second term as party president.

The region's branches had been instructed to assess the ANC's current leadership, which was elected at its last conference in Polokwane in 2007.

Ntshangase said the region was happy with the progress the current national executive committee and Zuma had made in the last four years.

He said it was the first time all provinces were focusing on a presidential infrastructure commission. Another achievement was the process of implementing the National Health Insurance and the National Planning Commission.

"We are just giving our evaluation. We are still fully behind the leadership elected in Polokwane," said Ntshangase.

The eThekwini region has over 100 branches and more than 66 000 members.

The region was expected to send a strong delegation to the ANC's national elective conference in Mangaung in December.

Ntshangase said branches within the region would start meeting on September 1 to discuss their nominations for leaders.

"All the branches will call general meetings... So on the final day [in October] we are ready," he said.

  • goyougoodthing - 2012-08-29 16:47

    So no need to spend more money on a conference to discuss this. Excellent.Oh wait, they will need to eat.

  • devon.riley.52 - 2012-08-29 16:50

    Oh my word cannot imagine how anybody in a sober state of mind can think the Zuma administration is doing a good job. Epic fail and embarrassment after epic fail and embarrassment. It must be because he is a Zulu that they support him.

      klippies.coke.7 - 2012-08-29 16:56

      Sober state of mind? Even a drunk person can see how useless he is.

      sifiso.msimango - 2012-08-29 17:03

      u idiot, pls tell us whos admin did good job since sa started and stop this factioning thing of yours

      thereevos - 2012-08-29 17:31

      Siphiso-read a book called -into the cannibals pot,lessons for America from post apartheid south Africa will be shocked at what the truth of the ANC really is about the stats,figures and why south Africa will fail as another dwindling african country under black rule if it carries on any might just change your whole out look....the white man doesn't want bad for you but wants things to work and work for everyone and things to be managed properly. Murder rates have increased from 7024 murders per year to 27000 per year since 1994.thats over triple

  • Thando Tdoz Kubheka - 2012-08-29 17:03

    100% behind Zuma if it means that the loud mouth Malema is silenced

  • pieter0827006294 - 2012-08-29 17:05


  • Tobie Vd Vyver - 2012-08-29 17:20

    Talking about leadership? Is there leadership in the country? Damn I didn't even notice - I thought everyone in the government just do what they want, hence the corruption, bad service delivery and incompetence...

  • ken.grimblegrumble - 2012-08-29 17:23

    Oh happy days. Oh happy days. Its like lets vote for the one who can injure us he most. Oh happy days

  • jabulani.luvuno - 2012-08-29 17:25

    Iam of the opinion that Zuma must go for the second term and ANC members stop must rally behind him in full force.

  • chris.novak.9235 - 2012-08-29 17:29

    Ntshangase you a snake, you spit on your own kind while they struggle to make ends meet.

  • nghamula.mdunwazi - 2012-08-29 17:48

    After december they will go back to IFP,obvious.

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-08-29 18:29

    They removed my comment ha ha ha because I said that the Ethekwini region would vote for zuma as he let them off the hook for fraud and corruption. I would also vote for him, if it were me. Boetie Boetie conduct.

  • amanda - 2012-08-29 20:28

    ANC = an infestation of maggots. With or without Zooma it will get worse. A no hope situation.

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