Southern African nations threaten to quit wildlife trade monitor

2019-09-01 08:17

Southern African nations are threatening to quit the global wildlife trade regulator after it refused to relax restrictions on trade in ivory and rhino horn and imposed a near total ban on zoos taking African elephants captured in the wild.

Wildlife conference adopts news protections for mako sharks

2019-08-27 15:00

A proposal to strengthen protection for mako sharks, hunted for their meat and fins, was adopted by 102 countries at the CITES global wildlife trade summit in Geneva.

Endangered species poached in protected areas: WWF

2017-04-18 17:53

Illegal poaching, logging and fishing of sometimes critically endangered species is taking place in nearly half of the world's most protected natural sites, says the WWF.

How we shop hurts endangered species

2017-01-05 07:10

Researchers say the hidden danger to wildlife posed by imported consumer goods can now be pinpointed and measured.

Half a ton of ivory seized in Austria

2016-11-17 08:31

Austrian authorities have seized more than 560kg of ivory, a haul they described as a national record and one of the biggest in Europe.

UN wildlife meeting ends with conservation agreements

2016-10-04 22:17

A UN wildlife conference has ended in Johannesburg after agreements to implement stronger protections for a number of threatened species, including the pangolin, the African grey parrot, some sharks and certain types of timber.

Global trade in African grey parrots banned

2016-10-02 19:33

Delegates at a global wildlife conference in Johannesburg have voted to ban international trade in African grey parrots, one of the world's most trafficked birds.

All global trade banned in endangered pangolins

2016-09-29 21:10

The shy, scale-covered pangolin is to receive the highest level of protection against illegal trade to try to save it from extinction, after a vote by delegates at a global conference.

Poachers target 'ivory on wings'

2016-09-27 16:15

Some call it "ivory on wings" - part of the bill of a critically endangered bird in Southeast Asia that is sought by poachers and carved into ornaments for illegal sale to Chinese buyers.

African elephants 'suffer worst decline in 25 years'

2016-09-25 19:32

Africa's elephant population has suffered its worst drop in 25 years, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has said, blaming the plummeting numbers on poaching.


Zimbabwe leader blasts conservation watchdog over ivory trade

2019-08-27 22:29

Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa has lambasted the regulator of global wildlife trade CITES over the continued ban in international ivory trade.

Elephant poaching in Africa falls but ivory seizures up: study

2017-10-24 08:48

Elephant poaching in Africa has declined for a fifth straight year in 2016 but seizures of illegal ivory hit records highs, the CITES monitor says, calling it a "conflicting phenomena".

Myanmar's elephants threatened by fad

2017-01-22 15:27

Punters in Myanmar are haggling about the latest traditional medicine cure - slices of skin from the country's fast disappearing wild elephants.

China says it will shut down ivory trade by end of 2017

2016-12-31 11:27

China says it plans to shut down its ivory trade by the end of 2017 in a move designed to curb the mass slaughter of African elephants.

Vietnam destroys 2 200kg seized ivory, rhino horns

2016-11-12 18:35

Vietnamese authorities have destroyed more than 2 200kg of seized elephant ivory and rhino horns, sending a message ahead of a key international conference next week that they want illegal wildlife trafficking stopped.

Swazi bid to sell rhino horn fails at CITES

2016-10-03 22:15

Swaziland's bid to sell rhino horn stockpile has failed at the CITES meeting in Johannesburg.

Wildlife delegates call for end to ivory markets

2016-10-02 16:36

Delegates at a UN wildlife conference in Johannesburg are pressuring countries with ivory markets to close them because of the slaughter of tens of thousands of elephants in recent years.

Thailand suspends seahorse trade

2016-09-29 19:17

Thailand has suspended the seahorse trade amid conservation concerns.

Shy pangolins need world spotlight to survive

2016-09-25 22:16

Reclusive, gentle and quick to roll up into a ball, pangolins keep a low profile. But they are also the world's most heavily trafficked mammal and experts at the CITES conference are ringing alarm bells over their survival.

Elephants divide meeting aimed at saving species

2016-09-25 16:07

African countries, including South Africa, have lashed out at Western charities for "dictating" how they should protect their elephants as the world's biggest conference on the international wildlife trade got underway in Johannesburg.

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