Tourists hurt as elephant 'plays with' vehicle

2012-05-22 08:31

Cape Town – Two tourists were injured when an elephant used his tusks to lift the front of their game-drive vehicle on a private game reserve near Worcester.

The Cape Argus reported that the women got a fright and jumped out of the vehicle, injuring themselves.

The incident happened on Friday when a ranger took about 10 tourists on a game drive.

The owner of the Fairy Glen private game reserve, Pieter de Jager, said the incident came as a result of the vehicle not moving away as it was supposed to when the elephant approached. The engine would apparently not start.

De Jager said the elephant didn’t attack the game viewing vehicle but had been “playing around” with it.

One of the women was transferred to a Cape Town hospital and had suffered a leg fracture.

  • Ryno - 2012-05-22 08:38

    a safari that they will never forget - that's what they wanted!

  • kabelo.leballo - 2012-05-22 08:42

    we wish u guys a speedy recovery. next time u see an elephant, drive off!

  • joanita.hilton - 2012-05-22 08:42

    hahahahaha! I would jump out too! Glad the people are all ok!

  • Thaban - 2012-05-22 08:43

    Murray yu should have done your picture of your father with exposed genitals than I would agree that you do n't mean to hurt any1

      Tuco - 2012-05-22 08:50

      wrong article genius. its too early to drink, don't you think?

      mholthuysen - 2012-05-22 09:11

      Bwahahahahahaha - this just made my day.... a pic of the elephants father's spear Thaban???

      joanita.hilton - 2012-05-22 09:12

      LOL!!! from elephant to genitals? you sure are a bright one Thaban, I think the article you are looking for is about a spear in some gallery

      kabelo.leballo - 2012-05-22 09:52

      kwaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha #deathbylaughter... what r u on about dude?!! kwaaaa

      tony.delucchi - 2012-05-22 12:31

      elephants don't mind exposing their genitals!

  • Deana - 2012-05-22 08:45

    Can just imagine the hysterical mayhem on that game drive! Glad they're ok! Find it very amusing though!

      Jean - 2012-05-22 09:29

      At least they got their monies worth!

      Stirrer - 2012-05-22 09:49

      Who's going to clean the vehicle? I'm sure a few old tannies must have shat themselves.

  • Bakers - 2012-05-22 09:00

    @ Thaban when you paste you comment from your word document after spell checking you must always check that you are replying to the correct post. Rule 2 never hit the return key when you are upset.

      Tinky - 2012-05-22 11:20

      I don't think Thaban was using spellcheck at all, he has several spelling mistakes in his text. Though if I was Thaban, I would be changing my facebook name with immediate effect, or never commenting on this forum again.

  • Morné - 2012-05-22 09:01

    That's why you never switch the car of when big foot is near.

  • tony.kirby1 - 2012-05-22 09:04

    Glad the elly only Played with the vehicle. Just imagine if he was pissed off with the vehicle.Would have had a few more broken bodies.

  • Jacques - 2012-05-22 09:16

    I guess if the thing was really pissed off, running out of the car would only get you killed faster. Panic stations, though- I would probably do the same. Glad everyone is OK!

  • stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-05-22 09:32

    Game reserves seem to be generally taking more risks these days. Maybe it's what some visitors want, but remember that wild animals are just that, wild. This "posing with a cheetah and patting it" thing is bringing in the bucks for the game reserves, but is inviting a tragedy to occur...

  • Chris - 2012-05-22 09:35

    Any bets on how long it will take a ambulance chasing sleaze lawyer to sue the Park?

  • apgreeff - 2012-05-22 09:41

    Pretty rough playing I must say..

  • anthro45 - 2012-05-22 10:31

    Typically South Africa. Even the animals are starting to behave badly. Ha ha.

  • Robi - 2012-05-22 10:51

    they probably tell kids not to play with their food; well kids time to tell your mummies not play with animals...

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