WATCH: Here are the best cars to survive with during an apocalypse

2019-02-22 10:00

The guys at Donut Media take a look at cars that would best protect you during a zombie apocalypse or any other 'end of days' scenario.

Are you an avid racing gamer? And, does it make you think you're a honcho behind the wheel in real life? The guys at Donut Media try and find out if racing games can improve your actual driving skills.

Are you an avid racing gamer? And, does it make you think you're a honcho behind the wheel in real life? The guys at Donut Media try and find out if racing games can improve your actual driving skills.

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WATCH: Here are some of the oldest roads in the world and you wouldn't even know

2018-12-04 15:00

The guys at Donut Media take a look at some of the oldest roads in the world, some of them are more than 2 000 years old.

WATCH: Everything you need to know about Mazda's awesome tuning house - Mazdaspeed

2018-11-23 09:58

BMW has its M Division, Mercedes-Benz has AMG... when Mazda needs to tune its cars it turns to its performance division - Mazdaspeed.

WATCH: Do you know the origins of Aston Martin? Here's what makes the British brand so iconic

2018-11-10 13:00

Made famous by James Bond and the 007 movie franchise, Aston Martin is one of Britain's biggest automakers. Here's a bit of history behind the brand.

WATCH: Want to learn how to perform epic drifts? Here's how car steering angles work

2018-10-25 09:57

Ever wondered how drift cars manage to manage to pull-off insane angles around a bend? This cool videos explains all you need to know about extreme steering angles.

WATCH: From being rejected by Lamborghini to building one the most complete supercars, here's how Pagani came to be

2018-10-19 14:36

Pagani might be producing some of the most desirable supercars but it was a long and hard road before success was achieved.

WATCH: Straight six, V6, inline-6... Here's why 6-cylinder engines are sought after by car lovers

2018-10-11 08:58

Want to know the difference between inline 6-cylinder engines and their V6 counterparts? Check out this cool car clip!

WATCH: 'Ride or die' - How the Fast and the Furious transformed car culture

2018-08-31 19:00

The Fast and the Furious series is incredibly popular, spanning eight movies and more than a decade. Will the next installment be another hit or has the series become stale?

WATCH: Keeping things cool under pressure - Here's how engine cooling works

2018-08-25 07:00

Engines operate at high temperatures, especially when driven hard and fast around a track. Components like the radiator keep things cool under the hood. Watch this cool video about engine cooling.


WATCH: Raising the decibels - Here's how car audio evolved through the years to become a major part of car culture

2019-01-03 06:00

In-car audio has been around for decades and has grown to become a major part of car culture.

WATCH: The rise and fall of Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

2018-12-11 10:49

The automotive world has been rocked by Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn having been arrested on charges of financial misconduct.

WATCH: Does your car really sound the way it should?

2018-11-27 20:00

There's nothing like the sound of a sweet exhaust tone emanating from a sports car but is it really what you're hearing when behind the wheel?

WATCH: Here's why spark plugs are a vital part of your car's engine

2018-11-12 13:00

If it wasn't for your ignition system, your car wouldn't start. This cool video explains why spark plugs and various engine components are critical to your vehicle.

WATCH: Here's why petrol remains critical for cars and why it will still be important 50 years from now

2018-11-08 05:30

Petrol is the lifeblood of any modern car, without all you'd have is an expensive garage ornament. Check out this cool video explaining the history of fuel and significance in the automotive world.

WATCH: Ride-sharing, Uber, new tech... are millennials hurting the car industry?

2018-10-23 12:29

The guys at Donut Media reckon that millennials are killing cars with so many tech savvy innovations and ride-sharing options at their disposal. You agree?

WATCH: Ford will stop building passenger cars for the US and why SUVs, bakkies are its future

2018-10-13 07:55

Ford USA will no longer sell some of its most popular passenger cars - the Focus and Fiesta.

WATCH: They might be small but they have a big job to do - Here's how fuel injectors work

2018-09-27 20:00

From carburetors to electronic injection, fuel systems have come a long way over the years. Take a look at this cool video detailing how these fuel systems work.

WATCH: Here's how car intakes and exhausts work

2018-08-31 14:00

Do you know how your car's intake and exhaust works? This awesome video explains one of the most important systems of a modern vehicle.

WATCH: Swapping cogs faster- here's how sequential gearboxes work

2018-08-13 11:49

Sequential transmissions are primarily used in racing, capable of split-second switching during high performance driving. Here's a cool clip showing how they work.

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